Insistant Saleswoman

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My name is Terri and I work as a furniture salesperson. Our clients aren’t the run of the mill however. The business I work for caters to interior designers and decorators. I enjoy my work except for one particular client. Her name is Sandy. My problem is that Sandy is trying to come on to me each time she is in the store. She is subtle about it though. She normally tries to ask me out for a drink or for dinner. Just the girls night out, she says.

I have a boyfriend and I am not really interested in having a woman for a lover. I have declined everytime Sandy has asked me. Today however, Sandy caught me at a weak moment, and I finally relented. I figured maybe she would stop her asking all the time if I went out this one time with her.

I met Sandy at her favorite restaurant where we had dinner and a few drinks. I do have to say that Sandy is an intelligent and attractive woman. She is maybe forty years old, with shoulder length black hair. She is quite shapely, with large breasts. I know she was once married, but now divorced. The men at the store talk about her constantly.

After dinner, Sandy asked me back to her place. I didn’t want to go, but she said I really needed to see what she had done with the inside of her house. I felt obligated as she put it that way. Not many people had seen her house, casino oyna she told me. We arrived at her home and we went inside. I was stunned to see her home. It was very understated, but in a beautiful way. All her furniture and art were gorgeous. She led me into the living room as I gazed around looking at the place.

Sandy came up to me and shocked me by putting her arms around my waist. I tried to pull back but Sandy held me tight and then kissed me on the lips.

“Sandy please,” I said.

“Terri, I need you,” was Sandy’s reply back to me.

“You know I find you so attractive,” she continued.

Yes I did know how she felt. I had been trying to avoid this whole scene, and here I was in her arms. Sandy didn’t wait for any sort of reply from me. She started to unbutton my top, and unlatched my bra. I stood there basically stunned by what was happening. Sandy slid my skirt down off my hips and stripped the rest of my clothes from me. Now it was her turn.

I can’t say I have normally watched a woman undress before. Sandy made sure I was watching her every move. In just a few minutes she stood before me completely naked. I do have to say she was stunning to look at. Her tits were large with huge areolas topping them. Her pussy was shaved down to a small slit. She walked back over and began to canlı casino kiss me again.

My tits are rather small. I look nothing like Sandy does. I am completely shaved down below. My boyfriend likes it that way. I also have a large labia. We didn’t get very far from the living room. Sandy pulled me to the carpeted floor. I was on top of her, our breasts pushed tight against our bodies. Sandy threw her legs around me and started to grind hard into my mound.

I didn’t know what came over me. but I started to push back. I could feel my fleshy pussy rubbing aginst hers. Our mouths were also locked together, with Sandy probing my mouth with her tongue. I had never felt anything like this in my life. I was shocked to find myself getting turned on this way. I must admit I started getting into it with Sandy. I met her thrusts with my own. I also had reached out and was massaging her big breasts. Sandy had cried out for me to bite her nipples. I lowered my mouth and started to bite all over each of her nipples.

Sandy could hardly control herself when she started to scream out.

“Oh my God Terri, I am cumming!”

I then felt her squirting her liquid all over my pussy. It felt like she was peeing but it was love juices that shot out of her. I just kept pressing my pussylips harder against her body. Sandy kaçak casino started to tremble and shake as she flooded me. I actually had to try and hold her in my arms to get her to calm down a little. Sandy began to sob and cry a little. Her orgasm had been that intense.

I eventually pulled off of her body. I think Sandy was somewhat embarrassed. She came so quickly and it was so intense. We had only been going at it for fifteen minutes or so, not all that long. After Sandy calmed down a bit, she went to the bathroom and got each of us a warm, wet towel to clean up with. After we wiped up, I gathered up my clothes and got dressed. Sandy wanted me to stay longer, but I couldn’t. I told her my boyfriend was expecting me home soon and so I left.

The aftermath of the story was that Sandy wanted me to become her full time lover. I told her no and I also talked to the owners of the furniture store. I told them Sandy was becoming a pest and I would have to leave if they didn’t talk to her. She was one of their best customers, but I was one of their best salespeople. They asked her to back off and she reluctantly did.

One thing positive did happen from the whole situation. I have found that I am truly interested in lovemaking with other women. I just needed someone less intense than Sandy. I found that woman was right there at the furniture store. We have been discrete and now have made love together three times. She is just a few years older than me and has been my teacher. I hope to tell you more in the upcoming months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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