Solo Effort

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This story is a work of fact and not a figment of my sexual imagination. However if you are under 18, or offended by frank, open, graphic sexuality of all adult types then please do not read it.

If you are not offended please enjoy.


I strip.

Naked, I’m feeling horny and my sexual tension and frustration is high. My blood is pulsing throughout my body and nowhere stronger than in my cock. Acorn sized when cold and soft, three inches of decent meat when warm and soft. Pubes short but not shaved, just neat.

It rises and straightens and I feel the strong cock throbbing. It fills out, blood surging throughout the veins and now it’s 6 inches long and 5 inches round at the meatiest. Ok I’m not porn star sized but I’m honest. And I’m covered; that is I’ve a wonderful foreskin which almost covers the cockhead when I’m fully erect. Just a small circle at the tip to see my cum/piss slit and allow the creamy cum to shoot out.

Lying, naked, on the bed legs wide open I cup and roll my balls, gently squeezing and caressing them as if to warm up the contents ready for their explosion high into the outside world later on. For about two minutes I roll them in my hands and fingers feeling their ball contents, playing with the soft, wrinkled, supple skin. Squeezing, kneading, massaging my balls, my eggs, some more, both together and separately, I relax, body ready for the next step. It’s nice but not the main course, just the starter so then my thumb hooks around the base of my cock holding it upright.

Leaving my balls I now take my cock shaft in my right hand gently holding it, anticipating the next few minutes. It’s the climax I crave but the build up is the anticipation and almost as nice. Should I wank quickly to reach the moment of joy or should I build up slowly, teasing it out to the conclusion. As I enjoy the whole experience it’s the latter this time. I want to tease a good load out of those balls, I want to enjoy the slow build up and the stiffness of the cock and I want to maximise the orgasm.

Hardly holding the shaft just above my pubes I place my thumb on the upper side of the cock and three fingers on the underside. Lightly, ever so lightly, I begin the up and down rubbing motion moving the shaft skin but not greatly moving my foreskin so that it still substantially covers the gland. A steady rhythm; not too slow; not too fast. This is the preliminary to entice more blood into the already engorged cock. Cock head ridge now well pronounced. I keep this light massage going for a minute or two or three and the excitement builds. Blood is tight in the cock now, casino oyna blue veins standing out proud. Winding their way all around the shaft. A map of pure sex.

But now for the main part and the build up to the climax. I move my hand up the shaft so that the thumb is placed over the gland/shaft ridge and two fingers on the underside with the index finger covering the sensitive spot, the ferenum. And now I increase the pressure of my grip on my cock. Head relaxed, but body tensing, I start a varied pace of masturbation, sometime slow, sometimes fast, up and down, to and fro. I feel the tension and nerves in my body slowly migrating towards the head of the shaft in my hand. My legs start to become restless. Sometimes with soles of my feet on the bed sometimes drawn up to near my balls still flat but with knees bent.

My hips start to rotate and buck. “Invisible fucking” starts as I thrust up and down with my pelvis, with only the soles of my feet and shoulders on the bed. Rotating more, bucking more and thrusting more. Imagining my cock buried in some pussy, ass or mouth. My hand slides up and down the shaft, grip more positive. Sometimes fast and with short strokes, sometimes slow with long strokes pulling back the foreskin exposing my now fiercely purple cockhead. Pre-come flows out of the cum-slit and using my index finger I smooth it around the gland making it shiny and well lubricated. Another drop of pre-come and another spread over the purple head.

Long strokes and fast, then medium speed (fucking speed) then slow, pulling back the foreskin exposing the gland, watching the next pre-cum drop seep from the cum slit. I love the feel of the foreskin alternatively retracting and exposing the head and then covering it. Cock head nerve senses now tingling.

Breathing getting erratic. Heavy. Then shallow. Senses becoming changeable. I’m getting near the culmination of the pleasure. The peek I need. The release I desire. The sensation I crave.

More stroking of my cock, the head getting more and more sensitive. My free hand is massaging my balls, still loose in their sac: warming up the spunk, teasing it out. My “fucking” is getting more rhythmic. Hips jerking, groin thrusting. My hand a steady movement over the shaft, up and down, my index finger teasing the sensitive spot. I can almost feel the spunk travelling from the balls up the shaft. My free hand cradles, gently holds my balls now with the sac tight. Nearly there. Oh yes….

And then…. I’m there. The world stops, time stops and all sensation is centred on my cock head. Oh God I’m cumming. Oh yes. Mmmmmh. Oh yes. I’m canlı casino cumming, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING…….

I freeze. My foreskin pulled back to the ridge. No hand movement. My breathing stops, senses of taste, smell and hearing disappear. Eyes glaze over. My body tenses, stiffens, toes pointing. And all my nerves cells are based in my cock, on my purple, sensitive cockhead, glistening with pre-cum. A breath of wind over my mushroom, plum, gland would seem like a hot poker in intensity. Sensation of touch magnified to extreme proportions. My arse cheeks are sucked into my body. Forty five seconds of ecstasy is to follow.

I exhale and my hand snaps the foreskin up the gland and the first blast of cum cream shoots from the slit. Overwhelming sensation, indescribable pleasure. Only a small release of cum, shooting out four inches or so. But a quick flick of the wrist moving the foreskin, back and then up, releases a potent shot. A rope of cum shoots out and lands onto my belly, eight inches or so. My hips buck up high in the air to aid the next release of cum. My body oh so tense, the sensation washing over the whole of my body now. So tense. Almost pain but this pain is extreme pleasure. Coming and going. The cum release is fantastic but the sensation is supreme. My head and neck snap into position watching the sex show, watching my cock. Personal voyeurism.

My breathing stops again. Wrist action rhythm now erratic, not steady as before. Stop then start. Large exhale of breath. The next shot, the third, is the greatest. The explosive force spurts the load of this discharge the furthest. At best it has landed on my cheek but normally travels eighteen inches landing between my breasts. Another wrist wank or two and it comes exploding out of the tiny slit in the cock head flying through the air before it lands leaving a cum trail from its head. I enter the world of spasms, convulsions, erratic breathing, no sense of smell and cock-based ecstasy. Feeling the foreskin glide over the lubricated head I shoot another, and then another, and then another cum cream discharges; these times not as powerful but just as sensationally painfully pleasurable. My cock is the centre of the universe.

Fifteen seconds gone and the tension and sensation seems to drain slightly. Another roll of my hand down and then up the shaft exposing my shiny, slippy gland; purple mushroom of sex. Another spasm and another burst of cum cream this time without any real power only two to three inches, now joining the pools of warm cum lying on my lower belly. And my hand moves up and down my shaft at fucking pace, at kaçak casino orgasm pace, fingers snapping over the ridge, caressing the sensitive spot. Two or three more discharges from the slit strength seeping like lava from the head of a volcano but still shots. Waves of pleasure, pain of pleasure pierce my body, summits and troughs of wonderful feelings throughout. Holding my breath for five, six, seven seconds at a time and then another exhale, it’s like this throughout.

And then the sensation, another seizure hits me again; another crescendo; my whole body goes tense and the sensation hits its peak and the world freezes for a second or two. My whole body wracked with pleasure. And the next large globule of cum this times oozes out of the cum slit on the exposed cock head and runs down the upper side of the head and onto and over my thumb whilst the index finger continues to rub the sensitive spot. Down the shaft it streams and starts a new cum pool at the base of the shaft, depending on the angle of the cock as to its final destination. Another paroxysm hits my nervous system. Oh so incredible.

Watching this show turns me on even more. Watching the cum shoot or flow, watching and reading of any male orgasm turns me on. Watching and feeling is better. The personal voyeur again. My cock jerks once more.

And another emission and another; no power just warm, viscous, lava cream flowing down my cock over my thumb or dropping off my cock head depending on the slant I’m holding my shaft at, forming an increasing pool of creamy cum cream. And the secretions eventually reduce and then cease; leaving just a string of cum from my cock slit over my thumb to the pool. Thirty seconds gone.

No spunk any more, just another height of the wonderful sensation washing over my body before spreading out from my cock head and returning to the nerves throughout the rest of my body, fading slowly, arse cheeks still clenched until the sensation has gone. The phenomenon has evaporated and I subside fully spent in relaxation. Slumped onto the bed.

Forty five seconds of sheer ecstasy. Gone. But to be repeated.

I lie there washed-out, for how long who cares? Floating in the after glow of the orgasm. Sated. Senses returning to normal. Cock slowly wilting, its duty done, emissions spat out, relief obtained, tension and frustration gone. Cock returning to normal, now lolling in a pool of cum. Spunk covered thumb. I’m splattered with cum from breast to crotch. Some pools of cum, some strands, strings of cum over my torso. Some run down the curves of my sides.

Eventually I have to clean up. Sometimes a handful of tissues does the job. Sometimes I trail the cum over my body using my finger tips, spreading the cream all over, then rubbing it all in until it dries.

Relaxed and satiated.

Cum with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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