Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 17

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The rest of the week seemed to fly past, Alice and I getting used to sleeping during the day, sometimes teasing Tim with a phone call from work, sometimes giving him a taste of us before he dropped us off. Then when he picked us up in the morning, letting him feel the full effect of our night’s imaginings before we closed our eyes.

Finally Saturday morning came, and Tim picked us up as usual. “I remembered to put all your stuff in the boot, so we can go straight to the spa,” he grinned, accepting a kiss.

After a short drive we pulled up outside the posh-looking building. Tim retrieved our bags from the boot, and we made our way into the reception area, Tim going to check us in. The dark-suited man behind the desk glanced up. “Oh, Mr Oakes – I’m sorry, I didn’t realise your guests worked in healthcare – I’ll make sure the discount is applied to your bill.”

Tim threw us a grin and a shrug, and signed the book with a flourish. “Thank you.”

He came back over to us. “OK. A bit later you’re booked for beauty treatments, whatever that consists of. Not that you need them,” he added hastily. “Then massage, make-up, nails – yes, Alice, feet too. And this evening I’ve booked us into the restaurant – you brought your dresses, right?”

He grinned. “You can pick anything you like from the wine list, cocktails, whatever. Final treat, we’re booked in to stay over, so we can celebrate the end of your night shifts properly.”

I couldn’t help myself, giving him a hug and a hard kiss on the mouth, and Beth dared to kiss his cheek. “Thanks, Tim.”

“So, pool first,” he grinned. “I’ll meet you at the deep end.”

Beth and I made our way to the changing rooms, shedding our uniforms and putting on our new one-piece costumes. Beth’s was a deep blue colour, but I’d chosen an eye-catching yellow, and she looked me up and down approvingly. “You look fantastic.”

“You too,” I nodded. “But, um, Beth, are your nipples showing a little?”

She caught her lip between her teeth. “They might be – I love how tight this feels, you know, there? And over my breasts as well.”

I pretended to shake my head despairingly. “You know we have to wait until after dinner before Tim can touch us, right?”

Beth grinned. “I suppose. But you and I are bound to be able to snatch the odd moment.”

She looked around to make sure no-one else was in the changing room, and pulled me close, her breasts against mine, nipples hard. She cupped my bottom in her hands, pressing her mound against me, and I couldn’t help my moan. “God, Beth, how will we ever make it to tonight?”

“Maybe the showers turn down cold,” Beth teased. “Come on, let’s get into the pool.”

Tim was waiting for us, and I grinned at his awestruck expression. Beth waved fingers in front of his eyes. “Close your mouth,” she chuckled, “or half the water in the pool will fall in there.”

Without waiting for his reply, she walked over to the lowest of the diving boards, and executed a graceful dive, surfacing and waving to us. “Hmm,” I said, “maybe I’ll try that later.”

I slid into the water from the side of the pool and swam over to Beth. “That was brilliant.”

We heard a splash, and Tim surfaced spluttering. “Don’t think I’ve quite got the hang of it.”

We swam for a while, then moved to the jacuzzi, enjoying the hot water. “Hmm,” grinned Beth, “these bubbles definitely have an effect, don’t they.”

“Wish I could be touching you to find out,” I murmured, and grinned at her shocked look. “Later,” she promised.

Finally Tim glanced at the clock. “So, they’ll have lunch for us, then you two have your appointments.”

“What are you going to do?” Beth queried.

“Maybe I’ll try the sauna,” Tim shrugged.

He glanced through the pool windows. “Definitely not golf,” he grinned.

Lunch was delicious – a seafood salad with a perfect white wine – and Tim delivered us to the beautician in time for our appointment. “See you later.”

I’d never been so pampered in my life – face pack, skin products I’d only ever seen in the upmarket shops in the airport Mum had carefully steered me past – and by the time we reached the masseuse, I felt like my whole body was practically glowing. Beth and I were both putty in her hands, and when she went to fetch more casino oyna of the scented oil, I leaned across to whisper. “Kind of a pity this isn’t one of those videos – you know, where she definitely goes a little further than you’d expect.”

Even Beth looked mildly shocked, but I saw her eyes flare with imagined pleasure. “Mm, Alice – don’t, though – if I get any wetter, I’m sure she’ll notice.”

We managed to escape from the masseuse without betraying how we were obviously both beginning to feel, and when we got to the make-up room it was my turn to control my reaction as the young woman trimmed my toenails, filed them, then used scented lotion before carefully painting my nails in the colour I’d chosen. She did the same with my fingers, then rested them on my lap. “While that’s drying, we’ll work on your face, shall we.”

When she’d finished, she let me look in the mirror, and I gave Beth a puzzled smile. “I thought I’d look really – you know, dramatic. But I sort of look the same, except everything’s a little more…?”

The make-up girl grinned. “That’s the skill. Now, Beth, your turn…”

When she’d finished her artistry, she handed each of us a small bag with the colours and tints we’d chosen. “For any touch-ups you need when you’ve changed for dinner.”

The hotel had provided us a room to get ready in, and when we opened the door, Tim was lounging on the bed. I closed the door quickly behind us, and pretended to glower at him. “What if the staff saw you? Only one of us can be your girlfriend, right…?”

He shrugged, grinning. “We can keep them guessing. And when we go in for dinner.”

I exchanged smiles with Beth. “Oh, yes, we can definitely have fun with that.”

I pretended another frown at Tim. “You’ve not commented on how we look,” I teased. “After we went to all that effort.”

He chuckled. “Put your dresses on, and I’ll see the whole picture, I’ll tell you then.”

“Actually,” Beth said archly, “you’re banished to the bathroom anyway – some of what we brought is a surprise.”

Tim held his hands up in surrender. “Fair enough,” he smiled.

When he’d gone, Beth carefully unpacked our bags. “Mm, Alice, this is the one you chose, and here’s mine.”

I slipped off the robe the hotel had given us, and Beth did the same. “Let me just touch your skin a little,” I breathed, and Beth closed her eyes as my fingers drifted over her shoulder, her collarbone, down onto the curve of her breast. “No risk of smudging your face this way,” I murmured softly.

I felt her fingertips on my stomach, moving down over my smooth mound to rest in warm wetness. “Mm.”

Reluctantly I put my hand on hers, drawing her fingers to my mouth, kissing the tips. “Time we got dressed, love.”

I watched as she slid into black silk, camisole over her bra, nipples already pushing at the slippery fabric. Then suspender belt, stockings, and finally panties drawn into place. “That’s the important part,” Beth chuckled. “Help me with my dress?”

I slipped her evening dress over her head, letting the hem fall to mid-calf, smoothing the fabric over her stomach. “I’ll touch up your face when I’m dressed too,” I promised.

My underthings resembled her, but in flame-red silk with lacy panels, the bra pushing my breasts up a little. “Mm,” breathed Beth, “that’ll definitely get a reaction.”

She stood behind me to help me with my zip, and we were nearly there. We checked each other’s makeup, and Beth used her lipstick, moving her lips together to spread the glossy red. “Perfect,” she judged. “Shall we let him out?”

Tim’s reaction didn’t disappoint, and Beth stroked his cheek, then straightened his tie, picked an imaginary bit of fluff from his jacket. “You look the part too.”

“Shall we go to dinner?” he smiled. “Which of you is going on my arm?”

“Oh, one on each arm,” Beth grinned. “You said we’d keep them guessing, didn’t you.”

We made our way to the dining room, and the maitre’d hurried forward. “Mr Oakes, of course. Your table is ready, unless you want a few minutes in the bar?”

“Oh, I think we’d like a drink first,” Tim nodded. He slid onto a bar stool, and Beth and I sat either side of him, legs crossed elegantly. “Cocktails?”

“Mm, please.”

We sipped at our drinks – we’d canlı casino both chosen something long, cool, with fruit at the bottom and a stirrer – and watched the staff, the other diners. Both Beth and I made sure to touch Tim’s shoulder, his hand, his knee, every so often as we talked, and Beth threw me an amused glance. “I think the girl behind the bar is desperate to ask, but doesn’t dare.”

Finally we finished our drinks and let the maitre’d lead us to our table. Tim continued the tease as he held my chair for me, then moved round to help Beth sit. “The wine list, sir,” the maitre’d offered.

“What do you fancy, Beth?” I asked. “That white wine was lovely, but I think red for tonight.”

“Mm, definitely.” She threw a glance at Tim. “If I pick steak, I’m going to have it nice and rare, so a Chablis or something would be perfect.”

Tim nodded. “Two bottles of this one, please,” he pointed.

“Very good, sir.”

The waiter returned with our wine. “You can taste it, Alice,” Tim offered.

I accepted a splash in my glass, sipping and then deliberately running my tongue over my lips. “Mm, very good.”

The waiter poured, then set the bottle on the table. “Are you ready to order yet?”

Beth and I both had steak, and Tim chose pasta. “No starters?” the waiter enquired, and Tim shook his head. “I think we’re saving ourselves for dessert,” he chuckled.

The waiter left with our orders, and I grinned. “Poor man, it’s really not fair on him, is it.”

Beth took another sip of her wine. “So what wickedness do you have planned for us later, Tim?”

He raised his eyebrows. “But, darling, didn’t I say – the hotel has booked us into separate rooms, for the sake of propriety.”

He grinned in response to her quirked mouth. “Connecting rooms, though, so there’s only a flimsy bolt keeping us apart.”

Beth rolled her eyes. “Very funny. Don’t tease us too hard, or you might find that door locked from the other side, and Alice and I will make sure you can hear us enjoying one another without you.”

Tim held up his hands. “OK – I promise.”

Our food arrived, and I cut into my steak, a little blood running onto the plate. “Mm, just the way we like it, Beth.”

Tim chuckled. “What are you now, vampires?”

I pretended to show him fangs. “Maybe we should have a fancy-dress party and be exactly that, Beth – what do you think?”


Our meal was delicious, and we started on the second bottle of wine. Finally Beth put her fork down with a satisfied sigh. “Mm.”

“Do you want dessert?” Tim queried. “We can just have ice cream or something?”

She shook her head. “But coffee would be nice – it’ll wake us up a bit, all that pampering and our meal has made me a bit drowsy. And they’ll bring chocolates with it, won’t they.”

Tim caught the waiter’s eye, ordering our coffee. “They have a special handmade chocolate platter – he’ll bring one of those.”

“Mm, perfect.”

Our coffee arrived, and Beth looked guilty as she dropped three lumps of brown sugar into hers. “That sweet tooth,” teased Tim.

I popped a chocolate into my mouth. “Oh, these are fantastic.”

Finally we finished our coffee, and Tim signed the bill, tipping the waiter. “Ready for bed, girls?” he raised his eyebrows at us.

I saw the waiter’s eyes widen at Tim’s deliberately ambiguous choice of words. “Thank you, sir, enjoy the rest of your evening.”

We made our way upstairs, and Tim swiped his keycard, opening the door. “Wow,” I breathed. The room was virtually a suite, and Beth glanced at the bed. “Plenty of room,” she grinned. “Don’t bother with that connecting door.”

She flowed into Tim’s arms. “Thank you for a lovely day, darling.”

“Not over yet,” I chuckled. “Shall I let him see first, Beth, or do you want to?”

She smiled. “Can I?”

Tim sprawled on the bed, tie now loose, collar unbuttoned, and I took the chair, watching as Beth ran her hands teasingly over her breasts, her thighs. “I don’t think there’s been a moment today when Alice and I weren’t turned on, weren’t anticipating this,” she murmured.

She slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders, then slowly, deliberately, turned her back on Tim before she let the satiny fabric slide from her, pool on the floor. kaçak casino I saw Tim’s eyes widen, and I felt a thrill of my own at Beth’s perfect body, my desire only increased by the black silk that hid while simultaneously clinging deliciously to her curves.

Beth turned back to face Tim, resting her weight on one foot, the other leg bent slightly in a classic pose. “Liking it?”

He nodded dumbly, and I got to my feet, reaching back to lower the zip of my dress, letting it fall to the floor. “This isn’t fair, Beth,” I teased, “he doesn’t know which one of us to look at. Let’s make it easier for him.”

We both moved to the bed, kneeling either side of him, and Beth slipped his tie off, her fingers on his shirt buttons, while I dealt with his shoes, trousers. “Wups, sorry, Beth, the boxers came too.”

“Don’t worry,” she shrugged, “they wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway.”

Tim reached out his fingers to stroke Beth’s shoulder, then the curve of her breast. “Wow, whatever they did to your skin, it’s amazing, so silky…”

His other hand caressed me, and I breathed in, breasts rising. “Mm, Beth, can I let him…?


I slipped off my camisole, released the clasp of my bra, and Tim’s fingertips were free to roam on my breasts, my nipples. “Oh,” I gasped, “I’m feeling greedy.”

I bent to let him take a nipple in his mouth, feeling growing dampness on the silk between my thighs. “Mmm…”

“My turn,” breathed Beth, and a few moments later Tim’s lips were on her breasts, his fingers brushing her nipples. “Ohh…”

I leaned across to kiss her, catching her fingers in mine and lifting them to my breasts. “Mm,” she murmured against my lips, “this way we can both enjoy.”

Tim’s hands roamed over our bodies, caressing hips, breasts, occasionally daring to dip between parted thighs. I reached to touch his hardness, finding the expected drops of clear slippery fluid, tonguing my fingertips then offering them to Beth. “Mm,” she nodded, taking them between her lips. “More would be nice…”

She shifted position, fingers now on Tim’s hardness, tongue delicately brushing the tip. His mouth was on my breasts, and I felt his touch become more intense, suckling me. I continued to caress Beth, and watched fascinated as Tim took advantage of her new position to press his fingers against the silk still covering her opening. “Ohh,” she moaned against him. I felt him smile, and his fingers tugged gently, sliding her panties a little way down her thighs, then touching her wetness. He slipped fingers inside, penetrating her, and she gasped, her mouth now surrounding him. “Oh, slowly,” I heard him murmur. “Not yet.”

He moved his fingers more insistently, distracting her, and I moved my touch to her nipples, pressing them a little between my fingertips. Beth began to gasp, her hips pushing back against Tim, and I saw him smile. “Yes, darling, whenever you want…”

She reached the point of no return, crying out as her body tensed, her nipples hardening under my fingers, thighs clenching together, Tim’s fingers still thrusting in her. Finally she subsided, breath coming in gasps. “Oh… mm…”

Tim withdrew from her, and I thrilled as he offered his fingers to me, letting me tongue Beth’s wetness from them. “Now, darling, what about you?”

My response was to kiss him, slide my body across his, reach back to slide his hardness past my panties so that his shaft pressed against my entrance as my hips rocked. “Remember the first time you took us to work?” I breathed, “when I took you into the break room?”

“Mm,” he nodded, gasping as I put my mouth to his nipples. “I loved making you come, putting all your stuff in my panties for Beth to taste,” I murmured. “But this time you have to wait.”

I glanced at Beth, and she chuckled. “I think I know how I can help.”

She reached out her fingers, pressing Tim’s hardness against me as I continued to move, stroking my breasts with her other hand, and I nodded. “Oh – oh god, Beth, that’s perfect.”

I felt Tim stiffening, and shook my head. “Not yet – I’m nearly there – oh – ohh…”

My whole body tensed, shuddered, a spurt of liquid onto Tim’s stomach, and – mm – I felt Beth guess what I wanted, her fingers guiding Tim’s hardness into me. His eyes widened in shock and pleasure, and with hardly a second’s pause as he reached his full depth in me, he stiffened, gasped, thrust upwards, warmth spurting into me. “Ohh.. god, Alice, that’s perfect…”

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