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My first story here, kind of just testing the waters. Hope you like.


Sitting behind her desk at work, Jessica couldn’t keep her mind from wandering. She’d been there since 9:00 a.m. and she had a mere 5 minutes before she could clock out at 5:00p.m. She was 26 years old, and didn’t have time for a serious relationship. So she made up for it by having numerous one night stands, with co-workers, strangers at a bar, even her old boyfriends pals. It was these rendezvous she thought of now, her hand drifting towards her crotch.

She thought of her first one night stand, with Jeremy from financing. Her hand moved up her thighs, gently trailing her finger closer and closer to her woman hood through her brown skirt as she thought about how strong and forthright he had been. They had both been at a staff party, and they had both gotten rather toasty due to the open bar.

One thing led to another, and they shared a cab home, Jessica drunkenly beginning to stroke him through his pants in the cab. When they got to her place, she pulled him upstairs to her apartment, and practically threw him inside. But that was the last that she was in control.

Jessica shuddered as she began to tease her pussy through her skirt, her fingers tracing up and down her slit, circling around her hardening clit and back down again, pushing gently against her hole.

Once the door closed, Jeremy seized control, grabbing her, and kissing her roughly, before pulling her with him to the nearby couch, where he pulled off her tight dress and threw her down.

Now in just her white bra and panties, he paused a moment and looked her up and down, before removing his pants and shirt. Now just in his boxers, his hard on was evident. Jessica made a reach for canlı bahis it, but he pushed her back down.

Jessica moved her hand down into her skirt, the only barrier between her hand and her pussy being her panties. She moistened her fingers with her wetness and tasted it, before moving back down, massaging her womanhood more and more vigorously.

She was feeling tingly and about to cum when someone opened up the door. She quickly pulled her hand out of her pants and pretended to be writing something.

“What are you doing?” Jaimee, from the office over, said.

Jessica thought she had been caught “Umm… nothing.. just some… paperwork.. yeah…”

“Why, day’s over, has been for like five minutes.”

Jessica looked at the clock and sighed. She’d lost track of time. She groaned, both at her lack of restraint, and her loss of time. She arranged her stuff and stood to leave.

She got to her car, and tried to push the memory out of her mind. She’d need all of her focus for Los Angeles rush hour.


It took Jessica nearly an hour to get home. Once there, she hurried up to her apartment. Once inside, she closed and locked the door, and drew all her blinds, and unplugged her phone. She ran into her bedroom and grabbed a small case, setting it on the coffee table. Then, she threw herself onto the couch, emulating what Jeremy had done to her. She reached over the the case and pulled out a dildo.

She imagined that night again, right where she had left off. Jeremy standing over her, his beautiful pecs, and chiseled abs, looking her over in just her undies. He straddled her, pressing his manhood against her slit, through her panties and his boxers, his mouth pressed against hers, his tongue wrestling with hers. bahis siteleri

She could almost feel his strong hands as he pushed her bra up, freeing her perky 38 c tits, massaging them firmly, and pinching the nipples.

As she imagined this, she rubbed the dildo against her woman hood, and when he pinched her nipples, she put a small black paper clip on each nipple, gasping as they bit in.

He worked his boxers down to his knees and pushed her panties aside, tasting the wetness, before thrusting in the man hood, filling her up.

She did the same, tasting herself, then ramming the dildo up her pussy, grunting as she bottomed out on the penis shaped dildo.

He began to pump up and down hard, burying himself balls deep each time, biting and pinching her nipples.

She drove the dildo into herself again and again, flicking the clips on her nipples.

He lifted her up and turned her over onto her knees, and fucked her doggy style, ramming her hard. Reaching up and pulling her hair.

She turned herself over and positioned herself so she could fuck the arm of the couch, pulling on her paper clips with her free hand.

He fucked her hard, wrenching her head back with her hair with each thrust. She came twice, her pussy spazming around his dick. Soon after he shot his load deep inside her, pulling her hair back extra hard, continuously yanking as he filled her up with his seed.

She pounded the edge of the couch, groaning and screaming into a pillow, finally cumming, her juices splashing all over the arm of the couch, and running down her legs. She groaned and rolled on her back.

He pulled out with a plop, and moved to her face, shoving his moist dick against her eyes and nose. She took it in her mouth, bahis şirketleri making it hard again. Jeremy grabbed the back of her head, and rammed it down on his cock. She gagged and coughed, but he held her down.

“Swallow it down bitch” he sneered, and she gulped, taking the entire thing in her mouth, the head and an inch or two down her throat.

She took the dildo out and pushed it down her throat. Since that night Jessica had practiced plenty, but it wasn’t a good imitation unless she gagged. She forced herself to gag.

Jeremy started to hump her face, hitting the back of her throat each time, her eyes tearing and her make up running. Before long he was cumming again, pulling out and jizzing all over her face and hair. When he finished he slapped her, got dressed, and left. She fell asleep with his cum still inside her and on her face. The next moring it was dry and hard, and she had to scrub for nearly half an hour before she got it all out of her hair.

Jessica fucked her face with the dildo, her hand moving over the the case and pulling out a long string of anal beads. Inserting them quickly up her ass, all ten of them. Once they were all in, she pressed a button on a remote and they all began to vibrate.

She moved her free hand to her clit and began to massage furiously, her mouth slurping down the plastic cock. It wasn’t long before she was ready to cum again. She reached back, without slowing her sucking, and grabbed the retrieval ring. Then, in one swift motion, she yanked them all out. It was enough to finish her off, and her back and pussy spazmed, squirting her juices again. She pulled off the dildo and screamed aloud, several times as her body was racked with intense pleasure.

Once her orgasm subsided, she dressed herself, and packed her toys back up. A few moments later there was a knock on the door. She went to the door, and looked through the hole. She gasped happily and opened.

“Hey,” Jeremy said casually, letting himself in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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