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She felt a certain excitement – having gotten a note from James. At first she had thought that he had forgotten her birthday – but instead in the note, with the dozen red roses, was a command to “dress fancy” and meet him for dinner at a fancy downtown hotel. She had been preoccupied recentlywith worries about the relationship. Some of the passion and spark seemed to be dwindling but tonight, as she bathed and dressed, she felt better. “God” she said to herself, “I am going to fuck his brains out.” Just the thought gave her a little tingle.

As she left she had to admit that even at 37 she was turning heads. Soft, full brown hair cascaded over slim shoulders – their slimness accentuating the full firmness of her breasts. “If people only knew how sensitive my nipples are” she thought to herself and let the thought go consciously to her nipples and she shuddered slightly as they rubbed against the satin material. A nice touch she thought to herself – to go with neither panties or bra under her fancy black, but very clingy, cocktail dress.

The Crescent was mostly a business travel, expense account hotel and on this Saturday night was largely deserted. Ilisa had purposefully arrived early – she wanted a drink to let the anticipation mount. She sat at the bar in the open atrium, ordered a vodka tonic and sat back to admire her surroundings. She could see the sun setting through the glass ceiling – streaks of orange softly painting pastels above. A rich, lustruous piano filled the open lobby with soft, but almost melancholy melodies – which sounded even more forlorn as there were almost no other sounds.

As the drink began to take effect and she let the stress of the day melt away – all the cares of errands and housework and children slipped into the non- existent past – after all what good are grandmas except for times like these. I am going to enjoy myself she thought and let her mind picture her husband from their early days. She remembered when he was shy and hesitant – even both naked he had asked her so politely that first time, “may I eat your pussy?” But his politeness masked a burning ardor – she clearly recalled the fury and passion with which he ate her – and that he had helped her reach those orgasms that she rarely experienced anymore – so mindboggling in intensity. As she ordered another drink she toasted to herself, “to mindboggling orgasms” and felt the beginnings of warm wetness between her legs.

Ilisa had let her mind wander back to her age old debate – which was better – when he ate her to orgasm or when his thick hardness found the right rhythm, the right spot and she overflowed with the feeling of being filled and completed. She was startled from her pleasant reverie by a gentle touch up her side which just flicked across the top of her breast as her husband gently kissed her cheek and seated himself. She immeadiately pulled him close and began a deep wet kiss – and heard a small moan escape from her as the drink and memories and excitement melded together to make her want him then and there.

To her surprise there was a certain reticence in his kiss – almost as if he was pulling back. Disappointed and a little hurt she let him go – and to her surprise he very sheepishly introduced her to another man who had been standing, unnoticed by her, close at hand. “I, uh, I must, well, let me introduce, Phillipe” James stuttered, self conscious and flushed. Then hurriedly he added, “he is here from France and got stuck after a meeting at the office and has nowhere to go this evening – so I invited him to join us for dinner.”

Ilisa looked up and noticed a tall, thin pleasant looking Frenchman – he seemed very continental, almost elegant in casino oyna his dress and manner. He leaned forward with casual confidence and kissed her softly on both cheeks, “I am most charmed to meet you, Ilisa, you are more lovely than your husband described.”

However, the polite reserve of his words could not mask the hunger his eyes betrayed as he stared directly at her breasts. She suddenly became aware that her fully erect and tingling nipples must be showing quite prominently through the thinness of her dress. She had momentarily forgotten, in her surprise, that she -expecting to meet only her husband – had not worn a bra. She could feel her cheeks color under his gaze – but with the effect of the drinks and the kiss and her reveries she could feel her nipples distend even further and between her legs she felt her moistness grow.

She soon became aware that James had ordered drinks for all and steered them to a secluded table in the atrium. As James guided her into the u-shaped sofa, Phillipe excused himself momentarily – to make a phone call he said – and it was James’ turn to kiss her passionately and deeply in his absence.

Suddenly he pulled away, but whispered, “I want you so bad, I am about to burst. You look so beautiful and hot and sexy I have to touch you.”

She felt his hand trail up her leg – touching her inner thigh and tenderly reaching higher until suddenly his eyes flew open as the realization dawned on him that she was without panties. She always enjoyed his features when they were contorted by that utterly lascivious look he got when lust overtook him – and at this moment she could tell that he was aflame. Indeed – it was at that moment that he gently let a finger trail up and down her now liquid pussy lips and softly enter her.

She closed her eyes and heard an audible gasp escape her as his agile fingers began to probe and reach and explore her. She opened her eyes to look at her husband only to find that Phillipe had returned and was looking at them both with a knowing smile. The table and the gathering dusk kept her safe from Phillipe’s actually being able to observe James’ handiwork, but she was sure her face gave her away.

As she struggled with the swirl roiling in her head, she became vaguely aware that James had engaged Phillipe in a business related conversation – but had not quit fingering her. Instead – and in her condition she felt almost powerless to stop him – he had worked her dress higher and higher and had redoubled his efforts – his fingers running from her thighs to her pussy and occasionally drifting upward to lightly brush across her clitoral region.

Ilisa tried to focus on the conversation – but James seemed particularly skilled this night and she worked mainly on trying to keep a sense of decorum about her and with great effort she tried to get James to stop.

It was then that she was aware that the conversation had taken a turn in an unexpected direction.

“Is she as good in bed, as she is beautiful?” she heard Phillipe ask, with just the hint of a leer in his voice.

To her surprise, James answered, his voice seemingly more thick and husky with excitement, “oh yes, Phillipe, she is a very horny and lusty woman. Sometimes I make her beg for my long hard cock after foreplay and you should see her. She wants it so bad, she needs to have a big stiff cock to fuck.”

Instead of being offended, Ilisa found that the open wantonness of his words seemed to reverberate deep in her and she felt herself becoming very aroused.

“Scoot around here, Phillipe” she heard James say – “I want to show you something.”

To her astonishment and almost paralyzing shock Phillipe pulled his canlı casino chair close and she felt James expose her legs to the now darkened atrium air – though in their corner of the nearly deserted lobby they were quite alone.

She could feel Phillipe staring at her as James drew her dress higher – and let his fingers begin a rhythmic thrusting that seemed to reach her very core.

She knew she should protest, but by now was carried away on a current beyond her control, when she heard her husband ask, “Phillipe, why don’t you touch her right here, and you will see what I mean.”

In the moment she was aware of James moving to the other side of the table and smiling gently at her while she felt the sudden, flowing, rushing shock of a new and unexpected touch. Phillipe was at once forceful and gentle.

She could feel herself flowing with wetness as his fingers slid easily into her – and she allowed without any protest her hand to be guided to a huge and imposing bulge in his pants. She could feel herself hurriedly unzipping him and in a deft quick stroke freeing his engorged cock.

Looking up she gazed intently into her husbands eyes as she explored in quickening strokes the full length of the hot throbbing shaft and felt his hand lightly reach her clitoris and feather quickly.

At once things seemed to slow and she was aware only of the power of her impending orgasm – even as she felt Phillipe explode and her husband looked at her lovingly and said, “Happy Birthday”.

Fin – Chapter I

Ilisa was surprised when she opened her eyes at the beautiful woman staring back at her. The woman had such a full, rich color in her cheeks – it gave her face a look of natural warmth and delicacy. More arresting were her eyes – a deep inviting brown – but they sparkled with an intensity that betrayed an inner fire and depth of emotion that seemed to invite exploration.

“Could that really be me?” – she asked herself as she stared into the mirror. The drinks, the touches, the rush of the orgasm combined to turn her thoughts into a carousel of confusion that she now desperately tried to bring under control.

“How could James even think I would want to do something like that” a part of her fumed, feeling betrayed. Yet a part of her could not help but remember the wild, unrestrained and totally unexpected orgasm.

It made her think of the first time she had ever come. Tommy McDonald – the neighborhood hunk had convinced her to go with him to look at the new house in the nieghborhood that was being constructed. As they entered it was soon apparent they were all alone and that Tommy had other motives.

Almost immeadiately he began to kiss her and she gave herself to his eager mouth. Ilisa was now well over 15 (2 whole months) and considered herself quite the expert on french kissing. Tommy was a good kisser she thought to herself and was so happy that he finally had succumbed to her charms.

Nor was Ilisa surprised when she felt his hand slip under her sweater. Ilisa had been to second base before and found it delightful. She did not care what some of her friends said, that good girls don’t go to second base. The way her nipples felt when gently stroked just couldn’t be a bad thing, she decided.

However, she had told herself, no more than that. Her most intimate part she would save for her one and only true love, when he came along. She was surprised at the practiced ease with which Tommy had unclasped her bra and, almost simultaneously, lifted her bra and – to her shock – taken her right nipple in his mouth. She had had boys touch her breasts before, but never take one in his mouth. The sensation was immeadiate and overwhelming.

Ilisa kaçak casino heard a loud, low moan fill the darkened room. It came to Ilisa that that strange sound emanated from her. She was dimly aware that Tommy had switched his attention and was now gently kissing and suckling the other breast while tenderly rolling her moistened nipple in his fingers. The shocks of the twinned sensations flowed through her and over her and she could only grasp him tightly and hold on to his stong, lithe form.

Ilisa felt herself being turned around – so that her back was to Tommy – who throughout continued his delightful stimulation of her nipples. The pleasure of this is heavenly she thought to herself, when suddenly everything changed.

Almost without her knowing it Tommy had unclasped her tight jeans – worked them over hips and let them puddle on the floor around her feet. One hand had slipped inside her panties and a firm, experienced finger was in her pussy!!

“”My God, I am at 3rd base,” she thought to herself. Ilisa tried to pull away and push Tommy’s hand off, but he was strong and insistent. Worse, his fingers created the most delightful sensations – things she had never felt, but which made her seem weak and to which – to her amazement – her body seemed to be responding.

“Please, Tommy, no” she heard herself say. But even as she did his experienced fingers found her clitoris and an amazing wave began to build in her. One part of her desperately struggled to break free – but her legs were weak and her hips betrayed her. She was aware of her own torso beginning to move in a rhythm dictated by Tommy’s touch.

It was then it happened – her first orgasm. She did not plan it or want it or expect it. It was like a creature inside her that had a life of its own. It flowed in exuberant wildness over her and through her.

Tommy almost laughed a triumphant laugh as Ilisa’s body stiffened then contracted in wild – almost animal pleasure. Even as it happened Ilisa felt a little embarassed to have Tommy so totally in control of her – to have found a part of her she did not even know existed.

After she had come Tommy had gently turned her and kissed her, but all Ilisa could think was to run home in her embarassment. The sensation of that first orgasm though – rolling through her – even against her will – would remain a chief memory of hers.

Now – having wobbled somehow to the Ladies Room – the thought of that first time was strongly rekindled by the sensation she had just felt. When Phillipe had touched her and touched off her orgasm it was the first time in a very long time she had experienced an unexpected orgasm. Somehow, the thought of it, even now, sent thrills sweeping through her.

Alone, in the marbled, impeccably appointed and maintained woman’s room she tried desperately to get a grip on herself and her feelings. She wanted to be furious with James – that he would allow such a thing. Yet – she could feel in her pussy a tingle of excitement and each time the image of Phillipe’s cock in her hand and his hands on her pussy replayed in her mind – the tingle grew again.

“God”, she thought to herself, “I am one horny woman.”

“Good evening,” came a lightly lilting voice, shattering Ilisa’s reverie.

Ilisa turned to face a tall, slim blond who seemed to be staring at her with an all-knowing but coy smile.

Ilisa, tying hard to keep control of herself, found her voice to say good evening.

Then – to her utter amazement the blond came and stood directly in front of her, leaned close and began to gently and warmly kiss her on the mouth. To Ilisa’s shock, she felt her owm mouth open and almost eagerly receive a tender, soft, fragrant tongue.
The blond gently explored her mouth, sending sparks of utter abandon through Ilisa.

Then, almost as suddenly as she had arrived, she turned and left.

Chapter III

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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