Allison is a he – Allison’s story – part 2

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When we disengaged from our love-making, I had to be careful so that the santorum (the mixture of cum and loose, liquefied excretia) wouldn’t get all over us and my car seat.

“Let’s drive to my house in the nude, okay?” asked Allison.

“OK,” I replied, “but I want you to tell me all about yourself. For example, why you are Allison and not Bill or Henry or Patrick or . . .”

“OK, OK, for Christ’s sakes!”

“Did I strike a raw nerve?”

“Not really, but you could’ve stopped at Bill. I really am Allison, just as my license says. Every now and then I get angry at my mother for naming me that, but over the years I’ve learned that real friends don’t let my name bother them, and those who are bothered by my name aren’t worth knowing.”

We were silent for a few minutes, and then Allison directed me to his house.

“That one, with the garage door open. Pull right in, and I’ll get out and hit the door switch to shut it.”

“Nice house,” I commented as we entered the kitchen. We both sat down together on the couch that separates the living room from the dining room.

“My sister Galatea and I live with our mother. She’s in high school, and I go to college.”

I looked at Allison’s nude form and commented, “How do you manage your facial hair, or for that matter, any body hair?”

“Depilatory cream, but only when I go out dressed illegal bahis as a woman, which isn’t fairly often. No one knows about this but you.”

“Are you gay?”

“Yes, of course.”

“But I wasn’t your first, was I?”

“No, you weren’t. All through school I went by my first two initials, A.W. The fact that I was named Allison and my slight build and some feminine features had me pretty well marked. However, no one did any harm to me.”

“So when did you have your first experience with someone else?”

“It was in gym class in the ninth grade. It was the last period of the day, and the coach didn’t mind if we lingered in the showers after the bell. One day I was alone in the showers with another boy, and he was rubbing his erect cock in my presence. His hard-on cause me to get hard. He noticed I was looking, so he said to me, ‘Like what you see?’ I nodded, and he added, ‘Your cock is cute, too. Wanna touch mine?’ I did as he asked, but he grabbed both of my hands and wrapped them around his cock. I coud feel it throb, and my heart was racing. On impulse I kneeled down to get a closer look, and that’s when I lost control: I put it in my mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. He held my head by the ears and fucked my mouth, and in a few moments he came in my mouth.”

“Retelling this story got you excited, didn’t it?” I looked over at him, and he illegal bahis siteleri looked at me. His cock was sticking straight up. “I’ll play with it while you continue with your story, and you can play with mine.”

“Well, after he came, and after I had regained my composure, I discovered he was gone I was achingly hard, and I was ready to beat the cum out of my cock. But at the door of the stall was the coach–nude and with an enormous hard-on. I was trembling in fear. ‘Omigod, Coach, I, I . . .’ He put me at ease with a calming voice and said, ‘Relax, A.W. Since Jason wouldn’t take care of you, I will. But you gotta suck me off afterwards.'”

Allison pulled himself from my grip on his cock and got up from the couch and stood in front of, his har-on aimed at my mouth. No words were spoken; I knew what he expected, and I obliged him. I took my time on this blowjob and savored every inch of his beautiful cock.

Soon he began humping my mouth, and I knew he was going to cum soon. His moaning was icreasing in volume until he filled my mouth with his delicious cum.

“Don’t swallow yet,” he commanded.

He bent down to my mouth and kissed me, opening his mouth. I did the same, and we exchanged the cum, which we both swallowed.

“I’ve never told anyone this story, and now that I recollect it, it really excites me.”

“So when did you lose canlı bahis siteleri your ass cherry?” I asked.

“Well, the coach and I had a mutual blowjob session after school every day, but one day I went into his office nude, as usaual, but he wasn’t there. In his place was my math teacher, standing near the desk with an erection. His cock was smaller than the coach’s, but slightly bigger than mine. ‘Taste this,’ he said, pointing to his cock. I was only able to get a few sucks from his cock; then he sait down on the swivel chair and said, ‘Get on my lap facing me.’ I felt him rub something slick on my asshole, follwed by first one finger and then two. For some reason I didn’t tense up; it actually felt very good. He pulled his fingers out of me and held me by my ass cheeks and guided me onto his hard-on. ‘I’ll be gentle,’ he said. ‘I know you’ll love it.’ His slender cock slid into me easily, and he must’ve hit the right spot because I came all over his belly; not long after he filled my bowels with his cum. I was so turned on that I kissed him lasciviously, and he returned the kiss with equal passion. I climbed off, and I felt the worst need to take a shit. I also felt his cum start to flow out of me. I ran to the john and shit an unuasually large load. Then I aimed my cock toward my face and pissed all over myself. I felt dirty as hell, and I loved it!”

It was my turn now. “Speaking of dirty, we need to take a shower and get dressed.”

“You’re right. Galatea will be home soon, and Mom will be home two hours after that,”

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