Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl Ch. 02

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As this is another installment of my “Truth” Series, I should explain that these stories are parts of my past life before I met my husband. I used to be quite wild. Sex came easy and was always available due to my bodily assets. These stories are based on real things that I have done in my life. Good or bad, please enjoy the stories for what they are… Stories. I do take artistic liberties at some points if I don’t remember exactly what happened.

*Please note: This is the continuation of the story “Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl.” This story would make more sense if you read the first part first.

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About Me: I am 23, Korean (happily married now!) and have a body much like Kerry Marie’s. My boobs have always been the center of attention when it came to boys. I began to develop when I was 9. Currently, I wear a 38DD bra. I have long black hair that comes to the middle of my back, and I stand about 5 foot.

Background: When I was 19, I got a call from one of my long time friends from 2nd grade (She went by the name “Mei” at the time this happened). She and I used to be in the same classes together until we graduated. Her family moved to Winnipeg, MB soon after for a job position that her father took. She’s of Phillipino decent. Like me, she is about 5 foot, has long hair, but it has been highlighted blonde in parts, and she is much thinner than I. Where I am about the size of Kerry Marie or Ewa Sonnett (or somewhere in between), she would be more like an import model, such as Alley Baggett or Devon Aoki.

Mei woke me at about 10 in the morning.

“Lets get breakfast and go shopping!” I hate bubbly people in the morning, and she was just full of energy! After last night, I felt like a steamroller had just got done with me! I slowly got up and got dressed.

We went from store to store looking for a geisha outfit, which is very hard to come by. Mei’s outfit was hand made by a Japanese seamstress. The closest we came was a Chinese outfit which quite frankly, I looked like Chun-Li from the video game, “Street Fighter.” The outfit was too small for my boobs though. I couldn’t even close the front of the dress.

We took it to the old Korean lady that does Mei’s alterations, and she quickly added spandex to the side seams under the arms to accommodate for the boobs. When I put the dress on, the spandex stretched, and the dress fitted my boobs quite well. I also scored black 4″ stiletto heels, white thigh highs and a thong. I got a cupless bra to go under the dress because Mei told me that is what her client liked.

I asked Mei more of what he was like.

“Well, He’s a high profile business man. He usually spends all night with me. He has a good enough job he can throw down $2000 for the night plus pay for dinner, gifts and other things! He drives a Lexus and is married.” I stopped dead in my tracks.

“MARRIED????” I screamed. Everyone around us stopped and stared. She grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

“Shut up! Yes, married. His wife isn’t putting out, or so he says, and he prefers me to her. He likes spicy hot Asian girls.” I was being pulled along, still stunned. I don’t know why I never thought that a married man would go to a place like that, but it hadn’t crossed my mind until now.

“Does his wife know?”

“No. She thinks I’m an intern at his company. She actually invited me over for dinner once. I baby sit for them too.” My head was reeling…

“Dinner???…. Babysitting????….” I was having a very hard time swallowing this information. Mei turned and laughed.

“(Asian38d), most of the men I fuck are unhappily married men! Most of them have wives that just aren’t willing to do what I do. They come to me because I can make them happier then their wives at home can. I will do things that their wives won’t do. I can become anything that she isn’t. Men need a woman who can satisfy them. Most women won’t take a cock up their ass, or allow a man to tie them up or even let him cum on their face! Because I let them, they take care of me better than their wives!”

Those words ring in my head even now, many years later — verbatim. They left such an impression on me that I think that moment is what changed me forever. I still remember her standing in front of me, telling me.

I sat in my room staring off into space for a very long time, thinking about everything that was happening around me. My first lesbian experience the night before, watching my best friend get taken by a fat man on the monitor, the conversation that Mei and I just had…

I thought about what was about to happen that night as well. I was going to be taken by a married man…er… unhappily married man. I thought about the first time, when I lost my virginity to 6 men who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I thought about all the men I had ever slept with…. I decided that this wouldn’t be any different with the exception I was going to get paid for it. I looked at the clock.

4:30pm. Mei called my room and told me that we were going to go out to casino oyna eat and to a movie before we came back to the rooms. She told me to put on something along the lines of a business casual outfit. I picked out some tight black slacks and white blouse. I did wear the 4″ stilettos though. As I was finishing getting ready, Mei popped in to check up on me. She was wearing black slacks as well, and a white camisole.

We ate at a very expensive restaurant downtown somewhere. All I remember was my plate alone was $63! Mr. Client was just geeked that I had joined him and Mei, and carried on very pleasant conversation. He was nothing like what I expected, though. He was older, probably in his 60’s. He was balding on top, and he kept his dome polished. His hands were immaculate! He must have gotten manicures every week. He had on a black business suit, blue Armani and a complimenting tie. His shoes were made by Prada (I’m a shoe girl! I have over 50 pairs of shoes in my closet). We talked nothing of sex, he was more interested in us as people. I really felt comfortable with him.

It was about 8pm when we got back to the hotel. Mr. Client brought in a duffle bag from the car. I was starting to get a little nervous. He went up to the suite to get ready for us while we went to Mei’s room to also get ready.

“Nervous?” Mei asked. I nodded. “Don’t be. He’s really ok. He’ll treat you better than your boyfriend does.” I wasn’t reassured by that.

“Listen. There is nothing to be scared of. You’ve had sex before. That is all it comes down to. The only difference is that you are expected to give yourself to him. He’s the best person that you can have your first time with because he actually will stop if you want him to. And besides, I’m there too. Its not like you are doing this by yourself.” That was more reassuring.

The room was pretty nice. There was a desk in the corner, 4 chairs around the room, and a king size bed in the center. Mr. Client was stretched out on the bed when we came in.

“Come in girls! Make yourselves at home.” He went over to the bar and made us all screwdrivers.

“Mr. Client, (Asian38D) is new to this. She is a little apprehensive about this whole situation.” Mei said. Mr. Client sat down on the bed next to me.

“You’ll never have to do anything that you don’t want to do with me. All that I ask is that you try it just once.” He told me.

“If you still don’t like what I’m doing, then we will find something else you do like.” He got up and went over to a chair and sat down again.

“You girls look so beautiful!” He said.

“Mei, you take my breath away, and (Asian38D), you are just dazzling! I would very much like to see you two make out for me.”

Mei got up from her chair, smiling at me. She came over and leaned in, kissing me. My heart was pounding so loudly it felt that my ears were going to explode!

“Just like last night…” She whispered. I wrapped my arms around her and began kissing her back. Mr. Client was smiling a huge smile as we did this. Mei laid me on my back on the bed and then lay on top. She began by running her hand all over my body as we kissed. It found its way inside my top and to my nipple. She pinched it and I gasped slightly. Smiling, she began rolling it around in her fingers. I arched my back and breathed deeply. She turned to Mr. Client.

“See? She’s very easy to get going, Sir.” Mei smiled.

“Please, get her ready for me.” He said. She turned back to me, kneeling now. She unbuttoned my top slowly.

“Unbutton mine to!” She whispered. I did so. She exposed my large tits.

“So big… For an Asian woman.” Mr. Client exclaimed. “Please bring her here.”

Mei sat me up, and I went over to him. He removed the rest of the top. He gently cupped my left breast fondled it. He beckoned Mei with the right. She came over. He had her kneel in front of him.

“She’s going to kiss me in that special way, Hun. She knows how I like it. I’m going to enjoy your large breasts while she does so. Please watch her so you will know what I like.” He said to me. I looked down as Mei reached into the duffle bag.

She pulled out a hair tie, and a long clear cock pump. She laid it next to her, and then unzipped Mr. Clients pants. She reached in and pulled out his cock. It was still soft, but it was pretty big. She began to lick it like a Popsicle. He grew harder. She took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. She made loud slurping sounds while looking up at us. He buried his face in my tits and began to suck. I felt the heat come on from my pussy as he sucked, licked and bit my nipples slowly. His hands squeezed my tits together and he took both nipples in his mouth all at once. This drove me crazy! I loved it. I looked down to see Mei putting the hair tie on his cock to act as a cock ring.

Once the cockring was in place, she put the pump over his cock and began to pump slowly. He tilted his head back as she held the vacuum.

“(Asian38D), I want you to take your panties off for me. Will you do that?” He gasped. I slowly pulled them off, rather embarrassed. Once off, I stood there awkwardly canlı casino naked in front of him. He put one leg over one arm of the chair, and the other leg on the other side, so I was basically straddling the chair over him. He pulled my arms over his shoulders so that I would embrace him. He continued to suck my nipples, but now he began to finger me.

At first it felt very awkward and weird. He looked up and said “should I stop, or is this ok?” Just that little question made me feel so much better! I gave myself wholly to him at that point.

“Don’t stop… It feels so good…” I was surprised at what I said. I felt him fingering me. He kept gasping as he sucked my tits. He looked past me at Mei, and nodded. Mei came close to me.

“Mr. Client would like me to bind your hands and feet for this part. It’s perfectly safe. I’m here. Nothing bad will happen.”

I was so nervous as Mei Pulled my hands around my back. She secured them with rope there. Next she secured my ankles to the back two pegs of the chair so I was still straddling the arms. Mei returned to kneeling between Mr. Clients legs again. This time, glancing over my shoulder, she was releasing the vacuum from the cock pump. His cock was so big!

“I—I don’t think…”I looked down “I don’t think it’ll fit sir…” I murmured. He held me close to him.

“All I ask you to do is just try once. If it really doesn’t, then we will stop.” Mei positioned his cock against my wet slit. He placed his hands at my hips and gently pushed down.

I gasped and gasped as the head of his cock separated my cunt. After a few seconds I felt like I was going to split in two. He eased up on the pressure, and said, “We’ll have to work at this one for a while… She’s not ready yet.”

“H—How big is he??” I asked Mei, still gasping because he still had his head in me.

“about 8″ long, and about 7″ around.” She answered. To me, it felt much bigger than that. He gently reapplied pressure to my hips. His cock lurched deeper just a little, but it caused me to arch my back and scream. He got off on that as his cock hardened inside me.

“Oh, Fuck, you’re so big!” I gasped. He was just grinning. I looked back at Mei, who was sucking his balls.

It took us around a half and hour to get him all the way inside me, but he was great! Each time he went in further, I would scream, but he would hold me and ask me if I was ok. Once he was all the way in, Mei got up. She stood behind me, holding my breasts for Mr. Client to suck as he reached around me and was touching her tits. She was moaning softly. Even though he felt big, I was beginning to become accustom to his size, and could move some. He gently had me going up and down on his pole. I was gasping and moaning the whole time. After an hour of it my legs were getting very tired of being stretched across the armchair. Mei untied me, and then took my place on him. She took him with a little discomfort, but was able to move much better than I.

“Please bind Mai’s wrists behind my head, and then secure them by running the rope down to the legs of the chair.” He instructed me. I did as I was told. He then told me to place her legs on his shoulders. She was groaning as I did so. He had me tie her ankles together there. He was so deep inside her; I couldn’t see his cock at all. She just kept whimpering and moaning every time he moved.

“You like it deep?” He whispered.

“Yes… YES!” she hissed “Fuck me deep baby! Put it where no man has ever been! I’m yours.” He placed me right behind her, standing. He placed my tits on her shoulders as best as they would stay there. Then he began twisting and pulling my nipples making me moan again. It must have been quite a sight there. Two Asian girls in heat moaning on an old man!

Next, Mr. Client had me tied up again. I was kneeling facing backwards on a chair about 2 feet from the desk, facing the desk. My wrists were tied to the back of the chair and my ankles were tied to the front. Mr. Client asked Mei to put on a strap-on belt. She did. He pulled out a 6″ dildo and attached it to her strap-on belt. He had her mount me from behind, then tied our legs together so she couldn’t pull out. He leaned her over my back and tied her wrists just above my tits.

He then got behind her and began to go up her ass. She was wailing in my ear as he pushed in her. Each time he thrust, I felt her thrust the dildo into me. Soon, as he was pounding her, I was getting pounded myself. Both of us girls were moaning and gasping. He went faster and faster until he came in her ass. He untied us quickly, and sat me down on the chair securing my hands and feet to the foot posts.

Then, Mei got on the table and squatted over me so that his cum would drip down out of her ass and fall on my face He held my mouth open to catch some of it. He was inside me again, pumping in and out as watched us. Surprisingly, he didn’t need much time to recover from his first cumming. He let go of my face with one hand and guided Mei’s ass to my mouth. “Lick her clean.” He said. Nasty as it was, I did as he asked. I tried not to think about it.

After I kaçak casino was done eating his cum, Mei told me that I might not want to be a part of what was next. I was curious, so I said I’d watch. We all went in to the bathroom, and Mr. Client tied Mei up on her knees in front of the toilet. Her hands were behind her back and her legs were tied apart using a short metal rod.

“I would really like it if you put on Mei’s strap-on and go in her.” He said to me. I went back into the bedroom and began to put it on. Just as I got it on, I heard a muffled shriek coming from Mei in the bathroom, then puking. I hurried back, but wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Mr. Client was sitting on the toilet with his cock in Mei’s mouth. She apparently puked when he pulled her down on him. He looked up, “Ah, you’re back… I would really like you to take Mei from behind now. Put it in her ass. She likes it there… Don’t you sweetie?” He looked down at her. She nodded slightly as she was blinking away the tears in her eyes. I knelt behind her and entered. She began moaning as I pumped her with the dildo. Mr. Client began to push her head up and down on his cock again.

After a couple moments, he slowly pushed her farther and farther on his cock. I felt her tense up, and then she puked again. Horrified, I quickly dismounted, causing her to scream through the vomit. I asked if she was ok.

“Y—Yes, I-I’m alright…. Mr. Client is teaching me how to deepthroat his big cock.” She coughed. Mr., Client said,

“She’s not doing anything she doesn’t want to, are you Hun?”

“N-No… I love this lesson.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I sat there stunned as he continued the “lesson.”

She must have puked 4 or 5 more times. Finally he got it all the way down her throat. At this point, he quickly untied her, gave her a big hug, “You did it love!!!! I am sooooo proud of you!” He bellowed as he hugged her tightly. I was now really taken aback! This was so bizarre!

“Hey (Asian38D), could you run a shower so that we can clean off?” Mr. Client asked me. I nodded still in a daze and started a shower.

I waited for them in the bedroom contemplating what I had just seen. It was soooooo bizarre (I know I said that already, but to this day, I have never seen anything like it)! They both came out of the bathroom laughing and talking as though nothing happened!

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Mr. Client said to me. “I would like to spend a little special time with you now.” I nodded apprehensively. Mei sat down in one of the chairs to watch.

“Mei tells me that you have never had anal sex.” Mr. Client said. Fear shot through my body. I nodded. “We’ll take it slowly like last time. Mei says that she prepped you last night with the inflatable. Did she tell you that I bought that for her when I was going to take her there for the first time?” I shook my head.

He chuckled. “Mei, you had better lube her up with the numbing gel again.” I lay on my stomach with my ass in the air as she lubed me up. “We’ll have to wait a couple minutes for the gel to numb you up.” Mr. Client said. He stood up.

Still hard! I couldn’t believe it. He got his duffle bag and laid it next to me. He found a rather thick dildo and inserted in me. It was only about 6 inches, so he was able to get all of it in me. He took the strap on belt, turned it inside out, and put it on me to hold the dildo inside me. He told me then to get up and walk around. I did as I was told. What he didn’t tell me was that the vibe unit inside the dildo was remote controlled. He took the remote out the bag and gave it to Mei. She turned it on, and I collapsed on the floor moaning.

Mr. Client wanted me to walk back to the bed. I struggled to get myself up and to walk over to the bed. I was staggering as I got there, and collapsed half on the bed, half off. Mr. Client got behind me, and began to go in. I felt the familiar pressure against my ass, but that was about it. He was pumping me pretty good while the vibe unit was still rattling up my pussy. He started pumping faster and faster. He called Mei over and told her get under us. She sat on the floor licking his balls as they swung with each stroke. Mr. Client was pumping so fast now I couldn’t see straight. Finally in one final thrust I felt his cock pulsing in my ass as he came again. I collapsed. He pulled away gave Mei his cock so she could suck the rest of the cum out of it. Once completed, He had me kneel on the edge of the bed. Mei got under my ass just as I had done with her. Mr. Client spread my ass and watched as his cum dribbled out into her mouth.

Mei and I were both exhausted, but Mr. Client wanted one more favor for the night

He had us stand back to back. He tied our waists together tightly so that her ass was squashed against mine. He then tied our shoulders together by wrapping the rope under our armpits, then over the shoulders. He laid us sideways on the bed, our arms at the top of the bed. He tied our wrists together, then the elbows. He bound our hands to the top of the bed at the headboard. Looking down I was lying facing right, Mei was lying facing left. He pulled our top legs (my left and her right leg) straight up and bound our ankles and thighs together. He tied my right leg to the bottom bed post and her left leg to the other post. He had us at the edge of the bed.

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