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As long as he could remember, Tom had been a slave to his older sister Ruth. Being bigger and stronger, she had enforced her will over him by physical strength, back up by a wicked tongue.

All this changed shortly after his 14th birthday. Tom had put on weight and height as puberty took its toll.

At 18, Tom walked into the lounge after watching his football team get thrashed 4-1 by their local rivals, his mood could at best be describe as foul.

“Get me a drink of squash” Ruth ordered as she caught sight of her personal slave.

“Get it yourself” he muttered, for he was not in the mood to fetch and carry for his big sister today.

“Did you hear me” Ruth raised here voice.

“Get lost” Tom replied, only thinking on what the loss that afternoon would do to his teams league position.

He didn’t hear till the last possible second his sister advancing on him to enforce her demands.

“You little” she didn’t have time to finish what she was going to say as Tom responded unthinkingly to the threat. He caught her hand and twisted hard, bring her arm up behind her back and bringing a cry of pain from her lips. Tom was as stunned as Ruth was to this change of roles.

“Let me go you bastard” she hissed at him

The situation slowly dawned on Tom’s mind.

“What did you say bitch” Tom whispered menacingly.

“Please let me go, Tom” she answered more sweetly.

“Ok bitch I will when you’ve undone you blouse” which was the most unlikely thing he could think of.

“Get lost you pervert” she shouted.

With this Tom twisted her arm a bit more till a groan emerge from her lips

“OK, ok” her free hand moved to the front of her blouse and flipped open each casino siteleri button, one after the other.

“That’s better bitch” he said, when she had finished, “Now beg me to fondle your tits” Tom was now enjoying himself, remembering all those years of physical and mental abuse he had suffered at her hands.

“You pervert, never, Oh!! touch me” as Tom gave her arm a big twist.

“I said beg” Tom said.

“Yes ok, please, please touch my breasts” Ruth begged

“That’s better, but they not breasts, they tits, ok”

“Yes, please touch my tits” Ruth uttered in complete submission.

“Put your free hand behind your head and push your tits out” Tom commanded.

“That’s good” as Ruth complied with his command. Tom reached around and cupped one tit then the other, through her bra. Despite her bad attitude she had a great pair of knockers, Tom thought.

“Remove your bra bitch” Tom commanded.

“Please no Tom, please” she whined.

“Do it, or I twist your arms right off”

Ruth reached behind with her free hand and fumbled to unclipped her bra strap one handed.

“That’s better” Tom said once the two hooks were undone, “now put your hand back behind your head”

Tom now cupped a naked tit under her loose bra for the first time.

“From now on slut, you won’t wear a bra around the house anymore, or it will be the worst for you”

“Please don’t Tom, this is not right, you’re my brother” she whined

“It was alright for you to use me for your personal slave but not for me to use you, is that right” Tom asked

“Please Tom can I go now I’m getting cold”

“Ok slut, you can go now” Tom laughed, but remember you do what I say from now canlı casino on”

When Tom got to his room, all thoughts of his football team fortune were forgotten and instead there was this new game in his life.

Tom was sitting on the Settee when Ruth walked into the lounge.

“Come here Bitch” Tom call out to her.

“Please Tom, no” she replied

“Sit here” Tom patted to settee beside him.

She sat down unable to look him in the eyes.

“Take that T-shirt off” Tom commanded.

Ruth obeyed without question revealing her naked tits.

“That’s better, your learning” cooed Tom, “Now ask me to fondle your tits”

“Please fondle my tits” Ruth whispered,

“Good girl, lie down here on my lap, that good” as she complied with his demands.

After a few minutes of fondling her tits, Tom was aware of his cock growing uncomfortable within his trousers.

“Get my cock out bitch” he barked

“No please Tom, it’s wrong” she whined.

“Do it now” he pinched her nipples to emphasise his demand.

Ruth reached over and unzipped his trousers and pulled out his rock hard cock. Tom reaches up and grabbed a hand full of her red hair and pulled her head down to his cock.

“Suck it slut” Tom said, Ruth was unable to utter a sound as his cock pushed past her lips and on to the back of her throat. Tom pumped her head up and down till she carried on without his help.

“There’s a good girl” Tom cooed.

After a few minutes Tom could feel his orgasm building and held her head down so she couldn’t pull away when he spurted.

“Swallow it all bitch” Tom said, “There that was good wasn’t it”

Ruth raised up and wiped away cum from around kaçak casino her lips.

“Please can I go now please Tom” she whined

“Ok sure, I’m very please with you” Tom added as he smiled to himself.

Tom being young had sex on the brain night and day, and now he had the perfect opportunity to find out more. Tom walked into his big sisters room without knocking and said.

“Ok Sis get your kit off now”

“Please Tom, don’t make me do this” Ruth pleaded.

But Tom could only think of the years he had been abused by her and her beautiful teenage body.

“Don’t make me angry” Tom threatened, “Just do it”

Ruth was only wearing a T-shirt over her knickers so it only took a few seconds for her to strip naked.

“That’s better, now turn for me” as Tom looked with lust at his sisters body.

“Please Tom” Ruth pleaded, “This is wrong, I’m your sister”

“That’s right slut, you’re my sexy sister, now lie down on the bed”

She obeyed at once. Tom sat down on the bed next to her and fondled her sexy body.

“Open your legs slut” he said coarsely. His hands now moved between her legs rubbing up and down her moist slit.

“Your all wet, you slut” Tom laughs, “Your enjoying all this aren’t you”

“No, no, please don’t” but her body was betraying her arousal.

Tom pushed two fingers into her wet slit and started to finger fuck her. After a few minutes her hips were pushing back against his hand. A smile broke out on Tom’s face as he watched his sexy sister hump his hand.

“Oh please harder” she begged, “Oh yes, ahh” as she cum”

Tom moved between her open legs and dropped his trousers and pushed his rock hard cock into his sexy sister limp body. His thrusts became faster and faster as his own orgasm built till he came deep within her. After a few minutes he then rolled off her.

“That’s was good Sis, we will do that again later, ok” he said, and with that got up a left her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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