A Good Son Ch. 04

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The woman with my mother was in her late forties and dressed in a smart black jacket and skirt with sheer black stockings and her shiny black shoes had buckles. She was wearing a white blouse buttoned to the neck. Her short dark hair was tinged with grey and looked stiff with lacquer. I suppose one could say that she was handsome although not particularly feminine. Mother said, “Debra is a barrister.”

The woman looked at me with a smile and then to Mother. “What a good looking young man, you must be very proud of him.” Mother replied that she was. Debra announced that she was about to leave and hoped that she would see me again. They went to the front door together and as they kissed each other’s cheeks, I heard them whisper.

I sat down and felt sick because it was obvious to me that Mother’s liaison with Sue had persuaded her to expand the experience, and I knew that it was entirely my fault.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Mother came back into the lounge and said, “I’ll put the kettle on.” I must have been looking suspicious because she asked, “Are you all right Anthony?”

I looked at her searchingly and asked, “How well do you know that woman?”

She stared at me blankly for a few seconds and then laughed. “She’s just a friend from the health club and if you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, I can assure you that I am not having, or planning to have, a lesbian relationship with Debra. For God’s sake it was only twenty four hours ago that I had my first taste of another female’s pussy so give me a chance.”

She was referring to the previous day’s sexual encounter with Sue, my nineteen-year-old girlfriend. Both had expressed curiosity about the forbidden fruits of Sapphic pleasure so I’d set it up. It turned out to be a humdinger, especially when I was allowed to join in the activity.

I wasn’t convinced. “What was all the whispering about then?”

She reached forward and gently pinched my nose. “Women sometimes talk about women things and they’re often not for little boys’ ears.”

Although I realised that there had been insufficient time for her to establish a lesbian relationship, I had an uneasy feeing that the Debra woman was of some significance, but what?

Since Mother had joined my health club, her body had become really trim. She was five feet four and had allowed her dark hair to grow slightly longer but it still only just covered her neck. Her breasts were medium size but firm and she had super legs and had recently started wearing shorter dresses to show them off. She was quite pretty and was beginning to look really sexy.

I changed out of my office clothes and Mother poured the tea. We sipped in silence and both of us must have been thinking about the previous day’s events. I recalled the image of Sue holding my naked mother face down across her lap and using two fingers to slowly fuck her pussy. She had held her at the brink of an orgasm until Mother was literally sobbing with frustration and begging to be allowed to come.

I shifted in the chair as the memory caused my penis to stiffen and Mother’s eyes quickly focussed on my lap. She never missed a thing. With a quiet laugh she said, “It must be a nuisance having one of those things between your legs, advertising to the world that you’re feeling horny. I’m sitting here with my pussy like a swamp and nobody knows anything about it. Did you masturbate when you got to bed?”

“Yes I did,” I replied, “and you?”

She said, “Phew did I? I eventually got to sleep about one o’clock and then woke up again at three. You don’t know how close you came to getting a visit.” She smiled and enquired, “Would you have kicked me out?”

I didn’t hesitate. “A hypothetical question Mother; I wasn’t given the opportunity.” In my head however, I was wondering about it. Would I have refused the offer? I just couldn’t make up my mind but one thing was certain, it was getting dangerously closer every day.

I always went to Sue’s on Monday. I rang the bell of her apartment and she opened the door immediately. As I leaned forward to kiss her, she grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me in.

“Never mind all that slobbering,” she said impatiently, “just get it out.” In one movement she peeled off her dress and was naked underneath. She flung herself backwards onto the sofa and opened her legs wide. Her pussy was already gaping and wet but then it always seemed to be like that.

Earnestly she said, “I know this is not very romantic but I need to be fucked as a matter of great urgency. I’ve been playing with myself for hours and believe me, it took a great deal of willpower to stop from coming because I’ve been saving it up for you. So get on with it, I just want to know if I still prefer cocks.”

I started to laugh because I loved it when she was playacting and she could be a real clown. She rebounded up from the couch and said, “If you’re going to piss about giggling I’ll help myself.”

While I stood gurgling with mirth, she started to rip the clothes from my body canlı bahis with a commentary of, “Fucking stupid buttons; get you’re hands out of the way.” Finally I was naked and at her mercy.

She dragged me forcibly to the couch and pushed me down on my back. My cock was flaccid so she slapped it was her hand causing it to bounce back from my stomach. She exclaimed in horror, “What the fuck is this? Jesus, I’m dating a eunuch.”

From a kneeling position, she soon had all of it in her mouth and within seconds was getting a positive response. As it rose to the occasion she climbed aboard. Shuffling forward until directly over my penis she sank slowly on to it and as it disappeared, her eyes turned upwards and she gave a sigh of satisfaction with, “Yes I do still like cocks.”

As she started to slide up and down on my rigid member, I said in a falsetto voice, “Help I’m being raped.”

She responded in a deep tone, “I hope you’re a virgin my dear because I’m going to fuck the arse off you.”

I squeaked, “I’ll tell the vicar.”

She replied, “I am the vicar.” It was an old one but we still laughed.

Sue and I had been together for eighteen months. She possessed a body to die for and went regularly to the gym to keep it in shape. Her search for the ultimate sexual experience was never ending and I was lucky to be her guy. With her stunning looks and dynamic personality she could get away with anything.

When Sue had a big orgasm it was a frenetic affair but usually she worked up to it with some minor ones. The big one was accompanied by obscenities, some painful squeezes and the distinct possibility of having one’s cock ripped out by the roots. She had the amazing ability to contract the muscles of her vagina so forcible she could probable grip a cricket bat with it.

She looked down to me and said, “Don’t come until I tell you because this could be an all night affair.” She gripped my cock and slid up and down in a milking motion and immediately my orgasm became imminent.

I gasped, “Well don’t do it like that then you stupid bitch.”

She put her hand over her mouth with, “Oops sorry, it was force of habit.”

Five minutes later she was sufficiently satisfied with her foreplay to say, “Okay here we go.” She lifted herself slightly, tightened her muscles and literally masturbated me with her pussy. As we both started coming she took a firmer grip on my cock and twisted left and right until there was a danger that she could unscrew it.

I grabbed her buttocks and to the accompaniment of grunts and growls, ejaculated forcibly as we both thrashed about in frenzy. She was gasping and squeezing her nipples and I could feel her hot juices flooding over my balls.

When we had both achieved satisfaction, she looked directly down into my eyes and kissed me. She said softly, “I actually quite like you.”

We showered and were relaxing when Sue said, “Your mother is a bundle of erotic pleasure. Once she got going, it was so exciting I must have come four times. If we ever get married, can she come on the honeymoon with us?” I narrowed my eyes at her menacingly and she cowered back in the chair.

She said, “I gave Robert a thrill today.” She was very fond of Robert who was an office colleague and he was crazy about her.

I knew this would be fun so I asked, “Okay what did you do to him?”

“Well,” said Sue, “I was thinking at the time about your mum rubbing our pussies together and I got so horny I slipped my hand inside my panties and started stroking my clit. It was lunchtime and there were just the two of us in the office. I must have been screwing up my face with the sensation because he was looking at me with his mouth open. So I told him that I was having a wank.”

I gave a snort of laughter. “What did he say?”

She replied, “He whispered in a disbelieving voice, ‘You’re not really are you?’ So I said, ‘Do you want to see?’ and started to stand up to show him. Just then one of the girls came back from her lunch and I had to sit down again.”

I asked incredulously, “You weren’t really going to show him your pussy were you?”

She chuckled, “Of course I was. I love him to bits and it would have given him some good wanking material.”

She made coffee and I decided to tell her about the Debra woman. When I finished my account, she looked at me blankly and said, “So?”

I felt frustrated by her lack of interest. “There’s something about the woman that worries me.”

She was still unenthusiastic. “Like what?”

There was nothing specific that I could describe so I said lamely, “I don’t know, but there’s something cooking up and I don’t like it.”

It was no comfort when she said, “I think you’re getting neurotic; just keep taking the tablets.”

Tuesday was Sue’s night for her Italian class so I stayed at home. I was surfing on my laptop and Mother was into her book when she said casually, “Oh by the way, Debra’s invited us both for tea on Sunday.”

I looked up sharply with, “What?”

“I said we are going for bahis siteleri tea at Debra’s on Sunday.”

I snapped, “Why?”

Mother looked blank. “What do you mean why?”

“Why is she inviting us for tea?”

After gazing at me for a few seconds she replied, “It’s probably quite innocent but on the other hand, she could be a serial killer. She might intend to drug us and then dismember our bodies and spread the pieces around town in black plastic sacks.”

I responded aggressively, “That wouldn’t surprise me at all.” I knew I was being childish when I announced, “Well I’m not going.”

Mother looked irritated. “What on earth is the matter with you? I’ve accepted her invitation and you have to go so don’t argue.”

After thinking about it for a moment, I decided that perhaps I was being unreasonable so I relented and said, “Okay, if I have to go then I will but under protest.” I spent the rest of the week with a strange feeling of foreboding.

Sunday came and we were due there at five in the afternoon. Mother told me that Debra was divorced and lived with her son who was nineteen. Apparently she was loaded and lived in a huge house.

It was pleasant afternoon and we were driving through the town centre when Mother asked casually, “Did you have a shower dear?”

I looked sideways at her in surprise. “Yes why?”

In the same innocent tone, “Well I want you to smell nice. Did you put aftershave lotion on your private parts?”

She was referring to the occasion when at the age of sixteen I had a date with an older girl and was looking forward to my first sexual experience. Not anticipating the consequences, I liberally splashed some of my dad’s lotion on my cock and testicles.

It was like someone had put a blowtorch to my balls. I must have screamed because my mother came rushing up the stairs to find me sitting in the washbasin with the cold water tap running. She has never let me forget it.

A had a sick feeling in my stomach and I took a tighter grip on the steering wheel when I asked cautiously, “Why do you want me to smell nice?”

She answered quietly, “I’m afraid I told you a little fib.”

I felt like a condemned man. Slowly and deliberately I asked, “What sort of a fib?”

She was looking straight ahead when she said calmly, “Now I don’t want you to get annoyed but we are actually going to their house to swing with Debra and her son.”

The car snaked as I stood on the brakes. As we shuddered to a halt I heard the screech of tyres behind; followed immediately by simultaneous blasts from several horns.

I turned to Mother and screamed, “What?”

She stared without expression through the windscreen and replied, “I think you heard what I said.”

I blathered hysterically, “What in fuck’s name are you talking about?” As the cacophony of horns behind us increased in volume, I poked my head out of the window and yelled, “Shut up you cunts.”

I looked in the mirror to see a young girl standing up in an open sports car. Behind her there were three more cars jammed nose to tail. She was waving her arms in a random manner to demonstrate her frustration.

I poked my head out of the window again and shouted, “Go around you stupid bitch,” but she was boxed in. I could see more cars beginning to join the queue and the fourth in line was trying to back up. As it was likely to take several minutes to sort out the jam, I took my foot off the brake and moved the car forward.

I turned to Mother and pleaded, “Please tell me you’re joking.”

But she was looking past me and said, “Oh dear Anthony, she’s giving you the finger.”

I snarled, “Fuck her; just tell me that you’re not serious.” I was clenching my buttocks as I struggled to control my panic.

She turned her head to look directly into my eyes. Her voice was tight but calm when she answered, “I am absolutely serious. Debra is expecting you to screw her and her son is going to do the same to me.”

I stared at her in horror and then slumped sideways against the door as my life force ebbed away. I had not cried since I was a kid but I was close to it right then.

I shut my eyes and tried to think of something to say but nothing appropriate came to mind. Then I made a decision. I started the engine and grabbed the wheel with the intention of turning the car around.

Mother put her hand on my arm and said quietly, “What do you think you’re doing Anthony?”

“We’re going home.”

Her voice was icy cold. “If you do, you’ll spend the rest of your time in my house living in misery. You’ll do your own washing, your own cooking, make your own bed and I’ll never exchange another word with you.”

I turned off the engine and folded my arms on the wheel. I put my forehead down on them and asked beseechingly, “What’s happening to you Mother? Five weeks ago you were my lovely Mum and now you’re a crazy sex machine. I suppose it’s entirely my fault.”

“Yes it is.”

I sat up indignantly with, “What do you mean yes it is? why is it my fault?”

She bahis şirketleri stared at me with a patient expression. “Are you really being serious? Just over a month ago I was playing with my pussy and minding my own business. But you decided to interfere and since then you’ve turned my life upside down.

You’ve introduced me to hard porn. Tied me to a chair and tormented me with a bondage scene until I was screaming with frustration. You’ve excited my imagination with an erotic story and shown me how to watch myself masturbate in a mirror.

As if that’s not enough, you encouraged your girlfriend and I to engage in lesbian activities; which I should add was thoroughly enjoyable.

I now spend my entire waking life thinking about nothing but sex and masturbating constantly. Despite all of that I still haven’t had proper sex; although I’ve given you every encouragement.”

I felt deflated. “I thought we had a deal.”

Her eyes opened wide and she spat out, “Deal? What fucking deal? I’ve never agreed to a deal.”

I had never heard her swear like that before.

She looked at me earnestly. “Don’t you understand; I want to feel a cock inside me. I’m forty-two years of age and I’ve never been fucked properly because my dear husband didn’t know how to give me pleasure. Maybe I’ve always been a sex bomb primed to explode and all you did was press the button; I don’t know.”

She settled back in her seat and looked straight ahead. I stared at her with thoughts churning in my head but I couldn’t think of anything to say. She said firmly, “Drive on because we’re going to Debra’s.”

I felt weary. “All right Mother, if you want me to fuck you let’s just go home.”

She snapped, “It’s too late now, we’re committed. I intend to keep my word otherwise I can never face her at the club again. So get going and put your foot down, it will be rude if we keep them waiting.”

I gave a short laugh but I wasn’t finding it amusing, “For Christ’s sake, we’re not going to tea with the vicar. We’re going to somebody’s house for an orgy. I’m supposed to screw a woman I don’t even know or like and you’re going to have some spotty faced nerd stick his cock inside you.”

She dismissed that with, “So what? And when he does, I hope you’re watching and regret that it’s not you that’s doing it.”

I carried on protesting, “But you said he is only nineteen.”

She turned to me, “You’re just a year older and I wouldn’t mind if you were doing it. Because of you, I now associate sex with young men. Even the fictitious character in your erotic story was a young man.”

She hesitated as if wondering if she should go on. She said quietly, “Anthony, I’m going to tell you something.” She paused again and took a deep breath before continuing, “I’ve always desired you. When you started to grow up, I craved to touch your body. As you’ve become a man, the feeling has got stronger. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it.

When you were a teenager, I once saw you naked on your bed. I watched you stroking your penis and when it stiffened, I took my panties off and began to caress myself. You started to masturbate and you didn’t know that I was watching.

My pussy was wet and I stood with my legs wide apart. I was shaking with excitement and as you got close to coming, I desperately wanted to hold your penis and do it for you.

I was rubbing my clitoris and holding my panties over my mouth to cover my groans, but you were too occupied to hear me. When I saw you squirt over your tummy I had a huge orgasm and fell down on my knees.

Since you’ve become a man, I’ve looked at you with desire many times. I’ve dreamed about kneeling in front of you and taking out your cock. I’ve imagined that first I’m sucking it and then I masturbate you. I’ve come many times just picturing the look on your face as your seed spurts.”

We sat in silence until she asked quietly, “I expect that has shocked you.”

I was unable to reply because I felt too confused. I was embarrassed but also ashamedly thrilled. All those years and I never knew.

I started the engine and said, “Right, let’s get this over but promise me one thing.”


I put my hand under her chin and looked into her eyes, “That you won’t enjoy it.”

She pressed her lips together and her eyes were laughing, “I’ll try really hard not to.”

I was serious when I said, “I’m going to give that Debra women a fucking she’ll never forget.” Then I thought of something else. “Just one more thing. What am I going to tell Sue?”

“Well,” answered Mother, “My best advice is not to tell her at all but if you feel it would be a violation of trust, then I’ll write you a note saying I forced you to do it.”

We eventually arrived only a few minutes late. The properties were spread well apart and every one was a mansion. Their house was as big as any and was surrounded by wrought iron railings with ornamental gates. There was an intercom and when I pressed the button and announced, “Emma and Anthony,” a voice responded, “Welcome.”

The house had white Gothic pillars either side of the entrance and there were steps leading up to the front door. As we got out of the car, Debra was already standing on the top step. I thought, “What, no butler?”

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