A Roll of the Dice

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I was alone in a corner of the bar, watching the foam slide down the inside slope of my beer bottle as I slowly tilted it down from a desultory swig, when she came through the door out of the rain. With red hair dampened from the weather and a gorgeously full bosom tenting the chest of her too-thin coat, she would have stood out anywhere. In the dim squalor of the roadside tavern, outlined in the shrinking glow of the streetlight leaking through the slowly closing door she was like a vision.

In my case, a vision of clear, cold water to a man dying of thirst.

She moved to the bar, drawing only casual glances from the few other patrons of the tavern. Over the tinny drone of the ancient jukebox, I heard her explain to the equally ancient bartender about a breakdown and the need for a tow truck and a taxi.

“No taxi,” was the bartender’s curt reply. “No tow truck neither.”

“What about a beer? Have you got any of those?” Even from across the room the sarcasm in her voice was evident. It didn’t seem to effect the bartender however. He simply turned away and moved in a shuffle towards the cooler at the far end of the bar, leaving her to slump down on a bar stool in defeat.

I fingered the wadded up ten dollar bill in my pocket. Right now it was the only money I had. I had rolled into this godforsaken village in the middle of nowhere earlier in the evening, following a tip from a friend in the city about a weekly poker game held by some of the better-off residents of the area. Easy pickings, I was told. Locals — totally not up to your level of play.

Ha. Right.

The “locals” turned out to be mostly well-off business types with weekend homes in the surrounding picturesque valley, out of the city and from under their wives’ glares for a night of too much drinking, too much carousing, and too much high stakes poker. The buy-in was steep, but I had gone ahead with it, hoping my experience and usually sharp luck would carry me through.

That’s what you get sometimes, *depending* on luck. Lean on luck too hard and it slips away. She’s a fickle lady, Ms. Luck.

“She’s a bitch,” I muttered to myself as I continued to stare at the red-head at the bar. She was sipping at a beer now, her red lips wrapping gently around the mouth of the bottle with each tilt. I thought I even saw the tip of her tongue dart out and into the top as she stared at the row of dusty liquor bottles behind the bar with unseeing eyes.

I felt a stirring in my pants, and it wasn’t the ten dollars in my pocket.

I reached a decision. The night was a bust anyway, and there wasn’t much to lose…and maybe heaven to gain. I drained my beer and set the bottle down on the table in front of me. Standing, I straightened my shirt, sucked in my gut, and tried to cheer myself on.

“Fuck it, brother. Time to roll the dice.”

It felt odd to me even as I said it. Odd, but somehow *right*. And as I started across the bar towards the woman, I pondered what had made that particular phrase pop into my head. I’m not a dice man. I’m a card player, always have been. Dice is too random, not enough skill. It’s all…luck.

That thought made me grin, and it just so happened that at that moment the woman’s eyes met mine in the mirror behind the bar. She grinned back at me, seeming surprised to be doing so, and slowly rotated her stool around to face my approach. She ended up with one leg stretched out to balance, the other still propped up on the stool, and I had a good slow look up her legs, encased in black nylons, feet in black boots ending a little below the knee. The movement pulled her skirt tight across where it had ridden up on her thighs, and the darkness between those thighs made my cock grow a little tighter in my jeans.

I leaned up against the bar next to her stool and met her eyes, this time without the aid of a mirror. For a moment I felt like I was falling — the force of her, the presence she exuded with her gaze, seemed to pull me forward, off balance. It lasted only a second, and then I was able to clear my suddenly scratchy throat and act something like a normal human being.

“Car trouble?” I asked.

She grimaced in disgust. “Yes. Damn thing just up and quit on me. Now I seem to be stuck here, since this crummy little town doesn’t even have a tow truck. I guess I was lucky this bar was so close, and open.”

“I guess so. It’s nice to be lucky,” I winked. “Can I buy you a beer?”

She glanced down at her bottle and drained the last of it in a quick couple of swallows as I stared at her smooth throat work. Slamming the empty bottle down on the bar, she said, “Sure thing, handsome.”

I signaled the bartender for two more and pulled a stool up next to the woman. I held out my hand. “My name’s Randy,” I said.

She took my hand in soft fingers still cool from the beer bottle. “Nancy,” she said. “My name’s Nancy.”

Nancy, I thought to myself. You are so deliciously fuckable.

“Pleased to meet you Nancy,” casino oyna I responded, slowly releasing her hand and allowing her fingers to slide through mine as we disengaged.

The bartender, showing a turn of speed that I thought was unlikely in man his age was back already with the beers. I passed him my ten dollars and he shuffled off again — hopefully to get me some change. I slid one of the beers over to Nancy and turned in my stool to face her.

“So tell me Nancy,” I said. “What brings a beautiful woman like you out all this way by herself on a night like tonight?”

“Well,” she said, a saucy twinkle in her eye. “I heard you were going to be here.”

I chuckled. “Hey, that was my answer. Seriously though — this town doesn’t strike me as anyone’s idea of a destination.”

Nancy suddenly sobered. “I’m traveling,” she said. “From the past into the future. Hopefully a much better one.”

I sensed that I had hit upon the source of some fairly recent trauma, and decided to back away from the subject as quickly as possible. “Well, you won’t find the future in this place. I can just about hear the dust in the grroves of the 45s in the jukebox. And who has a jukebox with 45s in it anymore anyway?”

Nancy looked over at the jukebox, an overly ornate but grime-coated monstrosity that wouldn’t be out of place in a 50’s-era soda shop. “I like it,” she commmented. “It adds about all the atmosphere this place has. Old music like this makes me want to dance.”

I glanced around the dingy bar. There were only a few other patrons, presumably locals, and they all seemed focused on the drinks in front of them. Besides, who cares what they might think? The timely muted clatter of the jukebox changing records decided me.

I held my hand out to Nancy. “Then might I have this dance madam?” I inquired.

The smile she gave me seemed to brighten the entire miserable bar. “Why sir, I thought you would never ask.”

She took my hand and I led her to an area near the jukebox devoid of tables. As I turned to gather her towards me, wondering frantically how far I wanted to push my already incredible luck, the choice was taken from me. Nancy was not apparently of the school that favored formal, sedate dancing. She wrapped her arms about my waist and molded the front of her body to mine, leanng her head on my shoulder and almost nuzzling my neck.

My hands went automatically to her hips, and I was nearly blinded as my mind tried to process the suddenly overwhelming sensory overload. I couldn’t separate the sensations — the softness of her breasts pressed to my chest, the heat of her breath on my neck, the gentle swell of her hips under my hands, the pressure of her hands on the small of my back, the delicate scent of her hair — they all combined and built off of each other until the only thing I was absolutely sure of was that I was now packing a steel rod in my pants.

We were swaying slowly to the soft crooning coming from the jukebox — Nancy must have started us moving, because I was incapable of much more than reveling in Nancy pressed against me — when she spoke. “This is…nice.” She rotated her hips and pushed her pelvis more firmly into me, and I felt my cock, straining against my jeans, pressed into her abdomen.

I exhaled sharply and whipered hoarsely into her ear, “Very nice.”

She tilted her face up towards me said with a breathy smile, “You do seem to be enjoying yourself.” With that she rotated her hips again and I had to stifle a groan.

In answer, I slid my right hand down and back from her hip to cup the curve of her ass. I gripped it and pulled her even more firmly to me. Her hot breath on my neck sped up, and I slid my hand down her ass to the top of her thigh. With only a little coaxing, she brought her leg around and up, so that now my right leg was between hers and her left leg was wrapped around behind me, supported by my hand. I could feel the hem of her skirt under my hand where it had ridden up, and with small movements I inched it higher.

I moved my left hand from her hip to her ass and tipped my face down to breathe hotly into her ear. Both of her hands had found my buttocks now, and they were gripping me tightly as she ground her crotch onto my leg. I darted my tongue out and licked her ear, and Nancy drew in a ragged breath.

Her hands left my ass and suddenly gripped the sides of my face. She pulled me to her and our searching mouths locked together. Our probing tongues were only seconds behind, and we kissed with a kind of desperate abandon. By this time, through an almost unconscious effort on the part of my hands, I had managed to work the hem of Nancy’s skirt up so that I was able to grab her panty-clad ass and feel the heat of her pussy through the fabric of her underwear on my leg.

There’s no telling what might have happened then, right there in the middle of the bar. We had pulled our mouths apart and were staring deep into each others’ eyes, lost in the driving canlı casino passion of the moment, when the song ended and the jukebox began to clatter through a record change. The cessation of the music seemed to return a little bit of us to ourselves and remind us of where we were, because we both took a step back, though as we backed away from each other our hands met and gripped.

I looked at Nancy — her flushed skin, the deep pools of her eyes, the rosy redness of her lips, the protruding arousal of her nipples on the peaks of her fabulous breasts, the disarray of her skirt — and I wanted her more then than I had even when my cock had been pressed against her moments ago. I could see my desire mirrored in her eyes.

“I want you,” she said in a throaty voice, “to tell me that you live very, very close to here.”

“No such luck,” I replied in nearly the same tone. “However, I do have a motel room down the street.”

“Let’s go,” Nancy said, releasing one of my hands and towing me after her with the other as she turned towards the door. As we passed through the bar, I spared a look at the other patrons. None of them seemed to have noticed our hot dance in front of the jukebox, but as my eyes passed the crusty old bartender the old bastard gave me a slow, exaggerated wink. I grinned in return and didn’t even begrudge the codger the extravagant tip he would be getting by short-changing me on the beers. Best ten dollars I ever spent.

The ride in my car to the Teepee Motor Lodge was short and uneventful, save for quick, passionate kissing and groping sessions directly after entering and before leaving the vehicle. The two minute drive was one of the more difficult in my career as a motorist, however, due to the twin distractions of Nancy’s hand on my crotch and the whispered monologue of her plans for me that she uttered into my ear while nibbling and sucking at my ear lobe.

In fact, it all passed in a heady, horny blur, and the next thing I knew I was fumbling the key into the door of room number seven, and then falling through it with Nancy right behind me. As the door shut behind her I turned and pressed her back against it, my mouth finding hers and my hands doing the dual duty of massaging her tits and searching for the fastenings of her clothes.

Our hot breaths and tongues lashed against each other as I fumbled the buttons on her blouse open and pushed it back over her shoulders. It was only when I felt the cool air against my legs that I realized that Nancy’s hands had been busy with my belt and pants. I was wearing no underwear and Nancy broke our kiss to push me back and gaze down at my revealed cock.

My cock is something of which I am quite proud. Not overly large, it measures at about six and half inches when fully erect — and it was fully, throbbingly, painfully erect now. But it has decent girth, and the circumcised shaft is just…I don’t know. It’s just an attractive cock, is all. Maybe most men think that way about their cocks, but —

“It’s gorgeous,” Nancy breathed. She reached out and began to touch it, slowly, exploring it. She brushed the head with her fingertips and I shuddered. She looked up at me with a smile of delight and wrapped her hand around my shaft. She slowly masturbated me as we kissed again, less urgently this time, more deeply and with even greater feeling. Her other hand reached between my legs and gently massaged my balls and I thought I might be the luckiest man alive.

Again Nancy broke our kiss, this time to shrug her blouse the rest of the way off. The she reached behind her to undo her bra, which she then teasingly removed and tossed away. My first glimpse of her breasts nearly cuased me to come then and there. They were large, surely, but they had the gentle sag that I so loved. The nipples were red and erect, begging for my lips and tongue, for soft nips from my teeth.

I met Nancy’s gaze. “You like?” she asked. I could only nod mutely, and she grinned. “You are a fucking doll,” she said. “Take your clothes off.”

I quickly followed her directions, kicking off my shoes and struggling out of the pool my jeans had made around my feet. My shirt was over my head and flung away in a micro-second, and I looked back at Nancy. She was just stepping out of her skirt, boots still on, and I noticed now that her panty-hose were of the thigh-high variety, bands of lace encircling her soft, luscious legs. As she straightened, she pulled her panties — black briefs — up more firmly over her waist and then posed, hands on hips, and looked at me with a challenging lust in her eyes.

“So, big boy,” she husked. “You wanna get lucky?”

“Damn woman,” I said. “You could melt stone you are so hot!”

As if on cue we moved together, her bare breasts with their hard nipples poking into my chest and we kissed again. Her hands found my naked ass and gripped and kneaded the cheeks as I hooked two fingers into the waistband of her panties and eased them down over her glorious kaçak casino booty. I kissed my way down the side of her neck and chest, lowing her panties as I did so, until they were at the lacy tops of her thigh-highs, and my face was level with her breasts. I blew hotly on her right nipple and she gripped my hair.

Bringing my right hand up to lift, grip and massage her left breast she pressed her tit into my face. I gladly took her rock-hard nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue back and forth over it quickly, delighting in her gasps of pleasure. I switched breasts, now massaging her right breast with my hand and suckling at her left nipple. I then pulled back and, gripping each breast in one of my hands, I rubbed light circles over her nipples with my thumbs as I turned us both towards the bed.

Nancy felt the edge of the bed hit the back of her knees, and she sat down hard. Suddenly, she was face to face with my cock. She gazed at it in lust and then looked up at me. “You have the most beautiful penis I have ever seen,” she said with a touch of child-like wonder in her voice.

“Thank you,” I said softly. “It’s all yours.”

She smiled in delight and once again took my cock into her soft hand. I didn’t think at this point it was possible to get any harder, but as Nancy stroked my cock inches from her face, I could feel the already taut skin tightening even more, and it was like all the heat in my body was now concentrated in my penis.

“So hard,” Nancy muttered, mostly to herself. “So hard…”

“Suck it,” I whispered softly. “I want to see your beautiful hot lips wrapped around my cock. Please, Nancy. Please suck my fucking cock.”

Slowly, still staring at my dick as though in a trance, Nancy brought her face closer, mouth opening. Even now I can see it as if I was there. It was like slow motion, and the anticipation was a sharp spike of pleasure in my brain.

And then her mouth engulfed me, and I saw inch after inch disappear between her lips until her nose was buried deep in in my pubic hair. Only then did she close her mouth around my shaft, and the feeling of hot wetness washed through my entire body like a wave. Then she sucked, and pressed her tongue against the bottom of my cock, and I very nearly blew my load down her throat.

I groaned, and a light sweat had broken out all over my body. I ran my hands through Nancy’s red locks and slowly pulled her back, my cock sliding wetly through her lips until the head was about to pop free. Nancy made as if to go down again, but I prevented her with my hands in her hair. Pulling free from her mouth with a slight pop, my now wet cock bobbed obscenely in front of her nose. She uttered a light cry, and tried again to capture my cock in her mouth.

“Wait, wait,” I said, hardly able to find the breath to speak. “I can’t…I’m going to go off if you keep doing that.”

Nancy didn’t even look up at me — her eyes were still glued to my cock, bobbing up and down with every beat of my heart.

“Good,” She said. “I want to eat your come. I want your hot cock to shoot off into my mouth.”

With that she grabbed my cock and shoved it back into her mouth, slurping and sucking at it as she began to bob up and down. I was so turned on that I almost immediately felt the electricity of an orgasm building up in me. I reached down and took one of Nancy’s breasts in my hand, squeezing and massaging it. Nancy built her speed, perhaps feeling the tightening in my nuts, gripped as they were in her hand. She squeezed and rolled my testicles around in their hairy sack, and still maintaining her rhythm on my cock, looked up to meet my eyes.

Seeing her there, my penis sliding in and out of her hot mouth, feeling the incredible sensations of her mouth, lips and tongue on my cock, the soft grip of her fingers on my balls, but mostly seeing the hot, thick lust spilling out of her gaze, I felt my orgasm rush closer.

“I’m going to come,” I grunted, my abdomen tightening. Nancy responded my sucking me deep into her throat and sliding her hand back from my balls to my ass. As the undulating roar of my orgasm rocked over me and my semen began to erupt from cock and down Nancy’s throat, I felt one of her fingers slide into my ass crack and push at my asshole.

The muscles on the side of Nancy’s neck worked as she swallowed my come, and I was gasping with the throes of the orgasm. It seemed to go on forever and ever…and then it was slowly subsiding and I was coming back to myself, feeling Nancy suck her way off of the end of my cock, which again popped free with a wet noise. Nancy wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand as she looked up at me.

“Yum,” she said. “Thank you.”

“Christ!” I exclaimed. “You don’t have to thank me! I need to thank YOU. In fact…”

I reached over and gave her a gentle shove on the shoulder and she fell back onto the bed with a giggle and a slight bounce that set her gorgeous tits splaying apart. I knelt down and finally stripped her panties from her, and then, practicing what I still think is super-human constraint, I removed her boots, one after the other, not glancing up at the promised land that nestled between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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