In the Dead of Winter Ch. 02

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Mrs. Bateman gingerly lead Lua by hand down the long corridor to an uncharted part of the mansion.

The expanse of the hall was extraordinarily quiet which meant majority of the house workers had gone home to spend time with their families for the three day weekend.

The corridor was slightly dark and Lua wondered briefly about why that particular side of the house was kept so chilly while the other side was like an incubator.

Holding Mrs. Bateman’s hand didn’t seem to justify the situation as she didn’t seem to be admitting any sort of heat.

It was almost like gripping a bunch of ice cubes.

Lua continuously shivered.

Mrs. Bateman seemed to have sensed the girl’s plight as she began running her thumb across Lua’s knuckles very gently.

Once the massive double doors to the suite appeared Lua’s breathing began to heighten.

Panic was at the forefront again and she stopped just mere feet from the entrance.

Mrs. Bateman turned still holding her victim’s hand in her own.

“Calm down, Lua.”

She whispered while lifting the young girl’s hand to her plump lips and gently planting kisses up her bare arm.

“I’m not going to force myself on top of you as soon as you step inside my room.”

The mistress explained leaning into the girl’s ear.

Lua’s gaze casted towards the closed wooden doors.

The light was on in the room, it shone atop and through the bottom cracks of the frame.

Mrs. Bateman caught her charge’s gaze, smiling she bent down and carefully placed a kiss on Lua’s forehead.

Then The Mistress stepped forward pulling the door handle and letting one of the doors creak slowly open.

She stepped aside allowing Lua a close up view into the entrance of the master suite.

Her eyes followed a long carpeted corridor leading down a short staircase to the bedroom.

Dimmed lights lined the wall papered walls and the sweet aroma of cinnamon and firewood crept into the cool air of the corridor.

Lua might have felt lucky under different circumstances to be in the most restricted part of casino oyna the estate.

None of the housemaids that she knew had ever been to the north side of the mansion.

Murmurs of rituals and occult magic were few of the many rumors that floated around from ear to ear amongst the house staff.

Lua on several occasions had laughed off the seemingly ridiculous whispers.

It was a bit ironic to Lua that now she stood in that restricted area with the Woman that all those rumors were about.

In that moment a sliver of her began to believe those rumors.

Mrs. Bateman’s face was soft in the dim glow of the hallway, her long dark hair falling in waves down her back.

Her mouth was parted slightly and her tongue darted out to wet her pink lips.

The woman was beyond immaculate.

Lua had never been close enough to notice before but she looked almost angelic.

Silence erupted between the two.

Mrs. Bateman’s breathing, Calm and collected.

Lua’s, Panicked and erratic.

Abruptly, Mrs. Bateman stepped back placing her thumb and pointer finger to Lua’s chin.

“Look at me.”

She said softly, capturing the girl’s gaze.

“I love it when you stare up at me with those big beautiful eyes.”

Lua smiled nervously.

“I can’t wait to have you so sweetly staring up at me as I dig into you for the first time.”

Lua eyes drew wider and she held Mrs. Bateman’s gaze for as long as she could muster then casted her attention back into the room awaiting her.

The mistress chuckled.

“Will you join me in my suite, Lua?”

The girl hesitated, Fearfully imagining what awaited her on the other side of those doors.

While looking up into The Mistresses eyes once again, Lua began to feel a sort of undescribable warmness swarm inside her.

Almost like Mrs. Bateman was trying to put her mind at ease with just a simple stare.


The girl finally spoke, Her voice shaking as she did.

The Mistress grinned showing her perfect set of pearly white teeth.

“Yes what, Beautiful?”

Mrs. Batman pushed wanting the girl to elaborate.

Feeling bits of shame Lua turned her head canlı casino away from Mrs. Bateman and to the hardwood floors.

“Yes, I want to join you in your suite.”

The words left Lua’s mouth before she really had time to think about them.

“Such a good girl.”

The woman cooed, Taking Lua’s hand once more and leading her into the suite.

Lua was sitting on the bed’s edge.

The young girl had stayed completely silent as big hefty men she’d never seen before brought in more firewood.

Then she watched as they stood at the fireplace stoking the fire.

Mrs. Bateman sat aside on the marble stoop watching her new charge very closely.

Lua moved her attention to the shadows that danced on the high ceilings.

They seemed to fascinate her more than she expected.

The mistresses fingernails tapped impatiently on the marble beneath her and the sound sent shivers through Lua’s spine.

“What should I do now?”

The young girl asked abruptly.

“For now, All I want is a little-“

Mrs. Bateman paused as if looking for the correct words.


Lua looked at The Mistress in a confused manor and Mrs. Bateman sighed deeply.

“Lua, I’m going to take my time with you, There is no rush here.”

“Something as sweet as you should be savored.”

The Mistress explained while rudely dismissing the burley men from the room with a wave of her hand.

“I’m sure you weren’t aware but I’ve been watching you for some time now.”

“And I’m not telling you that to frighten you.”

The Mistress explained as the burley men filed out of the room one by one.

“Many girl’s have sat were you sit right now, but none that excite me as deeply as you do.”

The young girl’s fear grew deeper and deeper as Mrs. Bateman spoke and the sudden loud slam of the big double doors made Lua flinch.

The girl knew now that the two of them were completely alone.

“Look at you, sweet thing.”

The mistress said smiling.

“Your hands all folded in your lap.”

“Your wide eyes wondering around my bedroom.”

“Your pure mind trying to fathom what I’m about to do to you.”

The kaçak casino Mistress kept on as Lua squirmed nervously.

“Come to me.”

Mrs. Bateman commanded, motioning with her pointer finger.

Lua hesitated, looking this way and that.

“Come on bashful, I won’t bite you.”

Mrs. Bateman laughed.

“Not unless you ask me to of course.”

Without really thinking Lua slowly climbed from the bed and cautiously walked over to Mrs. Bateman.

“Such a good girl, So obedient.”

She complemented as Lua nervously sat next to The Mistress on the marble stoop.

“No baby.”

The woman chuckled while standing the young girl back up.

“I want you right here.”

She motioned, patting her legs.

“Right here on my lap.”

The Mistress said, taking Lua’s wrists.

Gently Mrs. Bateman helped the girl onto her lap.

“Put those gorgeous, long legs around my waist.”

Lua obliged while straddling the woman’s waist.

“There you are.”

Mrs. Bateman chuckled embracing Lua tightly.

“You’re just too fucking sweet.”

She whispered into the girl’s ear.

Almost instantly The Mistress could feel Lua’s trembles.


Mrs. Bateman soothed, planting tiny kisses to the girl’s cheeks.

“I can inhale the scent of your innocence as you’re pressed against me like this.”

The Mistress confessed while gently scraping her nails down Lua’s back.

“I can even see it.”

She chuckled trying to catch the girl’s gaze.

“Just by the way your cheeks flush that pretty shade of red every time I touch you.”

Mrs. Bateman’s blunt words made Lua squirm uncomfortably.

Almost like liquid fire was brewing in her nether regions.

Feeling ashamed the girl could feel the heat rising in her cheeks once again.

Mrs. Bateman chuckled while running her fingertips down Lua’s cheek.

For seemed like an eternity the two sat in silence.

Their eyes locked on each other.

Light blue to light green.

Confident to frightened.

Predator to prey.

Lua of course was the first to break eye contact as she fidgeted below with the drawstring on her sweatpants.

“I can only see one solution to break you from all this bashfulness.”

Lua’s gaze nervously met Mrs. Bateman’s again.

“I think it’s time I splay you out on my bed and teach you some things.”

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