How I Became a Real Woman

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By Tabatha and Linda

Note to Readers: I met Pam online and we started an erotic correspondence. After she went on a vacation she told me the wonderful story of how she met and fell in love with Tabatha. As wonderful as Pam’s story was, I thought readers would be even more interested in knowing what happened from Tabatha’s point of view. So here’s her story.


“Hi” to everyone who reads this! I’m about to tell you the true story of my transformation from a conventional and traditional straight woman of 25 who had just married a man, into what I am today: the lesbian wife and princess of a more worldly woman.

I’m withholding her name because she holds a high profile position where she works and I don’t want to put it at risk. Since my nickname for her is Pussy Pet, I’ll just call her this, or PP, throughout the story. I’ll also not use the actual name of my ex-husband — I’ll just call him H.

I was a virgin when I met H, and even until I married him. Such a rarity today! I was a virgin who got engaged to a man because I was a “good girl” who did what society asked of me, who always had followed the path I was steered into taking, who always did what I was told. We met my second year of college. I necked with him and kissed him, and even let him play with my breasts. But that’s as far as we ever went sexually.

My life changed while I was on my Honeymoon in Hawaii, immediately after my wedding to H in Boston. We checked into our hotel and went straight to our room. I had brought some sexy clothing – teddies with lace, as well as stockings and garters – because I figured he’d like to see his bride all sexy looking the first time we made love. As I went into the bathroom to change he unpacked and called room service for drinks. While this occurred I was shaking because this was going to be the first time I’d even been naked with a man, let alone had sex. I stepped out of the bathroom wearing a red lace baby doll with attached garters, with white sheer stockings and red open toe heels that I’d been given at my wedding shower. If I may be immodest for a minute, I was really sexy looking!

I stepped out of the bathroom and he sure smiled. I noticed his tight pants were swelling (he said he liked to wear them because it made his ass look better — I guess that must be a man thing, LOL.) He quickly removed his clothing and for the first time I saw his pee pee. I know that’s a juvenile term, but I can’t really call it a “cock” because it’s so small. I measured him using my fingers and found that it was only around 4.5 inches long. So I have a hard time calling it a “cock”. The only man I’d ever seen naked was the stripper at my bachelorette party before I got married, and his was much larger.

I was nevertheless very excited and stupidly decided to give him a treat. I had him sit on the bed and knelt on the floor and gave him a blow job. Even though I’d never done it before, I’d practiced on a vibrator, often pretending it was the real thing. I guess I’d taught myself well because before I knew what was happening, he started coming! I tasted my first nasty, salty, bitter tasting sperm. Yuck!!!!!

When he came I felt quite proud and thought, “Yes, girl, you made your husband come in under 1 minute just using your mouth!” Of course I was super horny by then. My little red panties were getting wet, so I slid up on top of him, thinking I was now going to feel his pee pee inside my pussy, and he would make me a real woman out of me. I can’t believe how naive, how stupid I was!

Instead he said, “Wow baby, I wasn’t expecting that to happen. Sorry, but I need to take a break before we continue. Maybe a nap – I’m drained.” OMG – can you picture this?

Then H went right to sleep! Leaving me horny and frustrated. I was very upset so I found my vibrator and went into the bathroom. I used it on myself just to release some of that flustered, horny feeling. Then I took a quick shower, put on my bikini, and went to the hotel pool. I decided I’d just let him sleep and recover. I figured that later that day he’d be recharged and I’d finally be able to use his pee pee to make myself into a real woman.

I put on my swimsuit and decided to head down to the beach. I left a note telling him where I was going and laid in the sun for 3 hours to give him plenty of time to re-charge. I thought he’d wake up and join me, but he didn’t. After soaking up the nice Hawaiian sun I returned to our room only to find that he was still asleep. Seeing him naked, I decided that this was my chance to have honeymoon sex. Finally! I was so horny I almost ripped off my swimsuit and got between his legs. I started licking his thing, both to make him happy (because isn’t this what a wife is supposed to do for her husband?) and to make it hard so it would give me pleasure. He finally woke up after I spent a few minutes canlı bahis licking his pee pee.

To H’s credit, he started to get hard as soon as I started to lick and suck it. But I had learned my lesson from earlier that day. Knowing how fast he had squirted a few hours before, I stopped working on him just as soon as he got hard. I got on top of him, kissed him, and positioned myself over his pee pee. I was so ready to finally become a real woman! A married woman! I was so full of sexual energy!

Still on top of him, I rubbed my pussy all over his pee pee and spread my pussy lips with my fingers. Looking down at him, I kissed him and then pushed it inside me as I lowered myself until I felt him on my womanhood. I stayed there as our eyes locked. Then I lowered myself a little more, breaking my womanhood. The pain/pleasure went thru me and at that second I thought I was a real woman, a true woman! My long-time wedding and honeymoon dream had come true! (In retrospect, the way it happened, with me on top and doing everything – waking him up, getting him hard, putting him inside me, me doing all the moving – and H doing almost nothing, I had, essentially, just taken my own virginity! It was not much different than if I had taken my virginity with a dildo.)

I started working myself up and down on him, riding his pee pee. It felt large inside me and I was started to feel real pleasure, mounting pleasure, and I was becoming so happy that I was finally having sex on my honeymoon! I lost myself thinking that I was being such a good girl, doing what I was supposed to do: go to college and get married to a man. I was so turned on by the situation and my own horniness that I fast was building up to an orgasm. I knew I was getting closer and closer because of all the times I had jilled myself before marriage. I got more and more excited, both sexually and because now my honeymoon was going the way it was supposed to go, and I was just about to come. He was in me for less than a minute when he shouted, “I’m coming” and his nasty cum started pouring inside me. I immediately started riding him faster, thinking “Omg, he’s going to get soft before I come!”

And that’s exactly what happened. After he came, his pathetic pee pee quickly became soft and slipped out of me. His poor little pecker was now completely useless.

I was now more frustrated than ever, as well as pissed off at H. He didn’t even apologize, not really. All he said was, “Sorry, baby, your pussy was so good I lost control. Maybe next time I’ll last longer.” He tried to kiss me as he rolled me off of him, but I didn’t want to kiss him, so I didn’t. Instead he got out of the bed, leaving me alone, and he said he was going to take a shower because “you really made me messy.” OMG! He was berating me, blaming me for making him messy! I didn’t know what to think! So as he went into the shower I got off the bed, threw on some clothing, and left him a note saying I was going for a drink at the hotel bar and would be back.

I went down to the hotel bar to collect myself, to cool off and try to get my frustrated body under control. When I got to the bar I ordered one of those large typical Hawaiian drinks, the kind that looks and tastes great. As I was having my drink I turned to see who else was around and that’s when I saw a beautiful woman sitting by herself and smiling at me!

She was sitting at the bar drinking the same drink I had ordered! She smiled at me as our eyes made contact. I smiled back but was of course mostly thinking about the upsetting events that had happened in my room. She came over to me, smiling all the while, and I noticed she had the most perfect white teeth I’d ever seen. Smiling that very friendly yet sexy smile, she asked if I minded if she joined me.

I soon found out that her name was Pam. With dark hair and dark eyes, she was wearing a skimpy swimsuit that barely covered her breasts. Her pussy was in a sling type bottom that went up her sexy ass cheeks. She was wearing 4 inch white heels so she really stood out. Also, she had a white sheer wrap around her waist. But it wasn’t her beauty or sexiness that attracted me.

It was her friendliness that really got to me. Because I was feeling so lonely, so much in need of a friend. If she had been a man I would have ignored her — the last thing I would have done on my Honeymoon would have been to start talking with a man. However, a really friendly woman was exactly what I needed. With a man my defenses would have been up. But I wasn’t suspicious of a woman and so I allowed her to get close to me. A woman seemed so safe, so comfortable. Pam was alone, so we were a perfect for each other.

I was mostly and simply feeling angry at H — since he was the man I had expected and wanted to do the “manly” thing and satisfy me sexually. Or at least to give it a good try. bahis siteleri I was also of course feeling quite down and sorry for myself.

But I also couldn’t help but notice how tight and firm Pam’s body was (unlike that of H, who was out of shape) and how sexy her full, smiling, lips were. Her lips were another part of her that was infinitely nicer than that of H. In fact, I quickly realized that EVERY part of her was nicer to look at, in fact sexier, than H. Up until this point I’d never had any sexual feelings for a woman. But looking at her I felt my pussy start to get wet and my nipples start to swell.

I smiled at Pam and said I would like it if she joined me. I told her my name was Tabatha and we started making small talk. She asked if I was on vacation and I told her I was on what was supposed to be my Honeymoon. And then, for some reason (Maybe her friendly smile? Maybe my need to confide in a woman who seemed to be non-threatening?) I started telling her what had happened between myself and my pee pee of a husband. I told her more and more details and she listened sympathetically.

We talked for maybe 2 hours, and soon started to talk about subjects other than H. Between the drinks and her conversation I was charmed at how much fun she was to be with. Often, however, my eyes focused on her smiling lips, and I wondered what it would be like to taste them. Maybe the drinks were doing the thinking for me, maybe it was me trying to forget H, or maybe it was me trying to do something the opposite of what I had so far done in my life. After all, doing what I had been expected to had gotten me nowhere. For whatever reason I suddenly knew that I wanted to taste Pam’s sexy lips.

Finally Pam gave me a hug. Even though she was wearing a swimsuit I could feel her breasts on mine and it almost seemed as if she were naked! As we hugged I felt her warm breath close to my ear. So I pulled my face a few inches apart from hers and then… I made the first move! The first sexual first move I’d ever made in my life! On anyone, man or woman! I kissed Pam on those lips that I’d been fixated on – right there at the hotel bar! Not caring who noticed.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds. I pulled away and blushingly told Pam I was sorry, and that I didn’t know why I had kissed her. As that point I didn’t know Pam was a lesbian and I was afraid I’d offended her. But Pam told me not to be sorry. She smiled and told me she was a lesbian and she considered me to be an extremely sexy young woman.

After PP told me how sexy I was I almost melted! I felt my pussy start to tingle and thought to myself that, before that moment, I had never thought I might be interested in girl/girl sex. But at that moment, based upon how my body felt, and based upon what H had done to me (or not done to me!) I knew girl/girl sex was something I had to try! PP then leaned forward and kissed me a second time, all the while caressing my lower back with her hands. Again I felt her full breasts on mine.

I don’t know how long we kissed, but for sure it was longer than I’d ever kissed H. And it was sooooooo much better! I giggled and asked whether she was trying to pick me up. PP then smiled and asked if I wanted to join her in her room for a drink and some private talk. I said “yes”, knowing that if I left with her I’d end up having sex with her! Sex with a woman! On my Honeymoon after I had married a man!

I smiled and said I would like that. PP held out her hand and took hold of my shaking hand and squeezed my fingers. Then I felt safe and my fear of the unknown passed. We walked hand in hand towards the elevators, not speaking. We stepped in and PP pushed the button to her floor (PP was on the same floor as H and I — we would be just down the hallway from him!) As the elevator started PP turned and pined me against the back wall, taking both of my hands in hers. She kissed me with more passion than I ever experienced in my life. My knees felt like rubber, and if not for the elevator’s wall I might have slipped to the floor.

PP and I stepped out of the elevator I knew that soon I would be having sex with a girl. Sex with … my own sex! I fleetingly realized I’d been raised to think that girls could only have sex with boys and only fall in love with boys. I thought about how all I’d ever seen was my parents, my aunts and uncles, only having boy/girl relationships. I’d had friends in college who were bi and even lesbian, but I’d just regarded them as friends, not as potential lovers.

As we stepped out of the elevator PP held my hand as we walked to her room. She pulled her key card from between her full breasts (OMG – I was about to make out with someone who had breasts!) and we went in. I quickly saw that it was a lot nicer than the room H had rented. PP asked what I wanted to drink as she went over to the room’s bahis şirketleri bar (which the room H had booked sure didn’t have!). I told her that anything she was having would be fine with me. She poured us each a glass of excellent red wine and then we looked out her balcony window at the lovely view of the ocean. PP came up behind me, slipped her hand, still holding her wine glass, around me, and softly touched my rear end with her other hand, as her full breasts (again, wow!) pressed into my back.

As I felt PP’s full soft breasts on my back I never felt more alive. I knew at that instant that I wanted to have sex with another woman. PP leaned close to my ear and started lightly kissing it as her hand softly caressed my bottom. No one ever nibbled on my ear before (GIGGLE) and OMG how it turned me on! And made me wonder what other magic I’d been missing because up until that I point I’d been wasting myself on men.

I could feel my pussy almost dripping as PP turned me by my waist till once again we was facing each other. PP took my wine glass, set both our glasses down, and whispered, “No pressure. Only do what you feel like doing.”

Then she showed me what real pleasure was all about. We started a kiss that was incredibly hot and steamy, but much more tender than I’d ever received from a man. And infinitely better than anything from my husband! It was so tender that only a woman possibly could have kissed me like that.

We kissed slowly and softly, exploring each other’s mouths as if the kiss was the only thing in the world that mattered (as compared to when I had kissed men and thought it was just something they felt they had to do as a way of getting into my panties). Time didn’t matter, there was no rush, nothing in the world existed except the soft closeness of our lips and tongues making love. At that point I knew I must be a lesbian because I’d never had any feeling even close to these with any man, and certainly not with pee pee.

Pam finally broke off the most sensual kiss of my life and told me to relax and enjoy the pleasure. Then she leaned forward and with a soft light touch kissed my neck and the face of the girl she was now calling her “Princess,” an endearment that made me blush because I loved it so much. I realized that I so very much wanted to be her Princess!

PP wrapped her arms around me and this settled me down, both inside and outside. I felt so safe and her embrace seemed so natural, so right. I knew I was about to have more pleasure than I had ever experienced — ever! Even though I had just met her that afternoon I knew I could trust her. As her soft kisses and caresses made me almost melt, PP slowly started to tug my skirt up as she searched for my womanhood.

As PP tugged my skirt up I felt her fingers brush my thighs. I knew I was very wet and that I wanted sex more than I’d ever wanted it. She turned me on so much that I could barely breathe. PP slid my skirt down my hips and off my body. Our eyes locked. I could have melted right there!

I could smell my own pussy — which had never happened to me before. And because of that I knew PP also could, and that this would let her know how much I wanted her, which would make her want me even more!

Before I knew it PP had moved my panties to the side and I felt the most wonderful feeling of my life. PP’s soft moist tongue and lips kissing my smooth womanhood. Within seconds — I mean this literally – I felt an orgasm build inside me. The room started spinning. PP’s lips almost locked onto my pussy and her tongue was like a magic wand – going inside my pussy! But her lips still seemed to be locked onto my clit! I swear to everyone that I saw stars! I felt the rush of my first true orgasm explode – and I mean explode – from my body!!

PP later told me I screamed, even though at the time I couldn’t hear my own voice and, looking back, I can’t remember anything except pleasure. But I do know that I passed out! When I recovered PP was still between my legs, softly licking and kissing my pussy with the kind of sweet and gentle kisses they call butterfly kisses. Then she slid her body over mine so that she was laying on top of me, and she kissed my lips. OMG – I tasted myself off of a woman’s lips! Another incredible first! I knew at that instant my marriage to *him* was OVER!!

After the longest, most tender, most sweet and most love-filled kiss I’d ever had in my life, we cuddled. Since I was totally spent and could barely move, PP helped me remove the rest of my clothing until I was completely naked, so we could cuddle even more intimately. At that point I truly felt like a princess. A happy, contended, pampered princess. Especially because PP never asked me to do anything to her that magical night.


Postscript: This is the end of Part I of Tabatha’s story. If there is interest we’ll be happy to tell the rest of her story in Part 2: how Tabatha and Pam soon became live-in girlfriends, how Tabatha divorced her husband and how, within a year, Tabatha and Pam married each other and are now living their dream.

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