After settleing in to their new life as husband and wife, Dan pushes Liz into a darker side of sex.

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Once Dan and Liz returned from their honeymoon, they settled into the life of newlyweds in the 60’s. Liz kept the Apartment in order while Dan worked at a local tractor factory. Liz would always have dinner ready for Dan at 6p.m., and then they would have desert afterwards, with Liz being the desert. Their daily lives didn’t change much over the first 8 months of their marriage, but Dan was looking to expand their horizons in ways Liz could never imagine.

Since Dan unlocked the sexual monster inside of her, Liz couldn’t get enough of Dan’s long thick cock inside her, and always wanted to have sex. Dan felt the same way about Liz. He would fuck her at least twice a day and sent gallons of cum down her throat, in her ass, and into her tight velvety pussy. It didn’t take Dan long to get Liz pregnant with all the seed he was depositing into her womb. When Liz found out she was pregnant, it turned her sexual lust to an even higher level. It might have been all the hormones running crazy through her system, but Liz would wake Dan in the morning with a ball draining blowjob and send him to bed with his cock buried in her somewhere. Dan knew he had someone special in Liz and knew he could use her sexual talents and desires to their advantage.

One Friday evening instead of heading off to bed to fuck for hours, Dan asked Liz if she would like to go see a movie. Liz’s face lit up and jumped up and down like a little girl at the thought of seeing a movie. It meant a drive to the big city and a chance to see the hustle and bustle that was so different from the small town country living she dealt with every day. Dan was also anxious to see Liz’s reaction to the big city and to the movie he planned on showing her. Unknown to Liz, Dan was bringing her to a “X” rated movie theater and was going to introduce her to sex on screen and with strangers.

Dan told Liz to dress in a knee length skirt, low cut blouse, heels, stockings, garter-belt, and without any panties or bra. Liz asked Dan why he wanted her to dress like he asked, and Dan’s reply was, “ because I may have the need to sample your delicious body while we’re out.” Liz smiled at Dan and said “you’re such a naughty man.” Dan whispered to himself “ you have no idea how naughty I am.”

Unknown to Liz, Dan had arranged for the night to be a night Liz would never forget. He talked to the manager of the theater and told him what he had planned. Dan wanted the balcony for himself and Liz so they could get busy as the mode suited them. Dan also wanted the manager to get a few big guys willing to fuck Liz once Dan had her filled with his seed. Dan asked for one other thing that he was willing to pay for. He wanted the manager to get an camera and film Liz fucking the two strangers and Dan in the darkened balcony. When Dan gave a picture of Liz to the manager to use for the recruiting, the manager smiled and said he would have everything ready.

As they drove to the city Dan was very coy about what the movie was about and who starred in it. Dan just smiled and told Liz he thought Henry Fonda was in it. Dan told Liz she’d like the movie and it would be a night to remember. As Dan and Liz walked up the sidewalk to the movie theater, he held Liz tight to him and did his best to keep her eyes diverted so she wouldn’t notice the movie’s title. As Dan walked his lovely young blond wife into the theater, he winked at the manager and headed for the balcony. Dan opened the door to the empty balcony and walked Liz to a seat near the center isle. As soon as they got settled into their seats, the manager started the film rolling and it didn’t take long for Liz to realize this wasn’t a Henry Fonda movie.

Once the movie started to run, naked bodies where flashed across the screen and the bodies where in the process of doing various sexual acts. Liz was shocked to see these events and Dan held her arm tightly and whispered to her “relax baby, you’ll like this.” Liz wasn’t so sure she agreed, but she felt trapped and knew she had no choice but to sit there and try to get through the movie. Liz had heard of the “blue” movies of the period, but never thought she would be sitting in a dark theater watching one with her husband just 9 months after her wedding. Dan hoped the movie would get Liz so sexually aroused that she would lose her few remaining inhibitions about sex and get too worked up to care what happened.

As the movie progressed and one coupling after another happened on screen, Liz felt her thighs getting damp and her nipples started getting hard. As her excitement grew from the sexual images she was absorbing, Liz unzipped Dan’s fly, gripped his shaft and started to stroke it. Dan smiled at her boldness, moved his left hand between her thighs, lifted her skirt up, and cupped his hand over her dripping wet pussy. As his hand came in contact with Liz’s moist pussy, she shivered and let out a low moan. Dan curled his middle finger up into her velvet crease, hitting her G-spot, causing Liz to lose control canlı bahis and let loose with a flood of she-cum that covered Dan’s hand and the seat she was sitting in. Without even thinking, Liz bent over and sucked Dan’s long thick cock into her throat. As Dan worked over her clit and G-Spot, Liz was swallowing his cock all the way to her tonsils. As she was busy devouring his manhood, Dan waved the manager and the two other men down the isle. With Liz’s ass sticking up in the air facing the isle it provided an easy target for the camera and the rapidly undressing men standing behind her. Dan did his best to control his pending orgasm, and noticed the manager was rolling film on the events unfolding in the dim light of the balcony. Dan also noticed that the 2 men enlisted by the manager where up to the events to come.

The first one was black, about 6 foot 5, well muscled, and had a cock at least 10″ long. Along with being 10″ long, his cock was as big around as a beer bottle. The second guy was smaller in stature, but his cock was even bigger!!! It didn’t seem possible, but that great white monster cock was over 12″ long and even bigger around than the black cock standing next to it. Dan knew Liz would protest at first but he was sure once she was filled with the monster cocks behind her, her animalistic sexual desires would win out over her common sense.

With Dan holding her head in his lap, and rubbing her clit non-stop, Liz was rapidly heading for another drenching orgasm. Without Liz realizing it, the Black man’s cock was positioned at the entrance to her dripping pussy, and waited for a nod from Dan to start the assault on the blonde pussy facing him. With Dan’s nod, the Black man grabbed Liz’s hips and shoved his hardened spear of flesh into her with one long hard thrust. The black cock was delivered into her dripping pussy with enough force to hit Liz’s cervix and cause her to cry out. Her scream was a mixture of pain and terror as she came to realize that someone other than her Husband was inside her. Dan held her tightly to his lap and said “Relax Liz. I wanted to share you with some strangers and see if we could fuck you to exhaustion. Your appetite for sex is more than I can sometimes handle alone and I know how you love sex.” Liz looked at Dan and with a tear in her eye and nodded her head as the Black cock hit her cervix again.

Liz was in shock by the events unfolding around her and inside her. She couldn’t believe Dan would put her in this situation where a BLACK man was fucking her. Her parents would die if they ever found out she fucked a black guy and did it in a nudie theater. They were very traditional and didn’t believe in interracial sex or sex outside the marriage. Regardless of the mixed emotions Liz was feeling, the cock inside her felt incredible. While Dan was large and had always filled her pussy well, this black monster was stretching her as Dan could never do. Every thrust from the black intruder stretched her vagina to limits never felt and pushed past her cervix while sending shivers through her body. With every thrust of the black cock into her deepest recesses, Liz would swallow Dan’s cock even deeper into her throat. Her moans vibrated against Dan’s cock and Liz soon felt it stiffen even more as Dan’s balls sent blasts of man seed down her throat. Liz sucked down six long thick ropes of cum before she felt Dan’s cock become still in her mouth.

Dan was breathing hard after his ball draining orgasm, but the sight of the long thick black cock pounding Liz kept it as hard as ever. As Liz finished swallowing Dan’s load of seed, she felt a rapidly growing energy force building throughout her body. She had never felt anything like it before and soon was on the verge of passing out. As wave after wave of energy passed through her body, she finally gave in to the black cock piercing her womb. In an instant, Liz was overtaken with the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her sexual juices sprayed out of her stretched pussy and splashed against the legs and pubic area of her black assailant. Within seconds of her drenching orgasm, Liz felt the grip on her hips tighten as she was pulled backwards, until the large balls dangling below the massive cock, were buried between her furred lips. It felt like the monster cock was going to come out her belly button when she felt it swell and twitch deep inside her. Liz felt splash after splash of cum hit the inside of her womb and she worried what would happen to her fetus.

After a few moments, Liz felt the big black cock slowly softening and being withdrawn from her sloppy drenched pussy. As she started to regain her senses she noticed the second naked man standing behind her. As she took notice of him, her eyes became transfixed on his cock and couldn’t believe what she saw. There before her was a man about 160pounds and 5 foot 8 inches tall with a cock even bigger than the one just removed from her pussy. The sight of the great white monster pointing her way did nothing but excite her. Liz was so charged with sexual hunger pains she stood up and walked directly to the man and sat him down bahis siteleri in a seat. Liz got on her knees and took the massive cock in both hands and barely managed to get the head in her mouth. Like a snake swallowing it’s meal, Liz worked her mouth side to side over the great white cock and inch by inch got half of it into her mouth. With still 6 inches of the cock to get down her throat, Liz took a minute to catch her breath and let her throat relax before starting the next penetration. She slowly withdrew the cock from her mouth until only the head was still inside. Then as she took a deep breath, she grabbed the guys’ hips and impaled her throat with his massive 12 inch long, 3 inch wide member. Without stopping, Liz forced the whole length inside her throat and didn’t stop until her nose was buried in a mound of pubic hair. If Dan and the others hadn’t seen it, they would have never believed any woman could swallow a cock that large.

Liz pumped the cock in and out of her throat for a minute or two as every there watched in disbelief as the largest cock they had ever seen, completely disappeared down Liz’s throat. As much as Liz would have loved to swallow this cock’s load of cum, she had other plans for it’s special delivery. Liz got off her knees and withdrew the great white cock from her mouth and smiled at the owner. As she stood in front of the men, she unbuttoned her blouse and unveiled her prized 36C tits for all to see. The next thing to hit the floor was her skirt and all the guys jaws. There stood the 19 year old newlywed bombshell with nothing but her garter belt and stockings on while cum dripped out of her blond pussy. Liz stood over the seated man and grabbed hold of his massive cock while guiding it towards her dripping womanhood. Once the head was placed inside her swollen lips, Liz placed her hands on and the guys’ shoulders and lowered herself over the massive cock. The sight and sensations of a baseball bat sized cock disappearing into her pussy sent her to her next orgasm. As the never ending wave of emotions runs through her, Liz loses control and drops down on the guys’ lap. Because of her uncontrolled descent, the 12″ cock rammed through her cervix and penetrated nearly 5″ inside her womb. The sudden intrusion into her womb and the overwhelming orgasms cascading through her body caused her to pass out.

Taking advantage of the situation, Dan moved into place behind Liz and placed his cock at the entrance to her ass. While the owner of the cock in her pussy moved Liz’s limp body back and forth across his lap, Dan started pushing his cock past her puckered brown eye. Inch by inch Dan forces his 8+ inch cock into her bowels and feels the massive member moving just across the thin barrier of skin. Just as Dan manages to get his cock buried balls deep in Liz’s ass, she starts to wake.

Liz’s body is screaming out in pain and pleasure as she is violated by over 20″ of man meat buried inside her body. Her whole body goes into involuntary convulsions as orgasm after never ending orgasm rack her body. The owner of the great white cock is sucking on her tits and biting her nipples while he kneads her tits like pizza doe. Not wanting to miss out on any action, the owner of the big black cock grabs Liz’s blond locks and sticks his cock in front of her mouth. Liz doesn’t even think about it and just inhales his cock to the back of her throat. As the black guy face fucks her, Liz is just pouring sexual honey out of her pussy like a leaky faucet. The scene playing out before the camera is like something out of Roman Orgies. Where else would you see a 19 year old, 5 foot 7 inch 130 pound blonde [who was a virgin 9 months ago], getting fucked by 30+ inches of cock all at once. The 4 bodies were a tangled mass of sweaty flesh moving in unison to one final earth shattering event. It would be the makings of a classic “blue” movie that would make Dan a lot of money. The owner of the great white cock was the first to reach his breaking point. As his orgasm approached, Liz felt his grip tighten on her hips and he started moving her body faster and faster over his straining cock. Every penetration into her womb saw her belly move where his cock head was hitting inside of her womb. Every withdraw from her womb was greeted by Dan’s cock slamming forward into her bowels. Dan cock and the great white cock were timed like a twin cylinder motor of a motorcycle. One cock piston going up and the other coming down. It was a non stop pummeling of her orifices. When the great white cock’s owner had enough, Liz was held tight to his lap as his balls tightened and a flood of man sauce was sent into her womb with enough force that Liz thought it would surely come out her mouth. While Liz was held still on the 12 inch cock, Dan continued pumping her ass for all he was worth. Before Liz could gather her thoughts, she felt Dan’s cock swell and soon had her bowels coated with his seed. Liz was overwhelmed with the amount of fluids being pumped into her orifices and collapsed forward onto the white stranger. bahis şirketleri All these events were leading up to the finale of the night, and Liz would have never imagined it just a few hours ago.

While Liz had her womb and bowels filled with hot man sauce, the black cock in her mouth was banging the hell out of her vocal cords. Faster and faster it was driven into her throat with no thoughts to her safety. It was getting damned hard to get any air into her lungs and she started to worry about her situation. She was still on the great white cock as she felt Dan pull his semi-hard cock out of her ass. Unknown to her, Dan switched off with the movie theater manager and Dan continued the filming of Liz’s situation. The manager quickly dropped his pants and put his straining cock into her ass with one quick thrust. As Liz continued to struggle for air, the manager reached around her upper body and grabbed her in a bear hug. With her arms pinned to her side and her tits in the manager’s hands, there was no escape. While her ass was getting jack hammered by the 4th cock to invade her body, the black cock in her mouth started to twitch. Within seconds, cum was blasting down her throat on an express ticket to her stomach. 40 minutes of watching Liz suck and fuck, had the manager ready to empty his balls in a hurry. When he couldn’t hold out any longer, he pulled his cock out of Liz’s ass and blew his load all over her back and into her hair.

If Liz thought that was the end of her assaulting evening, she was mistaken. In the few minutes between depositing his load in her womb and the manager painting her back, the great white cock was ready for a second trip into Liz’s body. By this time, Liz was a limp helpless blonde cum depository unable to resist or argue about her situation. Her body had been experiencing nearly an hour of constant sexual activity and it had no more to give. The owner of the great white cock laid her down on her stomach in the aisle and straddled her legs. With a hand on both of her ass cheeks, he pried them apart exposing her slimy asshole for easy access. Liz knew what was coming next and feebly protested the coming intrusion. She begged the stranger to not fuck her ass with his massive cock, but with Dan’s seed providing the lubrication, the 3″ wide 12 inch long cock was forced past her anus.

Inch by inch the owner forced all 12 inches into her limp body until his balls were laying on her blood and cum covered pussy. Once he bottomed out in her bowels, the giant cock just kept pumping in and out of her bloody asshole for the next 20 minutes. Finally ready to bust his nuts, the owner of the giant white cock pulled out of Liz’s tattered ass, rolled her over to her back, lifted her legs up, and rammed his cock straight into her sloppy pussy and right though to her womb. He held Liz tight to him as rope after rope of hot sticky cum was sent once again into her baby factory.

Once the great white cock was done fucking her womb again, the owner offered his cock to Liz for her to clean off. Liz weakly complied with his “suggestion” and cleaned her blood, fecal matter, and his cum off the 8″ flaccid piece of man meat. While Liz was busy cleaning the greta white cock off, the Black cock was looking for round two between her soft creamy thighs. With Liz still on her back, the events happened in a hurry. The black man pushed the small white man out of the way, put Liz’s legs over his shoulders, and plowed his renewed 10″ black python directly into her abused pussy without any resistance. Just as her cervix was starting to relax from the previous assault into her womb, the big black python went straight through into her womb again. As the cock bottomed out inside her, her body was rocked forward with the impact of the black man’s thighs against her ass. Over and over he drove his cock balls deep into her bleeding pussy. He didn’t stop until over 20minutes had passed and his 3rd load of man seed was delivered into her womb. By the time he was done, Liz was passed out and nothing more than a limp cum soaked sex toy.

The events of the evening were more than Dan could have hoped for. He saw Liz fucked to the point of exhaustion and passing out with 3 other men including two with HUGE cocks. Dan agreed to let the manager show the hour long movie in his theater in return for 65% of the ticket receipts and a copy to bring home. Since Liz and Dan lived an hour away from the city, there was little threat of someone recognizing her. The arrangement would make Dan and Liz $3000 a month for the next 6 months, and in 1965 that was A LOT of money. Dan had copies of the movie made and offered them for sale in swinger magazines. He also used the same magazines to contact more men and couples to share Liz with. Due to her performance in the movie, most of the people wanting to swing with Dan and Liz, paid to get together. Hotels, plane and train tickets, meals were all covered if Dan and Liz had to travel. If the men or couples came to them, then cash was sometimes part of the deal.

Dan would use his wife’s sexual gifts on his boss and that probably mean more money for them. Liz loved the sex and loved the sexual variety their life brought them, and Dan doubted she protest the next encounter.

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