A Valentine’s Day Letter

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We’re a long way apart, this Valentines day. Despite the miles I want the day to be something we can share, so I’ve got a plan, and I want you to join in with me. I’m going to get our bedroom all set up for a special night in, and at 8pm I’m going to settle down with my copy of the letter that’s inside this card and work through it. I want you to do the same in your hotel room, order yourself some champagne, turn the lights down and imagine every detail. Don’t peek at the letter until then!

I love you! xxx


Ah, there you are! Good evening my lover. Are you comfortable? Did you remember to put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door? Ready? Remember to read nice and slowly so I have time to be at the same stage as you, and you have time to imagine everything in perfect detail.

I’ve just been for a long bath with a glass of wine, and the heating is turned up. I’m wearing my hair down and I’ve put on that red silk slip with the tie front you bought me last year. I’ve got hold-ups on, and the really high heels you like me in. The bedroom is full of candles, there are fresh sheets on the bed, and the CD you recorded for me is playing very softly.

I went into town last week and visited that new shop. (Yes, that shop!) It was quite an experience, and I might have got a bit carried away with the purchases, but I think you’ll have fun helping me experiment with them. I’ve got most of them laid out on the bed, and I’ll describe them to you one at a time as I try them out.

I’m sitting on the bed now, and I’m running my hands over my body through the silk slip. I’m imagining that you are sitting here too, watching me, and the thought of you is making my nipples hard already. You can really see them through the fabric, and I’m brushing just my fingertips over them, quite fast, to make them even harder.

Now I’m undoing the tie at the front of the slip. I’m opening the front quite slowly, and you’ll notice I got some new lingerie too. The bra is quarter cup, so it pushes my breasts up and forward, but it doesn’t quite reach up to my nipples, so you can see them jutting hard and tight over the lace edge. There are new panties too, very sheer fabric. Look closely- you can almost see right through them.

I’m taking the slip right off now, so you can admire the new undies better. As I turn round you’ll notice the panties have a thong back, and yes, you are right- I’ve shaved my pussy just the way you like me to. I’m leaning back against the pillows now, running my hands all over my body. I can feel your eyes on me, I’m amazed at how wet I am already.

Time for the first of the new purchases. Bet you’ll never guess what this one is? Give up? Ok- it’s a bit silly this one, but I bought a nipple chain! Its got two little illegal bahis plastic slides with a silver chain in between them. The girl in the shop said it was important to have really erect nipples first, so I’m sucking my fingers to make them wet and rubbing round and round both nipples at the same time. The flesh is puckering around them, darkening in colour as the blood rushes into my nipples. It always amazes me just how large and hard they get these days, that’s the result of all the loving attention you give them. I adore the way you suck them one at a time into your mouth, rolling them with your tongue then sucking so hard it makes me want to cry out. I also love the way they look when you’ve just sucked them, glistening wet and so red.

I’m slipping the little catches over the nipples now, and tightening them so they grip tightly. I’m going to leave the bra on, I like the way the combination of exposed flesh and the chain makes me took as if you have bound me in some way. I think you’ll like the effect too- I didn’t think my nipples could get any harder, but the constriction of the clamps is making them tingle, it feels very erotic.

All this tit play is making me very wet, and rather thirsty. I’m going to have a few sips of wine, why don’t you join me, and take those trousers off whilst you are at it. I can tell you are getting hard, just as I am getting wet.

That’s better, now, where were we? Ah yes, you getting hard, me getting wet.

I’m running my fingers over the sheer panties now, they are getting soaked, and that’s just making them even more transparent, you can see every detail of my freshly shaved pussy outlined against the thin fabric, and I have to work hard to control my urge to bring myself off right now. We’ve got three more things to play with yet.

I’m not sure which to go with first, two are things we haven’t really experimented with before, one is an old favourite. Let’s start with that shall we? It’s my vibrator, the one about the size of your finger, that I sometimes use to trigger a massive orgasm when you are inside me. I’m slipping it under the lace of the panties and just slightly teasing myself with it, just flicking it on a low setting over my clitoris and against the lips of my pussy.

I’m so wet, and I know you want to get closer. I’m going to take the panties off, really slowly. I’m easing them off just a little at a time, letting you get a glimpse of just how wet I am. Now I’m spreading my legs, knowing that your eyes are on me. Although I’m wet, my opening is still tightly closed, I know how much you love that moment of penetration, and I’m saving that for a little while.

I’m concentrating on my clitoris now, using the very tip of the vibrator, and holding the skin tight with one illegal bahis siteleri hand so that sensitive little place peeps out from under its covering. Every touch of the hard plastic vibrator is making my innards flutter, but I’m determined not to let myself come too fast. I’m going to spend about five minutes teasing, tormenting, and tantalizing myself. I know you will be doing the same- don’t let it go too far though.

I’ve got a real surprise for you next. This is something we’ve never tried, and I have to admit I’m not at all sure how it will work out. I bought a butt plug, and a tube of lubricant to go with it. Its red (matches my outfit!), and about as long as your cock, but the shape is different. It starts off very narrow, then flares almost as wide as you, then narrows again, with a wide base. I’m a bit nervous about this, apart from your fingertip I’ve never had anything inserted into my anus, but I know you’ve wanted us to try this for a while, so here goes.

I’m lying on my back with my feet drawn up close to my backside, with my legs spread you can see everything really clearly, and I’m raising my arse off the bed a little so I can get at myself more easily. I know this will be much simpler when you are here in person, but for now, you have to imagine that you are helping me. I’m spreading lots of lube around, on the plug as well as on me, and I’m slipping the very tip of my finger in and out of my anus repeatedly to try and loosen up enough to get the toy in.

Here goes, I’m relaxing my muscles as much as I can, and pressing the head of the plug against the sphincter. It’s so tight, for a moment I don’t believe it will work, but it does, and slowly, slowly, I’m sliding this all the way into my anus. I can tell this is making you really hard, I’d like to reach over and give your cock a lovely long stroke, but I’m a bit preoccupied with these new sensations, so you’ll just have to take care of that side of things yourself. This is making me so wet, I didn’t realize just how much juice I produced when I’m really turned on, its slipping down to mix with the lube, and now I’m getting used to the sensation of the butt plug, it feels rather nice.

The nipple chain is still doing its thing, keeping them erect and throbbing, whilst down below the butt plug is making me throb in a different way. Time we added the third toy to the party. This one is a lifelike silicone dildo. It feels silky to the touch, just like you do, and I’m going to spend a few moments running my tongue along it, imagining it is your own luscious cock that I have in my mouth. I wish you were here so I could wrap my mouth around your length, suck you into me, lap at your delicate opening with my eager tongue. I know just how hard you are now, how hot and canlı bahis siteleri throbbing the head of your cock will be, how you’ll be stroking yourself as you read my letter, trying hard not to come until we can both get there together. Soon my darling, you know why I bought this particular toy.

Penetration is always one of the best parts of sex, I know you agree with me. That moment when you stop teasing yourself on my slippery folds and thrust, hard and fast deep into my body, forcing me to adapt my shape to yours, triggering all those fluttering feelings that can lead to such exquisite release. Watch me closely, close your eyes and imagine every detail as I lie here, nipples engorged, breasts straining over the tight cropped bra, anus stretched and filled by the but plug, pussy shaved, slick and wet with my own fluids.

I’m positioning the head of the dildo over my opening, willing myself to believe it is you, just for a moment. Then swiftly, forcibly, impaling myself on its whole length. Feel the difference with my anus filled with the plug, can you sense how much tighter it makes me inside, how it changes my contours around you, gripping you in new ways? I’m sliding the dildo in and out now, mimicking the hard, regular thrusts you use to bring me close.

Head back, I’m panting now, my skin starting to sheen with sweat. I don’t think either of us want to wait now. I’m reaching for the small, familiar vibrator, turning it on to a high speed, and grinding it hard against my clitoris. I feel so full, the sensation in my anus is making the dildo feel even bigger than it is. It’s sure to make me feel even tighter to you, my nipples are on fire in the most pleasurable way, and I’ve never been so wet.

I’m nearly there, I want you to speed up to match me, feel my hips writhe, crushing my clitoris with the vibrator, loving the long moment of watery disorientation as my knees turn to jelly and my sphincter softens. That drawn out sensation that is almost as if my insides are rising up on the crest of a wave, only to come crashing down, pounding like surf on the beach, as orgasm after orgasm washes over me, making muscles I didn’t even realize were there clench and relax, over and over again. I know you are coming too, you hands slick with your own ejaculation, hot fluid spilling onto the crisp hotel sheets.

I love you. Sex with you is just fantastic.

Of course, I know you realize that I must have done all this when I wrote the letter, otherwise I couldn’t have got it to you in time for Valentines day. But I couldn’t bear the thought of you being so far away and not having something to think about at least.

I hope you enjoyed my present. It isn’t quite over though. You see, if I’ve timed this right, in about twenty minutes there’s going to be a knock on your door. Just time for you to order more champagne and straighten those sheets. And don’t worry- I’m bringing all the new toys with me.

See you in a few minutes lover- happy Valentine’s day!

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