Haley’s Senior Moment

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Our Albert-Preston University cheer team does community service and special appearances during the school year. Sometimes it’s a new business opening or some civic event in our small college town but mostly it is some sort of goodwill appearance. Hospitals, grade schools, nursing homes, that sort of thing. On a Thursday afternoon in March, we visited the Sunny Dales Senior Community to do some small cheer and aerial routines and spend time with the seniors who lived there.

It was fun to be with the old folks at the senior center. So many of the women seniors were funny and gracious about our presence. And so many of the old gents were lively enough to make flirty comments to us and sometimes try to grab us that we were all having a great time. As we did our rounds of speaking to the residents and doing our routines, I seemed to keep making eye contact with one of the older women who was standing across the large room from the other seniors. Many of the residents were in wheelchairs or seated with their walkers nearby but the woman across the room was standing against the wall and seemed younger (that’s an odd word to use in this context) but yes, younger than the other seniors for whom we were performing.

When we had a break from our last prepared routine, I looked over and again saw the single woman seeming to look at me. I put my pom poms down on an empty chair and ambled over to her where she remained leaning against the far wall.

“Hello.” The woman said to me as I approached her. She smiled kind of sweetly, I thought.

“Hiya.” I said with a smile. “I’m Haley.” I stretched my arm in greeting.

“Haley. That’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.” She said as she took my offered hand in greeting. Her hand was warm and soft and she held it the extra half step it took for me to get right in front of her.

“My name is Violet.” She said. I looked into her eyes as we clasped hands. Now that we were face to face, I noticed that her eyes were violet in color. That was pretty cool, I thought.

“We’re all having a great time being here.” I said.

“Yes, you girls have certainly livened up the older folks.” Violet said in response. She continued to smile while looking me right in the eyes as she spoke.

I felt a little uncomfortable under her gaze although I enjoyed being part of the cheer squad who’s whole mission was performing for crowds. “Do you work here…or something?” I asked, immediately feeling stupid for asking in that way.

Violet laughed a little. “I kind of help out around the place but I’m a resident, too.” She answered sweetly.

Her response seemed almost a confession but I felt put at ease by her honesty. “Yeah.” I said, glancing behind me at the rest of the Sunny Dales audience. “You look younger than, uh, the others.” I said.

“Well, thank you Haley. That’s sweet of you to say.” Violet said pinching me lightly on my bare bicep in a playful manner.

Our eyes met again in the split second when she touched my bare arm. I’ve only been a beginner with other women but I felt in that tiny moment the same way I felt when I had my initial experiences with Jenny, Noni, and Doaui, my previous lesbian experiences that I have recounted here previously. Was I – could I – be having an attraction for a woman who was old enough to be my grandmother? I think the answer was “Yes” because I felt myself flushing in my cheeks when I admitted to the feeling.

I wish I could describe her accurately for you but the truth was that – aside from her violet eyes – Violet, the woman, was much like hundreds (or thousands) of sixtyish women you see over the ordinary course of your life. She had a pleasantly pretty round face with apple cheeks, a nice medium length coif of grey hair, and a small mouth with gently glossed magenta lips. Violet was a little taller than me. Everyone seems taller than my 5’2″ frame, though. She was neither fat nor thin. Her embroidered sweater showed a generous swell of bosom common to many older women and her dark slacks covered her generous but proportioned hips. To most people, Violet would be as ordinary as applesauce with a boneless pork chop – which is what they served us for lunch earlier, by the way.

Being next to Violet who was covered from neckline to her sensible flat pumps, I felt very vulnerable in my cheer uniform with bare arms, bare midriff and legs. But I wanted to be vulnerable and attractive to Violet. As she talked about Sunny Dales and her light responsibilities as an assistant to the social director there, my mind was imagining what it would be like to have her hold me. I was conscious of my suddenly stiffened nipples under my sports bra and cheer top. I glanced up at her as we walked slowly around the room and was surprised when I saw her glancing at me at the same time. When we had to squeeze between two chairs, we bumped hips and shoulders and I once again felt the tingle of excitement at the feel of her body against me.

Our cheer coach was calling casino oyna for us to assemble for departure. “Oh, no, I have to go.” I said with genuine disappointment.

Violet took one of my hands, then the other, and I turned to face her. “You should come back to see me again, if you’d like to learn more about our community here.” She said sweetly and our eyes locked yet again. For a split second, I thought we were going to kiss goodbye but that was silly of me.

“Yes. I would like that a lot.” I said nervously stepping backward but maintaining eye contact with Violet and her purple orbs.

“You can call me through the main number here. I’m always around.” She said with a laugh and gave me a little tootle-loo wave as I went to rejoin the cheer squad.

On the team shuttle back to campus, Tracy Wong, a cute Asian girl on our cheer team, was telling me about how one of the old guys tried to feel her ass up from his wheelchair. Other girls were yammering away about whatever or listening to their i-pods. As I stared out the bus window, all I could think about was Violet. Those head-filling thoughts stayed with me constantly for a few days.

I wasn’t a psychology major and I doubt if Intro Psych or even Intermediate Psych would delve into how a young woman (myself) could be attracted to a woman living in an old age home. My own mother was only 44 years old. My grandmothers (on both sides) were about Violet’s age and I never thought of them the way I found myself thinking of Violet. For chrissakes, that’s incest, anyway. But still, I couldn’t wrap my head around why Violet filled my thoughts between schoolwork, cheerleading practice, hanging out with my friends, and before I went to sleep every night. I even found myself daydreaming about Violet during a brief between-classes makeout and pussy eating roll-around with Noni, my gymnastics lover, one afternoon.

On the Monday following our cheer squad visit to Sunny Dales, I nervously used my phone to look up the number and dial to get in touch with Violet.

After the receptionist answered, I said, “Uh, yeah, could I speak to Violet?” I could feel my hand shaking as I held the phone to my ear.

The voice on the other end asked if I knew the last name. I panicked, realizing I never got her last name, but composed myself enough to say, “She kind of works there..I think.”

“Oh, yes, Violet.” The receptionist said after a short pause. “Hold on.”

After a few minutes wait during which I almost disconnected several times in panic, a voice came on the line. “Hello?” It asked in the voice that had been running through my head for days.

“Violet? It’s Haley. From Albert-Preston.” I said whispering as though others were listening in.

There was a half beat of silence then, “Oh,yes, Haley. How nice of you to call.”

Emboldening myself, I answered, “Hi, Violet. I thought maybe I could come out to visit, You said you would show me around.”

Violet laughed a little. “Well, yes, certainly. I’d like that. When would you like to visit?”

“I’m free tomorrow afternoon. If that’s okay?” I replied.

“Yes, sure. Around two, say?” Violet said.

I agreed and we disconnected without any further pleasantries, which I thought later was rude of me. When I put the phone down and laid back on my dorm bed, I realized that I had been touching myself inappropriately while we briefly chatted.

The next day, finally, the time came (after thinking of nothing but seeing Violet all day) to get in my little car and drive the fifteen minutes across town to Sunny Dales Retirement Community. I dressed nicely and even touched some perfume to my neck and breastbone while preparing myself for our meeting. I tried to find some romantic songs on the radio but all I could find was hip hop so I turned it off and got ready mentally for seeing Violet again.

She was waiting for me at the front desk when I came through the sliding glass doors. Big smile. That’s good, I thought. Violet looked so wholesome, so grandmotherly…so sexy…to me, as I walked towards her. We embraced at the reception desk. I held her tight and believed she held me tight also. I saw the receptionist giving us a quizzical look.

“Oh, my!” Violet said after we broke our hug,

“It’s so good to see you again.” I breathed as I regained my composure after feeling her in my arms and thinking of her for almost five days straight.

“Shall we go then?” Violet said, and nodded to the main room to our left.

I thought we might hold hands but no, that was just my over-emotional thoughts getting in the way of what was supposed to be a simple visit to a nursing home. I told myself to calm down, get control.

Violet showed me around the Sunny Dales facility, explaining the various activities and services provided for the residents. I asked questions to show interest and we shared, I thought, a few nice moments of connection. I noticed that Violet was dressed nicer for my visit than the earlier time with the cheerleading team. She was wearing a soft pullover sweater that canlı casino made her seem even bustier than before and a pair of dark stretchy slacks that hugged her soft hips and behind and thighs. I was disconcerted to see her wearing a pair of low-heeled pumps that made her even taller over me than her natural height advantage. I was constantly looking up at her and she was always looking down at me. I was surprised to find us approaching the reception desk again after circuiting, I guess, the whole facility. No, I thought to myself, don’t let this end so soon.

“You said you live here?” I asked, desperately trying to continue our time together.

“Yes, dear, I have a small bungalow in the active seniors section.” She answered.

“Uh, what’s that like?” I asked dumbly, scrambling for anything to keep her from sending me off

Violet stopped us in the center of the main hall and looked down at me, smiling. I was conscious of the receptionist watching us from across the linoleum entrance way. “Would you like to see?” She asked sweetly.

I gulped. “Yes.” I answered simply.

Violet took my arm and said, “Lovely.” She smiled over her shoulder at the receptionist and led me to another exit to our right.

The exit led to a walkway outside the main building and in the short distance I saw a row of apartments or condos or whatever they might be separate from the main nursing facility. We walked without speaking until we had passed several doorways.

“Here we are.” Violet said brightly. She pulled a key from her pocket and unlocked her front door. We entered.

“Oh, it’s so cozy!” I exclaimed at the sight of her living room filled with furniture and bric a brac and small artworks on the walls. Violet was resetting the deadbolt as she turned to me with a big smile.

“Yes, I suppose it is.” She said as she stood watching me take in her small living quarters. “So, Haley.” She said.

I turned to her voice. “Yes?” I asked.

Violet took a step towards me. “Now that we’re here.” She said as she eyeballed me still approaching my standing place in her living room.

“Yes?” I asked again, feeling exposed and vulnerable under her gaze. I was mesmerized by her grandmotherly friendliness, sweetness, sexiness.

“What else do you want to see?” Violet asked as she came a half-step away from me.

Without thinking, I quickly moved to embrace her. I felt her arms circle my small body. I reached up on tip-toe and kissed her neck. I don’t know exactly what motivated me towards this much older woman. Thinking back on it, now, maybe I was feeling a little lost at that time. I had been in college for a year and a half. I had developed casual gay relationships with some young women. My time was filled with school and cheerleading activities and practices. But I felt unpinned from the center of my adolescent life of home, family, and girlhood friends. It was only a two hour drive back home but I didn’t want to run to Mommy and Daddy. So maybe when I met Violet, she simply filled a place that was seeming empty right then.

Violet held me back after that initial lunge. She looked down at me. “Is this what you want, my dear?

“Oh, gawd, yes, more than anything!” I cried out and fell against her body.

Violet was kind and held me by the hips as I laid my head on her shoulder. I felt her hands gently run over my hips as we embraced. I nuzzled her neck again and kissed her lightly in the space below her ear. She pulled me ever so gently closer to her as I continued kissing her neck. I leaned back to look at her, fearing I had over-played my desire. But no, Violet was smiling at me with the same sweet smile I had dreamed about. She slowly lowered her face and we kissed on the lips. It was the kind of kiss you see in old movies, no tongue, just pressing lips together. But it was divine to me and confirmed my hope that Violet was open to my infatuation.

“Dear girl.” She said after we parted the soft kiss.

“Oh, Violet, I couldn’t stop thinking of you after last Thursday.” I said in a rush of words, my whole body quaking at the excitement of being with her, finally, after almost a week of my lesbian fantasies.

“Well, I thought about you too, dear.” Violet said softly. “But this, this is not right. You are so young.” She said quietly turning her head ever so slightly from our direct gaze.

“I’m almost twenty.” I said determinedly. But when I went in for another kiss, Violet held me back with her hands. “I’ve been with other girls.” I said quietly.

Violet returned her eyes to mine. “Yes, girls.” She said. She let go of the pressure against my hips so I could lean into her body again. “Not someone like me.” She sighed.

I looked back into her eyes again. “But I want you, Violet.” I said.

I let my left arm fall and placed my hand on the soft part of her snug slacks just above her crotch. When I felt no psychic resistance from Violet and we kept staring into each other’s eyes, I let my hand work lower to cup her vulva over the taut material of her black slacks. kaçak casino When I saw Violet close her eyes for a moment at my touch, I kissed her again and she responded ever so slightly through her lips and in the hold of her hands on my hips. I pressed my lips to hers and found the smallest opening to let my tongue slide over her teeth. With that small intimate touch, we opened our mouths to each other and shared a long french kiss.

Violet broke our heated kiss and gently removed my hand from her crotch. “Haley, no.” She whispered.

I leaned back from her to look at her face. I felt unsettled suddenly. As though I was about to see something slip away from me. I choked on my words and felt a tear well in the corner of my eye. “Don’t send me away, Violet.” I breathed.

Violet hugged me close again and said softly over my shoulder, “I don’t want to. But…”

“Take me to bed.” I said, my voice muffled by my paramour’s soft sweater. I circled my arms tightly around her soft torso.

“Oh, Haley.” Violet almost whispered. “It’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone.”

I thought I heard her stifle a sob as we stood clinging to each other. “You can be with me.” I said.

With that, I leaned off Violet and began leading her slowly to her small bedroom. I would not have been surprised if she resisted but she did not. Her bedroom was also filled with decorative items on all the surfaces and it felt degrees warmer in there. But her queen size bed was invitingly covered in a soft rosy comforter and large pink pillows. I sat on the edge and squirmed to the center as I continued holding Violet’s warm hand. I tugged her gently to follow me onto the bed so she wouldn’t back out at the critical moment. She climbed on the bed with me and we reclined together. We rolled towards each other and kissed, quick little pecks at first, then a long slow french kiss that really lit my burner now that we were so obviously in this together. I can still remember the taste of her slightly pepperminted mouth and the scent of the high notes of her subdued perfume.

I started trying to get under Violet’s sweater with one free hand while I held her neck close with the other as we deep kissed. I heard Violet laugh gently at my clumsy attempt to reach her breasts. But I also felt her hand rubbing my ass as we made out. My hand finally reached one of her brassiere cups. It was huge in my small hand. I gasped a bit and Violet laughed again as I ran my hand over the satin cup that held one giant breast. I brought my other hand down to begin trying to get Violet’s soft sweater up so I could see those huge breasts. When I had bunched up her sweater and was feverishly attempting to grasp her bosom under the material, Violet stopped me.

“Haley, wait. Let’s take a moment and undress. This is…tawdry.” She said simply.

I looked up at her from where my eyes had been trained on the swell of her still covered bosom. I realized that I was acting like a teenage boy on a hot date. We both smiled. “Yeah, sure. That’s better.” I said.

Violet and I stood up on opposite sides of the bed and began disrobing. I kicked off my sneakers, pulled my oversized Albert-Preston sweatshirt over my head, and pulled down my leggings. I unsnapped my bra and pulled my panties off quickly. I was back on the bed to watch Violet before she had even unbuttoned the waistband of her slacks. I watched her sway her hips to lower and drop the slacks to the floor. She pulled the soft sweater over her head and tossed it to a side chair. Violet stood now in a full cut panty and her white satin brassiere. Violet still had some of her younger figure with a soft midriff and wide hips. Her bottom in the large panties was round and soft. She was Rubenesque (a term I learned in art appreciation in high school) with soft curves in all the right places without unsightly flab. And those titanic tits.

“Oh, wow.” I said when I saw that giant brassiere and the mounds of flesh it contained.

Violet looked at me sprawled naked across her comforter. “My goodness. Look at you. I’m so embarrassed.” She said half turning away from the bed.

“I want to see you. Please, Violet.” I said quickly. I felt like a puppy begging to see Violet undressed. I hoped she could tell my sincerity in my voice and the look in my eyes.

The older woman slowly put her arms behind her and with a couple of small movements unclasped her brassiere’s hooks. She leaned forward ever so slightly and let the shoulder straps loosen a bit where they bit into the flesh of her soft shoulders. With a small shake the straps fell down her arms and the brassiere seemed to melt off her chest as the weight of her heavy breasts dropped forward. The satin bra fell to the carpet and Violet stood before me bare breasted.

“Oh, my fucking gawd!” I all but squealed when I saw her naked bosom. My African lover, Doaui, had large breasts but they were young and full with upturned nipples. Violet was like one of those old photos of burlesque queens or porn ladies from the 1970’s with massive mammaries and large dimpled areolae and soft nipples. For all their weight and girth, Violet’s giant boobs still had some lift and created a swell of flesh that made me want to bury my face in them and curl up in her warm arms.

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