Double Bunk Encounter

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The school holidays had finally arrived and I was going to spend the first night sleeping over at my neighbour David’s house. We had both recently celebrated our 18th birthdays and had been good friends since Kindergarten. I was looking forward to the sleepover as it gave me a chance to enjoy the eyecandy that was David’s sister.

After spending the night playing video games, making prank phone calls and consuming too much junk food we reluctantly decided that it was time to go to bed. I was given the honour of sleeping on the top bunk as usual.

It didn’t take long for me to drift off to sleep and it seemed to take even less time for me to wake up with an erection and an urge to urinate, the usual result of too much soft drink

I didn’t want to wake my friend, so I quietly pulled down my blankets, swung my legs over the edge of the bed and slowly lowered myself to the ground.

My feet hit the floor harder than I had planned, and I felt my erect penis bobbing up and down. It must have protruded through the fly in my boxer shorts as I was sliding down.

I could see neither my friend nor my erection as my view was blocked off by the top bunk and it was dark. I froze, hoping that I hadn’t woken David up.

Slowly, I started to lower my hands in order to tuck my cock back into my boxers.

Slap! I don’t know whether I heard or felt it first. A sharp pain ran through my cock and it began swinging violently sideways. Just as it slowed down there was another sharp slap, harder than the first. This one really hurt but I was in too much shock to react. I froze again.

I was horrified at the thought that David was slapping my cock in a not-so-subtle attempt to tell me to get my erection out of his face. By freezing for so long, it must have looked like I was deliberately flashing myself to him.

Before I could react there was yet another slap, even harder again. This one nearly made my knees buckle. I started to wince, but was cut short when a hand reached through my fly and grabbed firmly around the base of my cock and my balls. I feared for the safety of my genitals and bent down to apologise to my friend.

As casino oyna I bent my head below the top bunk, David pulled me by my genitals onto the bed with him. I ended up face to face with him. He was laying on the bed clad only in his boxers.

‘I always knew you had the hots for me’ he said as he planted a kiss firmly on my mouth. I didn’t resist, partly out of shock and partly because I thought I owed him something for accidentally leading him on.

As his tongue began exploring my mouth my mind kept telling me that this was wrong. I did not like David that way. I was in love with his sister. I so badly wanted her. She was beautiful. This felt so wrong.

I made some effort to pull away, but I was stopped when David’s hand was thrust down into my boxers and grasped my buttock. He began roughly squeezing it as he again brought his mouth to mine.

Here I was, a hand kneading my ass, another grasping tightly onto my genitals and my mouth being violated by a tongue. Definitely not how I had thought my night would turn out.

David’s hand began moving across my ass and his fingers began exploring between my buttocks.

Zap! It was like a button had been pressed. His finger had found my anus. I froze again and all resistance stopped.

I had never felt anything like this before. As his finger caressed my anus, my heart began to beat harder and faster and my breathing followed suit.

He must have sensed the change in me as he became more comfortable with his exploration of my body. With his hand still down my boxers he deftly pulled them down over my hips and down my thighs, exposing my ass completely. The boxers were prevented from going down too far by my cock and balls still protruding through the fly.

After pulling my boxers down, I felt David’s hand leave my ass and he pulled his mouth away from mine. I was a bit disappointed and missed the pleasurable sensation he had just brought to my anus.

As his lips again pressed against mine, I felt his finger return to my anus. It felt quite wet. He must have just covered his finger with saliva. But this could only mean one thing…

My suspicions were proven canlı casino correct as his finger first caressed my anus again before being thrust inside. That first breaking of the seal sent the strongest sexual sensations I had ever had through my body. Not that I had really had that many, apart from masturbating whilst fantasising about David’s sister.

His finger began rhythmically thrusting in and out of my asshole. I lost all sense of resistance. Wrong or not, this felt good.

Suddenly I realised that David was doing all the work. I felt embarrassed and slack and wanted to do something to please him in return.

My hand went automatically to his groin and I could feel his erection beneath his boxers.

‘Not yet!’ he said abruptly as he brushed my hand away.

It was then that his hand began to caress and pull on my cock. With his finger in my ass and his other hand massaging my genitals, I was quickly overcome with sexual bliss. Before I knew it my breathing stopped and my cock started its quick spasms as it shot its load.

‘Oh my God, I am so sorry!’ I breathed as I realised that David’s hand was full of my creamy cum. I suddenly felt ashamed that I had experienced the ultimate pleasure at the hands of my best friend.

‘I’ll clean that up!’ I quickly offered and started to move off the bed.

‘No you won’t,’ David whispered as the finger in my ass prevented me from going anywhere.

I then felt his finger being pulled out of my anus and thought that it was all over until I felt the other hand on my ass, covering my anus with my own cum. David’s hand softly smoothed my love-cream over my anus and then began poking it inside me, where most of it ended up going.

‘Now unleash my demon,’ David commanded, and I instantly knew what he meant.

My hand went automatically to his boxers to return the favor. I reached inside his fly and grabbed a handful of his genitals, deftly maneuvering them out of his pants. His cock was somewhat smaller than mine, but I had a hunch he knew how to use it better. After all, size didn’t matter, how masterfully you use it does… and he was certainly being the master right now.
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He held my hips with both his hands and again I reacted instinctively. I knelt over him, straddling his hips and lowered myself down onto his shaft.

This was a defining moment. As the tip of his cock began to penetrate my anus, we had become lovers and he had claimed me as his own.

The pain of his cock entering me was soon subsumed by the intense physical pleasure I felt as his shaft entered me, and the equally intense mental pleasure of just knowing that he was doing this most intimate act with me.

After a short moment to adjust to his cock inside me, my hips began to rise and fall in time with the gentle thrusting of his own.

I was glad that his thrusts were gentle as it meant there was more to this than mere sexual gratification. It was as if David was showing me affection, and the intensity of his desire to have me want to do this with him again and again.

Suddenly, I heard what sounded like the bedroom door opening. I had my back to it and so couldn’t turn to see what it was. And besides, I definitely did not want to break the rhythm of this pleasure I was feeling.

Only when I heard the giggle did I realise that it was David’s sister. She was peeking through the door. All she could see what my lily white ass being claimed and violated by David’s cock.

I felt a sudden rush of disappointment. I could never have her now. There was no way she would have anything to do with me sexually after seeing this.

My thoughts were cut short as David made one final thrust into me, and my anus could feel the spasming of his cock as he shot his hot load inside me.

After emptying his last drop inside me, David gave me one last passionate kiss and then quickly got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

I was left kneeling on the bed. My ass was sore and full of cum. My genitals were sore from the slapping and rough handling. And I had just lost any chance with David’s sister.

I began to feel sorry for myself until I realised that perhaps this wasn’t so bad. It had felt better than anything I had ever experienced.

But it had to remain a secret. I could discuss it with no-one, not even David’s sister who I had to pretend hadn’t seen anything. I could never face her again if she knew that I knew what she had seen.

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