A Sexy Neighbor

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This is a true story. I run my own company and I can say I make good money off it. The company has grown over the years and so has my bank account but there was something missing. That special ingredient that every man needs in his life. A woman!

One day last winter, I was checking my e-mail and updating my website and wondering when would my luck with the fairer sex change, when I noticed this new girl that has moved in across the street from me, trying to start her car. After trying for a few minutes to try and get the engine to start, she gave up, got out of the car and walked back into her house. I guess this was the first time that I really paid her any real attention. How stupid of me! She was tall, had long, sort of curly blonde hair, small up-turned nose, a gorgeous face, a great pair of legs and a spring to her walk. She seemed to have a body that spoke a language of its own and every guy’s manhood understood what was being said and stood in attention whenever spoken to.

So here I was, sitting on the dining table, my laptop in front of me, working on my web site and day dreaming about this new girl from across the street. Yes you are right. I was turned on! Damn was I ever turned on! She was just what I wanted in a woman. Well okay maybe I did not even know her and had yet to speak to her but she was hot and I wanted her. Period! Yes the attraction was physical right now (hey okay I have admitted that. Alright! Now get off my case!). Now the million dollar question – how to I get her to marry me and be the mother of my children? What? I am getting ahead of myself here? Why do you say that? Because I have yet to meet her? Okay you are right. But I intent to fix that little detail (if only I knew how).

If my brain was an engine, it would have been in over-drive right now, thinking of schemes of seducing this girl. Wow! You know what? I don’t even know her name! What a loser I was! I need to at least know a girl’s name before I propose to her. Yes yes you are right. I need to know a girl’s name before I ask her out, get her to fall in love with me and then propose to her and get her to say “yes”.

With a sense of urgency, I got up from my chair, my web site forgotten in the desire to find out more about this girl, got my house keys, stepped out and then realising that I was still in a t-shirt and boxers, stepped back in. Ha I guess I was thinking with my head but the wrong head.

I figured the best way to meet Susan (I got to know her name by looking at the name on the newspaper lying at her door) was to act like a friendly neighbour and then take it from there. So here I was. Dressed up but not too dressed up because that would have casino oyna looked to strange. But I did remember to wear a nice cologne. I was nervous. I was scared. I prayed that I did not make a fool of myself.

Anyways, mustering up all the courage I had, I walked up to Susan’s door and knocked.

“Who is it?” she called from inside. I answered by calling out my name and explaining that I live across the street and I had just stopped by to say hello and welcome her to the neighbourhood.

I heard the door being unlocked and there she stood. Her beautiful blonde hair open, her gorgeous eyes shining and a smile on her face that would have make a dead man come back to life. And if that was not enough ammunition, all she has on was a bath robe. Suddenly she seems embarrassed about the way she was dressed and blushed red and said “I was about to go for some grocery shopping but my car would not start and so I thought that I would take a bath, and curl up in bed and read the book that I am trying to finish. And… Oh, how rude of me, please do come in”.

Go in? Did I need to be asked again? Heck NO!!

So in I went and found a comfortable chair and sat down and made some small talk. But you see, her beauty had such an affect on me that I, who normally don’t find it had to have a conversation, soon found myself out of things to talk about. So I needed a rescue plan – I offered to take her grocery shopping.

“Really? You would? Hey that’s so sweet of you. Please can I finish my shower? I’ll only take a few minutes.” and then she flashed that smile again. Of course I said yes (trying not to drool).

She walked into her bedroom and for some reason or maybe she forgot, she left the door to the bedroom open and from where I sat, I could see her as she took the bath robe off and as I saw her naked for the very first time and I almost died right there and then! Man she was HOT! Her skin absolutely flawless, her tiny ass, nice and round with two timples where her ass met her the small of her back, her shoulders half covered with the golden locks and she turned to go into the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of her breasts with her pink nipples that made my cock try and burst out of my jeans!

Ok ok yes I was drooling now. I was hard and so hard that it hurt. As she stepped into the bathroom and out of view, I knew I had to take another look at her. I had to see her naked body again. I knew I was taking a huge chance here but I was again thinking with the wrong head.

I sneaked into the bedroom and tip toes to the door leading into the bathroom. I guess she did not expect me to do what I was doing and so had not bothered closing or locking the bathroom canlı casino door. I stood there, peeking between the tiny space where the door is attached to the frame with hinges. And there she was. Boy she was so beautiful. She looked so lovely as warm water from the shower cascaded down her body. I wish I was her wash cloth that she was using to wash herself. I wanted to lick her body like that wash clothe was doing.

Man I was turned on and I had a raging hard-on that made my jeans so un-comfortable. Not thinking, I slid the zipper on my jeans down, reached in, and took out my cock and started to masturbate. I was so turned on that it all seemed to make sense and here I was jacking off in Susan’s bedroom and not even thinking twice and not even realising that Susan has turned around and could now she my reflection in the mirror in her bed room and could see clearly that I was spying on her and if that was not bad enough, I was jacking off to the sight of her naked body in the bath tub. No I did not realise that at all. I did not even notice her smile as she knew what was going on and to make matters worse I did not even realise that she was stepping out of the tub and walking towards me.

My head was high in the stratosphere. My eyes closed in pleasure. Susan was now standing in front of me in all her naked glory and my eyes were closed!

Suddenly I felt a hand touch mine. My eyes opened and there she stood smiling, drops of water running down her breasts and her nipples and falling on the carpeting.

“Well don’t just make me stand here all wet! Do something!” Susan said with the same glitter in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face. How could I have not done anything with an invitation like that?

I started to literally rip my clothes off. Damn these Levi’s just don’t come off fast enough. I almost tripped over trying to get them off too fast. But mercifully, at last they were off and there we stood as naked as the day we were born, my cock erect in attention, my mind racing a million miles an hour and all I wanted right now was to make love to this beautiful creature.

I took Susan’s hand and guided her to the queen sized bed and gently laid her down and slugged in with her. My mouth found hers and I started kissing her more passionately than I had ever before. Our tongues darting in and out of our mouths and our hands busy exploring each other’s bodies.

My cock had not lost its erection since I spied on Susan taking her bath and Susan suddenly became aware of it and took it in her tiny hands and started massaging it. Precum had started to ooze out which seems to excite her even further.

Susan’s mouth started to kaçak casino make its way south and was kissing every inch as it made journey. She was now kissing my belly button and was driving me wild. My body arched up to make my penis hit her body. Susan was a smart girl and understood what my manhood was saying. Soon her cute little mouth was on my cock and I was in heaven. She was sucking my penis, rubbing her tongue on the tip, and was driving me wild and making me scream in pleasure.

I could not take this any longer and as Susan licked and sucked my cock, it exploded, spitting hot cum into her tiny mouth, a mouth too small to accommodate all the cum that was exploding from my mouth and some of the cum started to drip out from the corners of her mouth. Susan was not about to let any drop go to waste and flicked the cum that had dripped out with her hands and licked them clean. I had many girls go down on me but I never had a girl suck cock like Susan and I never knew a girl who had such an appetite for cum as Susan seems to have.

Having sucked, and licked my cock to erection again after cumming, Susan wanted more. She wanted me inside her and guess what- that was sure alright with me. Damn, I wanted to be inside her. But I also wanted to taste her. I wanted to lick her sweet pussy clean with my tongue. I leaned over, lifted her left leg and went start for her womanhood. Man she smelled so good and the only thing that was better than the way she smelled was the way she tasted. As I licked and flicked her pussy with my tongue, her juices started to flow again and I licked them up like a cat licking milk off a saucer.

Susan wanted more. And I had no problem with that! Susan climbed on top and with her right hand balancing her as she leaned forward, her left hand guided my penis into her hot pussy. Man her pussy was so hot that I felt my penis burn and it felt great. Susan moved her body up and down as my cock moved in and out of her pussy. My hands were on her hips and I was now using them to drive my cock harder into Susan.

I was about to cum and some how Susan sensed it too and she fastened her pace. She wanted my seeds inside her. As she and I moved together in total rhythm, my cock was about to explode for a second time but I was trying to hold back to prolong the pleasure. But I lost the battle and male biology won and soon hot cum was spitting out of my cock and into her sweet pussy. There was enough liquid in there now what with all her love juices and now my cum that a mixture of both started to ooze out from her pussy.

Both of us were out of breadth and she laid down on me and started kissing me again. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, kissing her all the time. Both of us were exhausted after our love making and drifted off to sleep, still in a tight embrace. Needless to say, we have been very good neighbors since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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