A Perfect Evening

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You look at yourself in the mirror making sure everything looks perfect. “Tonight is going to be special” is what he had told you. This made you slightly apprehensive. You weren’t quite sure what to expect but you had been told to wear an elegant dress and to be waiting in the wine bar for him. You had been out together a few times and each time it had been enjoyable and there was definitely a connection there so you were excited to see where it would lead. The sound of the taxi’s horn outside tells you that it is time and you quickly turn off all the lights in your apartment and pull the door closed behind you.

After locking your door and dropping your keys in your bag you rush outside to the waiting taxi and jump in the back telling the driver where to go. During the journey you expect the driver to make some comment about the way you look and to ask whether you had a special evening planned but to your slight disappointment he keeps quite. You arrive at the wine bar, pay the taxi driver and thank him as you close the door.

You walk into the bar and suddenly realise why you needed to wear an elegant dress. It is the most elegant bar you have ever been to. Every person in the room is smartly dressed and yet you feel somehow naked walking into a place like this on your own. You scan the room for a table and find a discreet one slightly out of the way of the main part of the room and sit yourself down. You are wearing a very expensive red silk dress which flows all the way to the floor. The neckline cuts down sufficiently low enough to show off your breasts without exposing too much. The material hugs your form letting everyone see your shapely body. On your feet you have a red pair of stiletto heels which when you stand up pull your calf muscles into their most slender form. You can feel all of the eyes of the men in the room on you, running their gaze all over your body, admiring every inch of your perfect figure. You get excited just by knowing the fact that you could have any man in the room, tease them any way you wanted, manipulate them to do anything you wish. But you don’t want any of the men in the room. You are waiting for a particular man and you have eyes for no-one else.

Whilst you are waiting the waitress brings over a bottle of very expensive champagne chilling in an ice bucket and two glasses. Attached to one of the glasses is a note saying “not long to wait now”. The waitress returns to the table and pours you a glass of the champagne and you settle back in your chair, listen to the gentle jazz music in the background and sip the champagne whilst waiting for your mysterious man. Time passes by and without realising it you reach the end of your glass. Slightly annoyed that your man has still not turned up you go to the bathroom to fix your make-up and try to calm yourself down. You straighten yourself in the mirror and admire your impressive figure before returning to your table full of confidence. On returning to the table you find a dozen full and fresh red roses beautifully displayed on your table with another note attached to it. You take the note and read off of it “soon”. You look around the room trying to see where they came from but you cannot. Anger starts to build inside you until you suddenly smell the perfume of the roses and it all melts away into nothingness.

You reach for the champagne to pour yourself another glass but realise that whoever it was who visited the table had been kind enough to top up your glass already. Enjoying the ease of not having to do anything you relax back into your chair with your champagne in your hand and settle down to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar again. Suddenly the music in the wine bar changes from soft jazz to a very slow and sensuous song. Everyone on the dance floor leaves as if on command. Suddenly your feel a hand gently rest on each of your shoulders and the one hand slides down your arm to take your hand. As if instinctively you lock your fingers with the strangers hand and stand up. Once fully standing you turn round to see your mystery man smartly dressed in an expensive suit. He takes your hand and without saying a word he leads you onto the dance floor.

Here you both meet in a close embrace and you start to dance. You start to slowly dance with each other, enjoying the feelings of each others bodies, listening to the music, going with the flow. You pull yourself closer in to your mystery man and press up against him hard. He slowly starts to whisper in your ear, saying how amazing he thinks you are, how gorgeous you are. Then he makes the suggestion of leaving the wine bar. He tells you of a limo he has waiting outside. You however are not ready to leave as you are enjoying you time in the bar and tell him this. He seems to understand and you once again resume your close embrace. He starts to whisper in your ear again but this time he is not telling you how amazing you are but telling you of what he wishes to do to you. It starts off extremely innocently with the suggestion of kissing you softly on the lips and maybe kissing the side of your neck.

This starts to send tingles down your body as casino oyna you continue to dance. His suggestions quickly move to another tone however as he starts to suggest what he would do to you if you left the wine bar. You find his words exciting and the feeling of him speaking so softly and so close to your ear starts to excite you. You can feel that he is also getting excited as you feel a bulge start to grow in his trousers. You press yourself against him harder, slightly rubbing your body up against his approaching hard on, all the time listening to what he wishes to do to you when you leave. Suddenly you feel you can take it no longer and you promptly leave the dance floor, pulling your man by the arm to follow you. You pick up the roses from the table and race out of the main entrance. As promised earlier there is a limousine waiting outside the wine bar with the chauffeur holding open the door for your.

You both climb into the back and once the doors are closed you both start to passionately kiss, feeling your tongues both snaking round each others mouth. You take off his suit jacket and feel his muscular chest slowly sliding your hand down to his crotch and feeling his throbbing cock through his trousers. While you are doing this his hand starts to rub your tits quite hard and rough through your dress. You take one of his hands with your hand and place it on the inside of your thigh, running it up the slit of your dress. Suddenly, just as his hand is nearing your pussy he stops and pulls his had away and says “that will all come later”. This confuses you but you go back to kissing him. Suddenly the limo stops and your mystery man puts his jacket on and straightens himself up. You do the same and the chauffeur opens the door. You step out to see the most glamorous house you have ever witnessed.

You get led to the front door and through into the hallway. Here you kiss your man again and he leads you up a long spiral staircase and into a luxurious bedroom. As you walk in and admire the room your mysterious man comes up from behind you and starts to kiss the back of your neck. He runs his hands up the side of your dress and around to your front when he reaches your breasts. He slowly starts to massage your breasts whilst still kissing the back of your neck. His hands remove themselves from your breasts and move themselves onto your shoulders. Here they slowly start to massage your neck and shoulders, removing any tension that you may have. Then his hands stop massaging you and take the zip at the back of your dress and slowly pull it down. Once the zip is at the bottom he lightly pulls the shoulders of the dress to the side and lets the dress slip down revealing your magnificent figure only enhanced by the sexy red lace underwear that you are wearing. He returns to kissing your neck but this time moves down to your shoulders.

While kissing here he slips one bra strap off your shoulder letting it hang off your arm. Then you feel his hands go to the clasp holding the bra together and he expertly unclips it. Your bra drops to the floor and you turn to face him. Your eyes lock and you just stare deeply into his eyes for a few seconds. The he places his hands on your hips and slowly starts to walk towards you pushing you backwards ah he approaches. Suddenly you fall backwards landing softly on the large comfortable bed. You look up at your mystery man as he takes off his jacket, undoes his tie and unbuttons his shirt. He slips his shirt off and you see his well toned chest. He then slowly leans down onto the bed, putting a hand on either side of you and crawls his way up until his face is hovering just over yours. Then he slowly lowers his head and tenderly kisses you on the lips. He then kisses just your bottom lip, moves down and starts kissing your chin. He then moves further and further down, kissing the underneath of your chin, kissing your neck, taking his time to suck on your neck, slightly biting it.

He then starts to kiss your chest, going in-between your breasts. Suddenly one of his hands cups your breast while his mouth moves to the edge of the other. he teasingly begins to kiss your delicate skin, fully circling before moving in and out purposefully keeping away from your hardened nipples. You try to drag his head in towards your nipple, yearning for the feeling of him sucking and nibbling on it but he refused and continues to kiss around it. It’s driving you insane feeling him so close to your nipple and yet not having it stimulated. He keeps moving closer and closer without ever touching it and you are getting more and more frustrated. Suddenly he places his lips directly onto your nipple and sucks hard on it, taking it lightly between his teeth. The feeling of your nipple being sucked is amazing and you let out a loud moan as he does this. Your arch your back, loving the feeling of your sensitive nipple being toyed with, trying to push more of yourself into him. You don’t even realise when his hand slips down the front of your panties and starts to rub your clit. You start to moan at this unexplained pleasure, not knowing where it is coming from. Suddenly, to your disappointment, canlı casino he stops sucking your nipple and you all of a sudden realise where the other pleasure is happening.

However, this pleasure quickly stops as the hand is withdrawn from your panties. You begin to feel down heartened at this until you realise that it was only taken out to be able to pull your panties down. You lift your bum off the bed and pull your legs together as he slips your panties off and tosses them onto the floor. He quickly moves his head down to the bottom of the bed and picks up one of your legs in his hands and starts to kiss your feet, tickling them with his tongue as he does so. He kisses up the back of your calf muscle and when he reaches you knee he lingers, kissing the back of your knee, sucking on it, running his tongue over it. He then continues upwards kissing the back of your thighs and then round to the inside of your leg. You can feel him getting closer to your pussy and just the thought of it gets you more and more excited.

Your pussy starts to flow quicker with your juices as you feel him approaching. All of a sudden you feel his tongue at the bottom of your pussy and he slowly but forcefully licks straight up the entire length of your pussy, pausing at the clit to flick it a few times. You moan with delight at this as he goes back down your pussy to repeat the process. He does this over and over again and each time he does it you moan louder and louder. One time when he pauses on your clit he doesn’t go back down to the base of your pussy. He just stays at your clit, flicking it with his tongue in all directions. While he is doing this he slides a finger into your pussy. The feeling of having your clit excited and your pussy filled at the same time gets you so hot. You can feel the tingles start throughout your body as you get more and more into it. A second finger gets slid into your wet, dripping pussy, closely followed by a third. He starts to fuck his fingers in and out of you, licking your clit all the time, enjoying the feeling of your moistness.

As he slips his fourth finger inside you let out a loud scream of pleasure. He fucks his fingers in and out of your pussy, licking away all the time, speeding up the thrusting of his hands each time you moan. As your orgasm approached he suddenly retracts his hand without warning. You feel deflated as you were looking forward to what was to come. You look up just in time to see your mystery man sliding his boxers down and gasp at the size of his hanging cock. You cannot resist it and quickly crawl yourself to the end of the bed and take hold of it. You start to stoke your hand up and down it and it quickly begins to harden. You start moving your hand quicker up and down the length of the shaft, marveling at the size of it.

When you can no longer take it any more you quickly move your head down to the top of the penis and place your tongue on it. You run your tongue down the length of it, sucking at the shaft with your lips as you go. When you reach the foreskin you run your tongue up and down it many times over and over again before taking the end of it in your mouth and swallowing as much of the big hard cock as you can manage. You shove it right to the back of your throat but still can’t fit it all in. You pull your mouth back, astonished by the size of his cock so that you are only sucking on the head of his prick. With you hand you stroke up and down the rest of the cock whilst still sucking hard on the head. You can tell he is enjoying this from the sounds that he is making but you don’t want to take him too far, you want to feel that big cock inside you, feel it filling you up pushing it past that orgasm that you’ve been hungering for.

You take your mouth off his penis and pull him down onto the bed next to you. Now you decide to take control for the first time in the evening. You swing your legs over him so that you are straddling him. You lean yourself down and kiss him passionately on the lips. You run your hands over his tight chest and then down to grab hold of his dick. You stand yourself up on your knees so that you are holding your pussy away from his body and you line up your pussy lips with the head of his cock. You then slowly lower yourself down onto him letting his cock slide slowly into your pussy. You love being able to feel every detail on his cock as it spreads your pussy lips wider and wider and goes deeper and deeper inside of you. You tighten your pussy lips as much as possible so that you are gripping the cock as tightly as you can.

Eventually you feel yourself resting down on your own thigh muscles having taken all of his gigantic cock into your pussy and getting filled more than you ever have done in your life. You just sit there, enjoying the feeling of being completely filled to your limits. You then lift yourself up and slowly slide yourself down onto his cock again feeling it go in to its full length. You go back up again but this time you come down a little quicker and go straight back up and down, getting quicker and quicker. Soon you are really into a fast pace, slamming yourself down each kaçak casino time, riding his big cock up and down, up and down. You moan from the pleasure it is bringing you but you know you can get more. You slide the cock out of your pussy and turn yourself round so that you are sitting on his chest with your ass pointed towards his face. You grab his cock in your hands and hold it directly up.

You then start to rub your pussy lips up and down it, letting its length slightly separate your lips but never fully entering. You begin to rub the head of his cock against your clit, circling it, making yourself moan. You then slowly slip the head of his cock into your pussy and hold yourself just out of reach of allowing his cock to fully enter. Suddenly he thrusts up into you, slamming his cock full length into your pussy and quickly pulling it out. It pistons in and out rapidly, his hips slamming into yours each time he trusts. Faster and faster he gets, slamming it further and further into you. You arch you back at the pleasure this is causing you and scream in ecstasy as you feel his hand come around your front and start to play with your clit while he does this. No longer able to hold yourself up because your legs have gone weak you drop yourself down onto him, pinning his hips to the mattress and stopping his thrusting.

You rest for a second before going again and then, lying yourself back so that your head is resting next to his you start to grind your hips with his cock still inside of you. You slowly grind yourself around and start to rub your clit at the same time. While you are doing this your man places a hand on each of your breasts and starts to rub and massage them, pinching and pulling at the nipples as he does so. You start to yearn for a faster pace so you stop your grinding and pull yourself up onto your knees again. You start to ride him again but this time facing away from him. You get into a good rhythm bouncing yourself up and down with your arm resting behind you on his chest. You feel his full length sliding into you, pulling at your pussy lips each time you come down on him. He raises himself slightly off the bed so that he can, with one arm still resting on the mattress, rub and squeeze at your breast.

He pulls at your nipple and this causes you to let out a loud moan. He removes his hand from your breast and lightly traces a path down the centre of your stomach towards your pussy. Once he reaches his goal he takes your clit between his index finger and his thumb and starts to rub it gently, flicking it from time to time. To your disappointment he stops rubbing your clit and places both of his hands on your hips and slowly and softly starts to rub them. You take this as a sign that he is getting close and speed up your riding, bouncing faster and faster. Suddenly and without and warning the two hands that are rubbing your hips roughly grab them and you get flipped over onto your front by two muscular arms.

These same arms then pull you up so that you are resting on your knees with your ass in the air and your upper body supported by your hands resting on the bed, doggy style. You feel your man place his cock head at the opening of your pussy and slowly start to slide it in. The feeling of his cock re-entering you is immense and you let out a low, throaty moan. Just as slowly as he had pushed his cock in he pulls it all the way out. The feeling as your pussy releases his cock is amazing, feeling every vein of his cock pull along your pussy walls, feeling the lips open that little bit wider as the head comes out and then pull themselves back together after it has gone. But it is nothing to the feeling of him pushing his cock back in again in one controlled thrust, slightly faster than the last time.

He then pulls it all the way out only the shove it straight back in, pushing harder this time, going in faster and deeper than before. Once again he pulls it all the way out only to plunge it back in, this time with greater force than ever before allowing you to accommodate even more of it than previously. He pulls back again and you are expecting it to go all the way out but before it is completely out he slams it straight back in, pulling it quickly back and slamming it in again. This gets repeated over and over again and you find yourself rocking your hips backwards as each of his forward thrusts come at you to try and take more and more of his enormous cock inside you.

Together you slam into each other causing you to scream out in pleasure each time he thrusts into you. He leans over you and kissed you repeatedly on the back of the neck. While he does this he slips a hand underneath you and starts to massage your breast again. He rubs this and with each forward thrust gives a fairly rough squeeze which makes you moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain. His hand gets taken off your breast and he places both hands on your hips allowing him to control the speed of both of you. He slows the rhythm down and starts doing long, deliberately slow strokes into you. He really slows the pace down, trying to frustrate you. You push back as hard as you can with your hips but his muscular arms manage to hold you off, not allowing you to do what you want. You are getting increasingly annoyed; you want the amazing feeling of those quick thrusts pistoning into you.

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