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Probably because James was on my mind I awoke around three a.m., restless. I replayed chunks of our conversation over in my mind but it was mostly the unspoken that resonated with me. Looks, smiles, eye contact at the most intimate moments.

I got out of bed in the dark, sliding on a light peignoir over my nudity. The hot day had given over to a warm night.. Glancing out the window, I spied a sliver of moon and heard the chirps of night insects, hugged myself, and moved into the living room. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I’d excused myself to go to the restroom while we were at the coffee shop; unbeknownst to him, my nether regions had become damp with excitement and I needed a break.

What if he’d come home with me, I thought, instead of being a gentleman and giving me a chaste kiss on the forehead? A shiver coursed through me and in a ray of moonlight through the blinds I spied my nipples perked at attention. Well, then. There was nothing for it but it but to take this fantasy to its pleasurable conclusion.

I stood, eyes closed, legs slightly apart, envisioning us coming to my door, touching a little, but not too much. He’d been perfectly respectful. A bit flirty but not pervy, just enough to make me wonder what it would be like. You know. To have him inside me.

We shared our first kiss before I even shut the door behind us, his warm lips casino oyna on mine, his tongue pushing against my teeth. I obeyed his desire and our tongues wrapped around each other, exploring, exchanging their wet wonder. His hands on my hips, he cupped my buttocks in them, squeezing a little.

Oh god. I returned to my bed and tore off the peignoir. Caressing my breasts, rubbing my nipples, I lay back on the pillows and spread my legs, letting one hand move slowly down my torso, just inside the top end of my vulva. Wet and sticky. My clit throbbed in anticipation.

By now James had divested me of my clothing and his own, keeping our mouths busy the entire time. His hands roamed from my breasts to my pubic hair, tantalizing me with two fingers inside my vulva; stopping short of touching my clit. I pushed my pelvis against his hand, my clit longing for contact, but he pulled back.

“Uhhhhh,” I moaned, and realized I’d been rubbing my clit with my finger. It felt hot and sticky, begging me for more. I ran my finger into my vagina, loosening an explosion of wetness that ran toward my anus; I fervently spread it over my clit and environs, suddenly noticing my shallow breaths.

I grasped his hand and we fell onto my bed, his cock hard and glistening. I gripped it and leaned over him to taste him. With a sigh of bliss he lay back while I licked and sucked and familiarized canlı casino myself with the deliciousness of him. He pushed me back after a few moments, shaking his head, and sat up. “Not yet,” he whispered.

I knew exactly where my vibrator was on the bedside table. With eyes closed in rapturous arousal, I found it, turned it on, and began slowly, stroking against my clit. I squeezed myself around the vibrator and rolled onto my side, shoving it in a little, turning up the speed, and ground myself into it. With my sticky fingers I rubbed my breasts and nipples, breathing hard now as I gyrated my hips.

He kissed me a few more times, and moved me onto my back, his mouth now finding my clit. He flicked at it a few times with his tongue, driving me mad with desire, making me yelp with each touch.

“Like that?” he asked breathlessly.

“God, don’t stop!” I yelled.

Laughing a little, he moved his face into my vulva, licking, exploring my vagina and its wet exudation. I lay there helpless, in thrall to this ultimate joy. He could do anything to me now, I just longed for an orgasm, and was near to exploding. Next thing I knew, he’d moved himself over me, his hard-on grazing my stomach, now poised over my vagina. He spread my legs apart with his hands, kissed my nipples, and entered me ever so slightly.

I gasped with anticipation.

Oh but he was kaçak casino a tease!

I continued undulating myself against the vibrator which keened like an overworked blender. I found myself aroused by the sound of it, echoing the desperation of my need. I moved it around with my finger to find the sweet spot against my clit, and squeezed my breasts again. I got close a couple of times, held my breath for that moment of ecstasy.

James pushed my legs upward, his hands on the backs of my knees, and moved inside me. The fullness of him felt so right, so perfect. With each thrust I groaned in pleasure while he breathed hard and his face took on the look of a man intent on his work. The friction against my clit felt so incredible; I concentrated on that while he worked to his own climax.

I got there first, crying out with gasps of ‘oh god!’ with him still pumping inside me, then seconds later I felt him stiffen and let out a low wail, followed by a long, drawn out “ohhhhh.” When he at last pulled out of me, I felt his cum sliding out, too. All that wetness, the mingling of our fluids, the sheer carnality of it – so hot and primal.

At my imagined orgasm, I shoved the vibrator in harder and that did it – I came in undulations of pleasure; the waves coursing down my legs and up my arms. I looked at my nipples; they were rock hard.

In my fantasy, we kissed and showered together, and he stayed the night with me.

I sighed, and went in to rinse off the vibrator, and returned to bed. I’d need it again in a few hours when I’d pretend we woke up horny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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