Betrayal Ch. 01

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Rick leaned back against the headboard of the bed. Chandra sat on his lap, facing him. His hard cock rested against her belly. Sunlight filtered in through the closed blinds of his bedroom window. The house remained silent. He could hear the ticking of the old-fashioned clock on the dresser.

“So you want to fuck your niece?” Chandra’s hand pressed his cock into the soft flesh of her stomach.

“I didn’t say that.” He stroked her nipple. “I can’t help getting hard as a rock when Penny walks into the room. I wish I could change it.”

“Have you told her?” Chandra ran her fingers over the head of his dick.

“Of course not. You look like Penny.” He studied her face, still circling her nipple with his finger. “Your nose is different, though.”

Chandra laughed. “So you’re fucking me because I look like Penny?”


“Oh, that’s just too hot, Rick. We can pretend I’m her, then. Just give in to your fantasies and call me Penny.”

“That might exacerbate the problem.”

“Or it could give you a release from it.” She grinned. “And I like to role play.”

Yes, she did, Rick thought. That was one of the more pleasant aspects of fucking Chandra. She’d become whoever you wanted her to be. “You missed your calling. You should have been an actress.”

“I like being a secretary. I get to meet the hottest men that way.” She grinned and rubbed his cock. “So what do you want to do, Uncle Ricky? Do you want to fuck my tight little pussy?” She moved off his lap. “Or should I give your hard cock a good sucking first?”

“Whatever you feel like doing.” He slid down so his head rested on the pillow. “My wife won’t be home until five, so we’ve got the entire afternoon.”

“This is so naughty, Rick. Fucking your niece behind your wife’s back. I think I might come just from thinking about it.” She swirled her tongue over the head of his cock.

Rick didn’t answer, just closed his eyes at the sudden lurch of sensation. Perhaps he shouldn’t have confessed his problem to Chandra, but he had to tell someone. He certainly couldn’t tell Annie, his wife. She’d call him a pervert and toss him out on his ear. Nor could he discuss the issue with Joe, his brother.

Chandra’s mouth descended over Rick’s cock. Warm, wet, it pulled at him. The sharp edges of her teeth grazed his shaft, and he opened his eyes. Her cheeks hollowed out with suction. Her lips, wide and rose red, circled his dick. Yes, she did look like Penny, he thought. He could see Penny doing this. The thought made his balls ache.

He arched up into her mouth, grabbing the sheets beside him to keep from clutching at her hair.

She took hold of the shaft and slid her fist up and down. Her lips slid from the head. “Come for me, Uncle Ricky. Then you can lick Penny’s sweet little pussy until she comes all over your face.” Her tongue swiped at his cock, and then she engulfed it again with her mouth.

He shuddered. The ring of her throat closed over the head.

The bedroom door opened.

“Oh, God – Annie!” Rick arched and a spit of come shot from his cock just as Chandra pulled her lips away. It seemed to fall in slow motion to land on his belly.

The bedroom door shut again. This time it slammed shut. He could hear Annie’s footsteps stomping down the stairs. “Get dressed,” he said. A hollow space in his stomach made him want to retch. “And leave by the front door. I’ll get her into the kitchen so you can avoid her.”

“I’ll talk to her if you want,” Chandra said as she pulled on her shirt. All the playfulness had left her voice. She sounded sad now. “She can scream at me and call me a slut if it helps.”

“No. It’s better if I handle it.” He stood, stepped into his jeans, fastened them, and then headed for the door. Chandra followed him down the stairs, exiting through the front door as he headed for the kitchen.

Annie was already there. She had a bottle of beer in her hand and a scowl on her face. No tears yet, he thought. They’d come soon enough. Dressed for work, she wore a dark suit coat, a skirt, and a frilly white blouse she’d bought last week. Her makeup looked perfect. She always looked perfect for work. He preferred her all warm and cozy in bed, long hair down and casino oyna curling in complete disorder. He’d better talk fast if he wanted to have her that way again.

“How long?” she asked. The words came out in two sharp stabs.

“A few months.” He waited for the next stab.

“Get out.” The words didn’t stab – they floated out into the air and caught him like a left hook to the jaw.

“Wait a minute…” He took a step toward her.

“I mean it, Rick. Get out and don’t come back.” She took a drink of the beer and then upended it into the sink. “I’ll file for divorce in the morning.”

The hollow feeling in his stomach filled with bile. Divorce? That was too quick. She should have screamed, hit him, tossed the beer at him – something. Instead, she strode past him like a model on the runway and headed upstairs. A door slammed shut. He scowled at the ceiling. Damn it. He’d done it this time and an apology wasn’t going to work with an offense this big. She needed time to cool down, time to think about it before he tried to talk her out of a divorce.

He headed up the stairs and looked into the bedroom.

A wad of sheets hit him in the head. “Take these with you!”

All right, so she was winding up to it. Fine. If she’d just screech at him and get it over with, he might be able to calm her down enough to listen. He stood motionless in the doorway, watching her pace back and forth.

“I told you to get out.”

That wasn’t a screech. It was a monotone command.

“Where am I supposed to go?” he asked softly.

“I don’t really care. Go with your girlfriend.”

“She already left.”

Annie stopped pacing, turned to stare at him, and shook her head. “Go to Joe’s then. I just want you out of here.”

The dead look in her eyes turned him away. He went back to the kitchen, pulled the phone from its charger, and dialed his brother’s number.


Rick started the car, glanced up at the house, and then pulled it slowly out of the drive. Damn it, he thought. Damn it, damn it, and double damn it. He turned toward Joe’s house and gunned it down the street. The car rounded the corner too swiftly, and he took his foot off the gas. “Shouldn’t be driving in this state,” he muttered, but didn’t stop. It wasn’t all that far, and he could make it.

He forced his hands to loosen on the wheel and turned the corner onto the main street between his house and Joe’s. Annie couldn’t be serious, he thought. A divorce? She didn’t even try to talk about it. Just kicked him out like a stray dog after two years. Granted, he’d spent most of the last year trying to ignore Chandra’s thinly veiled attempts at seduction, but he’d only given in three months ago. Annie didn’t want to know any of that. She just wanted him out.

“Damn it.” He thumped the heel of his hand on the steering wheel.

The road curved, and he slowed the car. “You’re just lucky there isn’t a cop out here,” he told himself. The speedometer read sixty, and the sign said forty-five. A female cop would toss the book at him, he thought. She’d side with Annie, tell him what a loser he was, and lock the barred door behind him.

He slowed further to take the turn into Joe’s neighborhood. Familiar houses appeared. Joe lived in their dad’s old house. Rick knew most of the neighbors from childhood. He picked up speed again and the old house appeared at the end of the street before he slowed down. Ivy-covered brick, shuttered windows, and the large porch seemed like a haven. He pulled into the drive, parked the car, and headed to the kitchen door.

Joe waited for him, two open beers on the table. “So what happened?”

Rick slumped into the yellow, fifties style chair and picked up the beer. “She wants a divorce,” he said. He hadn’t told Joe anything over the phone, just asked permission to go over and talk.

“What did you do?” Joe raised his bottle to his lips. His grey eyes studied Rick. “Or should I ask ‘who did you do’?”


“Jesus, Ricky. Can’t you keep your dick in your pants?”

“Apparently not.” He sighed, and some of the anger faded. “Am I that bad, Joey? I didn’t cheat on her until three months ago.”

“For you, that means true love.” Joe set canlı casino the bottle on the table and leaned back. “Take some advice, little brother. Don’t get married again.”

“Why do you think I didn’t get married before that?” At thirty-eight, he thought he’d waited long enough. “I need a place to stay, Joe. She’ll freeze my bank account until we finalize it. The credit card, too, probably. She’s pretty angry.”

“What about staying with Chandra?”

Rick shook his head. “Much as I like to fuck her, living with her would drive me crazy.” He paused. “And that would just make Annie worse, I think.”

“No hope of reconciliation, then?”

“Maybe, if I wait it out.”

Joe nodded, and fingered the beer on the table, staring at it thoughtfully. “So how long would you want to stay?”

“However long it takes to finalize the divorce, or get her to be reasonable.”

“Months, at least.” Joe sighed. “I think you need to make more changes than she does if you want to reconcile.”

“Probably.” It didn’t pay to argue with Joe. He had his opinions, and nothing Rick said would change them.

“Okay, you can stay. Just keep the drama outside the house, will you? Penny doesn’t need to listen to you fight with Annie.”

“I’ll keep the fighting away from the house.”


The bed of Joe’s ’55 Chevy truck looked overloaded. “I didn’t realize I had so much crap,” Rick commented as he shut the door behind him. Annie stood in the drive, arms crossed over her breasts, staring at the truck as if wishing a hole to hell would open beneath it.

“You can get rid of what you don’t need. Let’s get out of here before she decides to take a crowbar to the headlights.” Joe watched the rear through the side mirror as he backed out.

“Thanks for this, Joey. I don’t know what I’d do otherwise. She really did freeze the damned money.” He’d found that out the next day, when he tried to withdraw enough to give Joe some gas money.

“What are brothers for?” He put the truck in gear and they rumbled forward down the street. “You’ll pay me back eventually.”

“I’m expecting a royalties check soon. I’ll put it in your account.”

“Hold onto it, Rick. You’ll have to pay a lawyer.”

Rick nodded, and looked out the window until they pulled up in the drive of Joe’s house. Joe backed in, parked, and then lowered the tailgate to get the first box.

Rick grabbed the second one as Chandra and Penny came through the kitchen door.

“Need help?” Chandra asked.

Two peas in a pod, Rick thought. It was an old phrase his mother used about Joe and him, but it fit these two women better. Chandra wore a tight pair of jeans, and Penny wore jeans shorts, but the little half-shirts matched in everything except color. Dark hair, green eyes, and full lips matched. Chandra’s nose had a classic line, and Penny’s looked a little more pert and upturned, but their features were markedly similar.

Rick nodded toward the truck. “Just grab something and haul it upstairs. The only think I ask is to leave the bed clear. I’d like to sleep tonight.”

Penny’s giggle pushed his dick against the zipper of his jeans. “Is Chandra going to sleep over?”

“I just might, honey,” Chandra answered, grinning as she pulled a box toward the tailgate. She picked it up. “But only if I can fit in the room.”

Joe disappeared into the house with the first box.

“I take it you two have been getting to know each other,” Rick commented, following Joe.

Penny’s laugh shivered through Rick’s nerve endings. “In a manner of speaking, yes.”

Chandra’s softer chuckle mingled with Penny’s laugh. “I’ll be sure to tell you all about it, Ricky.”

The suggestion was clear, and Rick tried not to imagine such a graphic scene. He tried, failed, and his cock pushed harder against his zipper.

Laughter flowed up and down the stairs as they worked to empty the truck. Joe, stalwart and strong in spite of his studious habits, set the last box in the hallway. “Can’t fit anything else in there without a crowbar,” he said. “I have class tonight, so you’ll have to get Penny to help you unpack.”

“What is it this time?” Rick asked. Joe taught college classes, and, in the summer, it kaçak casino was mostly night work.

“The American Civil War,” Joe said, and he grinned. “My favorite.”

Rick nodded. At least Joe left work at work. Rick’s interests were more about the darker side of the universe, which is why he wrote horror stories. Death and dismemberment were far more interesting without dates and names to remember. He made a living out of it, which was more than most writers could say. “I’ll get started on unpacking tomorrow,” Rick said.

“I’ll help,” Penny offered. “I haven’t anything to do until later tomorrow night.”

“She has a hot date,” Joe commented dryly.

Penny patted her father’s arm. “Freddie’s just a friend, Daddy. You don’t need to get all parental.”

“You’re twenty-three, Pen. I gave up worrying about your sex life years ago.” Joe turned toward the stairs. “I have to put the truck in the garage. It looks like rain.”

And he left Rick with the women. Both sets of green eyes, one set slightly darker than the other, settled on his zipper.

“I think I need to leave you alone with Chandra.” Penny’s voice sounded very innocent.

“Good idea, honey,” Chandra said, and licked her lips. “Uncle Ricky needs some private time.”

Penny giggled. “I’ll be in my room if you need me.” Her butt swayed down the hall. She closed the door to her bedroom behind her.

Chandra laughed and moved into Rick’s arms. “She really does get you going.” Her hand tugged at the button of his jeans.

Rick stepped back. “Can we at least go into the room and shut the door?”

She nodded and followed him through the path they’d left between boxes to the bed. “You know I’m not the jealous type, Rick. I wouldn’t mind if you really were fucking her.”

“That might be a relief if I really was. I’m not, and I don’t plan to.” He slipped out of his jeans, and his cock jumped like a hungry fish out of his boxers.

“She thinks you’re hot for her.” Chandra wiggled out of her tight jeans. Her underwear, pink and brief, tangled down her thighs as she tugged them down.

“I suppose that’s pretty obvious.” He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it over a box.

Chandra followed suit, and then rolled onto the bed. “She doesn’t know for sure, yet.”

The coverlet felt soft beneath his skin. He stretched out a hand and cupped her breast. “So you discussed me while I was gone?”

“We did more than that.” Chandra arched her breast up into his hand.

“Did you seduce her, Chandra?” Rick’s cock lurched at the question. He could see them, naked, pressed against each other, kissing and touching.

“Not entirely.” Chandra wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke. “We didn’t have time before you came home, but I did get to lick her nipples.”

Rick pushed her hand away and climbed over her spread thighs.

“She has very plump titties.”

“So do you.” Rick used his hand to push his cock against her pussy. “And you’re very wet, Chandra. Are you sure you didn’t do more than lick a nipple or two?”

“She kisses like an angel. I swear I could come just from kissing her.”

He pushed inside.

Chandra raised her hips to meet him. “It’s like kissing yourself exactly the way you’d want to be kissed.”

He pumped in and out, the pace starting fast and increasing. The two of them, almost twins, kissing and licking and touching. If only he could add himself to the mix.

“That makes you hot, does it, Ricky?” She swirled her cunt around his cock, moving her hips in swift rhythm to match his.

He couldn’t answer. His breathing sounded ragged and intimate, harsh between them.

“I had my knee between her legs, and she rubbed off on me.” Chandra’s voice strained in soft gasps.

The headboard began to bang against the wall.

“She moaned against my lips. She sucked on my tongue like a dick.” Chandra grabbed his arms. She scratched at his back. “I’m going to come, Rick! God, this is so hot!” Her back arched and her wordless cries echoed in the box-crowded room.

Rick pounded harder, pushing and retreating as if he could do nothing else. He could see Chandra and Penny writhing together in a frenzy of sexual hunger. He shoved deep inside Chandra, and pumped load after load of come out of his aching cock.


(Check back in about a week for chapter two — Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this!


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