Arizona Mary

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All the characters appearing in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.


The Arizona sun felt good on Mary’s face as she sat out on her deck with a cup of coffee in her hand. She and her husband John had moved to the desert from the North, as many people do, to escape the Midwestern winters and to be closer to their kids who had migrated south before them. The fact that she could sit outside and sunbath in skimpy clothing in the winter was a revelation when she first arrived, and she loved it. The sun seemed to warm her very soul that morning, her mind wandering to the previous evenings lovemaking with John…

“Are you thinking about your internet man? That naked picture he sent you, with his big cock in his hand?” John asked as he fucked sexy Mary from behind.

“Yes,” Mary said breathily. “I want him in my mouth while you fuck me…”

Mary and John were a very sexual couple — physical attraction is what had brought them together in the beginning, all those years ago. Now in their mid-fifties, their sex life was as good as ever, and they spiced things up by sharing good erotic stories with one another, among other things. Those other things included a three-way with another man and Mary’s sexy pen-pals — sharing pictures and dirty talk by email. She was taking another sip of coffee, day-dreaming of two cocks at once when her phone rang.

“Hi Mare,” her friend Kim said. “I got you guys a reservation at a nice place down here. You said you wanted an extra long weekend, so I got you Thursday thru Sunday. That’ll give you a full day before and after the wedding stuff.”

“That’s great Kim, thanks for doing that,” Mary said. “So are we all staying at the same place?”

“No, ours was full up, but you’re just up the road a few miles,” Kim said. “I think you’ll like it.”

Mary’s friend Kim was getting married in Tucson, and Mary and John were of course going to be there. A long weekend away would be a fun change of pace.


The months rolled by and the wedding date approached. On the Monday before the big weekend John came down with the flu. It hit him hard and fast, he was over the worst of it when Thursday morning rolled around, but going to a weekend long wedding wasn’t a good idea in his condition.

“You go sweetie, I’ll be fine,” he said. “Give Kim a kiss for me, and give her my regrets.”

So Mary packed up her car and drove down to Tucson, using the directions Kim had given her to the Nueda Vista resort.

“Kim? What the fuck!” Mary said into her phone as she stood outside the lobby. “This place is clothing optional? You know what that means right — it means nobody wears any. Is this some kind of a joke? Where am I really staying?”

“So you made it huh?” Kim said. “Isn’t that place great? You and John are so sexy together I thought you’d get a kick out of it.”

“Get a kick out of it? Jeez Kim, you could have at least told us,” Mary said. “And John’s not with me by the way. He’s had the flu all week and sends his regrets. He wanted me to give you a kiss from him but I think I might slap you instead — what are you trying to do to me? You really expect me to just take off all my clothes in front of these people?”

“I don’t think you have to. It’s optional, right?” Kim laughed. “I’m sorry Mary, but everything else is booked up. Can you grin and bare it…for me?”

“Grin and bare it…Jesus Kim. So when do I see you, so I can give you that slap?” Mary asked.

“Not ’till tomorrow hun, I’m runnin’ ragged until then,” Kim said. “Have a drink, relax. Maybe you’ll like it. Call me in the morning, okay? I’m so glad you’re here.”

Mary shook her head, hung up the phone and walked into the lobby of the Nueda Vista Resort to check in. The porter took her to a delightful little room overlooking a cactus garden, one in a long line of ‘motel’ style rooms that all opened onto a long patio. She could see a swimming pool from her window, the few people in it clearly naked but seemingly very casual. There didn’t seem to be any ‘hanky panky’ going on. It was a beautiful desert day, so she decided to put on her bikini and wander down, to satisfy her curiosity.

“Sorry I’m dressed, I’m new here,” she said to a woman on a lounge chair as she sat down with her towel and a magazine.

“No need to be sorry,” the woman said with a smile. “Everybody’s happy no matter how you want to be. That’s a cute suit.”

The two chatted for a while, about nudity and other more mundane topics, and then the woman left. Mary read her magazine, glancing occasionally at the other naked bodies around the pool, and two by two they left, leaving Mary with the pool to herself. “What’s the big deal anyway,” she said to herself, and she stood up, took off her bathing suit, and slipped her body into the refreshing water.

The water on her smoothly shaved pussy felt heavenly, and the whole experience was proving to be very liberating. She floated around, enjoying the sunshine and the quiet, casino oyna and a peaceful calm swept her almost into a dream state. She was snapped out of it by laughing male voices.

A nervous jolt hit Mary as they approached. She dropped her floating body down below the water, but it was as clear as glass and it was obvious she was naked. The three men were naked too, and she was initially stunned at the sight until her brain reminded her of where she was. Equally stunning was the way they looked — obviously three generations of the same family. You could have taken a picture of each of them and easily passed the three photos off as the same person at three different points in his life. It was uncanny. They were all beautiful men — tanned and muscular, with thick cocks hanging perfectly between their legs.

“Beautiful afternoon, isn’t it,” the oldest of the three said to Mary as he put his towel down on a chair.

“Yes,” she said rather nervously as she watched him.

How can a man with silver hair have a body like that, she thought to herself as she admired his ass. Before she knew it he had turned and dove into the pool. Her attention turned to the man in the middle, age wise. Probably in his mid-forties, he was a stunning specimen, with a smoothly shaved groin. Obviously someone who worked out in a gym, he was strong and very muscular, but not like those over-the-top bodybuilders. He had a few flecks of grey in his thick hair, and a lady-killer smile that he flashed at Mary when he turned and saw her watching him.

“How’s the water today?” he asked, and he dove in too.

The youngest of the three looked fresh out of high school, and had a lean, well-toned body, more like a soccer player. He flattened a lounge chair and rolled his tanned nakedness onto it face down, his perfect young ass soaking in the warm sun.

Mary didn’t know quite what to do. There she was, naked in her altogether, surrounded by gorgeous men, and her towel and bathing suit were on a chair right next to the sweetest young ass she’d ever seen. She decided to wait it out and see what happened.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” the oldest man said from behind, startling Mary. “I’m Dennis.”

“Oh, hi…Dennis, I’m Mary,” she said nervously as he approached. “No, I’m not from around here, I’m in town for a wedding.”

“Oh nice,” he said. “Is it going to be here? A nude wedding?”

“No, it’s at Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch, I think it’s called? Something like that,” she said.

“Oh sure, that’s a beautiful place for weddings,” he said. “This is my son Jason. Jason this is Mary.”

Jason was approaching through the crystal clear water, and soon they had Mary cornered, although she was sure they didn’t mean it that way.

“Hi Mary, nice to meet you,” Jason said, flashing that killer smile again. “That’s my son Rain up on the deck.”

“Rain. That’s a nice name,” Mary said, starting to relax a little.

“The night he was conceived, it was a bit of a perfect storm,” Jason said.

“Those are my kinda nights,” Dennis said. “How ’bout you Mary?”

Yes…Yes…I…I know what you mean,” she said, and her mind flashed back to having two cocks in her that wild night with her husband.

Mary blushed. Not only her face but her chest, and her nipples hardened like big juicy gumdrops. She wanted to cover herself, but there was nothing she could do.

“So what brings you three to Nueda Vista?” she asked, trying to change the subject.

“I live here,” Dennis said. “They put in Condos recently and I love the place so I snapped one up. The boys are here for a weekend visit.”

“Oh nice, are your wives here with you?” Mary asked

“No, we’re all single at the moment. You, Mary?” Dennis asked.

“Just single for the weekend I’m afraid. My husband’s home with the flu.”

“Oh that’s a shame,” Dennis said. “He’ll miss the wedding. So are you all booked up with dinner plans with your friends?”

“No, we planned it so we’d have a restful day here, just the two of us,” Mary said. “The wedding festivities don’t start ’till tomorrow.”

“Well then, you’ll join us for dinner won’t you?” Dennis said. “I’ve got quite a wine cellar in my condo.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mary said. “I mean…this is all new to me, the whole nudist thing. I don’t think I could do dinner…”

“We’ll be fully clothed, I assure you,” Dennis said with a smile. “Do you have plans?”

“No, I don’t,” she said.

“Excellent. Eight o’clock then,” Dennis said. “We can tell you all about Tucson.”

Jason was already swimming laps, and Dennis joined him, the two of them looking as competitive as Olympic athletes. Mary stood for a while, feeling awkward, like she shouldn’t stay and couldn’t go. Finally she convinced herself of the ‘what’s the big deal anyway’ thought she’d had earlier, and she walked up the steps out of the water. There was no way to avoid facing all the men, so she walked as confidently as she could to her chair, water dripping off her hard nipples and canlı casino her bare pussy. Her body was damn good for a mid-fifty year-old, and she tried to keep that thought in her head.

“Rain,” Dennis said loudly from the water, “This is Mary. She’s having dinner with us tonight.”

Mary had no choice but to approach Rain’s chair closely, as her’s was right next to it. As she did Rain rolled onto his back and sat up, his gorgeous young cock on full display just feet away from her as she reached her chair.

“Hi Mary, it’s nice to meet you,” he said, and he extended his hand.

Mary had never shaken the hand of a naked man before, and it seemed strange.

“Hi Rain,” Mary said, and she suddenly felt very exposed and reached for her towel. “I hope you don’t mind me covering up. I’m not used to the whole nudity thing yet.”

“Oh, no, that’s fine,” the very polite boy said. “You shouldn’t worry though, you look way better than most of the other women here.”

He was a ridiculously handsome young thing, and his natural charm was almost as disarming as his perfectly delicious looking cock.

“Thank you Rain,” Mary said, not knowing quite how to respond. “I guess I’ll see you later then.”

Mary wrapped herself tight in her towel, picked up her bathing suit and her magazine, and started to walk away.

“It’s been a pleasure Mary,” Dennis said from the water. “I’ll send Rain around to collect you just before eight.”


Back in her room Mary called her husband John. He sounded better and wanted to know about the resort.

“Well you’re not gonna believe this one, or maybe you will knowing Kim,” Mary said. “It’s a nudist resort.”

“Oh my God!” John said with a laugh, his voice suddenly a lot more interested.

“She thought you and I, being a ‘sexy couple,’ would think it was fun, the sneaky little stinker. Wait’ll I get a hold of her…” Mary said.

“It’s actually kinda nice, that she thinks we’re sexy and happy like that,” John said.

“I guess,” Mary said.

“Soooo…did you?” John asked, sounding like he had a big smile on his face.

“Well, I was at the pool in my bathing suit, and after a while everybody left, and…I had a skinny dip, yeah.”

“Good for you!” John said. “I knew you would. You’re too sexy to let an opportunity like that go by.”

“It didn’t end there,” she said. “Three naked men showed up and started talking to me. It was kinda surreal. It almost felt natural after a while, although my nips got hard and I blushed.”

“Holy shit, this is too hot,” he said. “You know I think it’s hot when you get involved in stuff on your own and you tell me about it.”

“Yeah, I know honey,” she said. “That’s why I’m hoping you’ll think this part is hot too, but I can back out if you aren’t comfortable with the idea. They asked me to dinner.”

“Whoa! Who are these guys?” he asked.

“They’re really nice,” she said. “Classy and polite, nice people. It’s a father in his mid-sixties, his son in his mid-forties, and his grandson. He’s like right outta high school. The older guy lives here.”

“Okay, time out. You realize what this is, right? You’ve told me about this fantasy before. Are you telling me you’ve fallen into it at a freakin’ nudist resort? This is too much!” John said, and he laughed so hard his sick body started coughing.

“I know, but it’s not like anything’s gonna happen,” Mary said. “Not without you with me.”

“Why the fuck not?” he said. “I’m not saying you should go in there and be all slutty or anything, but if something happens organically, I mean you can’t stop something this perfect from playing out. It’s like the perfect storm, this shit just doesn’t happen twice.”

“It’s funny you should say perfect storm,” Mary laughed. “One of them mentioned that earlier. But Jesus John, you don’t want me getting fucked without you, do you? And who knows if anything like my fantasy would happen anyway — they’re just nice people.”

“Nice people are horn-dogs too you know,” he laughed. “I’m just saying, I’m cool with it, okay? I know you, and I know you’re coming back to me. I love you sweetie, and I want you to have a fun weekend. Live your dreams, okay?”

“I love you too John,” Mary said.

She hung up the phone and sat there in a daze, thinking about her over-the-top fantasy of having sex with three generations of men. She always knew it wouldn’t really happen, but if it did she figured it would be trailer park men when her car broke down or something like that, not high-class hot-bodies with a wine cellar in their condo. It was almost to much for her to contemplate, and a nice man like Dennis wouldn’t have a four-way with his grandson anyway. It was crazy and she had to stop thinking about it.

Nevertheless…she did bring a hot dress to wear to the wedding reception, and…if she wanted to…she could break it out early, just to see how it went over. Should she do that, she wondered, or should she just wear some nice pants? After a hot shower she kaçak casino found herself putting on her sexy lingerie and the hot little teal-blue dress, just to check it out in the mirror. The color set off her short auburn hair perfectly, and she did her makeup and lipstick to really make it pop. A thin necklace finished it off without going too far, and she stood back to assess herself in the mirror. Her tits looked freakin’ awesome she thought, and the rest of her wasn’t far behind. “Fifty somethin’? Damn right, I’m fifty somethin’,” she said out loud to the mirror, smiling as she smoothed the little dress over her sexy hips.

There was a knock at her door.

“Fuck!” she said out loud. It couldn’t be eight o’clock already, could it, she wondered? But it was. There was no time for her to change into her more conservative pants even if she wanted to. Oh well, time to grin and bare it, as her friend Kim had said.

She opened the door and Rain stood there, his tall, handsome frame lit by the fading sunset. He looked different wearing clothes — nice looking cargo pants and a natural linen shirt. His eyes sparkled as he looked Mary over.

“Wow!” he said quietly. “You look good!”

“Thank you Rain,” Mary said with a little smile. “I hope I’m not over dressed.”

“No, Granddad’s got a suit on,” he said, “and Dad did it up too. I was making fun of him, but, I guess he knew…”

“Shall we?” Mary said as she closed her door.

“Oh, yeah,” Rain said, snapping himself out of the feminine spell he had temporarily fallen under.

Mary took Rain’s arm above the elbow, and they walked down the path through the cactus garden.


“That was incredible,” Mary said as she finished her dessert. “Where did you guys learn to cook like that?”

“Just a hobby. It goes way back to my childhood,” Dennis said. “Jason picked it up from me as a kid.”

“Wow, it’s almost sinful how good that was,” she said. “The whole dinner really, but a chocolate soufflé with Champagne? I mean really, you could get a girl to do just about anything after a dessert like that.”

After she said it Mary realized it would have been a more appropriate thing to say to her husband than to three men she met just a few hours ago, but the three different wines that went with the first three dinner courses and the champagne finish had loosened her to the edge of the danger zone.

After helping to clean up a bit Rain disappeared to his room, and the crazy fantasy that had been rattling around in Mary’s head all evening seemed less likely than when they were all laughing around the table. It was a crazy fantasy though, she kept telling herself, and just letting one of those beautiful men fuck her wouldn’t count and would just be cheating on her sweet husband. She wouldn’t be able to face him if she had to tell him something like that had happened. No, it was the perfect storm or nothing, at least until the next glass of champagne.

“Champagne my dear?” Dennis said as he filled her glass. “It doesn’t keep you know.”

Dennis escorted her into the living room, with a floor to ceiling view of the nighttime mountains and the star-filled desert sky.

“My goodness, what a view,” Mary said as she walked over to the window. “Oh my God!” she said and she started laughing.

“What is it Mary?” Dennis asked.

“I’d forgotten we’re at a nudist…place,” she giggled. “A man just walked by with his…wow, it’s just so odd.”

“Some of us think it’s the wearing of clothing that’s odd,” Dennis said.

“I guess…maybe,” Mary said as she turned around and looked at Dennis on the couch. “Are you usually…nude…when you’re home?”

“Yes, that’s sort of the point of living here,” he said.

“What about when you have guests over?” she asked, swaying a little bit as she sipped her Champagne.

“Yes, then too,” he said. “It’s quite nice when you get used to it.”

“How do you tell the difference between platonic and…something more…amorous?” she asked.

“That’s usually pretty easy to ascertain,” he said.

“Like when there’s a big woody for everyone to see?” Mary said, and she laughed. The wine and the champagne had swept her beyond the danger zone.

“Well, that’s inevitable in certain company,” Dennis said, his eyes twinkling.

“So you’d be more comfortable right now if you were naked?” Mary asked.

“Yes, and I think you would be too,” Dennis said. “But you do look wonderful in that dress.”

“I hate for you to be uncomfortable,” Mary said with a sexy little smile. “I’m not saying I’ll join you, but, maybe part way.”

“I’ll be back in just a moment my dear,” Dennis said, and he disappeared down the hall.

Mary turned back to admire the view and Jason came into the living room from the kitchen.

“Where’s Dad?” he asked.

“He went to strip,” Mary said, and she giggled again. “This sure is an interesting lifestyle you have.”

“Well, it’s only part time for me, but I enjoy it,” Jason said. “Since you don’t mind, I think I’ll join him.”

Jason went down the hall, and as soon as he was gone Dennis came back, as naked as the day he was born. Mary couldn’t help but stare, and Dennis stood there and let her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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