Alice’s Curiosity

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Disclaimer : This story involves a character suffering from quadriplegia, and was written with the utmost respect for people affected by this disability. However, if you find this story offensive in any way, please stop reading. Also, please be understanding about any medical inaccuracies that may have found their way into the narrative.


Chapter 1

Alice was looking at the stars in the perfectly clear night skies. Away from the city, she could see more bright dots in the sky than she could possibly count.

“Thanks for taking me camping, Rick, this is so nice!”

Sitting next to Alice, the young man looked at her, and as he often did, he felt sad for her. While he could drive and walk to this spot whenever he wanted, Alice couldn’t even leave her house on her own. The young woman had suffered a grave injury when she was fourteen, which left her quadriplegic. Ten years later, she had overcome many issues she had stumbled upon after her re-education process, but, entirely paralyzed below her neck, there were many things she couldn’t do.

She had always wanted to go camping, and finally, Rick had taken her, along with the lightweight foldable wheelchair she was currently sitting in. The young man had set up the tent they were going to sleep in.

After looking at the stars and talking about their day for a couple of hours, he finally led her to the tent. He carried her inside and put her on her back on her inflatable air mattress, then sat on his own.

One subject leading to the other, they ended up talking about Rick’s love life. As Alice knew, he had left his last girlfriend a few months ago. They talked about his relationship with her and with the previous ones. After a while, Alice said :

“I wish I could have had half of these experiences… My last experience with a guy was my second boyfriend, when I was fourteen, and all we ever did was kissing.”

Rick knew Alice had terrible self esteem issues since her accident. She saw herself as damaged goods, and despite being very pretty, she unwillingly kept men at a distance. She felt like her body wasn’t desirable, despite the thin silhouette she had managed to keep, which made her generous and firm breasts stand out more.

“We’re only 24, you still have your whole life ahead of you, Alice,” he said with a smile. “You’ll definitely find someone, you’re beautiful, and don’t let your disability make you think otherwise.”

“You’re so kind, Rick.” She smiled back at him. “You know, sometimes I feel so frustrated. I mean, how many girls have you been with? I mean, sexually? Five? Six?”

“Six, yes…”

“Well, I’ve never been with a guy. Heck, I’ve never seen a man without his clothes on… Except on the internet, obviously…”

They both laughed.

“Wait, you mean, you go to those websites?”

“Well yeah, dummy! You don’t?”

Rick blushed a little. He was very comfortable with Alice, but they had never talked about sex, and the subject made him a bit nervous.

“I… Of course I do, like all guys…”

“Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I don’t have desires too, you know…”

They looked into each other’s eyes, and both knew when she said “a girl”, she really meant “disabled”. Rick had never thought about his friend’s sexuality until that point. Innocently, he had dismissed that part of her life because of her tetraplegia. They stopped laughing and their tone became a little more serious.

“Sorry, Alice, that’s not what I meant…”

“You know, I’m curious… Like I said, I’ve never seen a man naked… That leaves a girl wondering.”

Rick smiled shyly.

“Well there’s an easy way to satisfy your curiosity!” he said.

Alice opened her eyes wide.

“Uh, you’re serious?”

The young man let out a nervous laugh and replied :

“I’m only joking, Alice, relax, don’t worry…”

“Oh… sure, Rick. Actually, I… wasn’t worried.”

“What’s that?”

Alice blushed. Unlike her friend who was unwillingly expressing his embarrassment with his body language, only the uncontrolled rush of blood to the young woman’s cheeks gave away hers. Still, uneasiness but also excitement could be felt in her voice:

“I, um… wouldn’t have been against… seeing you. I mean, just out of curiosity…”

She couldn’t look into his eyes as she spoke, and instead stared into space. Both curious and flattered, though somewhat embarrassed, her friend asked:

“You’d… want to see me?”

“I… guess so… Don’t take this the wrong way, Rick, but like I said, I’ve never seen a guy before and I’m… curious.”

“I…” He paused to think for a moment before he continued his sentence. “I can do it if you want. I mean, I have nothing against it. You… can’t tell anyone, though!”

Still blushing, the young woman smiled as she replied:

“Of course, Rick… I promise.”

“Um… there we go, I guess.”

As he spoke those words Rick pulled up his tee-shirt, revealing his torso. He then rose to stand on his knees, and unbuttoned his jeans. Awkwardly, he pulled casino siteleri them down and tossed them aside. Alice was now looking at her friend’s body, wearing only his underwear. Rick gulped and asked:

“You sure…?”

Their faces were both scarlet. Alice smiled and replied:


Rick slowly slid his thumbs beneath the sides of his underwear and pulled them down. His friend’s eyes widened as she looked at his cleanly shaven sex. The tent wasn’t large, and he was close enough to her that she could see him in detail.

Silent and immobile, Rick looked at Alice, who was staring at his intimate parts. This lasted a few seconds, before the young man suddenly felt a familiar sensation, as his blood began rushing down. The young woman gasped as she saw his penis begin to grow before her. As it hardened, the tip progressively rose until it pointed upward.

Rick was ashamed of what was happening, but at the same time, it felt nice and somewhat liberating to let his erection grow before his innocent friend. Neither of them said a word, until the young man’s sex was completely hard, and pulsing with every heartbeat. From where she lied, Alice could clearly see both his penis and his balls. Though inexperienced, she knew exactly what had just happened, and broke the silence with a question:

“Did you… do that on purpose?”

Rick laughed and scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

“N-no, not really! Sorry, I’m not used to just… standing naked in front of a girl.”

“Don’t worry Rick, it’s… nice… thanks for showing me.”


The young woman couldn’t look away from the throbbing member. She said with a smile:

“It looks very nice, and big…”

“Thanks,” Rick replied shyly.

“Come closer, I want to see better.”

Standing on his knees, Rick awkwardly approached his friend as close as he was comfortable with. His hard sex bobbed left and right as he moved, and ended up close enough to Alice’s face that she could see it in detail. Silently, she looked at it for a while as it throbbed with each of Rick’s heartbeats. Eventually, the young woman gathered her courage and said:

“I-if I could, I’d… touch it.”

“You would?” Rick reacted, and they both laughed in embarrassment.

While it was obvious they were both very ill at ease, each could also tell that the other was getting more and more aroused. Alice asked:

“Rick, could you… touch it for me?” The young man’s eyes widened, and she added: “I’d like to see how you do it, since I can’t… you know, do it for you…”

“That’s… very intimate, Alice. I’m not sure…”

“I know, sorry… Forget I asked.”

Rick looked down for a couple of seconds, then said:

“Oh, what the hell, why not…” He looked at his friend in the eyes and asked: “You want me to… touch myself in front of you?”

“Yes, please,” she replied with a smile.

Rick looked down at his penis before slowly wrapping his fingers around it. His eyes then moved to Alice, and who seemed captivated by what he was about to do. Delicately, he began to slide his wrist down his shaft, pulling back his foreskin, and revealing the swollen tip of his sex.

He then slid his wrist up, squeezing out a small drop of preseminal fluid, which glided down his erection as he continued his slow back and forth movement. His breathing deepened as he masturbated in front of his childhood friend. Alice was also getting very aroused by this lustful display.

He kept his pace for a while, then progressively accelerated.

“Does it feel good?” Alice asked innocently.

“Y-yes,” he replied in a whisper.

“How long does this usually last?”

“I-I don’t know, it depends…”

“On what?”

“How aroused I am, I guess…”

Alice bit her lower lip and smiled, before asking teasingly:

“Are you going to last long this time?”

Luckily for him, Rick couldn’t blush any more than he already was.

“I… don’t think so, Alice…”

His movement accelerated, as did his breathing. It was obvious he was getting close to his climax. But Rick suddenly reduced his pace to a crawl, and said:

“M-maybe I should stop now…”

“No, don’t. I’d really like to… see you finish.”

Still slowly stroking his hard members, he replied:

“Alright… I just need to get a tissue or something.”

“No, Rick, just… you know, let it out… I want to see.”

“You wanna see my…?”


Rick sat down, then let his back fall on his small mattress next to Alice’s. His penis was now pointing upward, and his legs spread in a way that gave Alice an unobstructed view. He resumed pumping his erection, at a growing pace. Each of his breaths was deeper than the last. Finally, he felt he was getting there. He arched his back as all his muscles tensed up simultaneously. Alice watched as her friend came, inches from where she was lying. His grunts of release filled the small tent, and white bursts of semen began erupting from his sex. Alice followed them with canlı casino her eyes as they flew upwards and landed on her friend’s belly.

Rick rocked his hips as wave after wave of pleasure ran through his body. After a few seconds, his grunts turned into long, lustful sighs, and Alice watched the last drops of sperm ooze from his pulsating sex and gliding down his fingers, toward his balls. She looked at him slowly pump his sex, his fingers covered in his semen. When he finally released his member, Alice watched his penis, still erect, as it kept pulsating on its own, sending the last ripples of pleasure throughout her friend’s sweaty body.

When he recovered from his orgasm, Rick lifted his head to look at Alice. Seeing his belly covered in his sperm, he blushed again. Alice whispered:

“Thanks, Rick…”

Those were the last words spoken that night. Rick timidly cleaned himself with a couple of tissues, and they both went to sleep in their respective sleeping bags.

Chapter 2

The next day went by without mentioning the previous night’s events. Both Rick and Alice had great fun, and the young man eventually drove his friend back home. When he arrived at his own house, Rick received a text message. He pulled out his phone and checked out the sender : Alice. He read the message.

Alice’s wheelchair was equipped with a computer she could use, among other things, to write and send text messages, either by using her eyes, or voice recognition. Texting was one of the few things she could do easily and entirely on her own. Rick smiled, and began writing a reply. After deleting and rewriting his message several times, he eventually sent:

Shortly after he sent it, a reply came back:

Rick couldn’t suppress a wide smile as he read her message. This was strange, he was realizing he actually very much enjoyed showing himself to his friend. It turned him on in a way he hadn’t experienced before. The idea of doing this again aroused him, and he suddenly felt an erection growing in his pants.

Two days later, Rick went to visit Alice. She was alone in the house, her parents were at work. They talked and joked as they usually did for a while, but eventually Alice brought up the subject Rick was waiting for:

“Rick, I wanted to ask you… You didn’t reply to my last message the other day… So what do you think about it?”

“Which message?” The young man, embarrassed, feigned ignorance.

“You know what I’m talking about, don’t bullshit me Rick!” she laughed. “About, you know… doing it again?”

“Ah, yeah, sure… I mean… Why not. I’d like that.”

“What about… right now?” She smiled widely.

“Isn’t your mom coming back from work soon?”

“We have an hour at least… Surely it won’t take you that long!” she teased him.

Her joke somewhat eased the tension Rick felt growing. Alice asked:

“So, will you do it? Pleaaase… I mean, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” she added, tongue-in-cheek.


The other time, it was dark, only a small lamp illuminated the tent. Now, she was asking him to strip naked in broad daylight, which felt more intimidating to the young man. However, the thought of showing himself to her again was enticing, and knowing she also enjoyed it gave Rick confidence. He removed his clothes and tossed them aside. This time, when he pulled down his underwear, his sex was already fully erect and sprung up, which made Alice laugh.

Alice, sitting in her motorized wheelchair, had her face directly in front of her friend’s hard penis. Before she asked anything, he moved as close to her as he could, his sex pointed at her face. Rick spoke:

“Alice, I have to admit, this feels… nice. Liberating even.”

“I know what you mean. I… feel like we should have done this a long time ago. It feels so… you know, natural.”

“That’s so weird!” he said, laughing. “I mean, we’re friends, I shouldn’t want you to look at my…”

“And yet it seems we both want that,” she said with a smile. Last time it was a bit… scary at first. This time it’s just… nice.”

They looked at each other for a while, and Alice said:

“I really wish I could do something, you know… be active. I want to touch you. It’s frustrating that I can only watch you.”

The young man paused and thought for a moment.

“Hmm… There is a way you could be more active, even if you can’t touch me. You could, I don’t know… tell me what to do. As if you were doing it yourself.”

“Ha! I like that idea! People always move me around, I can only let them control me like a puppet, I can’t do a damn thing… What you suggest… that would be a nice change.”

“Sure. Well then, tell me what you want me to do.”

“Um… okay, then, um… touch yourself.”

“Sure, that’s a bit vague though,” he said, smiling.

“Oh, you want me to be specific?”

“Yeah, just as if you were doing the things yourself.”

“I get it. okay, caress it with your fingers.”

“Caress what?” Rick asked jokingly.

“Oh kaçak casino come on, your thing! Your penis.”

“Okay, Alice.”

Rick ran his fingers up and down the length of his sex with his right hand.

“Now”, Alice said, “caress your… balls with your other hand.”

With his left hand, he began delicately caressing his scrotum. She let him carry on for a while, awakening his sensitivity.

“Now pull back your foreskin.”

Rick obeyed.

“I did my research after we went camping, Rick, I know how guys work, now.” she said naughtily. “Squeeze to tip of your penis.”

Rick did so, and a drop a precum oozed from it.

“Now coat your index in your precum and rub the underside of your glans with it. Don’t touch anything else.”

“Wow, Alice, you know what you’re doing…”

Rick did as she told him, and let out a lecherous sigh as he began rubbing the most sensitive area of his penis. His member kept throbbing slightly, making it hard for him to keep the tip of his index on the precise spot. His arousal grew, he felt like grabbing his sex and pumping it wildly, but decided to carry on with what his friend told him.

“How does it feel, Rick? Tell me.”

“It feels very nice, Alice.”

“Does it… turn you on?”

“I-it does.”

“Now resume caressing your balls.”

Alice thoroughly enjoyed the way she could control her friend, and was grateful that he played along so nicely. She was becoming more and more aroused herself. She asked:

“Do you feel like grabbing your cock now?”

Rick was startled by the blunt question.

“Y-yes… I’d like to.”

“What would you do if I let you grab it?”

“I… I would stroke it.”

“Ask me if you can, then.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I won’t let you do it if you don’t ask. Go ahead, I’m waiting,” she said playfully.

Rick felt more and more turned on as she got into the game. He continued playing along:

“Okay… Can I… can I grab my cock and stroke it?”


He immediately wrapped his fingers around his aching erection and began stroking it fast.

“Slow down, Rick. I want you to do it very slowly.”

“Okay, Alice…”

He slowed his pace, letting her observe as his hand slowly slid up and down the length of his sensitive shaft.

“Now grab your balls with your free hand and play with them slowly.”

She watched him as he obeyed.

“You’re so cute, Rick… I had never pictured you doing that before. Do you… want to come?”

“Y-yes, Alice…”

“Ask me nicely.”

“Alice, will you… let me come? Please?”

“Okay, Rick. Turn to your right.”

Rick turned 90 degrees to his right, now facing the wall a few feet from him and showing his left side to Alice.

“Remove your hands now.”

Rick reluctantly obeyed, letting go of his pulsating sex.

“Now, rub the underside of your glans like you did earlier. Don’t touch anything else, just this area.


He coated his right index with his now abundant preseminal fluid, and began drawing small circles around his sensitive area.

“Go faster, and don’t stop until you come.”

“Do you want me to take a tissue or something?”

“No, just let it out as it comes. When you come, I want you to completely remove your hand. I know this is difficult but I want to you to do it for me.”

“Okay, Alice.”

For several minutes, neither of the two friends spoke. Rick’s breathing became heavier and deeper with each passing moment, and Alice’s attention remained focused on his sex, as she eagerly waited for his orgasm. She felt him getting close, and said:

“Tell me when you’re about to come.” She paused. “Actually, I’d like you to describe exactly what you feel until you come.”

“Alright… I’m… feeling some sort of shivers starting from my balls and going through my whole body… This feels very nice… I feel like… grabbing my cock and stroking it very fast.”

He stopped speaking to breathe deeply for a few seconds, and resumed:

“I… really like that you’re watching me, it feels weird but… very exciting. I can feel my… pleasure growing. I’m going to come soon… Alice, I think I’ve.. never been so aroused in my life… I… want you to watch me come.”

He paused again, for one last deep breath.

“I can feel it now, it’s getting close, I’m going to come soon, Alice… I can feel the pleasure growing in my balls… Alice, I… I’m going to have an orgasm now…”

He blocked his breath and reluctantly removed his finger, moving bother hands away from his sex as Alice had instructed him. Looking at him from the side, Alice watched as the first burst of sperm erupted from Rick’s penis, flying forward and landing on her bedroom’s wooden floor. Rick was grunting and his penis twitching, shooting rope after rope of manly juice, each of them landing in the shape of a long white line of the floor. Alice bit her lower lip, overwhelmed with arousal from watching her best friend shoot his semen all over her bedroom’s floor. She couldn’t believe the amount of fluid he was emitting, time seemed to slow down as she watched Rick rock his pelvis in the air, doing his best to keep his hands away from his throbbing sex, his legs trembling under the intense pleasure.

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