A Gilf’s Cum Slave Ch. 03

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(Ongoing series of stories about sexy older women who love using young studs as their cum-fed sex slaves!)


Annabelle and Meredith just came back from their daily morning walk, a ritual the two best friends engaged on daily to keep their hot, GILF bodies in prime muscular shape. Annabelle was 62, a gorgeous silver-haired blonde with lithe, lean legs and slim body, and Meredith was three years older, dark silver-flecked brunette hair with a thicker, fuller shape, but just as strong.

And both had insatiable sexual appetites, both for men 40 years there junior. Like Renaldo, a smooth-skinned Latino stud who was working this hot summer day in the front yard of Annabelle’s palatial home. He’d do landscaping, gardening, chores, and whatever else the leggy rich lady desired. For her, and to her, or any of her friends. Like Meredith.

“My, my, my, he is a sexy thing,” Meredith cooed as the pair turned the corner of the street and saw Renaldo toiling away, sweaty and shirtless. “Darling, do you mind if I have a go at the boy? My ass is quite sweaty and I think is in need of cleaning!”

“I love your nastiness, girlfriend!” Annabelle laughed, slapping her friend’s thick tush as they walked into the yard, Renaldo stopping his work to stare nervously at them.

“Be a dear, and cleanse Mrs. Ryder’s ass would you?” Annabelle laughed, pointing to the butt barely hidden in Meredith’s tight and short dark shorts, the bottom of her aging but sexy butt cheeks hanging below the hem, her powerful, tanned thighs exploding below and below that, her meaty, muscular calves in short white socks and running shoes.

‘Uh…ok…sure, Mrs. Shaw…” the shy boy gulped nervously.

“Come inside, the both of you,” Annabelle laughed.

“Actually, no,” Meredith smiled. “I’d prefer my ass cleaned right here, in the driveway, in my car! It’s so naughty to be naughty in public!”

“Of course it is, naughty girl!” Annabelle laughed, turning to walk inside. “Do a good job Renaldo, and maybe you won’t be punished by me later!”

Meredith waited for the boy to open her expensive BMW door, and she climbed in, kneeling in the backseat, wiggling her ass at him. Nervously, he got in and knelt in front, that big, sweaty ass inches from his face. The musky butt aroma wafted to his nose.

“Uh, should I put on the AC Mrs. Ryder?” he asked hopefully.

“I should say not, stud,” she hissed over her shoulder, slipping her shorts over that abundant ass, the meaty white flesh firm and moist, a hint of dark hair wet and matted between them. “Dig in!”

Annabelle watched from her living room window, slipping a hand in her white short shorts, frigging her hairy pussy as Renaldo obediently planted his face in the clammy depths of Meredith’s hungry ass, pulling the flesh open with his hands and drilling the moist butthole with his tongue, pulling back at the salty, nasty tang of it. She watched and laughed as Meredith grabbed his ears and pulled him back inside.

“Do NOT hesitate to suck my filthy asshole canlı bahis again, boy!” she growled. “Now eat it clean and I JUST may let you fuck it with your worthless cock!”

She knew she would and that he’d hate it, fearing the results. He devoured her wet asshole now, attaching his mouth to the wet ring and sucking while digging deep inside with his long tongue, flutter fucking it harder and harder until she came from the anal burrowing, shuddering in orgasm and then quivering her asscheeks on his face, backing him away. Smiling darkly, she turned and beckoned him to the back seat, the boy sighing as he obeyed, pulling his pants down to reveal his slender, eight-inch cock, perfect for assfucking.

“Let Granny do the work,” she hissed, facing away and fisting his cock, slipping the head into her soaking wet shit ring and settling down on it, sinking it deep inside, coming to rest on his bloated young balls. “Fuck, yessssssssss….”

She rode him hard, bouncing up and down, knowing the sight of her madly hunching butt meat quivering before him would take him over the edge quickly. She was right and felt his dick swell in her rapacious ass cave.

“Don’t you DARE cum, boy, not yet!” she roared, hands on his legs, punching her quaking ass down on him harder, the fleshy wave of it taking him over the top in seconds. “OR ELSE!!”

“Please…Mrs.Ryder..stop…slow down..oh God, PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME CUM!!!” he bellowed.

But it was too late. His balls erupted and flooded her bowels with seed, his boy cum splashing deep inside her as she rode him harder, draining his nuts. She smiled facing away from him and then pulled out, leaning forward to show him the cum-plugged entry of her open anus.

“Eat, boy,” she sighed, springing back with her muscular old legs and slamming her wet ass to his mouth, securing it there by clenching his head in her powerful thighs, folding her socked calves up to the back of his head to keep him tight to her bunger as she grunted and forced every thick ounce. “That’s it, get that face deep in that cummy ass and eat all that nasty spunk you blasted up there!!”

She came again from the forced cum eating she was putting the boy through and the sound of frantic slurping from her thick ass as he cleaned her for five straight minutes, until he was nearly passed out in her smothering thigh scissor grip. She finally let go, unlocked her meaty thighs and pulled her shorts back on, kicking him out of the car where he desperately pulled up his shorts — just as Annabelle opened the front door.

“Did he serve you well?” she shouted to her friend.

“Not well enough, Annabelle!” Meredith laughed. “He’s all yours!”

Annabelle smiled as she watched Renaldo pulling up his pants, trying to get it over his unflagging, cum-dripping boner. He looked up at her, desperation in his eyes, and she curled a bony GILF finger at him.

“Come here, boy,” she hissed. “Now.”

He gulped and obeyed, watching her wrinkled but muscular GILF legs flex, calves rippling bahis siteleri above her short socks as she walked, the hamstrings lean and sinewy, her little ass visible at the hem of her white short shorts. He went inside and shut the door, and by the time he got around the corner, she was naked, save for those socks and sneakers, sitting on the granite kitchen counter, thighs spread, her gray-silver bush matted with sweat. She lifted one sagging breast up, smiling darkly.

“Suckle it, stud,” she growled. “Lick my nipple!”

He groaned and shuffled forward, bending to attach his sucking mouth to the offered teat, tonguing the wrinkly nub and then suckling like a baby at his mother’s breast. She held it there, a hand on the back of his head, and slowly drew him in with her long, strong legs, encircling his waist, squeezing with her thighs.

“My guess is you didn’t last long enough in Mrs. Ryder’s ass, Renaldo,” she cooed, pulsating her thighs on his ribs. “And she made you suck your filthy boy cream out of her ass. Well, you must learn to satisfy a woman and control yourself, I guess…”

He moaned, his trembling hands rubbing the soft but hard flesh of Annabelle’s tensing thighs on his sides as he suckled the other tit she now held up.

“Lick all around, that’s right, suckle the breast meat into your mouth, that’s it, that’s it…now down under each one and between them, lick and swallow all that delicious old-lady tit sweat!” she laughed, pushing his head to guide his face to the soaking wet flesh. “Now up to my neck, lick that sweat from my sexy old wrinkles…mmm, you’re doing better, boy, you’re doing better…”

She used his tongue as her towel for a few minutes longer, then pushed his face away, holding up her left arm, the moist sweat gathered in the deep well of her sexy old armpit. She smiled. He didn’t.

“Lick that clean, too, stud,” she growled, grabbing his resistant head and mashing his face inside, feeling his trembling tongue wash over her tender flesh. “Lick Mrs. Shaw’s sweaty armpits!!”

He moaned as she squeezed his ribs in her tireless, sweaty thighs and force fed him her armpit wetness, letting him devour every drop before pushing his face away.

“Now then,” she snarled, unsnapping his pants, freeing his dick and fisting it in one bony hand, fitting the knob to the matted fur of her sweaty pussy. “Try to make me cum before you do…”

She slipped forward, impaling herself on Renaldo’s throbbing cock, making the boy gasp with her pussy tightness and the fierce clamp of her muscular old thighs around his ribs. She controlled the rhythm, contracting her cunt on his cock, using her legs to push him out and pull him in. She leaned to his face, framing it in her hands, thrusting her long tongue into his mouth and kissing him long and deep, feeling the cock knob buried in her quim throb and expand.

“Oh, I can feel it, Renaldo, feel that cock thicken up in my cunt,” she hissed, breaking the kiss and biting his earlobe then stabbing inside his ear with bahis şirketleri her hot tongue. “Feel my pussy milk your big, bad, hard cock? You wanna cum, doncha, you wanna blast a thick, hot load inside me as I fuck you, doncha?”

“Oh, God, Mrs. Shaw…oh fuck….” he moaned, trying not to think he was fucking this gorgeous GILF, trying to think of anything else but unable to as she swabbed his ears with her tongue and pulsated her thighs on his sides, scissoring harder and drawing him fully inside her, locking her calves behind him and holding him still, letting her pussy walls chew at the imprisoned dick. “GOD PLEASE NO!!!!”

She laughed and throbbed her pussy harder and harder, then came as she felt the resultant blast of boy cum scorch her womb, jetting thick streams of jism into her as she held him tight, now wrapping her bony but strong arms around his neck, forcing him into the smothering sweaty folds of her moist tits. He finally stopped and she released his face and ribs, pushing him slowly out of her, quickly hoisting her feet up to the counter, calves pressed against her thighs, her pussy splayed open to show him his handiwork, a thick plug of glistening goo pooled at the entrance, her hairy pussy matted with sweat and cum.

“Oh, Renaldo,” she sighed, reaching for his hair and forcing him to his knees to ram his face to her cummy quim. “You just don’t learn, do you? Now SUCK all your filthy spunk from my hairy cunt!!”

Renaldo struggled but she easily contained him by lashing out with her long legs, her wrinkled, soft but powerful thighs clamping around his ears, his mouth at her gushing hole, her socked calves scissored tightly behind him as she forced out a thick stream of sperm directly into his mouth where he had to swallow rapidly to keep from drowning in his own spunk. He moaned and pawed at those brown, rippling old thighs, trying to breathe, and she laughed and squeezed harder as ounce by ounce, she force fed him his ball brew.

“You don’t get released until I get satisfied, boy,” she growled, quivering her soft thighs on his ears, trapping him fully in pussy, using her hands to cup his head and grind his face. “Make Mrs. Shaw cum and I MIGHT not knock you out!”

He moaned in pain from the crush of her ageless thighs and humiliation from the taste of his cum and hers, mixed with sweat, as she ground hard on his face, using and abusing it, rubbing the harsh wet hair on his flesh, using his nose and lips to please herself, banging her clit harder and harder until she came with a straight-out locking of her legs, thighs quivering and quaking as she crushed him, cumming all over his face, and knocking him out cold in the process.

He came around minutes later, flat on his back on the floor. He looked up her long legs as she stood next to him, clothes back on and smiling down at him.

“Now be a dear and finish my yard,” she cooed, walking off toward her bedroom. “I think my good friend Susan will be out for a run in awhile, and I’m sure she’ll need cleaning, too.”

He staggered to his feet, stumbled outside and got back to work, hoping against hope he wouldn’t see Susan, a gorgeous 61-year-old blonde with legs and sexual appetite even stronger than Mrs. Shaw’s. run by any time soon..

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