aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 03

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The music at Shark’s was pumping, a solid bass line that had every booty (or boo-tay for those aZiaNS trying to speak Ebonics) shaking and sending ripples of flesh into luxurious belly-dancer motions. Ever since I’d turned 21, this club had become my favorite hangout, and invariably I would be found her on a Friday night. The music was good, the accommodations plush, and the drinks always had a more than generous share of alcohol in them. But most importantly, Shark’s was an absolute Asian hottie MAGNET.

The cover charge was pretty high, and every drink cost some serious coin. The valet lot was full of Benz’s and Beemers and Lexi. The Aston Martin I’d picked up over the summer fit right in and was usually given a prime spot up front. The club was a ground zero for the hottest and sluttiest aZiaN hoochies looking to hookup with a rich boy, and the DJs spun a decent mix of hip-hop, dance, and Asian Pop.

I was a regular by now, a VIP friend of the owners, and I casually lounged at my reserved table with two gorgeous women who were wearing skimpy outfits and stroking my arms while we worked up a good buzz. A waitress snaked her way through the crowd – guys in designer jeans and expensive watches and hotties with miniskirts and streaked hair – dodging traffic and balancing her tray to bring our latest bottles and glasses.

I tilted my tumbler and felt the social lubricant pouring down my throat, but kept my eyes on the two babes beside me, and the wonderful exposed flesh they offered to my sight. Ji-yoon’s tits were nearly spilling out of her tiny top, and Ji- hyun was rubbing them softly while she pressed her tongue between Ji-yoon’s lips. At least I thought I had that order right. The names sounded very similar to me and I knew I would get them confused on occasion. Their English was heavily accented, and I didn’t speak any Korean. But when it comes to getting laid, you can get pretty far with your eyes and a few hand gestures, not to mention the ability to drop a few hundred on expensive Korean soju. And names aren’t really that important anyways.

Periodically, I would get up to dance with one or both of them. More often, I would sit back and watch them dancing with each other and exchanging warm kisses.

I briefly glanced across the dance floor to see Tina grinding her crotch into a tall, muscular bad boy. She’d hitched a ride with me on the way over here, but I knew she wasn’t going to need me to drive her home tonight.

A few hours later, Ji-yoon was pressed into the car’s passenger seat beside me, and Ji-hyun was in her lap while Ji-yoon massaged her friend’s thighs and chest.

Thirty minutes after that, we were in the apartment the girls shared. Both of them were naked and sixty-nining in one of the bedrooms. An open bottle of Cristal I brought from my car was on the bedside table with a few half empty glasses nearby. The snow white skin of both girls was now flushed red from the evening’s alcohol and exertion.

I downed the last of my drink, and then got up to get my own action started. I was going to make this fast and dirty, a true slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am (er, ma’ams, plural).

Stepping up behind Ji-hyun’s tight ass, I lifted her hips up off of Ji-yoon’s face and then leaned in to sink my dick into her warm snatch. She grunted as I began to slowly pump in and out of her, and I kept my pace slow so that Ji-yoon could still reach my swinging balls with her tongue.

Then after fucking her to one orgasm, I pulled out of Ji-hyun and shoved my meat into Ji-yoon’s open lips to empty my load, blasting the roof of her mouth with my hot white spunk.

I got it up for one more round, Ji-hyun now riding my face and rubbing at Ji- yoon’s tits while Ji-yoon rode my dick. This time Ji-yoon grinded herself to one orgasm, and then she dismounted just in time for Ji-hyun to bend over and take my erection into her mouth with her crotch still in my face. And when she managed to deep throat me I felt my balls let loose and I sent a surge of semen deep down her throat and into her belly.

We cleaned up and I kissed the girls goodbye, explaining that I had to get an early start the next morning. I didn’t really, but I wanted to fall asleep with Pei- Hua tonight. So we exchanged phone numbers and promised to do this again sometime, then I headed home.

Thirty minutes later, after a quick shower, I crawled into the bed of my beautiful servant girl; she simply rolled over and spooned herself against me. And then we drifted off together into the bliss of sleep.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


The years of college life had cruised by on autopilot. The academics were a given. I took for granted that I would pass and graduate with a decent GPA, then go to work for my father’s company. Soon I’d get an MBA and seriously look towards taking over the company and letting my father retire.

Socially, on the other hand, I was maturing into the personality and temperament I would carry for the rest of my life. Those transitional years casino siteleri of young adulthood did so much to test the flexibility of my decision-making and life choices, until I really began to resemble the person I would be for the rest of my life.

In other words, I played the field, having several hookups and a few short term affairs. To be sure, I struck out quite often. But I also got laid frequently and had a few regular hotties to spend time with. But nothing intimate, nothing close. When it came to females, a steady girlfriend just cramped my style. Cindy had been the first and only woman to even get close to that status while I was in college. On the bright side, once Cindy was out of the picture, Tina began to work her way back into my life, and the sex had only gotten better with experience.

I had several good friends, guys who were willing to hold my head while I puked into a toilet bowl. These were the kind of guys on whom I could count on, who would bail me out of jail if it ever came to that. I accepted them as a constant in my life, and took them for granted as easily as my academic future.

And I had my harem of female “friends”, girls I actually talked to in addition to fucking them. Some graduated ahead of me and moved on with their lives. They were replaced by nubile, innocent freshmen girls just waiting for me give them the ride of their lives. They varied on a scale from purely platonic to drop- everything-and-fuck-whenever-the-urge-hit-me (Tina), but all were happy to flirt with me. So even the girls I took for granted. I got laid whenever I wanted to, with a pleasant variety of feminine treasures and open-minded girls who knew me and knew exactly what to expect (and what not to expect) of me. It was sex without emotion, and it was fun.

Pei-Hua provided my emotional stability. She was the first person I ever shared my daily life and daily stress with. She was the first person I ever trusted enough to expose my fears to. And she treated me with a love that made me feel like I was wrapped inside a warm, blissful hug. Pei-Hua, more than anything else in my life, I took for granted.

I could not conceive of a life without her in it.

One time I awoke from a stress-induced nightmare. It took me a moment to realize where I was and to understand that I was awake. And as the sweat trickled down my forehead and the trembling in my body started to go away, Pei- Hua turned me until my head was pressed to the bosom of her sleeping shirt, and she folded her arms around me, cooing softly until I was at peace.

Over the years, I engaged in several one night stands where after we had finished, I would invent a lame excuse, leaving the hot coed so that I could return home and sleep peacefully with Pei-Hua.

She held a lot inside, and although I urged her to make friends, she never found anyone else to confide in. There were a few other young couples living nearby who we became acquainted with. Except for one Asian family, none of them understood the real nature of our relationship. Rather than try to explain, Pei-Hua simply referred to me as “her man”, and they accepted the explanation. We lived in an age where unmarried co-habitation was the norm, not the exception.

Pei-Hua would trade cooking recipes and decorating tips with the young wives and girlfriends. But like a loyal servant, matters of the heart were protected by family honor as tightly held secrets. For all that time, I never truly understood how much she loved me, or why. And she had no one else she could talk to about it.

Pei-Hua spoke on the phone with her mom, and we had regular visits to my parents’ home. But even then, many details of our lives went unsaid, many of Pei-Hua’s hopes and dreams undiscovered.

So she gave everything she had for me, and I reaped the benefits of her care and love.

My life had been pure heaven for almost three years straight. But if it had lasted forever, this story would be over.


It was the winter break of my fourth and final year at school. Per the usual routine, Pei-Hua and I packed up for nearly two weeks at my childhood home for the vacation. I was able to slip into my old bedroom, enjoy Mrs. Peng’s cooking, and catch up with a few high school buddies.

Sleeping in late, no schoolwork, and a house full of servants to wait on me hand and foot. I always looked forward to Christmastime.

But for some reason, Pei-Hua was never enthusiastic about returning. I thought it was perhaps because she’d gotten used to running her own home and practically answering to no one. By returning, she went from top dog in our little home to lowly servant in a more sprawling estate.

I didn’t actually understand until the real reason finally hit me in the face.

I had gone out for the day, meeting up with some high school friends to play football then get some pizza and a few beers. I returned home, dirty and a little sore. I was heading for my room to take a shower when I passed my father’s study, and a familiar grunt canlı casino wafted out from behind the door.

It was the specific tone in the grunt that caught my attention. I knew the sound. And in abject horror I froze in my tracks.

It took me a moment to gather myself, processing the sounds, before I backed up a few steps. Then I placed myself just outside the door with my head cocked to the side, straining with my ear.

Already my experienced hearing had discerned what was going on, but my mind didn’t want to believe the worst-case scenario flashing through my imagination.

Despite my fear, I had to know for certain. And the noises inside the study led me to believe they wouldn’t be paying attention anyways. I chanced the handle, finding it unlocked, and opened the door just a crack.

The vision in my mind turned out to match the reality before my eyes. Pei-Hua’s pretty face was pointed downwards as her fully-dressed upper body was pressed flat atop my father’s heavy oak desk. But from my vantage point, I could see down the gap in her shirt to see the full flesh of her tits squashed against the surface, forming a very tight cleavage. And her skirt had been flipped up so that it rested against her lower back.

Pei-Hua was letting out quiet shrieks, keeping as muffled as she could while my father banged away at her backside. His eyes were only on the naked ass before him while he plugged away, grunting softly.

I could have started crying in that moment.

For a long time I stood there in silence, eyes unseeing the sex act going on just through the crack in the door. And despite the heart-pangs stabbing me in the chest and the moisture forming in my eyes, my brain understood; it wasn’t like my father and Pei-Hua had never done this before.

But my heart rebelled for a reason I didn’t quite understand. I’d never felt jealous before in my life. Tina screwed around, and it never bothered me. I had fucked over a half-dozen girls in the last year. And Pei-Hua had been my father’s before I ever had her. So why the hell did this bother me?

Pei-Hua only made little moans as he fucked her, her eyes squeezing shut every now and again before she would open them and stare at whatever happened to be in front of her as her upper body slid back and forth a few inches with every push. But then her eyes flickered up for just a brief moment, and after a moment they locked onto mine. I had been discovered.

She gasped, but did not say anything. And as the sad realization spread across her face, I felt my heart melting away with the expression on her face. Pei-Hua looked more miserable than I’d ever seen her before, and when the tears started dribbling down her cheeks I couldn’t take it anymore. I fled up to my room, desperate to scrub the sight out of my mind.


I took a long shower and changed, then stayed in my room for the next hour or so. I was lying on my childhood bed, staring at the ceiling, when Pei-Hua came to me.

Silently, she crossed the room and lay beside me on the bed, molding herself against my body and resting her head on my chest. Naturally, I responded to her warmth and began to wrap an arm around her, greatly desiring the affection and comfortability with her I had come to depend on.

But I stopped myself. I could see in her eyes while my father fucked her that she was doing her duty and regretting it. That was why she never wanted to come back to this house. I wanted to believe that I was different from my father. He took what he wanted; he took what was his right in our culture. But I guess I still had too many American morals in me. I felt like it was wrong what my father was doing to her.

And yet, I was doing the same. Pei-Hua wasn’t my girlfriend. She wasn’t even a “friend with benefits” like Tina. She was my servant, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was taking advantage of her.

I got off the bed, determinedly walking away. Pei-Hua reached out and snagged my hand, stopping my progress.

I turned to look at her, seemingly so innocent and young even though she was 3 years older than me, clutching my hand like her life depended on it.

I couldn’t believe that Pei-Hua truly wanted me. I had blinded myself to the real situation, to my own inner fantasy. I was just like my father, screwing Pei-Hua whenever I wanted, taking her for granted, and never giving her what she really deserved in a man. I didn’t deserve HER.

At that moment, my instinct told me to take out my aggression by fucking something into submission, or getting drunk. And I really didn’t want to “use” Pei- Hua again right now.

I shook myself free of her grasp and left the room.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


I was two drinks down, staring into the bottom of my third glass when a familiar voice sounded in my left ear.

“Oh, my god.”

I turned my head, surprise evident on my worn face. My high school girlfriend, four-years of my life and love, stood right in front of me. She looked kaçak casino hot and yet proper at the same time. Four years of college life and physical maturity had been good to her. “Jenny?”

Jenny Lin stood back, her eyes glancing up and down my worn body, hunched over the bar like a dozen other drunken losers. “Wow, you look like shit.”

I knew I probably did. My eyeballs were bloodshot and stress-bags in black must have been under my eye sockets. But Jenny… “And you, you look fantastic!”

Jenny simmered on that, and I noticed another girl just behind her. I vaguely remembered the other girl as one of Jenny’s best friends from high school. They must have been catching up during the break from school.

I had just brought my gaze back to Jenny’s face when suddenly her mouth hardened into a flat line. Without warning, her open palm whizzed out and slapped me, hard, across my cheek.

My head rotated with the impact and I spilled the drink in my hand. There was a delayed reaction as several seconds went by before I cradled my face in my hand and muttered, “Oww!”

“I gave you my virginity and then you just took off!” Jenny yelled loud enough for the entire bar to hear. “You didn’t return my phone calls, my emails, nothing!”

I just gaped at her, still in shock and unprepared to respond.

“Fuck off and die!” Jenny yelled one last time and then stomped out of the bar, muttering a curse in Mandarin. Her quiet friend simply followed her and they were both gone.

I really was a complete jerk. I deserved that.

I sighed, then drained the last drops of liquid fire into the back of my throat. Setting my morose thoughts aside, I signaled the bartender, holding up my glass. “Another of these.”


When it was time to return back to school, Pei-Hua and I made the trip in silence. Despite her obvious desire to talk to me, perhaps discuss what was going on between us, it was not her place to make the first move.

Things didn’t change either once we got back to our own house. She cooked and cleaned while I spent most of my time on the computer or in front of the TV. When night came, she knew better than to come to me. But she did leave her door open as an invitation.

I didn’t take her up on it, and continued to sleep alone.

Tina called me up two days after school started up again, but I wasn’t in the mood. For some reason, no-strings-attached sex didn’t really appeal to me. I had enough hidden strings binding me down as it was.

Of all places, I found myself in the library, studying. The tension in my own house was smothering me and I couldn’t think when Pei-Hua was near. The conflicting emotions inside of me – desire to be with her and guilt at using her – roiled around my head until I was in agony nearly every waking moment.

I was walking through the library stacks, hunting for a book that should have been on an upper shelf when I literally walked into someone. I wasn’t looking where I was going, and apparently neither was she.

So we found ourselves sprawled on the carpet, and I was repeatedly apologizing while she rubbed her head. She offered her own apologies and started crawling around to pick up her book.

I helped her collect everything back up and then we finally stood. I said sorry one more time, and she looked up me with a smile. “It’s alright.”

She had a tiny voice, and with the immediate crisis out of the way my male brain automatically sized her up. About 5’2″, petite and Asian. Her black hair was in a long braid, librarian glasses covering an innocent face with no makeup. Simple jeans, loose and casual, and a demure sweater were fitting for a typical college girl, unusual to me after all the Azian hoochies I hung out with. The girl was definitely cute, but under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have given her a second glance.

She gave me the once over, but with nothing left to discuss, she turned away and left.

Dammit, what book was I looking for again?


That same afternoon, I walked into my usual boba shop to get some milk tea. It was the same place I went to almost every day. To my surprise, the library-girl was the one behind the counter. I realized with certainty that I’d seen her many times before, but never really noticed her. But this time, I smiled and offered a “hello”.

“Hello,” she replied. “Your usual?”

“Usual? Am I here that often?”

“Just about every day.” She smiled at me then started puttering around behind the counter, mixing up my milk tea.

“Well, there’s got to be a few hundred regulars who are always here.” I got out my wallet to pay.

She nodded, “True, but you’re the only one who always pays with this.” She held up my black American Express card. More in her element, this girl carried a quiet grace and confidence as she rung up my bill and gave me my drink. For some reason, I wanted to get to know this girl a little better.

“What’s your name?”

She looked up at me for a moment, a quizzical expression on her face. “Karen,” she finally offered.

“Well Karen, what time do you get off work?”

Suddenly, Karen got really nervous. I got the impression that she didn’t have a lot of experience being asked out like this.

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