Becoming Daddy’s Fuck Toy Pt. 03

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To say I was on a high for the rest of the evening was an understatement. I felt giddy and kept grinning for no reason. I think I was starting to get used to the way he was with me now, and although I didn’t understand it totally I understood enough to realise that his torment of me was deeply arousing for him, and I loved knowing that. Surprisingly, I was finding that his treatment of me, although confusing and upsetting at times, made me wet and desperate in a way I’d never experienced before. I wondered if he was like this with Mom and reminded myself to try and find that out at some point.

Mom teased me at dinner that she thought I was hankering after some boy or other, and I blushed and avoided either of their eye contact. I squirmed in my seat desperately trying to steer the conversation, which would have been an embarrassing one at any point, but hours after I had been stripped in her hallway and made to swallow her husband’s cum it felt like more than I could bear.

I missed my sister at times like this. When we had both lived at home Mom’s attention was shared between us and we used to help each other change the subject before it started to get too embarrassing for either of us. Our relationship was deeply competitive and, at times, combative. Her absence from our home certainly made my life easier most of the time, and yet, despite our sibling rivalry we were united in the them and us battles of family life.

All through dinner I kept coughing, my throat hurt from taking Daddy in me like that. Mom kept asking if I was ok, eventually suggesting that Daddy made me his special honey and lemon to make it feel better. He handed it to me with a grin on his face.

“Make sure you drink every last drop, Katie. Daddy’s special medicine is not to be wasted.”

I felt my blush rising, as I’m sure was his intention, and gulped down his ‘special medicine’ as fast as I could so that I could escape the torture that the meal had become. I escaped into the lounge and switched on the tv. A peaceful evening was what I needed now and I hoped that the grilling and teasing for the evening was done with.

Daddy followed me into the room leaving Mom to load the dishwasher. “Find us a good film to watch, Katie.” He sat on the sofa and I sat on the floor between his feet with my back against the sofa in my usual way, scrolling till I found something I thought we would all like.

I was aware of how close my head was to his cock as I leant back into him. He closed his legs round me briefly before Mom came to sit down. It was so hard to concentrate on the film when all my mind kept thinking about was the way in which I’d been treated this afternoon and how much I’d enjoyed it. There was no denying that his words had made my little pussy drip, and not having been given the opportunity to cum myself meant that I was now feeling desperate and squirmy. I was caught between wanting to disappear up to my room to relieve the built-up pressure between my legs, but also enjoying being close to him.

Mom was sat in the comfy armchair to the side of the sofa, and I knew that we were in her line of vision, so I was careful to try and keep my face as free from the turmoil of emotions I was feeling as I could. I spent some time wondering why I didn’t feel more guilty about what we were doing behind her back. I’d watched as her relationship with him had become different over the past few years. When Sarah and I were younger she and Daddy both seemed to be full of fun and they seemed happy together, but in recent years she wasn’t that fun person in our lives anymore, and she certainly didn’t seem to be the fun person in Daddy’s life either.

They used to fuck lots. I knew because whilst our house was fairly spacious the walls were thin, and sometimes very late at night I’d be able to hear Moms moans mixed in with occasional giggles. I knew exactly who I got my giggly nature from. When I was little I would put my pillow over my head to ignore them, but as I’d got older I’d found myself getting turned on by hearing them fuck in the same way that a sex scene in a film would often make me wriggle and catch my breath.

In the weeks before Daddy caught me playing with myself in his bed I’d only heard them fuck once and that was when they had been out with friends and had come home in a very happy, flirty mood. Mom had been quite drunk, and was happier than I’d seen her in a long time. Daddy had slapped her ass as they had come into the house and told her to get her drunken ass upstairs. She’d giggled all the way upstairs.

I’d been watching tv downstairs when they came in, but had come into the hallway when I’d heard the giggles. Daddy was happy that night too, and had given me a kiss on my head as he walked past me to the kitchen to get them a drink.

Once I’d heard him heading up the stairs I’d turned the tv off and crept part way up the stairs. I hadn’t really planned on doing it, but I’d felt strangely jealous of them being upstairs together alone canlı bahis like that. I mean, I knew they slept together every night, but in a normal kind of way. This night had been different because they were so obviously about to fuck, and I didn’t know how I felt about that.

I’d strained to hear what was going on. It was quiet initially and I thought that maybe they’d just gone straight to sleep, but it wasn’t long before I heard the faint sounds of Mom giggling again and Daddy laughing, telling her to quieten down. I crept further up the stairs so I could hear them better. It was a mix of curiosity and jealousy that urged me forward. Part of me wanted to ignore what was going on so that I could continue my fantasy about him not being interested in her anymore, and how he wanted me instead. Listening to them fuck made that fantasy look ridiculous and yet the thought of his big strong body, naked, doing the things I wanted him to do to me was too much of a draw. I couldn’t resist.

Soon I heard Moms giggles turn to moans, and I had tried to imagine what he was doing to her. I’d closed my eyes and imagined being her, laying on the bed with him straddling me. He was kissing my neck, making me groan as his hand found the slit at the side of my dress and his hand inched up my thigh.

My hand had instinctively reached between my legs. I’d been wearing leggings, and hadn’t dared to reach inside and play with my pussy in case I was caught, but it had still felt good feeling the heat of my arousal through my clothes. As her moans had become louder and more frequent I’d imagined how his fingers had reached the top of my thighs and gently parted my soaking wet lips. His fingers massaging my clit till he could hear the desperation in my voice.

She’d told him how much she needed him, how much she needed to cum. She’d been breathless and insistent. My fingers had rubbed hard against my clit in response. “I need you, Daddy. I need to cum.” I’d whispered under my breath as I’d imagined him talking the length of his cock and teasing me with it, before slowly pushing into me.

He’d pushed inside her, I could tell. Her noises had been rhythmic and loud. I’d concentrated hard and had just about been able to hear the creaks in their bed as he’d kept a steady rhythm. I’d matched his thrusts the best I could. Despite my fingers struggling against the fabric of my clothes as they’d got wetter, I’d been close to cumming, and so had she.

I’d closed my eyes tighter and thought of how much my moans and words were spurring him on right now. I’d imagined his cock sliding in and out of me faster and harder each time. I’d echoed her words under my breath as I sensed that they were both starting to reach their climax.

“I’m so close, Daddy.”

“Fuck me harder, Daddy.”

I’d been able to hear him now; his breath had been laboured. I’d heard Mom starting to cum, it was unmistakable and irresistible. I’d felt my body tighten as I’d listened to his roar join her screams and whimpers. I’d cum hard, my back pressed against the wall, my hand clenched between my teeth, biting my hand to prevent me giving myself away even though I’d been quite sure that they were too preoccupied right now to have heard me.

My head had felt light and my eyes heavy, but I’d known I couldn’t stay there. I’d mustered my energy and crept up to the top of the stairs, into my room and was asleep within minutes.

Daddy distracted me from my thoughts by moving his legs from being astride me to laying full length on the sofa. Laying on his side, his head near to mine, he started to stroke my hair slowly sending shivers down my spine. He moved my long hair until a section of my neck was exposed to him. Gently he stroked from just underneath my ear down to my shoulder, my body unable to prevent itself from reacting to his touch and I shivered.

“Shhhh,” he whispered into my ear. “your Mom’s fallen asleep, but it wouldn’t take much to wake her.”

I looked over at her, she was curled up in the armchair, fast asleep. I leant back against him as he continued to slowly stroke my neck. I tried hard not to moan, but he was making it so difficult. I wondered if he knew that I’d just been thinking about him fucking.

He caught hold of a strand of my hair, and pulled my head back until my neck was stretched and I was able to see him behind me. I looked straight at him, with what must have been a look of surprise. His hand reached round to my neck, his huge hand encircling it easily.

He stared into my eyes as he briefly tightened his grip then released. A momentary panic followed by relief in what must have been seconds only. I knew that I should have been trying to move away from his hands now, and yet, I stayed exactly where I was. My body was burning with desire for him, and I felt like I could endure anything to feel his hands on me and have his approval.

“That’s my good girl,” he whispered into my ear. “if you want to earn the reward I promised you the bahis siteleri next time we have some proper time together, you are going to have to prove to me beforehand that you can be my good little toy whenever I want to play with you. Can you do that Katie?”

I nodded slowly, feeling my hair pull a little tighter as I did so.

“Do exactly as I tell you to. Left hand palm flat on the floor. Do not move it and use your right hand to play with your dirty little cunt. Do not make a sound, Katie. I’m sure you don’t want your Mom to wake up and see you acting like a whore.”

Without hesitation I pressed my fingers into my soaking wet pussy. My clit felt so swollen and needy, and it felt good to touch myself. His hand tightened briefly round my neck again, longer this time, as he watched me intently. Looking directly into his eyes was the only way I could keep myself from making a noise. My fingers were frantic, soaked now, pushing and pulling themselves desperately over my pussy. He clenched his fist around my neck hard again but didn’t let go this time. My left hand clawed at the floor to prevent myself from reaching up and trying to loosen his tight grip. I was fighting every instinct for survival I had right now, and only my trust in him allowed me to do so.

“Daddy’s slut likes being choked, doesn’t she? It makes her want to cum when Daddy squeezes her till she can’t breathe doesn’t it?”

I couldn’t answer, I felt lightheaded and his words were starting to sound tinny in my ear. He released my neck and a gasp followed by a small moan escaped my lips. I couldn’t help it. My mind was awash with so many emotions. Fear, desire, panic.

“Shhh, Katie. Remember my orders. Not a sound if you want to earn your reward. Make that cunt of yours cum for me now, Katie.”

I could feel how close I was to my release. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the way my body and mind felt. His hands tightened once more, but this time he squeezed me so hard I felt like I was going to pass out. The panic at not being able to breathe pushed me over into an amazingly confusing orgasm that I rode for what seemed like an eternity. My body was convulsing against his hand, triggering him to remove his hand from my neck and my hair. I leant forward abruptly, gasping for breath hard, letting go of the tight grip I had on the carpet and soothing my tender neck.

I immediately glanced at Mom. She was shifting in the armchair but wasn’t awake. I couldn’t believe that we’d just done that in front of her and that she hadn’t woken. I couldn’t imagine the kind of devastating scene that would have erupted if she had.

“My very good girl Katie,” Daddy whispered to me as he pulled me back towards him and used his strong arms to envelop me in a tight hug. “I think you’re capable of being a very good toy for me. I’m very proud of you for today, Katie. You’ve certainly made a very good start towards earning your reward. Come and cuddle up next to me now.”

I got up, a little unsteadily, and joined him on the sofa. Happy to be close and cuddling up to him whilst the waves of my climax continued to course through my body. He ran his fingers through my hair until I fell fast asleep in his arms.

When I finally woke Mom was gently rubbing my shoulder to tell me I should go to bed. I stood up, exhausted, and she gave me a big goodnight hug. She wouldn’t be hugging me if she knew what I was doing with her husband, I thought. A flash of shame mixed with glee ran through me and I giggled nervously. I leant over to Daddy, who was still curled up on the sofa and kissed his cheek. “Good night Daddy.” I said shyly.

“Good night, Katie, you look thoroughly worn out. Make sure you sleep well.” He smiled warmly at me and I wished I could kiss him properly and sink into his lap until he took me to his bed. But that couldn’t be, and I would have to sleep alone tonight in the knowledge that I was pleasing him, and that he was going to reward me soon for being his good girl.

The following few days went by in a blur. Whilst we didn’t have time to be together properly, he used the few minutes of alone time we had every day to his full advantage. I was beginning to realise that being his good girl meant being angelic Katie in public and his dirty little plaything in private. He made it clear that he was in charge and I got a thrill from that. It wasn’t the roses and romance I’d childishly fantasised about, but fuck, he made me wet and desperate and he knew it.

It was a strange double life we were starting to lead. He was still my loving, kind Daddy for the most part. Our lives hadn’t changed in that respect. But when we got chance, or he wanted something from me, he changed. I was trying to find my way through the way this made me feel hour by hour, minute by minute.

Although his demands shocked me, I found myself beginning to do them without hesitation, only afterwards thinking with shame about how much of a slut I was actually turning into under his direction. bahis şirketleri But the shame of what I was doing continued to make my clit throb and my pussy drip with excitement.

On Thursday morning, whilst Mom was upstairs getting ready for work he told me to spread my legs, bend over, and touch the floor with my fingers. I did so without thinking and shuddered as he stroked the silk panties between my legs.

“I wonder how wet your little dirty cunt is going to make these by tonight, Katie.” He had said as he slid his fingers between my asshole and my clit. I felt my pussy clench tight, wanting him right there and then. But he just moved his hand away and started to move away from me. I started to stand, presuming that he was finished with me and knowing that Mom could come downstairs at any moment. In an instant I felt his hand sharply against my ass.

Partly from the force of his blow and part in shock I stumbled forwards and just caught myself in time, my hands back on the floor trying to steady myself.

“Did I tell my toy to stand up?” He growled at me. Even through the shock of being struck I could hear the danger in his voice.

“No, Daddy. I’m sorry, I thought you had finished with me.” I managed to say, holding back the tears which were always ready to come whenever I felt like I’d disappointed him. I wasn’t in a comfortable position, my arms had caught the floor awkwardly, but there was no way I was moving an inch. I felt ridiculous, my ass in the air, head down in the middle of the kitchen, and yet what he wanted was more important to me than my own embarrassment. He walked in front of me and hooked his finger underneath my jaw to bring me up to standing.

“I have no interest in your pathetic little thoughts, Katie. I have no interest in toys who don’t obey their orders. Your only job is to do as you are told and try to please me. Do you understand, Katie?”

I nodded, looking at him with what I hoped was a pitiful look.

“How many boys have you let use your cunt Katie? I want the truth remember.”

The truth was easy. “None, Daddy, it just never felt right with anyone. I’ve been kind of scared to.” He looked at me with a look of curiosity, and then his stern face turned into a smile. He dismissed me with a swat to my ass and told me to get to college and behave myself.

Having disappointed him that morning made me even more determined to be better. I was slowly learning what he wanted from me and the anticipation of the next time he had need for me, or touched me like that, made my heart race. Any free time I had now I ran over the past week’s events in my mind and enjoyed the way my body reacted to the memories.

My mouth watered at the thought of his cock in my mouth and his hands round my throat. My pussy was in constant spasm as I fantasised about his fingers and cock filling me and making me cum.

Looking round at my classmates I realised that there wasn’t one person I would want to flirt with right now. They all seemed so immature and childish compared to my amazing Daddy. I worked hard in class, daydreaming during my breaks, longing for when I could be home with him again. He didn’t get back till late, and I was almost heading off to bed when he came in.

“Hey, Daddy. I’ve missed you today.” I said as I reached up to kiss his cheek.

“I’ve missed you too, Katie. Have you been good today?”

“Of course, Daddy, I was sad I didn’t do as I was asked this morning. I didn’t like you being cross with me. I’m going to try really hard to do better. I promise.”

“I’m pleased to hear it Katie. I think you could be just what I’ve needed. A little fuck toy for me to play with when I feel like it. But you need to learn where your place is, Katie, and that I make the rules.” His hand reached towards me and caught my nipple. He pinched it hard between his fingers “Do you think you can be that for me, Katie?”

I let out a yelp of surprise causing him to twist my nipple slightly whilst continuing to hold me tight.

“I asked you a question, Katie.”

I tried to make my brain work, but it was hard to focus with his vice like grip. It hurt. Lots. I wanted it to stop. “I … I can be a good toy Daddy. You’re hurting me Daddy.”

He released his grip and soothed the ache by trailing his hands gently over my breasts. He kissed the top of my head. “My good little slut.” he murmured. “Take off your panties and show me how wet my slut gets when she’s thinking about her Daddy all day.”

I stared at him momentarily, wondering if I’d misheard him, but a glance told me I hadn’t, and I could tell he was in no mood for me to refuse. I felt a red heat of shame travel up my body, flushing my breasts and cheeks crimson as I bent over to remove them. I stepped out of them and held them out for him to take. He didn’t reach out to take them, just continued to stare at me. I suddenly realised what he wanted and opened up the flimsy material to show him what had been nestling against my pussy.

The fabric was wet and warm, a thick trail of my juices were clinging to them. My face burned red as he spent time inspecting them. I suspected he was enjoying making me this uncomfortable.

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