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It was if the copy was screaming my name after reading my mind.

“Are you bored with your life? Are you in a dead end boring job? Are you tired of snow up to your eyeballs? If you are ready for some adventure and sunshine in a warm desert climate, we have job openings for you in the beautiful country of Sarjah. We are rich in oil but poor in people with office skills. Fill out the enclosed application and find out in less than twenty-four hours if your new life is in our friendly country.”

In my present mood, I was ready to apply to hell just to get warm so I filled out the app and hit send before I could change my mind. The next day I received an online notice asking me to interview at an office on the west side.

I realize we all have preconceived notions on ethnic groups and mine had always been that Arabs put women down. However, this office was run by women and I liked the feel. From the receptionist to the lady who interviewed me, all were polite and friendly. Miss. Sallina said the job was mine as soon as I took a physical and could get my papers together, they would fly me to Sarjah. It was a two-year contract at almost twice my current pay. I would be required to sign a nondisclosure pack, as my work would be sensitive to the security of the country. She mentioned that although they were a forward thinking country I would need to have my head covered when out in public and that I would need to dress conservatively. I started to tell her that as chubby as I was that was the only way I dressed but then I just agreed. It was all so fast and amazing; in less than a week, I was on a 747 to my new home.

I had long been a believer in ‘If it looks too good to be true it probably is’ and yet when we landed I was stunned by how beautiful the airport was. As we flew in over the ocean I was awed by how blue casino oyna the water was as well as the white beaches. As I deplaned, I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it, just as you see in the movies. I felt so important as I walked up to him but quickly found out he spoke no English. He merely nodded to me and turned to walk away so I followed. I tried to inquire about my luggage but I saw it at the curb next to a big Mercedes four door. We drove out of the airport and up the coast along the beach. We drove for miles and yet I didn’t anyone on the beach, maybe the afternoon heat was too much, and everyone went to the beach in the evening. Looming in the distance was a large dwelling and I was shocked when the driver turned in the driveway leading up to the estate.

I was greeted at the door by a servant who spoke some English; he welcomed me and said I needed to change to traditional dress for the swearing in ceremony. He implied I had to swear allegiance and was just a technicality. I felt as if I was in a dream as I was led to a room were women helped me dress in a long gown and then enclosed me in a Burka. When I saw myself in a mirror instead of felling repressed, I thought of myself as mysterious and actually alluring.

I was then taken to a large hall where I met my boss Mr. Masjid. I stood beside him as I listened but could not understand. Next, a chubby man in a long robe led me to a beautiful room. I could tell it was a bedroom because of the huge canopy bed in the center of the room but this room was bigger than my whole apartment. Was this to be my quarters, oh my, I was glad I took this job.

The next morning I was half way dragged down a long aisle to another large apartment. I was battered, bruised, and bloodied, once inside I collapsed in a heap. A middle-aged American woman came to me and she canlı casino helped me up and into a large tub. I was dazed and near hysteria,

“That man forced himself on me all night, I didn’t know what to do I was so frightened.”

The woman who later I found was named Grace began gently to wash me and as I began to sob, she told me of my fate.

“Welcome to the harem of the Sheikh Masjid, you are his latest wife. I’m sure you thought the same as I, and that you were coming here for adventure but alas this room is now your life.”

She went on to tell how the Sheikh’s agents search the big cities looking for girls such as I and when I asked why I was selected she said that I was a certifiable virgin, meaning I still had a hymen. I now realized the reason for my physical was only to find if I was virgin or not.

She told me it wasn’t too bad here and that once he took your cherry the Sheikh usually left you alone. I noticed Grace was taking quite a few freedoms with my naked body as she continued to wash me. At first, I was concerned and then I noticed how good she was making me feel. When she leaned over and kissed me I was ready and returned her kisses with equal passion to hers.

“This is the best part they leave us alone and we can enjoy each other as much as we want.”

She undid one clasp on her robe and was then as naked as I was and my eyes feasted not only her large breasts but also the amount of light blonde hair on her body. As a woman who was constantly getting rid of body-hair one way or another I found her fascinating. She joined me in the tub and I spread my legs to give her access to my folds. It felt wonderful to have someone else’s fingers caressing my little nub and before long, I orgasmed, causing her to smile. She then helped me out of the tub and dried me in a luxurious large kaçak casino towel and then I in turn did her. She led me to a large bed where two ladies lie naked kissing each other. I stared at their passion and felt my loins burning with desire. They stopped briefly and invited us to join them and soon all four of us were entwined in a sexual frenzy.

Grace informed the girls that I was the latest virgin and as my reward, all three turned their attention to my body as they stroked and kissed me from my nose all the way to my toes. The one name Saundra took a special interest in my toes and with her kissing and sucking them it sent shockwaves all the way up to that special spot between my legs. I came and came and came again and yet they would not cease giving me more than I thought I could handle. I was panting and moaning as my body trashed about and then Grace stood up slightly and sat her special place on my face. She was hot and wet and when I found her nub, I put it in my mouth just as she had done to me. I looked up to watch her face contort with passion and felt so proud that I’d been able to do that to her. When she climaxed juices spurted from in a spray, I recoiled at first as I thought it was urine. When I tasted I could tell it was not urine but from her womb and then I drank from her hungrily.

In what seemed like hours later as we lay spent and all soaked from Grace’s mighty spray, she held me close. She ran her fingers through my wet hair,

“Now isn’t an afternoon spent like this worth letting the Sheikh have his way with you once or twice a year? The best part is at the end of two years they hand you your salary tax-free. I find this place so enjoyable I signed up for another two years”

I asked her why the Sheikh keeps us around if he no longer is interested in having sex with us. She told me he keeps us all here as status symbols. As I lay there in that blissful state I almost had to agree with her. Right then the funniest thought popped into my head, ‘All this plus no more shaving,’ maybe she was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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