A Nice Mug of Tea

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The scent in the air was wrong. It broke through my lazy sleepiness and pried my eyes open.. I focused, then smiled. Liam lay beside me, totally peaceful. Only the dark circles under his eyes betrayed his true stress and exhaustion. I sniffed again to confirm the unusual musky odour was emanating off my boyfriend. My smile widened as I figured it out. With soap being a rare commodity, the Lynx toiletry set Liam’s aunt gave him for Christmas had finally come into use. A very unique smell on him, not that I objected.

I had briefly woken when he climbed into bed in the early hours of the morning. It was not unusual for his shift to over run – especially not now. As the sun streamed through the window, he remained completely dead to the world. He looked cute, hair stuck out wildly, where it had dried after his shower.

I carefully shimmied out the side of the bed, so as to not disturb my sleeping partner. Padding quietly through to the kitchen, I put the kettle on. Tea was always my priority upon waking. The washing machine had finished during the night, so I pulled out two pillow cases, one filled with Liam’s scrubs, the other his travel clothes. Dumping them in the washing basket, I shoved the towels and sheet in the machine. After every shift, Liam stripped just inside the flat while standing on a sheet before going straight to shower.

Washing my hands thoroughly, I turned the machine to sixty degrees and set it going. This strange morning routine had become second nature over the last few weeks. Covid hit the UK hard at the end of March and Liam went to extreme lengths to protect me. As an intensivist at the city hospital, he was exposed to ICU patients fighting this evil virus every time he went to work. A scary letter from the Trust strongly advised him to stay away from loved ones, but we had only relocated to Manchester in September. If he moved into alternative accommodation I would be totally alone. I was furloughed from my waitressing job, all my singing gigs had been cancelled, and my family and friends lived over two hundred miles away in London. Having discussed the options, we decided he would stay in our flat. Thankfully, I was not in any high risk groups and he was meticulous with infection control.

From the pillow case I pulled out a set of gaudy cerise scrubs that had clearly been made by one of the local volunteers. I hung them on the clothes horse, then added the jeans and shirt he traveled to and from the hospital in.

The kettle clicked off and I returned to the counter to pour boiling water over the tea bag waiting in my mug. I shivered, even as I smelled the warm, familiar scent. The heating wasn’t good enough to be walking around naked on this spring morning, though the day promised to be warm and sunny. Catching one of Liam’s sweaters off the back of the couch, I pulled it over my head. It hung down almost to my knees, providing just enough cover to keep warm – at least inside.

Outside the front door was a different matter. Clasping my arms across my chest, I put the front door on the catch and scampered down the stairs to collect our mail. I had to pause at the bottom, and wait for Mrs. Clawthor to step away from the boxes with her mail. I plastered a fake smile on my face, and she glared back, almost tripping in her rush to reenter the ground floor flat.

I let her slam the door before swallowing my smile. Two-faced-bitch. Every Thursday night she stood outside clapping and cheering our NHS workers. Yet when she realised Liam was looking after the unfortunate people this virus was trying to kill, she had set up a campaign to force him to move out. A solicitor friend soon put an end to the residents association’s attempts to evict us, but sadly it didn’t stop the hate and shaming I felt anytime I saw one of the campaigners.

Liam, always the cool head in our relationship, told me not to worry, but at least he got away from them. Apart from my daily run, I was suffocated by the knowledge of how these people feared us. I’ll admit, I did have disingenuous thoughts about Mrs Clawthor getting sick. I was pretty sure she would then be very grateful of the sacrifices and risks my Liam was taking to be able to treat patients.

A little dejected, I walked back up to the second floor and stopped, hearing the door opposite mine open.

“Hello, Claire,” Suzy said over her shoulder, as she reversed a buggy out of the door.

“Can I give you a hand with the stairs?” I offered, dropping the mail on the mat.

“Oh you are a saint, yes please,” she replied as she turned to point the buggy towards me. Her young son, Bobby, was sucking his thumb, staring wide-eyed from his seat.

“How’s the bubba doing now?” I asked, winking at the boy, who pulled his thumb out and grinned.

Suzy reached over to ruffle his hair. “Much better, I can’t thank Doctor Liam enough for coming to see him last week. Being on my own I was so scared he had got… it.” Her voice dropped at the end, almost like saying covid was a canlı bahis swear word. “I feel like such an overprotective mum for thinking he was going to die.”

She looked so sad, I really wished I could hug her. Instead I caught the bottom foot plate and lifted the buggy up as I moved towards the stairs. “I remember my little sister getting croup and the noise she made was terrifying,” I tried to reassure.

Suzy smiled again as I stepped backwards down the stairs. “You hang on to that handsome man of yours, he’s a good ‘un.”

I beamed back, nodding. I counted my lucky stars everyday to be with a guy like Liam.

“And ignore those naysaying curtain-twitchers. The likes of the old battleaxe in number one have nothing better to do than be a cow,” Suzy added, breathing a little harder from the exertion of carrying the buggy. “And hold off having kids for a bit,” she chuckled. “I used to be able to get away with my legs out before I had Bobby.”

I blushed, realising I was still only wearing Liam’s sweater. Okay, it was modest, but not really clothing to run about wearing in public.

“Have a nice walk,” I said, setting the buggy down in the entrance hall. “Bobby, be good for your mum.” I gave the kid a little finger wave and grinned like a Cheshire Cat as he mimicked me.

Remembering my half brewed tea, I shot up the stairs and back into the flat. I poked a finger in the mug, relieved to still find it hot. Having removed the teabag and added some milk I flicked the kettle back on. If Liam was awake he would want a mug. Tea in hand I headed back to the bedroom.

I could not help beaming. Liam was on his back, the covers thrown to the side. He smiled, then looked pointedly at his cock, before smirking at me again. He clearly had an alternative idea to tea – the sort of encouragement that no amount of rainbows and clapping would match.

I took a large mouthful of tea and stepped up to the side of the bed. Meeting his eyes, I passed over my mug as I swallowed. “Don’t spill it.”

I didn’t wait for a reply as I crouched and wrapped my hand around his cock and took the head into my mouth, letting him feel the heat from the tea.

“Well, good morning, baby,” he chuckled, carefully setting my mug on the bedside unit.

His cock was already responding, growing thicker in my mouth. Softening my lips, I let drool escape. My fingers spread the saliva along the shaft.

I lifted my mouth off his cock and stood up while letting my hand gently play with him. “Did you want some tea?”

“Nah, I’ll just drink yours,” he replied with a naughty glint in his eyes that made my stomach flip.

He shuffled up the bed, so he was propped on the pillows. I moved with him, keeping hold of his hardening cock. His soft palm ran up the back of my thigh, lifting the sweater, until he squeezed my arse before delivering a firm spank. My fingers fluttered around his cock as I gasped.

I released his cock to pull the sweater over my head and drop it on the floor. Kneeling on the side of the bed, totally naked, with my arse in the air, my body shuddered and breasts swung as Liam lightly spanked me again. I reached for his cock, suddenly wanting to taste him.

His fingertips made me shiver as they traced up my back. Dropping my chin, I took him into my mouth again. He gathered up my long hair into a crude ponytail to watch me worshiping his glorious cock. Flicking my tongue over the slit I looked across as he stared back intently. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked lightly.

Liam sighed, his eyelids half closing. “Baby, it’s going to be a long, hot morning.”

I turned my face, letting his cock rest against my cheek. “Can I ride it?” I asked coyly, before chewing my lower lip, making my cheek move against the head as my hand slid along the shaft. “Pleeeease.”

“I’m all yours, baby. You can do whatever you want to it.” He winked.

I scrambled on to the bed, knees either side of his hips. Grasping his cock, I ran the tip through my pussy lips, spreading the juices that had already gathered. With my hair draped over my shoulders and his gaze fixed on me playing with his rigid cock, my nipples hardened. Enjoying the feel of his cock tracing back and forth, my eyes closed, willing myself to go slow. I did so love to tease Liam. His hands lightly stroked my thighs in anticipation.

I lowered, just enough to let the thick head invade my pussy. My breasts heaved as my tight walls stretching around him. Poised there, I forced my eyes open. “You feel good,” I gasped. “Really good.”

I smoothly slid down and he hissed, “As do you.” His jaw worked as my pussy clamped around his cock.

Feeling him deep inside, I grinned and waved towards my tea. “Drink please,” I laughed, as I sat motionless.

“With pleasure,” he chuckled, with a hint of frustration. Turning and reaching for the mug, he took a sip before carefully handing it to me.

Deliberately and slowly I took another mouthful, pussy fluttering bahis siteleri around his cock. Tormenting him was such fun; he had the same daft sense of humour. It’s what attracted me to him in the first place. It was only natural we continued to laugh once we became intimate.

I passed the mug back and let him stretch to put it on the bedside table, my pelvis still not moving. I leaned forward to rest my hands on his muscular chest, my puffy nipples grazing him. My mouth sought his and I kissed him deeply, relishing the warmth of the tea in our mouths.

His fingers tangled in my hair, holding me close. He returned the kiss passionately, tongue rolling over mine and taking a little bite of my lower lip. His cock grew even more as I sat astride it. If a man was made to measure, Liam was the perfect fit for my body, but – as amazing as he felt, nestled in my cunt – I wanted more.

Barely perceptible at first, my hips started to move. A slight slide along the shaft as our tongues danced in the slow deep kiss. My pussy walls clenching and massaging his cock. I murmured against him. Just now, nothing could feel as good as this.

He let out a guttural groan, eyes dark and dilated as I began to rock with more purpose.

Sucking his lower lip into my mouth, I pulled back, breaking the kiss and using his chest to push up. Once balanced, my fingers moved to tease my nipples, my thighs rocking as I slowly rose and fell on his cock, all the time rolling my breasts in my hands.

My eyes met his. In that moment no one else existed. No virus, no shaming neighbours, no loneliness, just our bodies connected in the most primal way.

“God, that’s a great view,” he said, taking me all in. His hands moved to lightly rest on my arse, still letting my hips and thighs do the work, just giving me a tight squeeze on each downstroke.

Smelling him, hearing him, feeling him, built my need. I was so keyed up, I started moaning, my eyes screwed shut as my rhythm increased. “Fuck I need this,” I managed between gasps.

Our breathing was almost in sync, I sped up, chasing the release I craved. Reading my mind, he grabbed my arse, pulling me down hard, until the tip of his cock hit my cervix.

That was what I wanted. I squealed as he bottomed out, the sensation rushing through my body. Holding my breath, the heat bloomed over my chest. I shuddered, my pussy clenching tight, his cock taking me over the edge. My sopping cunt fluttered with aftershocks as I finally slowed, then gradually, stopped.

I took a shaky breath and met his eyes. “Thank you, I needed that.”

He chuckled and raised an eyebrow. “Clearly. That Clawthor woman giving you grief?”

Regaining my breath, I smiled as the fog cleared and the spasms ceased, and began to move my hips again, deep and slow. “I might have some stress to workout,” I replied, grimacing a little with the effort.

“Mmm good,” he whispered back as I found a steady pace. “I love how your pussy feels when you’re stressed, Claire.”

I giggled, my cunt quivering, our bodies rhythmically gyrating together, my juices soaking his perfect cock. The dizziness had worn off now, and I was climbing to the next orgasm.

“I can’t get enough of how sexy you look,” he added, running his hands up and down my trembling thighs.

I smiled at him. My hands leaving my breasts and reaching behind. I tapped his legs, silently asking him to raise his knees, never breaking the rhythm, sliding up and down his hard cock.

Obligingly, he lifted his thighs, muscular from many years of rugby, almost giving me a seat to lean back against. His eyes tracked down to stare at my swollen labia enveloping his now huge cock.

“Fuck, that’s it, Claire,” he growled.

My hands settled behind me, pushing my breasts forward. Open and exposed I rode up and down, as he watched his cock moving in my hot, wet pussy. Our eyes locked onto each other and we both smiled, but there was no need to say a word. We knew this was exactly what we both wanted.

His hands shifted to my waist to guide me down and then push me back up. With the aid of his support, I took one hand off his thighs and reached for my clit. He smiled with a slight nod of approval, and my fingers rubbed faster until my pace became frantic and my moans louder. I lost my rhythm and threw my head back. Crying out, my whole body shook as I came again. Gasping, I desperately tried to breathe, my breasts heaving as a warm glow ran through my core.

Liam chuckled. “Was that to let Clawthor know you’re having fun?”

I beamed back, as his cock throbbed inside my pulsating cunt. “Didn’t see anything in the legislation that said I couldn’t fuck my boyfriend,” I managed nonchalantly.

“I conclude, anyone in the block who was asleep is now awake,” Liam said, his face deadpan.

I bit my lip and shifted a little around the cock still buried in me. “I’m providing a morning call service. People shouldn’t spend all day in their pajamas. Being the bahis şirketleri kind hearted soul I am, I’m letting them know it’s time to get up.”

Liam flexed his hips, pushing his cock against my front wall and making me shudder. His face remained deadpan, but his eyes glinted with wicked intent. “I can also confirm your service is excellent.” He rocked again. I hissed at the delightful pressure. “I’m up.” His face broke into a broad grin and I clenched around him.

“Oh yes, babe, rockhard and up.” I used my hands on his chest to lean down slowly and lightly kiss him. Fuck, I loved the feeling of connection, our bodies joined together.

He soothed my hair as I rested against his toned chest and just breathed. “I want to fuck you from behind, Claire,” he murmured.

My pussy tightened feeling his warm breath close to my ear. “That I can do.”

Pushing myself up, I carefully climbed off his cock, my legs still trembling. I settled on my knees with my hands gripping the foot of the bed. To encourage him, I wiggled my arse.

“Another sip of tea before I penetrate you?” Liam laughed behind me.

Glaring over my shoulder I could see his thick, hard cock bobbing. “Noooooo!” I groaned in frustration. “Fuck me. Please just fuck me.”

The mattress shifted as he shuffled up behind me. Painfully slowly he traced his cock over my arse and between my cheeks, letting it rest against my tightest hole. I caught my breath, then he slid it down between my engorged pussy lips.

My head fell forward and I moaned softly, as my pussy screamed to be filled. I tried to push back to get his cock inside my core, but a hand locked on my waist stopped me. Fighting his grip with more determination caused my breasts to swing.

“Impatient?” Liam chuckled, as he rubbed the thick mushroom head lightly against my clit.

Clearly it was pay-back time for my tea teasing earlier, Liam soon had me almost incoherent with need. My face dropped to the bed, arching my back. “Please, please, please,” I begged into the sheet.

After what felt like an eternity he lifted his cock and pushed in, the thick shaft breaking me in two again. He let out a grunt as he thrust deep and began pounding my needy, soaking cunt.

Despite the glorious onslaught, I braced my palms against the bed and raised my head a short way, trying to meet him. My hair splayed over my shoulders, flying as wildly as my breasts.

A hand gathered my hair and pulled back sharply. Shocks of pleasure wracked through me with each tug, forcing my body to arch. A tsunami of bliss building, as we hit that perfect rhythm. His balls crashed against my clit with every desperate thrust. I was so close. My pussy tightened and I clenched my jaw.

Liam was relentless, my scream of ecstasy didn’t slow him as another orgasm ripped through my body. Only his hand on my hip and other gripping my hair stopped me from collapsing. Fuck the neighbours, this felt good and I didn’t care who knew. His cock battered my engorged g-spot again and again causing the pleasure to roll together.

I was so loud it took a moment to register Liam’s voice over my moans. “Give me your arms, Claire.” He abruptly let go of my hair so I unceremoniously landed face down, arse high, with his cock still buried in my joyous cunt.

Orgasmic waves still shuddered through my body so it took a while to be able to move. Eventually I passed one arm back, waiting for him to grasp it before giving him the other. Large masculine hands wrapped tight around my wrists, pulling me upright. The leverage allowed Liam to slam into my pussy. His hips thrusting as hard as he could forcing my pelvis upwards through the air.

Now he was giving me the fuck I wanted, the fuck I needed. Covid had trapped me in our little flat, it had torn away my life. The stress, frustration, and feeling of stagnating gave way to freedom. My arms wrenched behind my back, the man I loved pummelling my cunt, I felt like a rag doll, taking whatever he gave me. Imprisoned by his hands and cock, unable to move by my own free will, yet – at that moment – I was completely free.

My moans cascaded in a crescendo, his power and strength driving hard and fast into me. My body convulsed and spasmed, his cock the key to setting my soul free. Pussy juices gushed down his balls and onto the bed. My arse cheeks slapped loudly against his thighs.

“Fill me,” I begged.

“Do you not want me to fuck you in the arse first, Claire?” he panted, still hammering into me.

But the ability to speak – or even breathe – deserted me. Instead, I gurgled incoherently, my body on fire.

Liam slowed his pounding and released my wrists so I could rest my hands back on the bed. He continued to slide his cock in and out of my tortured pussy, the pace calming, as I caught my breath.

My head hung forward, swaying with his pace, as I managed to gasp, “Unlike some part-timers, stud, I gotta go for a run.” Lazy and dizzy and not sure I was making any sense at all, I continued, “And I’m the caller for Zoom bingo later.”

“Well I better get on my back again so you can fuck that cum out of me, baby,” he chuckled, pulling his glorious cock out. I groaned at the sudden loss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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