Changeling Ch. 01

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Changeling Ch. 01

How I feminized my husband.


Note to readers: This is a story in four chapters; they are all completed, and I will post them in quick succession to avoid long waits for anyone interested in following them. It is is a story that touches on many categories of this site, including a loving Wife, trans-gender/cross-dresser, some romance, a fetish or two, and a little lesbian love. With that mix of elements, I believe it is appropriate to post all chapters of this story in the erotic couplings.

In telling this story, I seek to celebrate differences in people’s orientation and natural proclivities. Any insult or offence felt by an individual or group is purely unintended. This story is completely fictional, and wholly a product of my imagination. Please enjoy and comment if appropriate.

~ ~ ~

My husband David has always been slight, and somewhat effeminate. He is not gay, just a little um, soft you might say. He has a very pretty, circumcised cock that is only about four inches in length when hard, and it is not very thick. I mean, it is cute and as I say, it is so attractive that I love playing with it. I love having it in my mouth, and I give him lots of blowjobs.

David is a very good lover; he is sensitive to my needs and has a soft touch. We have become very practiced at sexual positions that work better for his smaller size. We have a nice sex life, but I always thought that another whole dimension was missing with David … one that I might get with someone … a little larger … thicker.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not really a ‘size queen’ per se; I love David and I am faithful to him. It is just that sometimes … just occasional mind you, I dream about a lover who … well, fills me up inside … someone who really spreads my legs. But, those are just dreams, and who knows where dreams come from.

That’s not evil, is it? Doesn’t every girl have her own wicked little fantasies? They are no fun if they are not completely … naughty!

David is very handsome and has delicate light, almost feminine features, and stands about five feet seven inches—about three inches taller than me. Watching him in the bathroom one day, primping and combing his long soft blondish hair, I say,

“Wow, David darling! You would make a very pretty woman! But don’t you dare; I don’t want a husband who is prettier than me!”

“Donna, no one could be prettier than you! Plus, my breasts would never measure up! For a small slender woman, you have a very impressive pair my dear. With your long brown hair and those deliciously gorgeous brown eyes … you are a stunner baby!” He says back to me.

“Well, maybe we can get you some hormone treatments and … see what develops” I giggle (and only half joking), and I continue,

“Yes sweetie, you would make a very pretty woman … hell, you even have the legs for it you little shit!”

“Thank you dear!” He says with a self-effacing smile.

I move in and give my handsome husband a kiss on his full lips. David is such a delicious kisser, it is almost like kissing a pretty girlfriend.

Yes, I dipped my toe in that little pond too, as many college girls did!

~ ~ ~

Janet was my roommate, a free spirit and very pretty.

We shared a bathroom and one night, both getting ready for a date (not with David though!) and both half-naked, we were trying to share the same sink and mirror. She reached over me to get a powder puff, and her naked breast brushed against my shoulder. For a reason I still do not understand, I reached up a hand and lightly touched it, and let my finders brush across her nipple, which immediately reacted to my touch.

She gave me a surprised look, and then closed her eyes and kissed me full on the lips. We immediately went into an impromptu hug, kissing each other with passion. When we surfaced for air, she said,

“Whew! Darling, we will have to continue this later!”

“Uh huh!” was all I could muster in my stunned state.

We did too! We went on our double date with a couple of guys from our English lit class, and had a great time … dinner and a movie! At the movie, the two of us sat together with my date to my right and hers to her left. About halfway through the film, I feel her delicate fingers on my leg, just lightly rubbing me for a while, when they started to disappear under the hem of my short skirt.

“Janet! Stop!” I whispered quietly, trying not to alert the boys.

She smiled, and still looking at the screen, slid her hand down between my thighs.

“Janet! Not here honey!” I insisted as quietly as I could.

No dice! Her fingers were sliding leisurely up and down a very soft part of my inner thigh, and I was starting to breathe harder. I opened my legs and closed my eyes, just enjoying her touches. She slid her hand up and her little finger touched my now very moist panties. I gasped! Steven, my date whispered,

“Everything okay Donna?”

I opened my eyes and said quietly, but firmly.

“Yes! Watch the movie Steven!”

I whispered back, casino oyna trying not to give away my heightened arousal. By this time, I have my sweater over my lap, and I close my eyes again, open my thighs more and just give myself to her soft touches. She slowly massaged my clit and my little cunny lips over my very thin bikini panties. I can feel myself getting close, and I get up telling Steven and Todd that we are going to the ladies’.

“Fine!” was all Steven said without taking his eyes from the film.

I grab Janet’s hand and we quickly found a stall in the ladies’ room, one for handicapped people so there is more room. Janet pushed me up against the wall, and had her way with me, I let her touch me anywhere she wished. Being a sub was so arousing that I came right away with her touches. She had pulled my panties down to my knees, pushed my legs apart, and jammed a couple of fingers into my sopping cunt, furiously finger fucking me as she kissed me with very delicious, slurpy, mouthy kisses.

I shuddered hard, coating her fingers with my juices. After she let me lick my own juices from her fingers, I returned the favor, dropping to my knees. I pulled her panties down, grabbed her firm buttocks hard, and pushed my mouth into her sex, licking and sucking her clitoris until she was just about to pop. I then slid my tongue into her pussy as far as I could, getting her juices on my lips and chin.

I just couldn’t stop licking and tonguing her, she tasted so good! Her musk and ‘girl-smell’ were driving me crazy! After she came, she became overly sensitized to my continued attentions and pulled my head away begging me to stop. We cleaned up, straightened up and were ready to rejoin the guys. She pulled her panties off all the way and handed them to me.

“Give me yours Donna darling, we’re switching!” she said breathily.

“Wait! What? We’re doing what?”

“C’mon girl, hand ’em over!”

“Janet, are you crazy?”

“C’mon Donna, it will be very sexy … I promise!”

I reluctantly handed my panties to her, and we exchanged panties … I wore hers and she wore mine. She pulled me into a final kiss, reaching down to push her wet panties into my crotch, and we returned to the auditorium, and out seats.

“Everything okay?” Steven whispers.

“Yup!” I whisper back, as he puts her arm around me. I reach over and kiss him, not knowing if he can taste Janet’s juices on me or not. He never said anything if he did.

So, I was a lesbian for an evening! Janet and I never touched each other that way again, returning to just hugs and chaste kisses on the cheek, but there was an unspoken sense of closeness, palpable to both of us … a sexy little secret!

~ ~ ~

I just love kissing David because of his pretty and full lips, and the fact that he is so very good at it! As I say, David rather soft, but he is not gay … he loves me, and prefers girls to boys. Actually, he is quite attractive to most women we meet! The upside is that he is so sensitive to my needs, and seems to sense what I need, and how I need it. He is a gentle lover and uses what God gave him to the best advantage, which is also partly the downside.

I have had recurring dreams of a strong man with rough hands grabbing me, throwing me down onto the bed, and fucking the living shit out of me … long and hard! I dream about having to open my legs so far that it hurts to accommodate his big, thick cock. I know it sounds melodramatic, but I have even awakened in a full sweat after such a dream.

Then I cuddle up with David, and he feels so warm and so good, I shudder a little from the comforting feeling with his arms around me, just being with the man I love so strongly. David is an amazingly intelligent and talented man. He is a brilliant Yale trained lawyer, and looks so handsome in his slender and perfectly tailored double-breasted suits, wearing ties I picked out for him, with matching breast pocket kerchiefs.

The man is a stunner; I have seen him garner smiles from females we pass on the street every time we are out, and he even gets the occasional admiring look-back. One tall beautiful woman even stuffed her card in his pocket in a restaurant and said, “Call me darling!” with me sitting right there! And, he routinely gets a second look from obviously straight men! I feel proud being with my man. The last thing is need is some asshole who thinks he is God’s gift, simply because he was born tall and broad shouldered, or with a big dick.

I met David in college … through Janet, actually! Janet has a sister-in-law (brother’s wife) who is beautiful, tall, and slender with delicate features. David is her younger brother and looks a lot like his blonde sister. Although Janet was very attracted to him, I think he was a little soft for her. Her boyfriends have always been bigger guys, mostly athletes.

She introduced me to David, and I thought he was a little effeminate as well, but he was so smart and charming, and he actually gets along very well with Janet’s more ‘male’ boyfriends when we are out together. Janet’s friends all think David canlı casino is great, since he can talk about anything, including basketball and baseball with the best of them. His intelligence and quick wit attracts everyone we meet, the very thing that attracted me to him. I fell in love with him and married him.

We have been married for a little over five years, but no children … not yet anyway. We are both the same age, both twenty-seven. David attended law school concurrently with his undergraduate work in political science. We were married during his last year of law school … he graduated magna cum laude!

I was getting ready for a party a year and a half or so ago, and had my dress draped across our bed. David was just out of the shower, and as I walked into the bedroom, I notice that he picked up my dress and held it in front of him, looking into the full-length mirror. I watch him as he smoothed the front down, looking at his image in the mirror.

“Try it on honey!” I said.

“Oh Donna, I’m so sorry, it was just an idle thought but I am not uh, like that, you know.”

“No honey, try it on … really! Do it for me, I want to see it on you!”

He throws the dress back onto the bed shaking his head, but I picked it up and handed it to him saying a little more emphatically,

“Put it on darling!”

David is a few inches taller than I am, but has a slender enough shape that I always thought that some of my stuff might fit him. He rolls his eyes, but because I asked him to do it for me, he pulls it on over his head. It is a little short for him, but otherwise looks wonderful on him. I help him smooth it down and adjust it to his shape. He has a naturally narrow waist and is a little fuller through the hips, so it fits him just as it fits me! (That pretty little shit!) I walk up put my hands on his hips and kiss him.

“Oh darling, it looks so great on you! We should get you one in your size, and we can go out to tea as girlfriends!”

I laughed as I said it, but again, I was only half kidding. I think that I would actually love to do exactly that!

“Donna, no! I am not … like that! Behave yourself!”

I put my arms around him and said,

“David, we don’t have to go anywhere, it can just be a fun way for us to play … part of sex! I knew that you are not exactly John Wayne when I married you darling, but I love you so very deeply, and … I think you kind of liked it.”

“Well … it did feel nice … and … I kind of like the way the material felt, but no. I couldn’t do that!”

I picked up a wig of mine, and handed it to him,

“Put it on David!” I commanded.

He reluctantly complied, and I helped him straighten it, and brushed it out a little, teasing the edges. I stood back to look at him. My jaw dropped!

“Holy shit David!”

“What? Donna, what’s wrong?”

“David, darling … you are beautiful!” we still had some time before our party, so I said to him,

“C’mere honey, sit at my dressing table.”

He reluctantly slumped into the small plush chair in front of my dressing table, and I started making him up. I gave him just a quick once over with a little base, concealer, and blush, light mascara, and a subtle lipstick.

“Donna! What are you doing to me?” he complained.

“Just about done honey, and then you can wash it all off before we get ready for the party.”

I put the finishing touches on my semi-willing living doll. I stood back, looked at him and gasped.

“What? What’s wrong?” he said with knitted brow.

“Oh my God, David! You are a beautiful girl! Look!” I indicated the full-length mirror.

He stood, walked over to the mirror, and I saw his eyes widen taking in his visage, moving his face from side to side. He said,

“Hmh, not too bad. With a little work, I can be prettier than you, honey!”

I realized that he was right; I tightened my jaw and said,

“Take it off David! All of it!”

I was not really mad … or jealous, but a little unnerved to realize that my husband is prettier than I am, that he as soft narrow shoulders and naturally shapely hips. I know that I am pretty, from the attention I have always gotten (and still get!) from men. I am propositioned quite often at work, but I am so in love with David, that I just laugh them all off. David is far from being a sissy, since he has a strong character, and he actually works out a little. But … he did look very pretty in my girl stuff!

It bothered me, but I was more than a little turned-on by it. I had to tickle myself to a nice little shudder while he showered. I took my shower, and as he was busy pulling out a pair of slacks to wear with a nice electric blue satin dress shirt. Still naked, I said to him,

“David, come here honey!”

We sat on the bed together, and I had something to say to him. I was hesitant, trying to compose it in my mine but in the end, I just blurted it out.

“David darling … um … would you, like … do this sometime when we are alone … and make love to me um, that way? It would really turn me on kaçak casino … I think, and it would be so much fun!”

He looked at me incredulously, and said,

“Donna, I know that I am, perhaps a little softer than most men—okay, effeminate really—and you know that I am not gay … l love making love to you, I like women. But, if you really want me to this and if it is only between the two of us, and no one else … not even Janet … knows about it, then I will do it … occasionally … just for you. But no pictures honey, it’s just for us!”

“Okay David darling we will do it just for ourselves. (I look at the clock on the dresser) David honey, we still have time before the party, and I am so turned-on, can you um, take care of me … like, right now!”

He picked me up and I looked lovingly into his eyes as he set me on the bed, and I felt the familiar pressure inside of his cock sliding into me. We have tailored many positions to accommodate his size and he was pounding me hard with surprising ardor. I came quickly with him following almost immediately after as I felt him coming inside me.

I guess our impromptu ‘dress-up’ episode turned him on a little too. We showered again, dressed in gender-appropriate clothes, and had a great time at the party. There were a lot of people, and many faces I did not know. I noticed one very pretty female taking a lot of interest in David: laughing at this jokes, hanging on his every word, and just openly flirting with him. I was about to walk over and ‘brain’ her, but I decided to watch, just to see what developed.

David walked out onto the large veranda to get some fresh air and to be by himself a little. This ‘broad’ (I found out later that her name is Joanne) waited for a moment, and quietly slipped away from the crowd to join my husband outside. It is a large wrap-around area with many dark spots at night.

David was leaning on the glass and brushed steel enclosure, just thinking. This is pure David … he does this quite often. She comes up to him and takes a similar leaning position quite near him.

“Hi! I’m Joanne! Penny for your thoughts darling!”

David looks over and with a little chuckle says,

“Oh, they are not worth as much as that, I’ll give them to you for free. I’m David, and was just thinking about how nice it is out here. I just love to look, breath, think … about nothing really, just think about my day, things I have to do tomorrow! So what brings you out here away from the fun?”

“Mmm, a handsome man!”

“Well you might be disappointed my dear … I’m married!”

I am hearing all of this from my spy post, just inside the door.

“Oh yes, the pretty dark-eyed brunette! She seems nice, but I thought I saw her flirting a little with my date (that f’ing little liar! I grumble to myself). He’s not my boyfriend or anything … just a date.”

She was lying her boney little ass off, of course; I was nowhere near her so-called date. He is tall and handsome for sure, but not my type, being somewhat of the Cro-Magnon persuasion. I cock my ear to hear what other lies this little slut might tell my husband. I didn’t have to wait long as I heard her say,

“Yeah, he is a little too macho for me, and you seem to be more … sensitive. So, what do you say we let your wife have him, and we switch partners … just for a little bit? Might be … interesting! (That filthy little succubus, I’ll kill her!)”

“Well, it might be interesting, but although you are very pretty my dear, I am here with my wife. So, a little conversation is all I can offer you. Sorry! (Thank you David!)”

“Well you seem to be very intelligent, and I already know that you have a great sense of humor, so I will settle for a little conversation. I noticed that you have a very lovely speaking voice, and I’ll just bet that you also have a beautiful singing voice as well. I know a little about music, and I can just tell … I used to teach music, and voice!”

“Well, you are right, I do sing in my church chorus. I am a rather high tenor, and I get a lot of solos.”

“That’s interesting! I love the way your voice sounds … much better than the Neanderthal-like grunts I get from most men … like my date. Your voice is more lyrical!” (I see what this bitch is doing, and if it works on David, I am going to beat the shit out of his cute little ass later!)

“Thanks, I try!” (Good answer David honey, keep this bitch at bay!)

I see her move a little closer, and there is louder conversation close to me, so I cannot make out what they are saying, but I see her say something, and David answers. She laughs, and casually places her hand on his arm. She moves a little closer … moving in hoping for a kiss. Then David stands, puts his hand on her shoulders and gives her a very sisterly peck on the forehead, thanking her for the conversation and moves back inside.

I quickly move to a convenient couch that has the additional value of being nowhere near this cunt’s very large date. I see David coming in and look around as if he is searching for me. He sees me, smiles and quickly moves over to me. He grabs my hand and we move to where some people are dancing to a relatively soft tune. He holds me close as he reaches down and kisses me with his hand on my back.

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