Bike Ride in the Forest

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Sean didn’t like it when his sister Karen broke-up with a guy. Karen wasn’t known for picking great guys to begin with and she was the type who always had to be attached to someone. When she wasn’t she was known for making bad decisions and being, well, flighty. So when she called Sean on a cloudy Saturday and told him that she was going on a mountain bike ride in a local National Forest by herself, he tried to talk her out of it. Karen and Sean were the last two members of their family to reside in the hill country of Arizona. Everyone else in their family now lived in Colorado and Utah, so much of the time it landed on Sean to look-after his younger (by five years) sister whenever she had some sort of crisis.

But Sean was growing tired of being his Sister’s keeper. Especially today, after a long week at work he was looking forward to a lazy Saturday working in his garage. With rain predicted for later in the day the last thing he wanted to do was venture-out into the forest so he told Karen to be careful and to call him when she got back. She told him she would and would talk to him in a couple of hours.

A short time later Karen drove her SUV up a narrow canyon road and parked near a trailhead. Typically the parking lot for this particular trail would be crowded with vehicles, this being a Saturday but on this cloudy day with rain forecast for later in the day, the lot was nearly empty. Karen was looking forward to a long bike ride to clear her mind of her most recent break-up and the rest of the mess of her life.

Sean and Karen had lots of similarities, however preparedness was not one trait which they shared. Sean was generally the prepared one in the family while Karen tended to fly by the seat of her pants. Karen struggled for a few minutes with putting the front wheel of her mountain bike on (this seemed easier when someone else did it for her) then started riding down the trail. She carried a small fanny pack which held her wallet, phone and keys in it. She was dressed like a mountain biker with skin-tight Lycra pants (which prevented her from wearing panties) a skin-tight Lycra top hugged her 36C tits which were cradled in a sports bra. Although instead of stopping to pick a map of the area up at a Kiosk near the trail head she stopped, and clicked the remote on her keychain to make sure her car was locked. Then she rode-off, choosing a steep trail where she could maybe work-out of her bad mood.

Sean worked on his dual-sport motorcycle in his garage for a few hours, making some repairs and getting it caught-up on maintenance. An avid adventure motorcycle rider Sean spent much of his free time either on his bike or in his truck touring different parts of the country, even venturing as far as the northern tip of Alaska on one trip. However he couldn’t get his mind off of Karen. It wasn’t long before he grabbed a backpack he kept loaded with basic provisions and rode-off towards the trails he knew Karen liked to ride. He rationalized that he wanted to test-out some of the repairs he’d made earlier in the day to his motorcycle but deep-down he knew it was because he was concerned for Karen.

A short while later Sean rode-up to the trailhead and saw Karen’s Honda SUV parked near by. There were very few other cars around which meant the trails would be almost empty. Sean had ridden this area for years and knew it better than he knew the streets in the sub-division where he lived. He also knew what route his sister generally liked to ride; she seemed to prefer riding over the ridges and through a small forest. It was a loop-route which meant she would end-up back at the trailhead. Sean decided to ride it backwards from the way it was normally traveled so he’d have a better chance of meeting-up with his sister. With that he dropped his motorcycle into gear and sped-off down the trail.

Despite what common sense might say Sean actually loved riding on days like this. Mid-winter in the hill country of Arizona is cool, almost cold. The leaves on the trees had changed colors and many had fallen. The air was brisk, the rain which fell a few days earlier had packed the trail-down so there was almost no dust and the knobby tires on his motorcycle had no problem finding traction, even though it was on a challenging trail which ran a long the tops of the ridges the only time he really had to concentrate on what he was doing was when descending some of the steeper hills; the air was thick with the moisture of a coming storm although he was relishing having the trail to himself. He hoped to find Karen soon so he’d know she was safe. Then he could lecture her for being stupid and continue on with his ride and hopefully make it back home before the rain came.

Karen looked around as she ascended yet another large hill. She knew she was at about the half-way point, though with light rain starting to fall she was beginning to think her Brother was right; a bike ride in the forest on a day like this might have been a bad idea. However she had come this far so she reasoned she may as well casino oyna press-on.

Karen pointed her mountain bike over the crest of the hill and began picking-up speed when she felt the front end of her bike start shaking. She looked down to see her front brake swinging free and the bikes front wheel shaking from side-to-side violently. She was in trouble!

Sean took a minute to stop and look around at the tall trees he was now surrounded by. The favorable trail conditions had allowed him to make it a lot farther than he normally would be able to in a relatively short amount of time. He’d last been in this area a couple of months back and he regretted for a minute not bringing any camping gear so he could spend the night. He wondered if the cabins farther up the trail were still in good shape.

In what felt like a second Karen watched the front wheel of her bike brake free of its axle and wedge tight against the front forks of the bike. Before she knew what happened she was thrown over the bars of the bike, her left-foot tangled in the frame of the bike as now she and the bike were tumbling, rolling down the hill. She could feel the sharp rocks of the trail tearing through her Lycra clothing. Finally she and the bike separated as she went tumbling head-over-heels into some brush. Karen laid there on her stomach. Her left ankle was on fire with pain. She ran her hands down her sides and saw her hands covered in blood. She had taken a hard spill. She dropped her head down and passed-out.

There was a light rain falling now and it was almost dark. The headlight on his motorcycle was illuminating a small swath of ground. Sean was worried that he hadn’t come across Karen yet. A couple of hikers he’d passed a while ago said a girl matching Karen’s description had passed by them on this trail earlier. Being on a motorcycle Sean reasoned he should have caught-up to his bicycle-riding sister before now. Just then his headlight swept past a mangled bike frame laying in the middle of the trail.

Karen woke-up when the sound of an engine approaching filled her ears. ‘Help’ she meekly cried. She tried to lift herself out of the under-brush then dragged herself by her arms near the edge of the trail.

Sean bailed off of his motorcycle and looked around in the fleeting daylight. He saw a scrapped-up arm coming from some bushes. He jumped into the bushes, his back pack already off his shoulders as he rummaged for a first-aid kit he carried. He moved some branches aside

“Please don’t be dead” he said under his breath. He heard a whimper in response.

Now he breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes adjusted quickly to the dim daylight. He could see it was Karen. Her clothes were ripped but she was awake. He sat her up against a tree. Karen lifted her head and looked at the owner of the strong hands which now kept her from falling back into the under-brush. She couldn’t think of what to say so she just gave a meek smile.

“Where does it hurt” Sean asked.

“All over” Karen replied “But my left ankle is the worst”.

Sean looked at it, immediately he could tell it was broken from the way it sat. “We need to get you out of here” he told her.

Karen looked at her rescuer a little closer now, her eyes focusing on his helmet. “Do I know you?” She asked.

Sean pulled his goggles off, revealing more of his face and said “It’s me, Sean you big dummy!”

Karen gave a sigh of relief. “What happened to lounging around in your garage?” She asked.

“I was going to, but when I didn’t hear from you I thought I’d better come-out here and make sure you were okay. Looks like it’s a good thing I did too!”

Sean surveyed Karen’s wounds quickly, there appeared to be nothing life-threatening, just lots of scrapes and bruises and the afore-mentioned suspected broken ankle. Sean pulled a sweat shirt out of his back-pack and helped her pull it on. He then looked at a map and at his GPS. They were almost 15 miles from the trailhead where Karen had parked. His cell phone had no service and hers was in pieces in her smashed fanny pack. Sean took another look at his map and saw that they were fairly close to some hunter’s cabins. Sean reasoned that would likely be the best place for the two of them to stay until the rain let-up.

The cabins were all nearly 100 years old and had once belonged to miners or early homesteaders. When the area was taken-over by the Forest Service 50 or so years ago the cabins eventually became the property of the Forest Service. Many had been torn-down but a handful were left in-place and were maintained sporadically by volunteers and hunter’s. They were available on a first-come, first-served basis though this time of year people rarely ventured this far into the forest to use them. Sean hoped one was available and was in good enough shape as at this point with the rain becoming steady and the trail becoming muddy that was their best option.

It had been years since Karen had ridden on a motorcycle. She trusted Sean; after all she canlı casino knew he was a very experienced rider, especially off-road however any slight touch caused her ankle to explode in pain. Sean scooped Karen up in his arms and gently set her on the seat, the motorcycle leaning against a tree. Sean steadied his passenger with one hand while he climbed-on.

“The trick to this is to hold on tight” Sean reminded Karen as she looked around for handles “Like this” Sean said as he took her arms and wrapped them around his mid-section.

With that Sean started the engine, dropped the bike into gear and began accelerating up the steep hill Karen had earlier tumbled down, her bike (or what was left of it) now safely hidden in the brush.

The trail was quickly getting muddy and it was hard for Sean to keep the motorcycle upright as mud began packing into the knobbies on his tires, making his tires slick, through all this though his passenger didn’t seem to notice as she hung-on so tight Sean worried a little about his ribs breaking. However he was also guiltily enjoying the feeling of Karen’s tits pushed tightly against his back. Sean occasionally got a glimpse of his passenger in his mirror, her eyes were closed-tight and her face showed she was in pain, no doubt every time the pair went over a bump her left ankle bounced off the passenger foot peg sending a shot of pain through her whole body. Just then Sean’s headlight lit-up a dark faded green structure in front of the motorcycle. He had found a cabin.

Karen more fell-off than got off of the motorcycle. Sean helped her up than retrieved a small flashlight from his back pack. Karen rested most of her weight on Sean as they made their way to the front door of the cabin and pushed it open.

“Where’s the light switch?” Karen asked.

Sean chuckled “No lights, maybe lanterns if we’re lucky” he said as the beam from his flashlight swept around the small cabin, finally coming to rest on two oil-burning lanterns which looked like they should be at an antique store rather than their sole source of light for an evening.

It was a small cabin, really more like a cottage. It was just one large room with a modern fold-out sofa bed against one wall, some mis-matched furnishings and what probably would have been classified as a kitchen 100 years ago. Sean busied himself with lighting the two lanterns while Karen flopped-down onto a lumpy old sofa bed which filled a corner of the small room.

Sean dug through his bag again, pulling the first aid kit out and began sorting through it setting certain items out on the table next to it. One of the items was a flask filled with whiskey. Sean opened it and walked it over to Karen. “You might want to drink this”

Karen pretended to be taken aback “If I didn’t know better big brother I would think you’re trying to get me drunk!”

“No” Sean replied “It’s to dull the pain, we need to dress those wounds on your side and set that ankle and all that is going to hurt like hell.

” Karen nodded in agreement than took a healthy gulp as Sean retrieved a blanket from a shelf.

“Take your clothes off and cover-up with this. I can help you with the places you can’t reach but we need to get those cuts cleaned and all the grit out.”

Karen tried to remove her skin-tight Lycra clothing but soon gave-up once Sean found an old pair of sweat pants, a T-shirt and an old denim jacket stowed in a box in the corner of the small shack. The sweat pants were faded pink and way too large for her slender frame but they would work. Sean then used his knife to cut-away her Lycra top and bottom and soon Karen laid there naked under a thick cotton blanket. Sean worked on Karen’s back and thighs, he could smell her pussy as her mid-section sat barely covered by the thin blanket.

“Another time, another place” and I might take advantage of this situation” Sean joked.

“Another couple of hits out of that flask and I might let you!” Karen added with a laugh.

The Whiskey kicked-in quickly and soon Karen felt warm all over. She still hurt but the pain was significantly dulled. She loved how strong Sean’s hands were yet he had a gentle touch as he worked to mend all her cuts and bruises. Finally she saw him looking again at her ankle and knew what was coming next. Sean got a serious look on his face then suggested she look away. Karen closed her eyes and readied herself for the pain. It was bad but just a quick jolt rippled through her body, she downed another swallow of Whiskey from Sean’s flask and soon felt better, though she thought she was seeing things when Sean began wrapping two wrenches onto either side of her ankle with an ACE bandage.

“What are you doing?” Karen asked, forgetting for a minute that she was naked under the blanket she sat-up and allowed the blanket to fall from her chest and wad-up near her waist.

“Making a splint, or trying to. I learned this trick in Baja when I used to race and we set a guy’s arm using a crescent wrench and a ratchet.”

“Will kaçak casino it work?” She asked.

“Yeah, although if my bike breaks-down tomorrow I may need these back!” He added jokingly.

Karen laughed a slightly drunk laugh, she never realized before now how funny her brother could be. It didn’t hurt that he looked rather sexy now that all he was wearing were a pair of boxers and an old T-shirt; the rest of his clothes were laid on a nearby chair drying.

Later that evening the pair feasted on some Cup-O-Noodle’s Sean found in a cupboard and a couple of candy bars Sean had in his backpack. It was quiet, quieter than Karen had experienced in a long time. The only sound was of wood crackling in the pot-bellied stove and the rain hitting the roof up above. Karen found herself looking at her brother in a whole new light. He had rugged good looks, strong hands, a goatee. His arms were muscular and it looked like he could split logs with his legs. She knew that he had also gone through a break-up with a girl a couple of months prior; his way of handling it however seemed to be riding his motorcycle and taking long trips whenever his work schedule allowed.

The cabin was getting quite warm by now so Karen pulled the blanket off and rolled-over onto Sean wearing only a sweatshirt.

“So enough of this staring at the fire, how about we do something else for a while” she said coyly as she pulled her sweatshirt off exposing her perky 36C tits.

Sean remembered sneaking glances at Karen when they were growing-up. He knew it was wrong then, and knew this too was wrong but he at the root of it he was a guy. Karen slid her hands along Sean’s body until her head was lined-up with his crotch. Sean thought about stopping her but then thought what’s the harm? After all because of his clumsy, un-prepared sister what had started-out as an afternoon ride had become a two-day ordeal, so if this is how she wanted to repay the favor, he was fine with that.

Sean looked-down to see the top of Karen’s head, her red hair almost glowing in the light of the dancing fire. Karen looked-up at Sean as she worked his quickly-hardening cock out from his boxers. Sure she knew this wrong on several different levels but who cares; it was just the two of them, neither of them were attached at the moment so what was the harm in having a little fun?

Sean couldn’t believe how good Karen’s mouth felt on his cock. Although he knew it wouldn’t be too long before he came. Wanting to make the most of this opportunity in case it never happened again he pulled Karen off his cock and gently rolled her over onto her stomach onto the bed. Karen got on her knees and ran her fingers in and out of her pussy, she was surprised by how wet she was already. In what felt like the next second she felt Sean’s cock rubbing the outside of her pussy.

Sean ran his hands down Karen’s slender frame, cupping her ample breasts and briefly playing with her nipples as his hands worked their way down her body. He allowed his cock to tease the outer lips of Karen’s pussy. Karen loved feeling Sean’s cock at the last place she thought her brother would ever see. In the next instant Sean slid his cock into Karen’s tight, well-lubricated pussy. He rocked slowly at first until Karen began matching Sean’s thrusts.

Karen loved the feeling of her brother’s cock filling her pussy. She liked the fact that the two seemed to be perfectly in-sync with each other, each matching the other’s moves perfectly. Karen pinched her nipples as Sean kept a firm grip on her ass, holding her pelvis close to his as he continued to drive his cock deeper into her pussy. All of a sudden Karen remembered it was her brother who’s cock was filling her pussy.

“Just, just don’t cum in my pussy.” Karen breathlessly exclaimed as she was coming-down from her second orgasm.

Sean leaned-down, whispered in Karen’s ear “don’t worry as his own orgasm began washing over him. What Karen didn’t realize is that Sean had slipped a condom on as she was making her way onto her knees.

Sean finished shooting his load and pulled-out of Karen’s pussy. Karen was pretty out of it by now and soon rolled over onto her side. Sean thought that she looked so sexy there; her hair was messed-up, he could see red marks where his hands had been on her ass. Fearing this night might be a one-time-only event Sean decided to take full advantage of the situation and quickly rolled Karen onto her back for round two.

Now that Karen was basically spread-out before him Sean began eating her pussy. Although Karen was mostly passed-out, the combination of the Whiskey and a couple of pain killers she had taken earlier were really starting to take their effect, but Karen still moaned and arched her back in pleasure. Listening to that it didn’t take very long for Sean to get hard again. He slipped another condom on to his stiff cock and set about to fucking Karen once again, her tits bouncing along as Karen mostly unconsciously moaned as another orgasm washed over her. Not long after Sean came, then collapsed in a heap next to his sister on the bed. He closed his eyes fell asleep feeling her naked chest rise and fall in his arms and the sound of hail pattering along the roof.

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