Fallen Ch. 13

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Serif is like a volcano. He is lying quietly on the bed but, as soon as I open the door, I feel the barely contained energy. It hits me like a wall. He is frenetic. When he hears me enter his eyes fly up to mine and there is a maelstrom behind them.

“Easy now, Serif you look as if you are about to explode.”

“You know how much I hate this.” He growls. I do. He hates anything that has him confined. He reacts to it with violence, either physically or mentally.

“What is there to hate? I know how much you love to feel my blood flowing in your veins.”

“Not as much as I love to feel your cock in my ass.”

I can’t help but smile. He is so direct, uncomplicated. Sitting down on the bed beside him I stroke his body and it trembles under my fingers, not with passion but with suppressed energy. “What will you do for me, pretty boy?” I croon at him. “If I give you release, what will you do for me?”

As an answer he reaches up and grabs me by the front of my shirt, yanking me down towards him. His hand on the back of my neck holds me so tightly I can’t move and his tongue rapes my mouth with such skill and intensity it literally takes my breath away. At the same time he rips off my trousers. It hurts but right now that’s exactly what I need.

While still crushing me against him Serif wraps his legs around my waist with a grip of iron, lifting his body to grinds his hips against mine. His is rock hard. There is no softness in him anywhere, except for his lips, and the feeling of him against me excites me. He is almost the opposite of Bridge, practically bursting with strength. His legs around me; his thrusts against me; the passion in his kiss. I can’t stand it.

Taking a slightly laboured breath I blow into him and his strength leaves him.

“What the…?”

“I’m sorry, Serif but I can’t, not right now. You’re too full of life; too strong.” I rise myself up to look down into his face, brushing aside the thick, golden waves. He is angry and his eyes flash at me. “One day soon I will send Taz to you in the tower room. You will have your fun. You will roar and claw and find your own release… but right now I need your strength in a different way. I’m so very sorry but I need the passion in your blood to sustain me.

“I have depleted myself in the last few days and I need to replenish. I am going out to hunt and I need to give more. I don’t have the time or the inclination to share the burden and so it is all yours. I need what only you can give. I don’t know what it is that flows in your veins but I know that it gives me what no one else’s can. And today I am going to take it. I am going to take more than you can afford to give.”

As I speak I stroke his hair and chest. The passion in his eyes fades and he becomes uncertain.

“More that I can give?”

“There is a safety level that I do not exceed in my feeding, a level beyond which it becomes difficult for the body to replenish. It doesn’t mean that you casino oyna will die or suffer permanently detrimental effects but it will make you ill for a while. I’m sorry about that, but I need you, I need the fire in your veins.”

Outrageously he chuckles and gives me a look I can’t read. “Will you take me for a ride?”

“If that’s what you want. It would be better for you if I didn’t.”

“Hel, if I’m going to be sick I would rather have some fun first.”

I stroke his face and wonder at this being beneath my fingers. He is glorious. “I promise I won’t hurt you. I won’t drink so much that you cannot come back from it. I won’t kill you, I promise.”

“Go for it. Hurt me; kill me if you want, as long as you make it worth it.”

I stare at him in amazement. “You mean that?”

“Of course I do. It’s all about the experience. “He looks away for a moment and another of those strange unreadable looks passes across his face. “I have a past that I’ve never spoken of. If I live perhaps I’ll share it with you one day. You’re the only one here who’d really understand.” There is something almost wistful in his voice and it makes me uneasy. But then his eyes snap back and he grins. “I’ve lived my life to squeeze every drop of juice out of it and I have to die sometime; everyone does, even you. If I have to die now then I want to do it screaming with pleasure.”

“That, I can promise you. Death on the other hand I will deny you, for purely selfish reasons.”

He grins at me and I lower my head to kiss him. As I release my breath slowly into him I let my hand wander down over his hot, tight body and toy with him. He is already hard. Dammit, he is excited at the thought of his own death. This boy is truly insane.

He is too relaxed to fight me when I kiss my way down his body but he shudders and laughs when I bite his nipples so hard they bleed. As I close my lips around him I slide my finger deep into him and release the smallest amount of venom deep inside. He jumps and moans. Licking his head I drip a tiny pearl of venom from the tip of my tongue into the slit and he groans deeply, clutching at the sheets.

Sucking hard, I let my teeth graze his head and he growls, lifting his hips from the bed. Then I thrust my finger into him and force him to collapse. For a while, I alternate bringing him up and crashing him down until he is about to explode with frustration. He’s loving it. Anyone else at this point would be shaking uncontrollably, semi conscious and begging for relief. Serif is still craving more.

Adjusting my position I manipulate his legs and kneel between them. The look on his face can only be described as hungry, as I penetrate him and immediately begin to thrust strongly. Gentleness is wasted on Serif. No matter what I do to him he always wants more. He’s worse than Taz… or better. Digging my fingers into his hips I ride him hard and he throws his head back panting.

Moving my hands upwards I knead his abdomen canlı casino with one hand while teasing his shaft with the other. Allowing him more movement I gasp as he tilts his hips so that I penetrate deeper and starts to thrust with me, harder and harder until it is hard to know who is fucking whom. He’s so damned strong.

Unconsciously, I have increased my assault on his cock and he is close before I have the focus to realise it. As soon as I do realise it, I withdraw and he growls at me with real ferocity and starts to fight. I throw myself onto him, pinning him with my body, and sink my fangs into his neck. He continues to struggle and I let him, tasting the passion and excitement in his blood.

Serif is strong, way stronger than he looks. He is slender but somewhere in that compact body there is a simmering volcano and when it erupts it is a force that sweeps him away, and anyone he is fucking, with it. He can take me to heights I have never achieved with anyone else, but I always come out of it bloodied and bruised… so does he.

I grab his balls, digging in my fingers as I massage them, making him cry out but he still pants. “More, more.” And I give him more. I give him more than anyone else could take but he’s still begging and thrusting into my hand. When I grab his shaft he cries out again and bucks so hard he almost throws me off. I consider the idea of calming him but the taste of his wildness is exciting me.

I drink deeper and I pump harder, although I appreciate that his struggles are weakening. He is panting harder too and I feel his release close. I have to bring him to climax now or I will miss the opportunity. Running my thumb over his head I simultaneously release pleasure enzymes into his throat and his cock. He screams as he convulses so strongly he dislodges me from his throat and half throws me off, pumping onto his chest and catching me in the face.

Looking down at his wild eyes I slowly wipe his cum off my face with my fingers and touch them to his lips. He sucks eagerly and I leave them there, letting him suckle as I sink into his neck again and drink deeply, until I am satisfied for the first time in days.

By the time I raise my head, he has stopped sucking my fingers and is barely conscious. I am surprised that he is conscious at all. His breathing is fast and shallow, his lips white and his eyes half closed. His hair is sticky and damp with the sweat that covers his whole body, which is shivering. I lay my hand on the side of his face and he manages to fully open eyes that are glazed and drugged looking.

“I will send Taz to sit with you. David can set up the transfusing equipment almost as well as Chancey and I will get him to give you more blood quickly. You’ll be alright.”

His lips twitch and he breathes, “Wild ride,” before he passes out. I can’t help but smile. Between them, Serif and Taz are dangerous. Leave them together for too long and they would shake the foundations of the world before kaçak casino they killed each other.

I find David and then call in to check on Bridge before I leave. He looks a lot better. He, Star and Sacha are playing a board game in the sitting room and I hear their laughter before I open the door. He still looks pale and tired but when he sees me he runs into my arms and hugs me.

“I missed you.”

“I was only away for a little while.”

“I know you were but I still missed you. Come and play. Star always wins. We can play in teams and then we’ll beat them.”

I laugh and rub my cheek on the burnished gold of his hair. “I’m sorry Bridge but I can’t right now. I have to go somewhere. I will be back before dinner tonight. I am sure that Star and Sacha can keep you entertained until I get back.” He looks up at me disappointed but still content.

“I know they will. They’re not you, but they’ll do.”

“Hey.” Star says with mock severity, coming up behind and wrapping him in his arms biting his neck. “See, if you like biting I can do it too.”

Bridge yelps and giggles. “It doesn’t feel so good from you but, as a sloppy second you’ll do well enough.

“Cheeky pup,” he growls and swings Bridge around, away from me and into Sacha’s arms. Sacha sweeps him up and carries him kicking and giggling into the bedroom.

“Make sure he has a good lunch.” I say softly to Star who is watching me thoughtfully.

“You love him don’t you?”

“Yes. Does that surprise you?”


“You care about him too.”

“Yes. Does that surprise you?”

I find myself smiling broadly and, before I know what I am doing, I pull him into my arms and kiss him. I don’t think, I don’t consider the results, I am pulled into his eyes and I have no choice.

For a moment he relaxes, his arms wrapping around me, his lips parting… but then he stiffens and thrusts me away with almost as much strength as Serif.

“Another promise broken,” he hisses.

I am truly confused. “What promise?”

His eyes are snapping azure fire. “You promised you wouldn’t hurt me and you almost killed me. You promised you wouldn’t touch me unless I asked it. What’s next? Will you tear out my throat? Rape me? Beat me? Drain me?”

“No. No I would never do any of those things. You may not believe this but I love you. I love you more than you could begin to imagine. I would never hurt you, never. All I want…” I stop and take a breath. “I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry but you are so beautiful and it was the first time you looked at me and didn’t hate me. I couldn’t… I couldn’t resist.”

“Well I hope you do better at resisting from now on because you do that to me again and I will do my very best to tear out your throat.”

“I’m sorry Star. I truly am. Don’t let this spoil things between us, just when they were starting to thaw.”

“Spoil things between us? There is nothing between us. I’m your prisoner and you’re my captor. I hate you and I’ll always hate you. Leave me alone.”

He turns on his heels and stalks away, slamming the door of the bedroom behind him. Hel, he’s glorious. Smiling, I turn and leave the room.

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