A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 04

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On Saturday morning Annie and Chris were awakened by his alarm at 8:30. After tapping his phone silent, Chris rolled over and kissed the forehead of his smiling wife. “You enjoyed that, huh?”

“Oh my God, yes! You?”

“Hell yeah! God, things have sure changed in the last month, haven’t they?”

Annie’s eyes softened, “Yes, but I remember what you said that day when I first told you about Joyce. Honey, I want you to know that I love you more than ever!”

Chris held her close and replied, “I’m SO glad I married you!” They spooned for five more minutes and then showered together. The hot water felt great after the previous night’s “sexy workout” and good night’s sleep. “Oh my God, Annie,” said Chris as he soaped her body. “I sure don’t know why we don’t do THIS more often!” He turned her around and pulled her back against his chest. Lathering up her front some more, he then spent several minutes letting her sexy boobs slip and slide between his fingers.

Annie was soaking up the attention, and at one point she reached behind her to see what state Chris’ cock was in. “Mmm, this feels so wonderful, Love! I could spend all day in here with you.”

They kissed deeply over her shoulder and then he said, “Me too, Babe…but we have to check out at 11:00 and I have to pick up some business stuff from Home Depot this afternoon. Maybe I’ll be all dirty again when I get back? To be continued?”

Annie giggled, “I’m feeling pretty good about it; let’s see what happens.”

At 10:15 Chris let Annie off in their driveway and then left for the store.. When she walked through the backdoor, Derek was sitting at the kitchen table and Cassie was filling his plate with three or four pancakes. “My MY! Isn’t this a lovely sight! It does my heart good to see you two bonding over breakfast!”

Cassie’s face squinched, “O.M.G.! You think I’d be doing this if he wasn’t an invalid?” She grinned at Derek, “Think again!”

“I don’t care, as long as I eat!”

Annie laughed, “Hey, do you have enough batter for me too?”

“Sure, I already ate so there might be a couple cakes left in the bowl.”

The next fifteen minutes were spent watching Derek wolf down his food. Cassie said, “Hey Dude? If I give you another fork, you could eat with both hands!”

Derek looked up with maple syrup dripping down his chin, “What? You want table manners … on a Saturday? Geez…”

“Heavens no,” his mother replied, “we aren’t asking for the impossible!”

Derek opened wide and flashed them a gross mouthful of pancake, and then stood up, “Thanks Cass; those were real good!” He grabbed his crutches, “I’ll be in my room; call me when lunch is ready, K?”

When he left, Cassie rolled her eyes at Annie, “He’s YOUR son ya know!”

“Yep, isn’t he just adorable?”

“If you say so; but hey, let’s talk about something more interesting. How was it last night?”

Annie paused and smiled, “It was pretty amazing; to say it was ‘fun’ doesn’t quite describe it!”

Cassie’s eyes were shining, “Do you mind if I ask a personal question, Mom?”

“No, I don’t mind, what is it?”

“Was this the first time you and Dad had a threesome?”

Annie froze and she just knew that her face was beet red, “Uhh, who told you we had a threesome?”

“Melanie did; is that a problem?”

She studied her daughter’s face and thought about the situation for a good thirty or forty seconds while Cassie sat there cross-legged on her chair. “No, I guess not; we both know how Joyce and Melanie are now. We made the choice to play with them, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Joyce told Melanie our plans. Your father just mentioned this morning how much our lives have changed, though he still doesn’t know anything about you being involved. I’ve thought about it and I have no idea how to tell him, even if I wanted to…which I don’t.”

Cassie looked relieved, “Yeah, I was wondering if you told him.”

“I don’t think I’m going to, at least not yet. But Sweetheart, we may have to someday; you realize that, right?”

“Yes, we might; but I agree, let’s wait a while. I’ll be going away to college next year. A lot can happen before then.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how much has happened already! You know, Cass, we really should have another conversation about some things. Is now a good time?”

“You mean about sex?”

“Mostly that, yes.”

Now it was Cassie’s turn to study her mother’s face. “Yeah, I was waiting for an opportunity to bring this up. Now is as good a time as any, I guess.”

The way she said it, Annie got the sense there actually WAS something of a problem; so she asked her, “Are you okay, Honey? Is something bothering you?”

“Uhh, I really would like to have your advice on something. I guess I’ll just have to be honest and see where it all leads.”

Annie smiled, “Yes, we’re long overdue to have this conversation. Considering what happened those two times at Melanie’s house, perhaps this is the time.”

“Yeah, and that’s the thing right there; what canlı bahis happened at her house has me confused. I’m not exactly sure what to do next.”

“What do you mean? Are you confused as to whether you’re bi-sexual or not?”

“No, I’m not confused about that. Before I got with Melanie, I wasn’t sure; but now I am sure! Oh my God, that was so much fun! And…” Cassie hesitated.

“And what?”

“Mom I… I don’t know quite how to say this.”

Annie laid her hand on Cassie’s, “Just say it, Honey…it’s okay.”

“Well, I… Hmm… I just really enjoyed watching you and Joyce. And Oh God, I completely enjoyed watching you and Melanie! I’m sorry; am I crazy?”

Annie, just laughed, “Well, if you are, then I am too; I got so turned on watching you as well. Amazing, but true! I don’t know what it is about Joyce and Melanie, but it’s irresistible!”

“Yes, it’s true!” Annie thought she saw Cassie shiver with lust. “I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on to see Mellie sucking your titties!” Even as Cassie admitted that, Annie saw her blush crimson with embarrassment.

Annie said, “You liked that, did you? Well since we’re admitting things, did you know that when Joyce and I were watching our two daughters from the hallway, Joyce was sucking my nipples right then as well?”

Cassie shivered again, “Oh WOW! That’s so hot, Mom! Okay, so now that we got this part of it out of the way; this is where I need your advice.”

“Okay, and what’s the next part?”

Cassie uncrossed her legs and leaned toward her mother, “Uhh, okay; well … ever since this thing with Mel and Joyce began, I’ve been…um.. well… I’ve been so incredibly horny; I’m having trouble handling it!” When Annie burst out laughing, Cassie tried to continue, “I’m serious, Mom! Don’t you think I’m serious?”

Annie tried to respond, but the giggles kept coming, “Ohh, I think you’re very serious.”

Cass pursed her lips, “Then what’s so funny?”

Still giggling, Annie replied, “Cuz, I’m completely horny myself!” Now it was Cassie’s turn to laugh! “You’re concerned that you’re too horny? I’m not sure that’s any kind of real problem!”

When Cass calmed a bit, she said, “I can handle the horny part; but the bigger problem is that I’m worried I might…” she paused. “I might be becoming…uhh… a slut!”

Annie grinned some more, “A slut? What makes you think that?”

“Because…I’m not only thinking about sex all the time, I’m thinking about having it with lots of other people. I can’t even pass a good-looking guy in the hallway without thinking about what it would be like to feel his cock fucking me!”

“Oh my God!”

“Yes, Oh my God is right!”

“Sweetie, I have to ask; have you acted on these thoughts yet?”

“Not yet, you already know I’m having sex sometimes with Steve, but other than him and our two new friends, I haven’t done it with anyone else.”

Annie breathed a small sigh of relief, “Okay well…what makes you think you can’t control it? A certain amount of fantasy is fine; isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

Annie could see on Cassie’s face that this advice wasn’t the answer; then her daughter said, “I agree, but like…I thought I was in love with Steve; but these feelings make me think that I don’t really love him!”

“I see, well…you are young, you only just became an adult. You have lots of time to process all of it.”

“Steve mentioned getting married someday!”

Annie’s mouth dropped open, “He did? What did you say?”

“He caught me off-guard; we only recently said we loved each other. I told you when that happened.”

“So what did you say to him?”

Cassie leaned on the table and put her chin in her hands, “I said we’ll see; I told him I wanted to complete my first year of college and then think about it.”

“That was a very wise response!”

“Yes, but do you see my problem now?”

Annie scooted her chair over…closer to her daughter, “I do, yes. But I really don’t have any advice that will help; except maybe to say, don’t commit to anything until you have this all sorted out. You know, your father and I discussed something like this before we ever agreed to play with Joyce. We both pledged a forever commitment to each other no matter what!”

Cassie looked up, “That’s pretty cool, Mom. I like that idea myself!”

“I’m glad; and I guess I have one more piece of advice. Nobody respects a slut; be smart, Cass… don’t let your feelings run away from you; and of course, always practice safe sex. The pill is fine in its place, but keep condoms with you…boys can be dumb about that.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna do those things; I will remember what we talked about today. I see how you and daddy are expanding your fun, but you are reaffirming your commitment. I really like that!”

“Me too, and just so you know, I’m a bit confused as well about where this new fun might be going. Maybe I need to follow my own advice; ya think?” Annie and Cassie both giggled, and then they hugged. “Okay, bahis siteleri I’m so glad we had this talk; and now I need to do some laundry.”

As she got up to leave, Cassie turned and said, “Oh, Mom…I forgot to mention. On Wednesday Mel and Jimmy were able to get four tickets to the Katy Perry concert at the amphitheater tomorrow afternoon. It starts at 2:00 pm and after that we were gonna tailgate afterward. Is that okay?”

“Of course, how nice! Katy Perry huh? I almost wouldn’t mind seeing her myself! What time will you be home since there’s school the next day?”

“I promise to be home no later than 8:30, okay?”

Annie got started with the laundry, and because she was feeling so industrious, she got the cleaning done as well. Chris was leaving at 5:30 am Sunday morning for a three day business trip with Phil Hogan, and she helped him pack that night. He was throwing his suitcase on the bed when Annie said, “Hon, I just had a great conversation with Cassie this morning.”

“Oh yeah? What about?”


Chris looked up with a pair of socks in his hand, “Sex? What did you give her, a tutorial?”

Annie giggled, “Uh, no… I don’t think she needs that!”

“Huh? She doesn’t need that? What does that mean anyway?”

“Oh come on,” she continued, “you knew she wasn’t a virgin anymore; she been going with Steve going on two years now. Remember, she promised she would wait to have sex until she was eighteen.”

“She’s been eighteen for six months now, Ann.” When his wife cocked her head and raised an eyebrow, Chris’ lights came on, “Oh…uhh…God, I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention, huh?”

“I think you have not!”

“Okay, well, I’m sure you HAVE been paying attention, right?”

Annie shook her head, “I didn’t at first, but lately I have been; which is why we had the conversation.”

“So what did you talk about exactly?”

“She’s horny!”

Chris burst out laughing, “You’re kidding! A teenager? Horny? You must be joking!”

“See Mr. Smartie-Pants, you really are out of touch! Her horniness is more a case of wanting to ‘sow some wild oats!”

Chris settled down considerably, “Oh, I see. Essentially she wants to break up with Steve and try a few other guys on for size – no pun intended!”

“Yes, that’s right. My basic advice was just to slow down and think through all her decisions.”

“How long has she been pondering this?”

“About a month, her exact words to me were ‘I wonder what it would be like to have another guy’s cock fuck me?’ Now Chris’s eyebrows shot up. “No, she didn’t use the word ‘fuck,’ I am embellishing.”

“Holy Shit,” exclaimed her husband, “this last month has been something fuckin’ else. Did someone slip something into the city’s water supply?” Annie giggled and shrugged. “I mean it, Babe; you should have heard Phil the other day. I happened to mention how much you and I were ‘getting it on’ lately, and he went into some weird shit about him and Jill.”

“Wow!” Annie climbed onto the bed, “He did? Like what?”

“Okay, look, I promised him I wouldn’t say anything…you better not let it slip to her that I told you.”

“Oh, you guys! Do you think Jill and I care about your macho-man shit?”

Chris ignored that, “He wants to watch another man fuck Jill!”

Annie’s mouth dropped open so far her chin hit her in the knee, “You’re lying!”

“I’m not; what’s the word? Cuckold? Yep, he does!”

“Oh my God! Jill never told me that; what did she say to him?”

“She said she would think about it.”

Annie stared at her husband for at least a minute; he smiled and went to the closet to get a couple shirts. “I have to say I’m surprised. Maybe there IS something in the water!”

Chris zipped up his suitcase and sat down next to her, “Fuckin’ eh! Maybe aliens have invaded our bodies!” He pulled his wife into his lap and kissed her rather passionately; their tongues slithered together and his hand closed on her left breast. Two minutes of that and she was moaning into his mouth. Pulling away for the moment, he said, “Yep…it’s the water!” And he kissed her some more!

The next morning Cassie emerged from the shower and, while blowing her hair dry, tried to decide what to wear to the concert. All the younger teens would probably do their best to dress weird, (similar to what Katy Perry herself always did.) Standing naked in front of the mirror, she liked what she saw; so doing something sexy but simple would probably be best. Reaching into her closet, she selected a fuchsia tank top and slipped it on. Yes! The top floated freely just above her navel and revealed just the right amount of skin; with a strapless bra, it would look hot on her. Then from the drawer she pulled out a white, rather-small skort that hugged her ass. “Yep, this ought to do it,” she thought as she stood in front of the mirror again.

Thirty minutes later Melanie texted her, “Pick you up in 5 min.” She was waiting on the front sidewalk when a big, custom van pulled up. Steve popped out, opened bahis şirketleri the side door, and she got in next to Mel who leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Wow!” This is a nice van, Jimmy! When did you guys get it?”

“Oh, we’ve had it for a few of months already; I thought it would be great for our tailgate! You like?”

“God, it’s fabulous! Look at all the room back here!” Then she did a double-take on what Mel was wearing. “Look at YOU! How did that happen?” Melanie had on a white tank with very short pink skirt. It wasn’t fuchsia, but it was close. Melanie just smiled at her and winked!

Jimmy said, “Yeah, my dad designed this thing so we could fit all our camping gear inside; and it’s got a line for A.C. that you can hook up at recreational vehicle parks when electricity is available. It’ll be great for after the concert cuz the amphitheater has RV stations in the parking lot.”

Precisely at 2:00 the concert started and right from the get-go it was rockin’! Katy’s band was bringin’ it; and the amphitheater section where they were sitting had an area cordoned off for dancing should the “spirit” move the spectators! One good thing about their boyfriends was that they were excellent dancers; quite the match for Mel and Cass! Katy Perry sang several songs that were explicitly erotic, and the dancing started getting more and more suggestive!

When the drums kicked in to begin the song “I Kissed a Girl,” Melanie let out a whoop and turned her attention from Jimmy to Cassie! The girls ignored their guys and began shimmying around each other; the guys didn’t mind, they just stood there grinning! In the last half of the song, Mel and Cass were grinding together with their hands moving all over each other’s ass!

Then the final chorus began; Jimmy was shouting, “Go ahead; show us! Kiss her, Mel!” And that minx Melanie did! It only took Cassie a few seconds to get into it; but when she did, all the guys and most of the girls around them just erupted! They only kissed maybe the last 15 seconds of the song, but when it was over Jimmy and Steve were hugging them! “Holy shit! Was that ever hot!”

After that Katy sang two encores, the last of which was “Firework;” and small rockets were shooting off everywhere around the stage! The audience’s response was nuclear and deafening! Cassie knew it would be a long time before she came down from this “high!”

When they got back to the van, the four of them worked together to get set up for the tailgate with the concert adrenaline still coursing through them. “Man, that was great!” said Steve to Jimmy. “I don’t know what was better, the concert…or Cass and Mel’s reaction to it!”

“It’s a tie!” said Jimmy. Then he said to the girls behind his hand (as if he were telling a secret,) “I wonder how many guys had hard-ons watching you two during that song?” All four of them broke up laughing!

Melanie said, “You thought that was good, huh?”

Simultaneously Jimmy and Steve said, “Fuck YES!” And Steve added, “I personally wonder how many people have a video of it on their phones!”

This time Melanie and Cassie said it simultaneously, “Ohhhh Godddddd, Noooo!”

The group got busy getting the food ready: hot dogs, chips, potato salad; it was awesome! There was beer in the mini fridge, but they decided against it. There was no reason to chance spoiling a great afternoon by having the cops show up! After they finished cleaning up, Cass and Mel poured each of them one more Coke and they sat in a circle still buzzing over the fun.

They talked for about an hour: school, relationships, all the regular stuff. But all of a sudden during a momentary lull in the conversation, Cassie noticed that Steve was looking at her kinda funny. she looked at Melanie and then back at Steve. “What? What’s that look for?”

“Oh nothing, I was just curious.”

“About what?”

“Well, that dancing you girls did; and the kiss,” Steve was grinning hugely, “where the fuck did that come from?”

Cassie replied, “Was this a problem? We were just into the song is all.”

Jimmy spoke up, “Let me just say it caught me pleasantly by surprise!”

Melanie was giggling, “Okay, I have a question, Jimmy.”


“You mentioned hard-ons; were your dicks hard?”

Both guys turned beet red; and Steve said, “Hell, my cock was hard already when you girls were grinding against each other, Oh my God! That kiss sealed the deal!”

“Yeah,” said Jimmy, “I wouldn’t have mentioned stiff dicks if I didn’t have one!” Everyone laughed!

“Okay now I have to ask this question,” Steve chirped, “it’s one thing to kiss another girl, but as Katy Perry says it’s another thing to like it! So girls, did you like it?”

Jimmy didn’t wait for them to answer, “Dude, didn’t you see their tongues? I bet if the song had lasted thirty more minutes, they would have been fucking each other!” That comment drew more gales of laughter. The girls needed another napkin to wipe the tears from their eyes.

Melanie (ever the trouble-maker) said to Jimmy, “If the song had been about two guys, would you have kissed Steve?”

Jimmy looked at Steve, “Uh, no! He’s very pretty; but not my type!”

Steve acted hurt, “Aww, I’m a great kisser, aren’t I Cass?”

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