Is He Really a 10+ in Bed?

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[Note to readers: most of you will guess where this is going right away. But I hope you like the journey anyway! If you have any ideas for how to better disguise what will happen, or how I better could surprise the readers, please let me know.]


“Darn it! I did it again!” Nancy berated herself.

As she awoke in the unfamiliar room it was clear she had done exactly what she had vowed never to do again: go to a bar or club, get really drunk, and then go home with some guy she just met. And because she had gotten so wasted, the next morning she could barely even remember his name.

Most women looked for “Mr. Right”. But, she thought to herself, “Poor, pathetic Nancy can’t even find a good lay.” Nancy had not cum the last few times she picked up a guy. The last few times she had a one night stand, after they finished and the guy went to sleep, Nancy engaged in a personal ritual.

She wrote on a slip of paper whether she came and, if she did, the number of times. Nancy wrote the number down (and hid it in her shoes) because she knew she wouldn’t be able to remember much the next morning. But in the morning she wanted to know whether the guy next to her in bed had been a good lay, a considerate lover, someone who might possibly be a nice, caring person who she might want to see again. Or at least a guy who was good in bed!

But the last few pieces of paper had a “0” on them. In fact, she could not even remember the last time any guy had given her a reason to write a “1” – maybe a year ago? And a “2” was just a dream.

Sighing, Nancy told herself that reducing her sights, from love to sex, wasn’t doing her any good. She was in a horrible self-destructive cycle, chasing guys in the worst way, guys who were wrong for her, and so she never found a good one. After today, she promised – promised! – herself, it would stop. No more one night stands. Ever. Nancy would become a new person. With new goals in her life and new methods. She wasn’t exactly sure what changes she would make, but she knew she had to radically change something. She just had to!

Nancy looked at the back of the head of the guy sleeping next to her – and could only see a small part of his head from her angle. Bracing herself for the confirmation that would prove this was her last lousy one night stand ever, Nancy found and unfolded the paper she had stashed the night before. It read: “10+”.

Nancy blinked, tried to shrug off some of her sleepiness, and stared at the paper. The obvious and straightforward explanation couldn’t possibly be true. It just couldn’t. Not with her luck. Instead, it probably meant that she had written a “0”, and then added a “+” to it – signifying a tiny cum? And then she had changed her mind, and raised the guy’s score to a “1”. This would explain the 1, the 0, and the +.

Either this was sex as good as (sadly) it ever got for her – one small orgasm was better than anything she had with a guy in a long time. Or – dare she even think it – she had found the greatest stud in the world! The King of Cocks! The Prince of Penises! The Duke of Dicks! Clearly this guy – if the 10 was a real number – knew how to use his cock.

Or maybe there was something different about him? Nancy giggled softly to herself – maybe he was more of a man than her other bedmates? She had thought guys’ sizes didn’t matter, but all the men she had slept with before now were roughly average in size. Maybe Macho Man was hung like a horse?

Nancy looked at the sleeping Super Stud, and now could see the back of his head and a very small piece of his upper back. He had long hair and a smooth, hairless upper back. Nancy thought that he was really sexy – long hair must mean he was a Sampson type of stud, and hair on backs were a turnoff to her.

Nancy remembered that bodybuilders often shaved their bodies. It all made sense. Probably her guy was a spectacularly muscled long haired Sampson type of bodybuilder who shaved his body. She had never knowingly been turned on by guys with huge muscles before, but if the “10” was right, then subconsciously she must think that the more muscles, the more testosterone, the better?

Or maybe he had laser treatments to remove the hair from his back? This could indicate that he casino oyna was fashionable and that he knew how to please women (at least women like Nancy)?

Nancy told herself that it didn’t mater why he was such a stud – the only thing that mattered was that he was different. He knew how to use his cock to make her come again and again. Maybe fate was telling her that this was the man for her – her perfect 10!

But all this only true if indeed she had actually written “10+” on the paper when she was drunk the previous night. But her fantasies ended when she realized it was much more likely that he was between a 1 and a 0. “Don’t be even more of an idiot than usual, Nancy. He’s probably just another zero. Which is all that you deserve.”

Just then the sleeping figure turned around and started to wake up. Nancy froze as she saw the face of a woman! A pretty woman with a smile that penetrated Nancy’s very essence and lit the entire apartment!! The friendliest smile Nancy has ever seen. A smile so warm it made Nancy melt. The sweetest looking face she had ever seen. An angel who gave Nancy a kiss.

Nancy was in shock – she had gone to bed with a woman! But had they actually made love? Although Nancy had instinctively kissed the woman back, she was completely confused. Then, looking at the warm, smiling face, the name Alice came into her head, and other buried thoughts began to emerge from Nancy’s cocoon of sleep.

Maybe they had been so drunk that they had only kissed, and then they fell asleep? Kissing another girl was no big deal. She had done it in bars plenty of times on dares or to turn guys on. Girls were so pretty and soft they were fun to kiss, so of course she would kiss someone with as great a smile as Alice. No big deal. That didn’t mean anything, really. Any girl would kiss another girl, especially after drinking. It certainly didn’t mean that Nancy was a lesbian, or even bi.

Then Alice spoke. “Morning, gorgeous. We had a great time last night, didn’t we?”

Nancy sat up, covering her breasts with the sheet. Alice also sat up, but did not cover her own breasts. Nancy stared, and thought that Alice’s breasts were beautiful. Just beautiful. Why had she never before really noticed how beautiful breasts were? Nancy wondered whether she might have touched them last night. Or kissed or sucked them – my gosh!

Alice looked at Nancy’s attempt to cover her breasts and giggled. “Last night you wanted me to look at you. And do all kinds of things to your breasts. Don’t you remember that I made love to your breasts for maybe 20 minutes? And how you came from just having me go nuts over your tits? And me going crazy made you go crazy, and it was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced in my life!”

Nancy felt dazed at this news, but could sort-of remember Alice sucking her breasts. It must have been true. She loved having her tits sucked and played with. But guys usually would just kiss and suck them for a few minutes before moving to her pussy, so Nancy had never come close to cuming from nipple play before. But twenty minutes – lord! What a patient lover Alice must be!

Nancy reflected that she might well have cum just from having Alice suck on her breasts. This probably was why she had written the “0” and the “1” on the paper. She certainly could have had a tiny cum from having her breasts get so much attention. Yes, it wasn’t that Nancy was really attracted to girls, but this was the first time anyone had ever really made love to her breasts! So how could she – how could any girl, even a 100% straight girl – resist? That seemed reasonable.

Nancy reflected that it was only natural for her – for any woman – to enjoy it when anyone – even another woman – licked and kissed her breasts so patiently and expertly. What’s more, everyone knows that breasts are beautiful. Everything in our society screams that beasts are sexy! So of course anyone – guy or girl – would want to kiss and suck them. No big deal. That didn’t mean anything, really.

Any girl would kiss another girl, and kiss her breasts as well. And any girl – even straight girls – would love it when someone – even another girl – paid wonderful attention to her breasts. All that didn’t mean anything serious. Even a 100% straight canlı casino girl like herself couldn’t resist it when someone as warm and friendly as Alice had paid so much attention to her breasts. No big deal. Calm down and take a deep breath, it didn’t mean she was gay. Maybe, just maybe, a little bit bi-curious, but that was all.

Then Alice continued. “I thought our breast play was the sexiest thing ever. But then things got so much hotter – you really loved the tribbing.”

Nancy stared at Alice the Angel’s friendly face, and thought frantically to herself, “Tribbing!” She had read about it, of course. Pussy grinding, beaver bumping, it went by many names. A bisexual friend had told Nancy that even though lesbians often tribbed, beginners did not usually do it, and that in her opinion it was the most wonderful, intimate sexual position possible.

But did Nancy and Alice really rub their pussies together? Evidently Alice was experienced at lesbian lovemaking. Did the two of them really engage in the most intense girl-on-girl action possible? And did Nancy really like it so much? If all she had done was to kiss Alice, and then they had played with each others’ breasts, Nancy reflected, then she was still straight. But if she had enjoyed tribbing….

“You don’t remember tribbing? You were so wasted – maybe I should refresh your memory?”

Alice leaned towards Nancy, who was too lost in thought to move. But the kiss came, and Nancy liked it. In fact, it was great. In fact, the best ever, the sweetest and most loving kiss Nancy had ever experienced. Were all girl kisses so much better than boy kisses, or was it just that they were so new to Nancy? Or was it that Alice was so very, very special?

As they kissed, Alice’s hands gradually started to roam all over Nancy’s body, starting with her arms, neck, and shoulders. Almost everywhere except for her hottest spots. But finally Alice’s wandering hands found Nancy’s nipples. And she sure knew how to treat them. Nancy didn’t believe her nipples could feel any better until Alice replaced her hands with her mouth. Was super-patient Alice going to worship Nancy’s nipples for 20 minutes? She didn’t have to, because in less time than that Nancy came! She has never before cum just from nipple play! Except maybe last night, she could not be sure. Is Alice the best lover ever? Or was it just that Alice is a girl?

Alice resumed kissing Nancy’s breasts, but then she also started to fondle Nancy’s clit, giving her the most incredible sensation Nancy had ever experienced. Nancy came almost immediately, and then again and again. Many men had done similar things to her, but no man has ever done it even a fraction so well.

Nancy’s afterglow was interrupted, however, when Alice mounted her! The tribbing was coming!

Alice settled in on top, and positioned her clit directly on Nancy’s. Nancy closed her eyes and focused on her pussy, and the sensations were indescribable, similar in some ways to being fucked by a man, but more intimate, more intensely electric, and so much better. There was the familiar pounding of a pelvis onto hers, with each thrust sending her higher and higher, but with no cock involved. Nancy felt herself getting wetter than she has ever been, but then realized that the same thing must be happening to Alice, so they were sharing their wetness. The ultimate womanly act. Maybe the ultimate sex act?

Until the tribbing Alice had made love to Nancy like so many guys had tried to – only better. Much better. But now Alice was humping her in the missionary position. In the traditional male superior position! But doing it better than any of the dozens of men who had humped Nancy over the years. With a pounding as urgent and intense as when any guy did it, but at the same time she was so soft… The combination of a hard clit and womanly gentleness, hard driving intensity from a soft body, was a ying/yang that trumped anything any guy had ever delivered.

Nancy decided that tribbing was better than being fucked by a guy because guys simply lacked the right equipment for the ultimate sex act. A pussy can hump better than a cock! She never suspected! Tribbing was the best of all worlds – it was fucking, but with a hot pussy rubbing against kaçak casino her pussy, a clit rubbing against her sister. Two equals giving one another pleasure, taking each other to nirvana. The recognition of what she was doing made Nancy’s passion go higher and higher.

Even though at this point Nancy thought that having Alice’s hot wet pussy fucking hers was the sexiest lovemaking imaginable, things then got even hotter. Because Nancy opened her eyes and saw Alice’s beautiful face. It was still the face of an angel, but one intent on providing Nancy a good time and also getting off herself. Such a determined face, so focused and passionate. And so pretty. Of course women are prettier, their skin so scrumptious compared with men. And instead of some guy grunting a bit, an incredible woman was moaning the sexiest sounds possible.

Alice was on top of Nancy throwing her head from side to side, in ecstasy, totally out of control, going crazy and driving Nancy crazy, making wonderful moans of passion. No wonder guys like to look at porn films starring beautiful woman, especially beautiful woman pretending to cum. The sight and sounds of Alice in ecstasy alone would have been enough to get anyone off, man or woman, even a straight woman. She was that sexy! But when it was added to the tribbing….

Then Nancy focused on Alice’s dangling tits. Her large, beautiful, delicious tits, the most beautiful sight in the world. No wonder guys loved breasts so much. No wonder guys worshipped girls’ tits and would pay huge sums of money to see them, to touch them, to kiss them. Nancy then knew what she wanted to do more than anything in the world. She had to suck them, she just had to.

Alice was like a guy up there, in the missionary position, fucking her. Only so much more awesome. With more passion, more moaning than any guy, which turned on Nancy even more. So much prettier and softer, but just as intense. With a pussy that was better at fucking than any cock! Besides, a cock would wilt after one time, often before Nancy came. But a pussy that could fuck and fuck, longer than any cock could fuck. And — Alice had tits! Alice had beautiful, sexy tits that no guy could ever match! Tits!! How wonderful!! Tits!!!!

Nancy remembered the liberated women’s truism: anything a man can do, a woman can do, and can do better. She knew it applied outside the bedroom. And Nancy hadn’t doubted that women could bring each other off using their tongues and fingers better than a man could because women were so much more in tune with each other. But now she knew that women also could fuck pussies better than men! They could do the ultimate traditional male sex, the missionary position, the on-top sex act, better than men! And then throw in beautiful tits as a bonus…

Nancy reached up her head a few inches, to suck Alice’s tits, and while she did this she closed her eyes. Much as she wanted to gaze upon Alice’s beautiful face and breasts, she wanted even more to focus on sucking Alice’s nipples. But she could still hear Alice’s pre-cum sounds! Nancy wanted it all – to be tribbed while she sucked Alice’s nipples and listened to her passionate sounds. Sure enough, Nancy’s entire body exploded soon after her lips touched Alice’s nipple.

Alice’s cunt also had been on fire, and Nancy’s lips on her nipples drove Alice over the top. Alice came with the most contended yet excited scream Nancy has ever heard. A scream that put Nancy over the top again. Perhaps it was because the tribbing was the most spectacular sex act she had ever engaged in. Perhaps it was due to the sight and sounds of beautiful Alice riding her. Or the nipple in her mouth. Whatever the cause, Nancy’s orgasm was as different from any orgasm she had ever experienced with any guy as Alice’s chest was from a guy’s chest. And then Nancy came again, like a volcano that had not come close to finishing its eruptions. And then again, in a combined eruption and earthquake.

Afterwards they lay tightly intertwined, recovering, with Nancy’s head on Alice’s chest, giving each other small kisses. Nancy knew that all girls were not a “10+” as lovers, even though Nancy decided they sure did have the best equipment. Was it just that this was her first time making love with another woman? So much frustration involving so many men…. Or was it Alice? Was Alice the one she had been searching for, her soulmate? Or was Alice just the bridge to Nancy discovering her true sexual nature? Time would tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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