A Married Woman’s Mid-Life Crisis

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My name is Susan and I’ve led a fairly sheltered life compared to some of the wild stories you can read about online but I guess they’re probably the exception rather than the rule. Mine was a good middle class upbringing in Cheshire in the UK and I have a lot to be thankful for. I had a good job in marketing, I earned a healthy salary that would allow me to retire in a few years and I had a loving husband as well as two daughters who have now left home and are forging their own paths in life. At 53 years old I was painfully aware that time was running out and that realisation that you have more years behind you than are facing you tends to make a woman stop and think. It has certainly made this woman stop and think!

The trouble was that I had no idea at all what it was I needed as there wasn’t anything obviously missing in my life. This question had been troubling me for a while and not for the first time I found myself lamenting this fact to my good friend Rachel. We had grown up together, dated together and lost our virginity at about the same time so I suppose you could say that in many ways, her life tended to mirror my own. The obvious difference between us was that Rachel was divorced last year while I was still happily married.

“I just don’t know what it is Rach, I have everything yet I just know that something is missing” I complained as we chatted over tea in my kitchen one day.

“Just stop looking then and whatever you need will probably just arrive and surprise you when it’s good and ready.”

“I suppose you’re right,” I sighed “but what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Well, I feel sorry for you as you’re divorced and living by yourself.” This always seemed like the worst fate imaginable to me but I was surprised when she laughed it off so casually.

“Don’t feel sorry for me hun, I’m having the best time of my life!”

“How can you?” I replied, “At our age there can’t be many opportunities to socialise as a singleton.”

“I used to think that too but with so many people getting divorced, you’d be amazed at the opportunities out there. I have plenty of men available in my life now and I can decide if I want something serious or just a fling. I’m a modern woman!” she smiled and she certainly did look very pleased with herself.

“You don’t just have one-night stands do you Rach? You don’t want to be a slut!”

“Don’t be ridiculous Sue,” she laughed “this isn’t the dark ages and we’re not young girls anymore. I’ve dated some of the men quite a few times and it can be reasonably serious but with others it’s just sex and it has been both a revelation and a real pleasure.”

I couldn’t think what to say and just sat there open-mouthed.

“Oh don’t look at me like that, we may be getting on a bit but this last year has been a sexual awakening for me.”

“How do you mean?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Things were different when we grew up Sue, we were restricted by expectation and convention but people don’t care about that as much anymore. I’d only ever sucked my husband’s cock before my divorce but I’ve sucked loads of them now and let me tell you, there are better ones out there than I ever had in my marriage and that’s before they even fuck me!”

“Rachel!!” I gasped, stunned at the way she was talking. “I thought you were happy with Ken.” Her husband had been a very decent looking man with a good body and when we’d been on holiday together and relaxing by the pool, it looked like he was better endowed than my own husband, Rob.

“I was but then I didn’t really know any different. We were both married quite young and we hadn’t really had a wide experience of boys before we were married so I’m making up for lost time. Perhaps that’s what you need.”

I was shocked. “You think I should get a divorce?”

“No, absolutely not. If you’re happy in your marriage then stick with it. All I’m saying is that your experience of men is as limited as mine was last year but you still have a great body so perhaps you should just try someone else to see what you’ve been missing. Even without a steady partner I bet I’ve had more sex than you in the last year and I bet I’ve tried more things too.”

“That’s not true!” I retorted. I was immediately defensive of the sex life I shared with Rob, though I wasn’t sure why as it hardly had the first throes of youthful passion. If I was lucky it was a quick Saturday night fumble that was over pretty quickly and I’d never experienced an orgasm with him. He was only about 5 inches and could never quite hit the right spot but he was my husband and I did love him so I felt duty bound to defend his performance. Rachel could tell I wasn’t even convincing myself.

“Really? Have you sucked his cock? Have you had him cum in your mouth? Have you had a cock so big you thought it would rip you in two? Have you had a cock in your bum?” she challenged.

I wasn’t sure how to respond I was so stunned by what she’d said.

“You’ve done all that in the last year?” I asked, unconvinced.

She smiled confidently, “And more” she canlı bahis proudly proclaimed, knowing she’d won this particular contest.

Days later I was still churning over my conversation with Rachel. What she’d said really had shocked me, yet I was also troubled by how accurate she’d been and how curious I’d been feeling ever since. The reality was that my sex life was a bit mundane and as much as I loved Rob, he’d never really fully satisfied me in bed. What’s more, all of the sexual detail Rachel mentioned was also true; I’d only ever sucked my husband’s cock and I’d rarely even done that. No man had ever cum in my mouth and though it didn’t particularly appeal to me, it still felt like I’d missed out on an experience compared to Rachel. My pussy had never felt even close to being stretched by a man and I’d certainly never had a cock in my back door. Again, it didn’t really appeal to me but I equally couldn’t say I wouldn’t love it because I’d never tried.

I thought about trying some of this with Rob but soon dismissed the idea. He’d be too shocked by such suggestions and did I really want to try new experiences with a man who had never really satisfied me and more recently appeared to have given up trying? I was caught between two stools as I didn’t want to lose Rob but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try something new. My sex life was indeed the only part of my life that wasn’t completely to my satisfaction so perhaps this really was what I’d been needing without ever realising it.

This torture went on for a couple of weeks and I found myself using my trusty vibrator more than usual. These sessions invariably involved me imagining it was another man’s cock and thinking of me doing all the wild things Rachel had described. I even tried putting it in my bum and found that if I used lots and lots of lube, it could go in and feel quite good but more than anything, I yearned to suck a man until he came in my mouth and finally have my pussy properly filled with a big, hard cock.

Eventually I couldn’t resist these feelings any longer so I decided to see what might be out there and joined a message board for people looking for sexual partners. I was VERY cautious so my profile contained only the barest minimum of information and at first I didn’t even post a picture. This didn’t get me very far so I eventually uploaded a picture of my tits as they’re still reasonably firm and a healthy 38DD. Posting such a picture felt like a really wicked thing to do and I couldn’t quite believe I was going that far. I decided that was it and if nothing happened I wouldn’t go any further.

A couple of days later I was checking my profile and getting thoroughly depressed by the disgusting men who said nothing more sophisticated than: ‘I’ll fuck your wet cunt so hard it’ll be sore for a week’. Call me old fashioned but that just did nothing at all for me and I was surprised it would work with any woman. I was just about to sign off and give up for good when another message came through. I almost didn’t bother reading it but it turned out to be different to the rest.

The man was younger than me at 42 years old and was very polite in his message. He was called Jack and described himself as a professional of average height and build who wanted to have a ‘no frills’ relationship with a woman that was based on mutual fun but he also wanted to treat a lady with the respect she deserved. He was clearly educated and sounded very genuine. He’d sent a picture including his face and while he wasn’t a movie star, he was an attractive guy with a good body and a warm smile. Something in his eyes made me feel like I would be comfortable with him so with a pounding heart, I sent him an immediate reply saying I was happy to hear from him and would like to know more. I expected another private message but instead he suggested using the webcam app. I was cautious but reasoned that it would give me a better opportunity to see if he was right for what I wanted.

I was a little sneaky when the webcams came to life because I had mine pointing to the wall so he couldn’t see me. This was partly because I was feeling rather shy and partly because I wasn’t expecting this so wanted time to put on something that was a bit sexier. He had a lovely smile and his voice was deep and sexy. His hair was a little thin and I could tell from his partially unbuttoned shirt that he had a hairy chest. This isn’t too fashionable these days but I’m an old-fashioned girl and I confess I like a man to have some hair on his chest.

“I think there’s something wrong with your webcam as I can’t see you,” he said with a slight chuckle.

“I’m sorry, I’m new to this and I’m a bit nervous,” I explained as I hastily put on a very low cut top to make the most of my cleavage.

“It’s OK, I understand completely,” he replied warmly, “I’m pretty new to this myself and I only want to meet someone if it’s absolutely right for both of us so if there’s anything you want to know, please feel free to ask.”

It was a very promising start and we chatted for about thirty minutes about all sorts of things. Like me, he was married and like me, his sex life was unfulfilling but he didn’t want to leave her. So far bahis siteleri so good. Eventually he asked me something a little more direct. “So, what sort of things do you like in bed Susie? If we do meet up I want you to enjoy the experience as much as possible.”

I’d decided to keep a variant of my own name as it seemed pointless to make up a new one. Anyone speaking to me would probably assume I’d made my name up anyway. I thought about making up a response to this question but eventually decided there was no point.

“I think my life has been a bit sheltered so far so I’d like to try lots of oral sex and maybe even some anal. I’d love to feel a man cum in my ass but more than anything I just want a man with a good size cock to fuck my pussy as my husband’s is quite small.”

Speaking so graphically felt very strange but also very exciting. Even saying the word ‘cock’ out loud made me feel a bit slutty but it also made me feel excited.

“Well that all sounds good to me,” he smiled. “I’m not sure what you’re classing as a ‘big cock’ but mine is 8 inches if that’s of any use to you.”

I felt a distinct tingle between my legs at the thought of having such a large cock inside me and I found myself licking my lips. Was I really doing this? Was I really talking to a strange man about the possibility of having sex with him? It seemed crazy but it was also captivating and exciting. I felt alive in a way I hadn’t experienced in a very long time.

“That sounds perfect,” I responded, barely able to get my breath. “Do you have any proof?”

“I don’t keep pictures of it if that’s what you mean but I can get it out and show it to you if that would be OK with you?”

“Yes, that would be fine,” I responded, unable to believe what was happening.

He stood up and undid his trousers before pushing them down with his underpants and I was treated to a really beautiful sight for any woman. His pubic region was closely trimmed and his balls were shaved. They looked big and heavy but what really captured my attention was his cock. It was only partially inflated with blood but it was already the size of Rob’s best erection and I was in no doubt that he was all of the 8 inches he claimed. I just sat, staring at him and squirming on my seat. I ran my tongue over my lips, fantasising about having him in my mouth and my hand had found its way to my increasingly wet pussy. I was so transfixed by what I saw on the screen that I didn’t say a word so eventually Jack broke the silence.

“Are you still there? I hope that’s alright and you’re not too disappointed.”

“No, No, not at all, you have a fantastic cock,” I blurted out. “It’s perfect and just what I was hoping for.”

“Good,” he replied, clearly relieved. “If you don’t mind turning your camera towards you, you might be able to see it a bit bigger” he teased. I’d forgotten all about my webcam, I was so transfixed by the sight on my computer screen. I was increasingly convinced that I might go through with this so I hesitantly turned to camera towards me and smiled a very nervous smile. Now it was me hoping he wasn’t too disappointed in what he saw.

“You’re a very beautiful woman Susie,” he complimented me and I noticed his cock start to swell a bit more. “You have fantastic tits; I’d love to play with them. Would you mind getting them out for me as I’d love to see them?”

I thought for a moment but it seemed a bit selfish to refuse as he was already showing me his incredible cock and he’d already seen them anyway on the picture I posted with my profile. I quickly removed my top and unhooked my bra, freeing my breasts and allowing him to see them properly. “They’re incredible!” he responded and his cock immediately became very hard indeed. It was a magnificent sight, standing proudly in front of him, long and thick and I was thrilled that I had been able to get such a big cock that hard at my age.

“That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” was all I could say, “it’s beautiful. You seem to like my tits so what would you like to do with them?” I asked.

“I’d love to suck your nipples hard Susie and place my cock between them so that I could fuck them. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to cum all over them as well as other parts of your sexy body.” He was stroking his long shaft as we spoke and I felt jealous that I couldn’t touch it myself at that moment. I dearly wanted it in my hand and in my mouth, though I wasn’t sure how much of it would actually fit in my mouth. I was sure that sucking Jack’s cock would be a very different experience to the odd time I’d sucked my husband. This was a real man who would dominate me with his cock and I felt thrilled by the idea of having such a man have me and use my body for his pleasure. My fingers were working hard on my soaked pussy and a strange feeling was building inside me when he asked me directly, “Well Susie, do you think we could have a good time together and my cock is what you’re looking for?”

“Oh God yes” I gasped as I chased that powerful feeling that was developing inside me. He was stroking his cock harder now and I dearly wished it was me wrapped around it instead of his hand. “I’d love your cock in me right now. Show me the cum you’re bahis şirketleri going to shoot deep inside me” I blurted out.

“Here it comes and it’s all for you babes” he grunted as jet loads of thick cum shot from his cock. When he came, he came strongly, shooting 4 or 5 large jets of cum through the air before they were followed by some smaller ones. I was right with him and as soon as I saw all of his cum, waves of pleasure washed over me and I experienced my first orgasm, leaving me completely breathless. It was the most satisfying sexual experience I’d ever had and I hadn’t even touched his cock, never mind had it inside me. If this was a taste of what was to come, I was going to have a fantastic time.

“That was incredible Jack! I’m very nervous about doing this but I certainly want to if you’re still interested?”

“Of course I am, when can we meet?”

My husband is away next weekend if that suits you. Could you arrange a hotel room for then?” I asked, sure I didn’t want to do this in either of our homes.

“That’s perfect. Could you do me a favour before we meet?”

“If I can, yes” I replied, eager to do all I could to make this new experience perfect.

“Have no sexual activity of any kind between now and then. You can think about our meeting but no pleasuring yourself and no sex with your husband. I want you really needing my cock when the day comes.”

That was no problem for me as I rarely had sex with Rob anyway these days and I was excited by the prospect of needing his cock that badly. “I can do that if you will do the same. I want your balls to be full of cum as there’s a lot I intend doing with you.”

Jack readily agreed and we parted with a definite date and time arranged. As the days dragged by the whole experience on the webcams seemed surreal. I was a happily married, mature, middle-class Cheshire housewife who had very limited experience and might have been described as a prude before this yet just days ago I’d had cybersex with a strange man, arranged to meet him for sex and talked to him about needing his cum in me. It didn’t sound like me at all yet I couldn’t deny that the days were dragging by slowly as the longed for day approached at a laborious pace. Every night I was going to bed with thoughts of him ravishing my body and giving me all of the new experiences I’d been craving recently.

This might be a one-off experience that I’d never repeat and it might be an experience I’d regret but it was also something I knew I had to at least try. Nevertheless, there were some legitimate concerns and not the obvious ones like possibly being found out. For the vast majority of my life I’d only ever experienced my husband’s small penis and there had only been one other before him. It was a distant memory now and it was over quite quickly but I don’t remember him being a remarkable size. He was bigger than my husband but not by that much; perhaps an extra inch. With such limited and small experience, I was a little concerned if I’d be able to actually fit Jack’s cock inside me. I’d also seen him cum and my ambition to have a man cum in my mouth was looking a little shaky. I wasn’t even sure how effectively I could suck that monster, let alone being able to cope with the volume he seemed able to ejaculate. I didn’t even consider giving him access to my rear!

The days ticked by in this confused state as I was torn by conflicting emotions but finally the day of our meeting arrived. Rob had left the house in the morning to go on a golfing weekend with some friends so after a long and fantasy laden lie-in, I had the whole afternoon to get ready. I took a long and relaxing bubble bath and took the opportunity to carefully shave my pussy. I deliberately selected a low cut bra with a matching thong and though it felt a little stereotypical, I also went for stockings instead of my usual tights. My dress was soft, smooth and revealing with a plunging neckline and relatively short length but most of all, I selected it because I knew it could be easily removed when the time came. High heels completed the look and as I looked in the mirror, I was reasonably happy with what I saw. I may have been 53 years old but I still had a good figure, I didn’t look my age and men always liked my ample breasts so I reasoned that Jack could do a lot worse.

Driving my blue BMW to the hotel was a challenge as my heart was beating so fast that I thought I was going to pass out. More than once I thought about turning back and settling for my vibrator but I knew that if I didn’t go through with this I’d spend the rest of my life wondering what I’d missed. I couldn’t do that to myself. At my age you only have so much time and so many experiences left and I didn’t want to waste any of the ones that might still be available to me. Just as I was approaching the hotel my phone went with a text from Jack. He’d arrived already and told me our room was number 5132 on the fifth floor. I breathed a sigh of relief that I wouldn’t have to negotiate the check-in desk as I was sure the staff would know what was going on and I didn’t want to risk being seen, though I couldn’t think of any reason why anyone I knew would be there. Keeping my head down, I made my way straight to the hotel lifts and to the fifth floor. Thankfully the corridors were well signposted so I found our room quickly and easily but I still found myself stood outside for a few minutes, trying to build up my courage before knocking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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