Artificialism Ch. 02

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02: the recollection

The car pulled up to the curb at Shannon’s parents house at around seven thirty and the teens left the suburban neighborhood under the pretense of seeing a movie. Truly however the only thing the teens would see would be the view of the town through the interruption of constant sexual contact. When darkness had fallen, the Volkswagon pulled off of route 293 and onto the mountainside road on the way to the pull off.

“Oh Murr, “Shanon let out as she grazed his tight jeans and smiled. “I am so ready for this.”

“Oh come on,”Murray replied. I haven’t even got to the lookout and already you want to tear off my jeans?’

“I can’t help it Murr your just so hot.”

Within moments the car had stopped at the lookout and Murray took out a flask of whiskey offering Shannon a sip. “No, that’s alright, I think after last night I should calm down for a bit.”

“I thought you stayed in didn’t you?”

Well, I was going to but Jack called and well…”

“Whatever,” Murray said with an air of frustration. He could not believe how stupid he was. Shannon could not deal with his slow pace and needed satisfaction like all girls he supposed. Why did he ever think that she was different?

“Oh Murr”, she purred, her hands rushing to his crotch to glide over his thighs and then meet at his pants button.

The night was still but somehow the couple was not alone. Although there were no other teens at the cliffs this time both Murray and Shannon failed to share with each other the strange thoughts they each felt in deference to the ephemeral bliss of their make out session. Shannon looked into Murray’s eyes and they kissed deeply. Her eyes were pools of shallow blue liquid and her lips felt soft and cool after the whiskey. Murray was feeling loose and Shannon made him want to laugh when she roughly pulled off his shoes and then his blue jeans in what seemed like just three fluid motions. She leaned over and began to kiss his thighs and pulled off his shirt to apply kisses up and down his chest and stomach. She was so hot and the moment made her care free.

“Let me see that flask “, she blurted and grabbed up the liquor to vent her openness on its contents. “Wow, that’s rough”

“I am not use to hard liquor casino oyna because I usually drink wine coolers. Speaking of hard,” she was looking at Murray’s prick and immediately began to hold it and let her other hand fondle his balls while she stroked.

Murray reclined his seat and Shannon stripped down to her bra and panties. The brief moment where she stripped made her pause because there was a strangeness felt within her mind. It was as if an indescribable thought lied on the edge of her consciousness, but Shannon did not fear it and upon tossing her shirt in the back she again took note of Murray’s peach cock and took up where she left off. In an instant she was on the same seat as Murray, wedged up against the driver’s side door.

Murray reached inside Shannon’s panties and slowly stroked her mound making sure to take note of the tightness which he had never penetrated. Shannon’s pubic hair was blond and her pussy lips were close together and as he ran his forefinger between the crease he noticed its moistness and was becoming very exited.

Would this be it? Would Murray actually take their relationship to the next level? The harder question was weather or not Shannon had been with other men and for the moment the liquor had moved that thought out of Murray’s mind; preserving the moment for what could possibly be a climax to the summers ventures.

Murray was rubbing Shannon’s button and with his right hand was feeling up her b sized titties. Shannon was jerking him in time with his clitoral stimulation and the heat inside the car was palpable.

“Oh Murray. Please me baby.”

Murray’s mind was floating and the strange vibrations were felt for him in the form of a static nothingness. The liquor had allowed him to temporarily forget the possibility of his girl’s infidelity but he knew that he was going to go all the way and the summer’s wild climax would be in this moment, his ejaculate writhing and releasing inside the depths of Shannon’s tight snatch.

Before long, Shannon was gazing up from the seat with that wanton look in her eyes, pulling Murray closer and uttering cues while he fingered her cunt and mouthed her firm nipples with his welcoming mouth. “Oh, I need you inside me Murray.” Her fingers on his back depicted canlı casino her impatience in her rigid coaxing.

Shannon’s mind was swimming too now from her portion of the drink and she enjoyed so much that finger in her vaj as to hump up and down while her boy friend’s tongue tantalized her pink nipples in turn. She did not mention the strangeness of the driver seats vibration or her feeling of enclosure that seemed more then normal for this sized car.

The pheromone release was so potent that there had been an awakening and the presence the teens felt was the start of a rapid transformation. The radio of the car suddenly turned on and began to play a warped soundtrack which had never before been heard by the teens.

The radio seemed possessed but Shannon was welcoming two and then three fingers into her waiting slit and could not be distracted. A strange robotic voice orated through fuzzy static which was similar to what Murray felt in his mind. Her firm ass feels like the velvet of heavens lands. Those long legs are so slender and delicate and bless this space like a sacred offering. Some day soon I hope that those luscious lips will wrap around my shifter while she turns my oil in her grinding of my brake.” Murray could care less about what he chalked up to a prank by friends and after all this was his chance. He pressed the head of his penis against his girl’s awaiting entryway. Her hands were soon fastened to his biceps as she let out a sound that morphed into words. “Oh, please Murray, I need you inside me.” And with that his cock head disappeared into her tight vagina, expanding her love tunnel while he moved close and met her lips with his. Their mouths parted and their tongues communicated the instant of union as Murray’s dick drove slowly into Shannon’s warm pussy. The two were lost in their unity while their reality transformed around them.

The headliner was sagging and massaging the couple, the vibrating seat picked up its work and Murray whose cock reached the deepest space of is lover’s vaj was too far gone to notice. Their bodies melted into the seat which somehow gave away as the radio again chimed on. “Fuck her, your seed must find its prize. Explode in that sweet cunt Murray/ Let this unity find you a permanent niche.” Was kaçak casino the car rocking back and forth by Murray’s in and out tantrix rhythms? What ever the reason for it the moment was intense. Shannon was moving in perfect motion with Murray’s penetration and her thighs were even perforated with the moisture that was coming out of her cunt. To Murray it seemed that the voice coming from the stereo might have been in his mind in it’s similarity with his thoughts to keep the girl to himself and never leave the moments pleasure.

Their rocking continued and Shannon was now joining orally with diatribes as Murray’s cock bottomed out again and again inside her. “Fuck.” she uttered as big balls pressed against her bottom. “Me,” an an afterthought as the dick was retracted to again plow into her body. “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck Me!” Her warm tunnel was wide for this monster cock and her eyes were fixed on the mechanistic ramming of Murray’s body in its new hedonistic role. Shannon was enveloped by the car seat and her hands were sliding on Murray’s arms as she fixated on the stifling heat of their encapsulation momentarily before the pleasure she felt inside her clit took over and she felt near to orgasm.

“Oh yes Murray,” she let out with the ever fastening in and out rhythms that he was delivering to her womanhood. Murray too was groaning and she put a hand underneath his balls while HE pounded her and the car shook. With her screams and loss of control inside erotic orgasm, Murray too lost control and spent his hot procreate deep inside his girlfriend. He fell on top of her and they melted together, riding out their glee while the stereo went to static and then shut off following their climax.

“I love you Shannon,” Murray let out. The girl was shocked and still shaking, and as she processed the comment she focused in on the environmental noises outside the car and the view of their town below for the first time this fine night.

“The memory is still so fond, Shannon’s fine ass bouncing on my fabric. My power to enveloped the action of mortals and feed their futures. I suppose I knew that such a whore would suit my owner well, yet perhaps we could in time serve each other too. Still, at that moment in 1987 I suppose I was self centered in my first experience of awareness and concerned more with the sweet female orgasmo that seeped onto my surface, coaxing my vibratory motion and my first and only vocalization. They never did find that tape you know.”


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