A Helping Hand

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The first fishing trip of the season finally arrived. The boys were packed and on their way and not a minute too soon. Katherine smiled and waved as her husband and son pulled away, closed the door and sighed in relief. She did enjoy a few days of solace to herself to do as she pleased and enjoy a break from the monotony of everyday living. Unencumbered living of what and when she wanted dinner, nothing more than her favorite robe at best, her music at her level and a candle-lit, uninterrupted hot bath were on the to-do list, just to name a few.

The evening’s plans had come together nicely. A heavy thunder storm was rolling in and only enhanced the evening of smooth jazz, quiche and the warm tub.

The next morning it was clear that the soothing sounds of the heavy thunderstorm had reeked havoc to the swimming pool. The tarp covering it had come undone and the pool was loaded with debris. As she contemplated calling her husband the phone rang. Bill was calling to check in as he heard about the storm on the news report. She certainly didn’t want him to cut the trip short and did not want him to be surprised when he got back. She filled him in on the status of the pool. He didn’t seem too worried about it and would take care of it when he got home. Still troubled by the mess, but still pleased she had more time to herself.

Katherine went about her errands for the day and was looking forward to much of the same as the evening before. While picking up a few groceries she ran into Susan from church where Katherine plays piano for Sunday service. “So, did anything float away with all that rain last night?” Susan asked.

“Oh yeah and it all floated into my pool. The liner broke and I have quite a murky swamp back there” Katherine replied. “My boys are on a fishing trip and I am not about to spend my vacation cleaning out that mess.”

Susan chuckled as she knew all too well the miracle of long and away fishing trips. “I tell you what, I will send Justin over this afternoon. He could use some time away from that Xbox or whatever it is these kids play these days.”

Katherine had known Susan’s son Justin as the shy and polite young man from church who just started college. “Oh thank you but that’s ok, I will just have my guys take care of it when they get back” said Katherine.

“Really it’s no problem – it would be a benefit to all of us.”

Well, ok then. I guess it will get me out of listening to the boys whining about having to do it.” “Alright then, I will make sure he is there at noontime.”

Right on time the door bell rang at straight up noon. Shy and awkward Justin stood there “Hi Mrs Jacobs, my mom said you need some help with cleaning your canlı bahis pool.”

“Oh yes thank you so much for coming. Let’s go in back and get you started.” Katherine got him acclimated with the tools of the trade. “And when you’re down come back in and I will have some lunch for you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Katherine went about her household chores and stopped for a moment to peek out the window to see how Justin was doing. Down to his swimming trunks. She was taken aback by his smooth and toned body. She smirked to herself and turned away before her mind wandered. Back to the chores but a few minutes later she found herself peeking out that window again. Justin got down to nitty gritty and jumped in the pool to get the job done. He emerged from the pool and his young body glistened from the water and reflection of the sun. And, wait….what…oh my! His nylon trunks clung to his body and it outlined his cock…his very substantial cock. She starred intently to make sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. What he possessed was of epic porn star proportions. Her pussy tingled and her body warmed thinking about experiencing it. The cinema in her head was a flicker of nonstop lascivious scenes. She turned away and panted heavy as she tried to gather herself. For years now there was and ember inside her that longed to be ignited to do something wild and uncontrolled. It was at this moment that the blaze raged with reckless abandon. It was now or never to quench her thirst.

How could this all come together. At the very least she wanted to see his manhood in the flesh. Just a clear view of his tender man meat. It was nearly impossible for her to focus on a scenario. “Cmon Katherine….think….think clearly now” in a mumble of frustration.

Just then Justin entered through the patio doors. “All done Mrs. Jacobs, every leaf and twig accounted for.”

“Very good Justin, let me put together a sandwich for you.”

“Sounds good.”

Almost like a miracle the words left her lips. “Why don’t we get you out of those wet trunks. My son has some sweat pants you would fit in. Come upstairs with me.”

“Um…ok…” he replied gingerly.

Her body trembled as they went upstairs. Her mouth went dry and her heart raced. Wife, mother, school teacher, piano player at church had all been forgotten. A woman with lustful, borderline taboo desires had taken over.

She grabbed a towel from the closet. He gently followed behind as they entered her son’s room. She rustled through the drawers and found a pair of sweats and tshirt. She paused for a moment. There was no turning back now. She made it this far. “Here ya go. I will leave you here to dry off and then you come on down for bahis siteleri some lunch.”

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Jacobs.”

She left the room, paused for a few seconds, her eyes closed and she listened intently to his soft motions. It could not have been timed more perfectly. She turned and entered the room and saw him standing there fully nude. His young toned body fully exposed to her. Katherine soaked him in, all of him, wide eyed and in awe of the manhood that dangled between his legs. Justin gasped and scurried to cover himself, his cock whipping around as he twisted and turned searching for coverage. He balled up the jogging pants and covered himself and coiled his body to hide himself even more, clearly embarrassed. He managed to murmur out “I’m sorry” which Katherine thought was odd as it was she who barged in on him.

She moved towards him slowly. “Justin it’s okay, you have nothing to be sorry about. There is no need to be scared or nervous.” She put her arm around him and gently pet him to soothe his anxiety. His erratic breathing pattern got back in rhythm. “Justin, may I have the jogging pants?” He did not move or respond but really didn’t need to as Katherine was already extracting them from his clasp before her last syllable was uttered. Her eyes affixed to his young tender cock that she wanted to awaken and then tame. Katherine reached down and lifted it with her palm and felt its mass and heat. Justin started trembling again. “Shhh Shhh Shhh baby it’s okay just relax.”

“Mrs Jacobs I’ve never….” “Don’t be afraid or ashamed and just let things happen naturally.” she assured him. Her hand wrapped around his member and she began milking it to life. It responded to her touch and almost instantly it became fully engorged. His body trembled and his breathing became eratic as she massaged his tool. He stumbled, almost dizzy, and Katherine wondered if it was from all the blood that had rushed to plump up his cock. “I think it will help you relax if you sat on the bed” she said. Without releasing his cock she guided him down and continued the delicate stroking. She used both hands to provide maximum pleasure. And with both hands caressing, her clasp not ever close to making a full circle, and stacked from the base, the helmet and some shaft still poked through. Justin’s arms reached behind him and pushed into the mattress, his back arching as he tried to control his breathing.

“Mrs Jacobs I’ve never…I’ve never…this is…” It became clear to her what he was trying to say. Not only had Justin never been with a woman before in any sexual capacity, this would be his very first orgasm of any kind. His mother, Sister Mary Holy Susan had likely instilled the fear bahis şirketleri of God in him and any kind of manual exploration of his body meant going blind and a ride straight to h.e. double hockey sticks. The thought of that aroused her even more. She gripped harder and increased her stroke. His balls tightened. His massive ramrod beefed up even more. His body started to tremble. Her eyes focused on the purple helmet. ‘MRS. JACOBS….MRS. JACOBS…MRS JACOBS” he gasped out.

“LET IT RELEASE BABY. IT’S OK JUST LET IT RELEASE” almost hoping her words would coax it out. The commotion of his body trembling and the moans of his condition had suddenly stopped. The only sound was of her hands milking his tool. The glorious moment was upon them. His first orgasm, at her hands. Justin let out a loud and quivering moan as her eyes zeroed in on the tip. A white soft rope of jizz launched out of cock. Her milking was in time with his ejaculating. Spurt after spurt of warm creamy seed fired from his cock and came splashing down on her hands and his body.

The pulsing of jizz finally subsided and his body laid limp on the bed. With much reluctance she put his meat down. “Just relax I will be right back.” He let out of a soft moan. Katherine prepared a warm wash cloth and washed his seed off her hands. A bit of a waste, she thought, as she would much rather experience it splashed on her tits or in her mouth, or the sensation of it being pumped inside her. But it certainly was thrilling to see such impressive manhood fountain off its sweet milk.

She returned to the room to see him just about floating off the bed and she smiled at herself for a job well done. And then, something she has not seen in so many years, a fully engorged cock after an orgasm. How she wanted to experience it in every way possible at this moment. But it was evident from the trance that Justin was in that one trip to Nirvana was enough for him to palate today. She took his cock in her hands again and bathed it ever so gently. She cleaned him thoroughly and recorded every inch of it in her mind.

Justin sat up and looked at Katherine, waiting for instructing and assurance. “Mrs Jacobs please don’t tell my mother.”

She smiled lovingly and brushed his hair aside “Don’t worry, what happened today is between you and I, OK.” “Yes, ma’am”

Katherine found a bag to put his wet clothes in and invited him to go home in her son’s clothes, already setting up the next round. She led him down the stairs and to the door. He turned and looked at her “Thank you Mrs. Jacobs”.

She brush his shoulder, hoping to assure him even more “You are very welcome. Everything is OK, this is our secret.” He smiled and headed home.

Katherine settled down on the sofa. Almost hoping to feel ashamed at what just happened. But instead her mind was aflutter with thoughts of experiencing him all over her body. She would make it happen, and not soon enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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