Jessica Obsessed Over Her Teacher

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Jessy stared blankly at her window desperately to find an inspiration for her essay that was due tomorrow. She stared at her watch, it was almost 6 in the evening. She sighed while briefly toying with her pen and an idea struck her. She found out a perfect excuse for Ms. James, her English teacher at school, who is probably in her late twenties or early thirties. She thought it was perfect but also knew that Ms. James was very strict and could not be fooled easily. Finally she decided to go online and copy a perfect essay for the assignment. By 8 she found what she wanted and copied it hoping it would do and went to have dinner.

Jessica is a 19 years old, tall, curvy but not too much and a total babe but she is quite spoiled. But she was not trashy, well at least not what it seemed from the outside. She knew the perfect balance between classy and flirty and had most of the boys drooling over her, even some girls. But she preferred to dress casually unless she wants to impress someone or is going out. But she is a very private person, getting to know her isn’t easy. On the surface she is the almost perfect girl with a few flaws. But deep down she has quite some dirty secrets hidden. One for example, she might seem classy on the outside but on the inside she is quite a freak. She has a fetish for lingerie, feet and it might seem strange but orchestral jazz turned her on like nothing else.

She lives in a well furnished apartment, by courtesy of her daddy, and has a house mate Keisha. Keisha and Jessica had been best friends for over 10 years and Keisha knew Jessica more than anyone one else but according to Jessy nobody knew her that well. Keisha is even taller than Jessy and is a little bit on the plus side but nevertheless she is beautiful To Jessica, Keisha was like the sister she never had. She loved her deeply and always was very protective of her though she never let it she show. Keisha is one of the very few people who knew that a boy broke Jessy’s heart when she was 14 and she never trusted to love anyone like that ever again, that is when she curled herself up even more so she respected her privacy and almost always tried not to intrude too much because she knew that Jessy loved her and if she broke her trust she might never win it back ever.

“Keisha?” I called but she was not in the kitchen. I went to her room and knocked but no answer, now I am worried so I opened the door and anger swelled inside of me. I went in and disconnected her headphones from her ipod.

“How many times have I told you not to turn the volume up so much that you cannot hear what’s happening around you?” I had my straight angry face on. She slowly turned to face me and all my anger disappeared only to be replaced by worry. I asked “What’s wrong Kei?”

She finally looked at me and said, “Look, gram died” and she handed me her phone where her sister texted her that grandma just died. She knew that her grandma was sick and was going home day after tomorrow on the weekend to visit gram but now…

I’m terrible at consoling but I wanted to make her feel better in the worst way. I went and sat next to her and pulled her into me. She instantly curled herself into my lap and I am thinking at a speed of 100miles per hour what to say to her. I can’t think of anything. So I thought to go in with the most common sentence, “Hey don’t worry everything will be all right” but I knew that she loved her grandma and nothing could make that right now, then I ended up with saying, “Hey, she was already old and you know that she was struggling so now she is free of all those struggles, she is at peace.” and instantly I thought “Fuck me! Free of all the struggles? What was I thinking?” so I tried to soften what I just said by saying, “She had a great life, she had you, you called her every day, she knew that you loved her, she knew how much you cared. Do you think that she would have wanted you to suffer? If she could stay alive just to stop your suffering she would have done that but she couldn’t help it, she would have wanted you to stay strong so… I don’t know… stay strong, gather yourself” I am thinking “Damn she is not saying anything, I probably said it too dramatically, urrgh” but she seemed to stop crying and sat up, it probably worked or probably she can’t bear me being dramatic right now.

“I am going home tomorrow, instead of day after tomorrow. I already told dad, I hope you don’t mind me taking your car tomorrow, mine is not suitable for some 6 hour drive” she almost whispered.

“Of course not” how can I mind, I just want to see you happy, “Did you cancel you tickets for day after tomorrow?” I added.

“No, I will do it later tonight.”

“Lets go have some pizza and some drinks, I can’t see you like this, get dressed in 5 minutes”

She looked at me as if I came from outer space and finally got up and I took my cue and left the room. I quickly put on some tees and jeans and quickly grabbed some bills, my phone and put on my boots and waited in the hallway. When she came out with her purse I warned casino oyna her its my treat. She still looked glum so I said “Cheer up or people would think that I did something wrong” to this she finally smirked and I smiled.

Next morning I quickly woke up, which rarely happened and made us breakfast. She woke up almost an hour later and to my relief she looked better. “I made you tea and peanut butter jelly sandwiches” I kind of proudly declared since considering my cooking skills it was somewhat an achievement. I handed her plate to her and she smiled. “How long am I going to miss my roommate?” I asked.

“Probably a little over a week.”

“Over a week?” oh no she can’t be serious, who is going to cook for me in a week?

Jessica is a terrible cook. On the other hand Keisha is quite good at it. All Jessica could do in the kitchen is when Keisha guided her through each and everything, but alone she is a complete mess! So she just helped with the preparations and dishes and left the main task for Keisha.

“Don’t look at me like that, you can manage it by yourself for a week I am sure.”

She sounds angry and sad and I dared not say anything. We finished our breakfast in silence and I washed the plates while she took a shower. Then I packed my bag for school and remembered to take my essay with me hoping Ms. James would be impressed. Then I took a shower and got dressed for school.

“Jessy where are your keys?” Keisha called.

Oops, I forgot, damn it! I quickly grabbed my bag, phone and keys and went out. “Here you go” I handed her the keys, “Drive safe, and please remember to call me when you have reached, got it?”

“Yes, don’t be so bossy and I’ll have someone send you your car by Saturday evening, I talked to dad about it. Bye and don’t starve yourself” she joked. With that she left and I’m left alone for a week. Damn I hate staying alone.

After some minutes a car honked in front of the apartment. That must be David, I called him to pick me up earlier. He is shorter than me and he is cute and gay and he is the first person to be my friend in college.

“Thanks for picking me up, and you don’t have to pick me up all days next week since Kei is sending my car back.”

“That’s good but why do you look like as if you are staying in a cave?”

“I do not!” I said in a alarming tone.

“Relax darling I was just messing with you, but you do look glum.” he laughed.

“Maybe, now shut up and drive or we’ll be late.”

“Of course darling but just so you know I am never late!”

I just turned on the radio mentally going through my classes for today and before I know I am thinking about my English teacher. Her every day look for school is nothing provocative but I find it alluring, I don’t know why but I want her to like me, and I’m lost in my train of thoughts.

“Hey wake up from your reverie we are here” David said.

“Oh um yeah, see you at class”

Ok so I have 4 classes before English and I have to withstand all my classes without Kei for a week, I sighed and walked towards my first class…

Time felt as if it was dragging by but I made it through for lunch break somehow. As I was finishing my lunch I thought just one more class and I’m done for the day and I can go home and do whatever I want. Then a thought crossed my mind, I am home alone for a week! Mhm maybe it won’t be so bad. And the ringing bell notified that lunch break was over.

I mindlessly walked in the class and sat on my desk and took out my text book, notebook and the essay. As Ms. James walked in I could not take my eyes off her. She dressed in her usual attire, a white shirt, pencil skirt and a blazer. With pantyhose or stockings, I don’t know which, and black heels. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. I don’t know why but I found her attractive.

She gave a lecture on the Hamlet, and I pretended to listen. It was boring. At the end of the class we submitted our essay and she said “See you after the weekends.”

Relief! Now I can just go home, but as I was walking out Ms. James said, “Jessica I would like to have a word with you.”

Oh my, am I in trouble?

After the whole class filed out, Ms. James spoke, “You seemed off during the class, you probably didn’t even listen to a single word I said during the class. Mind if I ask what were you thinking about?

Oh great I AM in trouble! I can’t tell her that I was just observing her all the time now can I? Think of something quick!


“Um, I was just um distracted.”

“Yes I could see you were distracted, could you tell me by what?”

You damn it! “Um I don’t know. I am sorry.”

With that she put her hands on my shoulder and asked me to look at her. I felt kind of tingling sensation from her touch. Maybe that’s it. I just wanted her but how can I have her?

“Look at me” and I looked at her, “Is something bothering you Jessica?”

How do I answer that? “No I’m fine.”

“Are you sure you are fine?”

“Yes” she doesn’t seem to believe canlı casino me but does not probe further. Instead she ran her hand firmly on my upper arm and said, “Do you know why Keisha is absent today?”

Finally a question I can answer! “Yes, her grandmother died so she went home, she won’t be back before a week.”

“I see, isn’t she your roommate?”

How does she know that? “Yes.”

“Do you have other roommates?”


“So you are home alone?”

“I guess.” Why is she asking me all these?

“Ok, have a great weeked. Goodbye.”

“Bye.” That was awkward.

As soon as I came home I undressed and was going for a shower. And my phone ringed, its Kei. I almost forgot about her! “Hey you reached early!” She said it was a 6 hour drive its only been like 5 hours.

“Uh traffic was low so I sped through and I reached even earlier, I know you’ll come back by now so I called now to inform you that I reached safely.”

“That’s good, you sound umm lighter, what turned your mood?”

“I will tell you when I return and you’ll get you car by 2pm on Saturday”

“Don’t worry about that, just come back early, school sucks when there’s no one to talk to.”

“I’m sorry Jess but I don’t think that it will be possible, I will be back by next week Saturday.”


“Were you doing something?”

“Um yes I was about to go take a shower,” and I’m standing here naked.

“Oh ok, I’ll call you later.”

“Ok bye.” And the call disconnected.

My nipples are totally hard and now I’m feeling kind of horny. I need to come, I needed to come since she put her hands on my shoulder, lets hook up to some porn before shower.

Its so hard to find decent porn damn it! This looks interesting.

She came quickly as she watched the clip then she went to have a shower and she masturbated again!

The clip showed a girl about her age seduced by a matured woman. She did not consider herself as a lesbian but she loved lesbian porn, probably because its has more foreplay than straight porn. In the clip the woman caught the girl masturbating and asked her sternly why is she doing it in the office and spanked her as her punishment. Then they kissed passionately but the older woman pinched the younger woman’s nipples hard and then sucked on it and went down on her. Then she went down on the older woman.

Now what am I gonna do? Lets order food first. I didn’t have chinese for a while, lets do chinese.

*Door bell rings*

That must be the food.

“Just a second” where’s my purse? Oh there.

Jessica hurries to the door and opens it. “Here you go.”

“Thanks for ordering.”

*Closes the door*

Damn! That guy was cute! Ok I have the house to myself so I can try to bring a one night stand tomorrow, no I will bring a one night stand tomorrow.

Fine I’ll pick someone up on Saturday, I have to, I have needs too! It is final.

*After dinner*

What should I do now? I just can’t go to sleep! Lets open facebook.

While checking her facebook messages and notifications her mind drifted back to class, how Ms. James looked, when she asked her to stay after class to talk with her she even felt some unexplainable excitement, and when she stood close to her and put her hands on Jessy’s shoulder, she felt tingly, even felt a spark towards the south. She remembered how wonderful she smelled and she wanted to inhale every bit of her. Suddenly she typed the name Natalie James and searched on facebook. Many suggestions came up but she could not find the one she looked for. She was upset. She just went to bed then… That night she dreamt of Ms. James in a tight black corset and panties, wearing high heels, her hair tied up and she was wearing her secretary glasses and to complete that look she had a ruler in hand and was teaching English in her class.

*Next morning, Saturday*

She woke up sharp at 8 am and was kind of sweaty and was breathing heavily, she noticed that she came in her sleep. As she recalled her dream a smile crossed lips and she thought that needs to get laid soon before it gets any worse. She dreamt that Ms. James was eating her up while she laid on the school desk but could not remember anymore of her dream. She masturbated again. She thought today’s the day. I’ll have my car back by 2pm and I can go to a bar in the evening to pick someone up. She was feeling adventurous, she might even pick up a woman she thought to herself and laughed because she knew she would not have the nerves to do so.

Her car was sent back by 2:23pm and she was giddy with excitement thinking about tonight. She took a long shower, shaved herself and trimmed her bush. Time flew! And before she knew it was 6. She still had to dress and put her makeup on. After giving it some thought, she put on her favorite black lacy bra and panties from her secret lingerie collection. She wore black dress that showed enough cleavage for teasing but still managed to look classy. She put on her silk stockings and wore kaçak casino her peep toe wedges. She finally finished her look with shiny silvery dangling earrings and put on light makeup. It was 7:12pm now, she quickly grabbed her purse, making sure she had her id and phone and she was gone.

She arrived at her favorite bar where she knew that there will be enough decent guys whom she could seduce. It was a bit far but she liked it anyway. She went and sat on one of the bar stools and ordered a vodka and cranberry. She scanned the room but it was quite under populated, and to add to her misery she did not spot someone whom she would want to sleep with for tonight. Fuck it! She thought to herself and ordered another vodka with cranberry. She thought that she will wait and have another drink or two and head off to another bar. By 8:58pm still she could not find someone decent and mumbled, “What happened to this place today it is always so jammed!” Though a couple of guys tried to hit on her but she politely declined them as they were not what she was looking for. She was pretty tired now so she thought there’s no use for it, I will just grab take out and head home but first lets have another drink, it tastes sooo good. She even felt tipsy and knew she had to drive home but she couldn’t care less at the moment. As she was sipping probably her last drink for today she felt a tap on her shoulder and when she turned around, she almost choked up her drink and was almost sober for a moment.

“I didn’t mean to startle you Jessica.” Ms. James spoke.

“Umm you dedent.”

“Are you all right? Are you drunk?” she asked with caution.

“Yeah yeah I am fine.” she took another another sip and said, “We are knot in school, why are you asking so many questions?”

Ms. James took her drink away from her and asked, “How are you going to get home?”

“I have a kar.” “I will drive.”

“Of course you have a car!” she irritatingly said to herself, “Give me your keys, I will take you home.”

“Why?” “Why do you look so pretty always?” her speech was slurred but she managed to sound understandable, well in a sort of way.

“Give me your keys.”

“Okay okay no kneed to sound so bossy, here” she handed her purse instead of finding the keys.

Ms. James just took the purse knowing she won’t be able to make Jessica find her keys anytime soon.

After she found the keys she paid Jessica’s tab and was surprised that she had 5 vodka and cranberry! No wonder she is drunk.

At the parking lot, Ms. James asked, “Where did you park?”

Thankfully Jessica was able to point it out. It was hard to support her and walk to her car at the same time, Ms. James thought. Somehow she managed to open the door and was able to put Jessica on the passenger seat. Then she climbed in and started the car.

“So where do you stay Jessica?”




“Don’t fall asleep now! Tell me where you live?”

“You are soo hot.”

“Jessica. Where. Do. You. Live?” Ms. James was losing her patience but was slightly aroused at the same time upon hearing her student’s confession.

“I bet you have all students drooling over you.” “You are so hot!”

“Are you going to tell me where you live?” she tried to say in a stern voice but it came out a bit husky.

Jessica just giggled and did not say anything, she passed out.

“Oh no, don’t pass out on me, wake up!” after a lot of asking, she finally gave up and decided to take her home with her till she is sober tomorrow.

Unlike Jessica, Natalie lived nearby and the drive was really short.

When they arrived, Natalie thought how am I going to get her to the house now?

She parked the car and got out and opened Jessica’s door and asked her to come out. When she didn’t respond after a lot of trying, Natalie just tried to lift her up and bring her inside the house.

With much difficulty, she half lifted and half dragged her and Jessica regained consciousness on the way inside but that did not help one bit.

When she tried to make Jessica sit on the chair, Jessica almost fell and as a sense of reflex she grabbed onto Ms. James chest for support and both of them fell and Natalie cursed in pain. Jessica seemed to wake up more upon hearing her English teacher curse out loud. She sat on the chair by herself and mumbled an apology. Ms. James still hurt, managed to get up and went inside the kitchen and poured a tall glass of water and squeezed some lemon and salt in it and stirred and brought it to Jessica along with some advil.

“Drink up.” Ms. James commanded.

Jessica obliged at once but didn’t finish it.

“Drink it all.” “You will feel better. And swallow the advil.”

She did without saying a word, and Natalie is relieved for once.

“Did you have dinner Jessica?”

She shook her head and Natalie sighed.

“I am heating up some spaghetti, I need you to get freshened up.”

“I am not hungry, I’ll just go to sleep.”

“You need to eat something or tomorrow will be worse.”

“I just want to sleep.”

Natalie thought for a moment and quickly make a cheese and bacon sandwich and brought it to her.

“Eat this at least” “Please” she added.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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