Black Magick Ch. 18

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For Nick, his grandfather’s 80th birthday party amounted to equal doses of boredom and gut-wrenching worry. He still felt shitty because his mother didn’t seem to remember the kinky sex life the two of them had been sharing the last month or so, and because his younger sister Elisabeth seemed completely pissed off at him for taking her virginity a couple of days ago. And to this mix the fact that the world had literally turned topsy-turvy on him, and the usual onslaught of teenage sexual fantasies, and perhaps it was not so surprising that Nick found himself completely unable to concentrate on the pathetic conversations his family was so preoccupied with.

Two discussions of new tax reforms, and one of a new designer drug, went by and passed into oblivion before Nick’s aunt Angela turned to comment on his distracted state.

“Thinking about some girl perhaps, Nick? It must be tough hanging around us dried-up old fogies.” A sly smile crossed Angela’s face when she said it, but Nick thought he caught a faint glimmer of something besides simple jest in her face. He couldn’t quite place it, and found himself staring. His mother’s sister had such a pretty face, and was so high-spirited and youthful, that he couldn’t believe that she was old enough to drink, let alone be the mother of his beautiful cousin Isabel. The skin on her neck and chest was so tight, so alluring, that he felt the urge to run his tongue along it.

Aunt Angela caught Nick’s eye and gave him a sly wink. His eyes snapped away from her breasts and he turned scarlet. He tried to cover up this lapse.

“Oh no, it’s not like that, I’m just…” as he cast about desperately for something appropriate to say, anything at all that didn’t sound either obscene or totally insane. He stammered for a bit, wracking his brain for something to say, but it felt as if all the blood was racing away from his brain and into the head of his cock. Nothing came to mind.

“Don’t worry about my boy, Angie love, he had a little bout of heat stroke at the water park this afternoon and he’s probably still feeling a bit queasy. You know how kids are. You can never trust them to care for themselves, you have to spend your entire life running after them. Picking up their underwear off the floor, making sure they keep away from the drain cleaner…”

Nick winced. Why did his mother have to treat him like this? He had been so comfortable with her sharing her bed with him. He had felt so special, so important, so loved. Now he felt pathetic enough there really was a chance she’d have to pull him away from the drain cleaner.

“Oh no! How did it happen?” Angela interjected, referring to Nick’s supposed bout of heat stroke. “Didn’t Amber’s mom know better than to let the kids run around the park without water?”

Feeling as though his head was boiling like a teapot and steam was about to come out of his ears, Nick jumped out of his chair and stormed out of the room, before his mother could answer or say anything else to embarrass him.

He looked back once and noticed that his mother was smiling. Nick swallowed deeply and tried to convince himself that she didn’t have a look of sinister amusement on her face.

He heard her coarse laughter behind him. Maybe it was only Aunt Angela telling some silly joke, but he thought the sound of his mother’s cackle was a little spiteful. Nick’s heart sunk deeper, painfully.

Nick mentally shook himself, trying to think rationally. He reminded himself firmly that he was indeed still feeling sick, and this was probably making him feel overly vulnerable and irritable. As he kept walking forward towards the kitchens, he continued to rationalize, his brain moving along with his feet, as though the two of them were coupled together, lending each other power.

Besides, his mother really had been acting weird for the past several days, he told himself eagerly. Maybe she really was just having her period.

Nick caught his sister staring at him from across the room. She flinched suddenly as their eyes met, almost as though someone had slapped her, and looked away. She suddenly become engrossed in conversation with their second cousin. Today was definitely the day for impenetrable looks! Nick couldn’t tell what Elisabeth was thinking any more than he could read his mother’s mind. Why did women have to be so complicated? It wasn’t fair!

Nick pressed his elbows onto the tile counter and looked out of his aunt’s ultra-clean white-laced curtained kitchen window. The lawn was perfectly manicured, without a single yellow patch. It was almost hypnotic.

As Nick drifted off in his thoughts, the lawn faded before his eyes and an image of Elisabeth’s face appeared on the palette of his mind, as she had looked while he was thrusting himself inside of her for the first time, taking her virginity and filling them both with the most intense pleasure and passion he had ever imagined.

It struck him suddenly, horribly, that this was the same girl who had glared casino oyna at him from across his aunt’s oversized dinning room. It was the same face he had caused to glow with pleasure, but distorted now by…what? Pain? Lust? Hate? Fear?

Damn it all!

Nick was shocked to realize that it was no longer his sister’s face in his fantasies, but that of the dead and resurrected prostitute, Mary, whose hand he had held walking down the church steps moments after the magickal ritual, the same face as the one that belonged to the beaming brown-haired biker girl Laila, who had confessed her keen interest in younger men to him earlier that day.

Damien’s words from the afternoon at the water park returned to Nick, and he found his cock growing stiff in his dress pants.

As if he needed more complications in his life! Nick pushed his hard penis over so it hid itself down his pant leg and stopped straining against the fly of his pants.

It was at just that moment that his mother approached and told him to come and say happy birthday to his grandfather. She was staring at the crotch of his pants suspiciously, as though she had seen him adjust himself.

Nick half-stammered, half-mumbled an assent, but the moment his mother’s back was turned, he ran to the bathroom to compose himself first, and to make sure the words “hey Grandpa, your wife came back to life as my new little sister and I fucked her on an altar as part of a dark ritual,” were not somehow scrawled his face in black marker.

Although Nick hoped with all his heart that the awkwardness in his home and sex life would magically resolve itself within the next few days, things at home remained, well, awkward.

His mother and sister still avoided being alone with him, as though they were afraid they’d get some terrible disease just by breathing the same air as him.

They weren’t even talking to him very much.

Both of his natural female relatives buzzed around the house cleaning and canning and redecorating as though they were preparing for a nuclear attack. They were behaving so irrationally and unpredictably that Nick soon learn learned to avoid conversation with them.

As if that wasn’t enough to turn Nick into antisocial freak, Amber was giving him the cold shoulder at school. The blond girl he had a crush on, Jessica, would pass him notes with happy faces doodled on them or wave to him in the hallway when she was certain no one else was looking, but she was far too cool to be seen associating with someone who was so obviously a complete loser.

To cope with the stress, Nick masturbated compulsively. He actually began drinking more water, fearing dehydration from all the ejaculation. No matter how many times he came, though, he still wasn’t able to sleep properly. His brain refused to relax enough to let him rest at all, and he was once again becoming well-versed in online erotic writing. His little metal trash can was overflowing with used tissues.

One night, a few days after the party, while Nick was polishing off an erotic poem about a love affair gone sour, he heard the phone ring. It was probably just telemarketeters. Now that a lot of telemarketing was outsourced, they had been known to call at all times of night. Apparently the concept of time zones took some getting used to.

Desperately, Nick grabbed the receiver, ready for any kind of distraction. After all, he could not live on porn alone, and if he lucked out, the person on the other end of the phone would be a hot woman with a sexy voice. It could happen!

“Hello?” he almost shouted. The voice on the other end hit him like a boulder and he almost fell of his chair.

“Nick?” It was Mary. Just as he was about to greet her by that name, he remembered that she was Laila now, that Mary, for all he knew, had only been a figment of his imagination. His voice came out as a cough, as he remembered the look she’d given him at the water park. “Are you all right, Nick?”

“Fine,” he croaked, “What can I do for you?” he managed to add, after another moment or two.

“You’re in AP American History, right?”

“Yeah,” Nick answered, a bit confused. That was not something he’d expected her to ask. After all, what did it matter to her what classes he was taking?

“Well, Damien and I are going to be having a little study session about the French and Indian War over here tonight, I think you might find it helpful. Want to come over?”

“That sounds cool, I’ve never really been part of a study group with college students before. But I don’t know where you live.”

“Don’t be silly, I know you don’t have your own car. I’ll come pick you up on my bike if you’re interested.” Nick’s heart picked up the pace a bit. “What do you say?”

“Um, sure,” Nick replied, his voice breaking just slightly.

“Great! I’ll be at your place in twenty minutes.” The line went dead, and Nick replaced the phone in its cradle.

Mary or Laila, he didn’t give a fuck anymore. canlı casino What did it matter if he was sane or not? He could remember the warm moisture of her mouth around his cock a lifetime ago, when he felt like the entire world held nothing but possibilities.

Even after all of the abuse he had been giving it, his cock rose again, a real glutton for punishment. Easing his pants down around his hips, he wrapped his right hand around his shaft, pumping cock in and out of his fist.

Nick moaned like a whore, caught in the memory of that historic blowjob, engrossed with newfound zest in the way Mary’s huge tits had bounced while she fucked her abusive father in the ass with a strap-on. Squeezing his eyes shut tight, he pumped his fist faster, then groaned out loud as he squirted warm cum between his fingers and onto the carpet. Cursing, he grabbed some tissues and tried to wipe up his mess, forgetting to cover his still spurting cock as he did so. Cum dripped onto his jeans.

They didn’t even attempt to study. Within an hour the three of them, Laila, Nick and Damien, were all drunk and the conversation had turned rather kinky.

“We should play a little game,” Damien suggested. “We’ll see who Laila can get off first, and whoever does get off first, has to get her off.

“Damien! What a thing to suggest!” Laila gasped, hamming it up slightly, “I’m not that kind of girl!”

“Right, Nick, you hold her down, I’ll get her clothes off.” Nick gamely grabbed at her legs while Damien fumbled with her shirt. Laila squealed theatrically, then rolled her eyes.

“It’s a good thing I’m not trying to get away from you, Nick,” she said, as she pulled a leg free and kicked him lightly in the ribs. Nick responded by grabbing her bare foot and tickling the sole. Laila shrieked for real this time. “Mercy!” Pleased with his victory, Nick set about pulling her pants off the rest of the way.

“Hang on Nick, you mind if we switch places?” Damien asked, eying Laila’s hot black thong panties hungrily. “I think I’ll keep her pussy to myself for now.”

Nick didn’t see anything wrong with that. After all, she was Damien’s girlfriend, so it seemed he had a certain right to pick which orifice he wanted to fuck, but he was still a bit startled when he felt Damien’s hard cock against his thigh as he slid past him.

He had never been so close to a naked man before.

He tried to ignore the strange lingering feeling that Damien’s cock brushing up against his skin had excited. His crotch came up level with Laila’s face.

She rolled over into Nick’s lap and started working on fishing out his dick, but was having difficulty with his tight pants. Impatient to be in her mouth, Nick pulled his pants down (he had gotten really good at that this last week, with all the masturbating he had been doing). His cock popped out and landed squarely on Laila’s nose, making a sound like two steaks slapping against each other.

Laila laughed and rubbed her nose where his cock had hit her before wrapping her lips around the head. She drew on his hunk of meat as if it was a cigarette.

Nick groaned and leaned back against the headboard of the king-size bed, reveling in the sensations her lips were giving him. God, it felt like ages since any hand but his had touched his cock, he had nearly forgotten how good it felt.

Laila swirled her tongue around the head of Nick’s cock, squeezing it gently like a suction cup. Nick moaned in ecstasy. His mind was finally at peace and his whole body was positively flooded with pleasure.

Laila gasped suddenly and thrust her head forward a little, making Nick’s cock slide over her tongue and onto her tonsils. Raising his head, Nick saw that Damien had pushed into her from behind. Damien was looking Nick straight in the eye, his gaze oddly intent.

Nick tried to return his focus to Laila’s face, only to find Laila looking up at him. Her eyes were slightly crossed, and she seemed to be having trouble breathing. Concerned, Nick drew back a little, but she wrapped an arm around his ass and pulled him all the way into her throat.

The sensation was so intense, so wonderfully novel, that he could hardly imagine that he had ever had a blow job before. The muscles of Laila’s throat worked his shaft right under the head as she tried to swallow him. She worked her throat rhythmically on him, and after a moment he realized that she was riding forward each time Damien thrust into her pussy.

Nick looked up again and caught Damien’s eye. Damien was still looking at him more intently than Nick was comfortable with. Even more confused, Nick felt his own balls begin to boil.

Involuntarily, he thrust his hips, driving his cock deep into Laila’s throat, making her gag slightly. He felt a strange sensation in his bottom as Laila poked a finger into his butt. It sent him completely over the edge, and he let out a surprised shout as he fired several spurts of cum into her stomach.

Quite against kaçak casino his will, Nick’s eyes met Damien’s again. Damien kept thrusting, but seemed quite distracted. To keep from looking at Damien, Nick pulled Laila’s face up to his own, kissing her so hard that their teeth clicked together.

It was just beginning to drift into Nick’s foggy brain that he’d just cum in there when she pushed her tongue between his teeth, forcing a big glob of cum into his mouth.

He gulped it down hungrily without thinking about it. “Move aside, Damien, Nick here has some work to do.” Laila said, laying down on her back once more. Nick just stared for a moment at Damien’s rigid member.

He’d never seen one up close before. It brushed his thigh again as they moved past each other, leaving a sticky spot.

Nick flinched. Feeling a little self-conscious, he laid himself between Laila’s legs and considered her pussy for the first time.

She was very wet, so wet that moisture dripped from the pink petals onto the bedspread.

Her bush was nothing more than a small light brown triangle pointing toward her clit, which stuck out obscenely.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Nick dove in, drawing the upright button into his mouth the same way that Laila had drawn his cock into hers. Laila sighed loudly and arched her back slightly, shoving her cunt into Nick’s face.

Nick couldn’t get enough of her taste, sweet but with a slight edge of bitterness. Thirsty for more, he drove his tongue deep into her, slurping loudly at her fleshy tunnel. She let out a little high pitched grunt, then moaned through her closed lips.

“How does my cock taste?” Damien asked. Horrified, Nick pulled back and looked up at him, only to see that he was talking to Laila as he fed himself between her lips.

Laila bucked her hips desperately, trying to reclaim the sensation. Nick wasn’t quite sure he wanted to lick her anymore, so he slipped a couple of fingers in while he thought about it.

Laila groaned again around Damien’s cock. Nick liked the sound of that. He twisted his fingers around inside of her to see if he could get her to make the same sound. She didn’t, but he liked the sound of his fingers squishing around in her wetness almost as well, and the way her tight belly undulated in time with his twisting.

Soon Laila started moaning in an urgent high-pitched voice. She seized her left nipple in her left hand at the same time that Damien clutched at her right. Laila squealed around the slab of meat in her mouth and reached down for her clit with her own right hand, pushing harder against Nick’s fingers.

Nick peeked up at her face, but inexplicably looked into Damien’s eyes again. In that instant of contact, Damien grunted softly, grabbed Laila by the back of her neck, and ejaculated into her mouth. His eyes never left Nick’s. Nick barely even noticed the convulsive spasms of Laila’s cunt walls around his fingers. Laila then spat out Damien’s still dripping cock, letting it pour out the last bit of cum against her chin as she gasped for breath.

She pulled Nick’s fingers out of her and yanked on his arm, pulling him toward her face. Nick fearfully dodged around Damien’s shrinking penis, and was unprepared when Laila kissed him roughly on the mouth. Falling against her, his recovered and turgid cock slipped against her slimy inner lips, the head nudging against her well-trimmed bush.

This sensation distracted him for a few moments from the fact that he was tasting Damien’s cum on Laila’s tongue. As the realization settled in, Nick pulled away from her convulsively just as she shifted her hips, and the head of his cock slipped just inside of her well-fucked pussy. Her eyes widened slightly and she pushed her hips against him again, trying to draw him further into her depths, but Nick rolled off of her completely, away from Damien’s grinning face.

The room was spinning, and Nick bolted for the bathroom, barely reaching it before emptying his stomach completely.

Kneeling in front of the toilet, wishing his raging erection would subside, Nick heard laughter from the bedroom. Still giggling, Laila came in and patted his head gently.

“First time drunk, Nicky?” she laughed. “Don’t try to stop yourself from puking if you feel like it, you’ll feel better afterward.” To his everlasting shame, Nick turned his face back towards the toilet and did as she suggested.

“I’ve been drunk before, but never sick,” Nick replied, “I haven’t been sleeping well, and I think I’m a little off. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Laila said, “Good thing you made it to the toilet. You don’t think maybe swallowing some of my man’s cum had anything to do with it? Some guys have that problem.” Nick leaned over the bowl again, but nothing came out.

“I guess not,” he muttered. Standing slowly, he washed his face and rinsed out his mouth, before following Laila out into her room. Damien was asleep in the bed.

“I always have that problem with him,” Laila complained quietly, “he’s a great fuck for about an hour, but I’m a three-hour girl.” Nick eyed Damien suspiciously, especially his now-limp penis. “Don’t worry, Nick, yours is bigger.”

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