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A thick, soft comforter is stretched out on the bed, covering the sheets.

Candles on the bedside tables… To the left side, white in the center, red on its left and gold on its right. To the right side, white in the center, orange on its left, yellow on its right. Three green candles line the open windowsill.

An exotic smell rises from a small pot on the floor beside the bed. June’s special blend of oils: vanilla, lavender, patchouli, jasmine and ylang ylang. Years ago she’d put it together as some sort of potent aphrodisiac, but she’d also discovered that it tended to be very calming… Lulling the body into a relaxed state.

Soft music played just at the level of hearing, a trance cd she’d also discovered had a tendency to help people relax…

Studying her handiwork, June nods slightly, and leaves the room to collect Lucky.

Moments later the two girls reappear. Lucky undresses and stretches out on the bed, hair carefully pulled out of the way. She comments about the atmosphere, June only smiles. “I used to be a masseuse.” June studies her naked form for a moment, not bothering to conceal her admiration. Long, strong legs moving smoothly up to… Abruptly June drapes a towel to rid herself of temptation.

June slips out of her jeans and t-shirt, tossing them across a chair. She takes the jar from the pot on the floor, and climbs onto the bed, straddling Lucky’s backside.

One of them cracks a joke, they laugh softly.

The jar opens, casino oyna and the scent is stronger. June inhales deeply as she tips the jar, letting some of the warm oil drip along the other girl’s spine. She smiles as she watches the muscles bunch in reaction as Lucky tenses, then laughs. “Thought it’d be cold”

June trails her fingertips along Lucky’s spine, gently, spreading outward gradually as she moves from the shoulders down toward the hips, spreading the oil. Pressing the balls of her thumbs at either side of the spine, and the heels of her palms against Lucky’s back, she works her way up again, just a little pressure. Her senses attuned, watching for every reaction, gauging the right amount of pressure.

Using just her fingertips, she rubs the oil up toward the shoulders and across the back of the neck. Applying pressure, circular motions as she works at the knots in the shoulders. Patience is the virtue. Adding a little more of the warm oil as the muscles loosen. Softly she hums as she works, moving methodically through each set of muscle groups along the back until she can run her hands around and feel almost no tension.

Leaving the towel in place, she moves down to Lucky’s feet, somehow managing to resist the urge to take a nibble of the perfectly defined calf muscles. Cradling one foot in her hand, she gently soothes the arch, rubbing upward toward the toes as she gives each its individual attention.

Softly she mutters “This little piggy went to?” and giggles. canlı casino

Several minutes are spent on the foot before she moves to the tempting calf, taking her time as she works the muscles, slowly moving upward. She keeps her eyes on the section she is currently working, forces herself to focus on each individual muscle, each movement of her own hands. She honestly can’t remember the last time giving someone a massage has made HER so tense…

She draws it out, mostly for her own peace of mind, but inevitably must move onward to the thighs. As she pours the warm oil and begins rubbing, the word that keeps breaking her careful concentration is Succulent… Once that word escapes, it is followed by a series of images. She pauses, making some excuse about warming the oil again, buying time to calm herself.

A few minutes later, she is sufficiently calm to continue. The only thing she can do is pray that Lucky doesn’t realize or sense her mounting sexual tension… She moves back to where she left off, managing to keep herself focused on the task, carefully moving through each muscle, not allowing herself to acknowledge anything more. She is successful, aside from the brief moment when her fingertips brush across…

Her poor abused lip stings as she bites into it. Casually she moves on to the other leg, repeating the entire process… Somehow managing, this time, to stay focused. Perhaps it is the mental note she makes to pounce Jason later.

She stands, kaçak casino stretching, feeling her back muscles relax a little, looking down at the other girl with a half smile. She looks relaxed enough, on the verge of sleep, if not actually dozing off… It would be so easy, at this point… With a soft sigh she pushes away the thought as unprofessional, and foolish. She still has no clue whether her interest would be welcomed or not, it would be too easy to ruin things by making unwanted advances…

Moving to the side of the bed she takes the other girl’s hand. Carefully she works through the palm to the fingertips, spending a few minutes on each finger before laying the arm across her thighs as she moves up to the shoulder and slowly works her way back down to the hand. Laying the arm back on the bed at a comfortable angle, she moves to the other side of the bed, repeating the process?

Once that is done, she returns her attention to the back again, working out the last of the tensions in the lower back and the neck. Finished, finally, and more tense than she can remember being in a long time, she brushes a kiss across Lucky’s cheek. The girl seems to be asleep, her eyes closed, an almost serene smile on her lips. Just in case, though, she whispers a suggestion that a nice hot bath or shower, after a short nap, would be just the thing.

Quietly she tiptoes around the room, blowing out the candles that haven’t already burnt out. She leaves the music, but pulls the window shut, and closes the curtain, leaving the room in almost complete darkness. She slips into her skirt and grabs a top, wandering off to the kitchen for a drink, congratulating herself on the remarkable show of restraint.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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