A Night of Passion

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She walks into the bar after work to join her colleagues for a quick drink, it’s been a long hard day at work. This being one of the rewards that it’s the end of the week, to relax and laugh over a beer. She scans the room to find them and her eyes fall on the most handsome man, her heart skips a beat and her breath is caught in her throat. He is her lover, her colleague and her secret.

Who defines handsome, what makes one handsome. Well in her eyes he is. He has a natural beauty that is heightened by his charisma, the way his smile lights up his eyes, that makes him beautiful. His snow white dusted black hair and beard, neatly trimmed to perfection. His charm that makes everyone feel wanted and needed. His broad shoulders, wide firm chest showing strength that tapers down to his hips, his thighs are thick but all muscle and those calves just make her melt. He is slightly older than her but holds his age well, hard working with strong beliefs in family and work ethics.

He is laughing at something said at the table and it’s the light elimination the room around him that draws her eyes to only see him in the room, unaware of the young men nearby watching her approach, as she oozes sexuality they find it hard not to watch her approach, as her hips sway with her steps, wanting her lover to watch her approach him.

As she walks behind him she is wanting to reach out and run her hand across his back in greeting instead she breathes in his scent as she bypasses the table to go get a drink first before joining him and the others. His eyes follows her progress thru the room whilst maintaining his conversation with the group. Beer in hand she turns to the table and works out where to sit, luck so happens canlı bahis that the stool next to him is free. She greets the group and joins in the conversation. When the opportunity arises he allows his foot to rest up against hers under the table or his thigh brushes hers as you turns to rise for the next round of drinks. Just those simple gestures or the longer lingering eye contact makes her know she is wanted.

She wiggles on her chair as she feels her pussy throbbing with needs, she desires to be alone with him and to pleasure him as he pleasures her. She makes her excuses to leave the table and goes into the bathroom, where she inserts her jewel butt plug and sends him a photo. When she returns he opens his phone to see what the message is he has just received. His eyes light up with desire as he is confronted with a photo of her round arse spread open showing the glint of light reflecting on the jewel deep within the depths of her forbidden hole. She smiles at him when he looks up at her and wiggles on her chair, pressing the plug in deeper, a moan escapes her lips but she covers it well as she raises the glass to her lips, sculling a few mouthfuls to quench her thirst.

After awhile he messages back inviting her home for the evening after drinks. She smiles knowing that she will be enjoying his body soon enough as she replies yes. He leaves saying farewell to the table and soon after she takes her departure following the roads to his place within minutes of when he travelled them. He is waiting naked in his bedroom when she walks in. He grabs her immediately and kisses her roughly whilst his hands roam her body. They work together to remove her layers before falling to the bed in a tangle bahis siteleri of limbs.

His hands caress her breasts, twisting her nipples until she moans and her juices between her thighs flows before his hands roam down her body. His fingers flutter over her lips before part her flaps to reach her clithood, his finger rubs lower to lift this hood and tickle her clit beneath. She sighs yes as he brings her to the edge of orgasm before easing back to rub her mound and then thrusting his fingers into her vagina deep, slowly withdrawing them to rub hard against her pelvic bone as she wriggles under his fingers riding her wave as she builds again towards her peak.

He withdraws his hand and demands her to stand in front of him, to turn around and bend over to touch her toes so he can admire the jewel of her butt plug poking out. She obeys eagerly and hears his moans of appreciation. She knows he is stroking himself as he looks upon her. She stays this way as he reaches for his phone to take his own photos, the contrast of the jewel in her forbidden hole and her cunt juices flowing slowly down her thigh.

He reaches out and thrusts his finger into her vagina, she moans thru her waves as he thrusts in and out. Her body quakes thru her first orgasm on his fingers before his hands grab her hips and lowers her onto his cock, his head sliding in her tight cunt. The butt plug presses firmly against her wall to make her tighter. The friction of her tightness has him moaning as she bounces up and down on his cock. She grinds back and forward on his shaft taking him deeper as she builds again.

He has hold of her hips tightly, squeezing as he builds. Her thighs ache from holding this position over him bahis şirketleri but she will not move until she feels his seed bursting deep inside her womb, coating her cervix. She clenches on his cock as she knows that this tightens her insides on his cock and drives him wild, makes him come closer to his release. She feels his quakes as he comes so she lets go of her orgasm and comes crashing with him. She falls back sated on top of him before turning to snuggling into his side. They are both panting heavily as the recover from the intensity felt fucking in this position and with the butt plug in making her vagina tighter.

The depth of the butt plug rubbing on her insides has her wanting more, she feels herself building towards another orgasm. She turns towards him and lowers her mouth to his cock. Her tongue rolling around his tip and her cheeks sucking him deeply has him firming in her mouth. She can taste herself on him and this excites her, she loves the taste of her own juices on his cock mixing with his come. So much so that once he is hard in her mouth she climbs up his body and lowers her cunt on him, taking him deep inside her vagina. She rides him in cowgirl hard and fast until her body quakes with her orgasm. He allows her to use him as he is spent. She leans forward towards him wanting more, wanting to make him come too, so that he owns her once more. She concentrated on clenching her pelvic muscles which causes her insides to tighten on his cock. That sensation of tightening and relaxing, tightening and relaxing without moving forward and backward on his shaft has him building until he can’t take it anymore, he needs to release his seed into her. He throws her off him placing her on her knees, arse in the air and thrusts fast into her vagina until he comes. Pounding her in doggy until he proves his worth, takes what he wants and owns her. They collapse in a pile together sated until they drift off into dreamless sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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