A Photo Shoot: Real or Fantasy?

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It was the holidays and I again was looking for that special gift for my husband for Christmas. As most people realize after having been married for a substantial amount of time, it gets to be a task, you don’t want to give the same type of things year after year. So this year was going to be different, special.

So after some nervous thoughts, I called about an appointment for a photo shoot.. .After some planning I scheduled it, so he would think I was just going shopping. When I made the appointment they told me to bring a few changes of clothes, etc. whatever I wanted to be photographed in. Boy was this exciting! Of course he thought it was odd that I didn’t fix my hair up, having just pulled it up in a ponytail, no makeup on. Just jeans and a shirt, with sandals…Telling him I just wanted to be comfy.

I had him drop me off at the mall early so I could do a little mall walking and window shopping.. After several good paced laps through the mall, I went to the food court for a cup of coffee and a bagel, before my appt. What better time of year to people watch too…Needless to say every nerve in my body was on end. The anticipation of it, you see, I didn’t quite know how hubby was going to take this.. This being out of the ordinary for me to do. But I wasn’t just doing this for him but for myself also.. I needed to do something different for a change.

After arriving for my appt. they gave me a dressing room for my things. Then they set about doing my hair and makeup.. Now you girls know that makes you feel pampered. And was really fun, the guy showing me different things about makeup, I know he was trying to put me at ease, lol. I probably shouldn’t have had the second cup of coffee, as if I wasn’t wired enough. After he was done, they sent me to put on the first outfit, and where to go after I was ready.

When I went back into the dressing room, I was so excited, as I changed I realized how hard my nipples were and my pussy was so wet. I thought this is crazy, have I lost my mind, lol…They probably thought I was a woman possessed, giggling to myself while I dressed. I rolled my nipples between my index finger and thumb before going out. Just for that ‘perky’ look.

As I sat waiting for the photographer, I found myself fidgeting; well really I was just grazing my fingernails across a nipple. When he came in I noticed how good-looking he was and a body made for loving, OOPS, I mean to fantasize about! Let me just say I was wearing a dark purple velvet blouse, cut pretty low, with tight jeans. After posing me in a few conservative positions, with a few good shots, he asked whom the photos would be for, and telling him for family and friends, he asked if I wanted him to take a few provocative poses also. Being me, I said of course, you’re the professional, put me how you want me! He got illegal bahis this very sexy smile on, raising one eyebrow…I giggled saying ‘well within reason,’ he glanced at my left hand and said ‘Oh OK, I understand.’ I said, well they don’t have to be too… I didn’t even have to finish my sentence he got the drift.

So he came to me saying the top wasn’t laying right and as he was unbuttoning a couple of buttons, his fingers brushing against my breasts, sending shivers through me. Bringing goose bumps to my flesh, he smiled, he knew what he was doing. He just said “nice set”! I said ‘Thanks’…And on it went. Him moving my hair out of eyes, you see I have a natural wave to it, and at the slightist bit of dampness it gets this curl going on, lol. This one curl kept falling down in my face, and he just had a need to push it out of my eyes, and he was enjoying what he was doing to me!!! Each time lingering just long enough…After several more photos, changing the lighting, using a fan to blow my hair, different props, backgrounds, etc. He said ready for next change of outfit? Yes I was I needed a break from this man!

Going back to my little dressing room, I slide out of my clothes, sitting there fanning myself, sipping a cold bottle of water. OMG was I panting! And oh so wet, this man had me worked into a frenzy and hadn’t even really laid a hand on me!!! My pussy was on fire with want. Seeing as there was no one close, I thought what the hell, standing up dropping my panties to the floor, I sat back down, spreading my legs, I started lightly running my fingers over my pussy. Back and forth, my middle finger in my slit, and a finger on either pussy lip. Front to back, back to front, several passes.

Leaning back against the chair, draping one leg over the arm for better access. My other hand tweaking first one nipple then the other. Rubbing a little faster, a soft moan escapes my lips…. I hear the photographer say you about done in there, I gasped, then laughed saying yessss just a couple more minutes! Knowing he was just outside the door, set off a nice orgasm, not like I would have liked but there’s always later; after all I still had another changing yet!

Touching up my makeup, I realize how flushed my skin is, wondering if he’ll notice! As I meet him in the photo area. He smirks at me as I walk by him. I think to myself ‘OMG’ he knows. This little session went pretty much the same as the last, with him unknowing/knowing(?) that he was teasing me unmercifully! Him touching my shoulder or my hair, moving me to the light or away from him…Oh God, when he’d lean in toward me and with one hand lightly grazing my neck bring it to my chin raising it, he’d “whisper, you’re a natural at this, ever do it before?” A little moan escape my throat, asking ‘Do what?’ He just laughed and say model what else… illegal bahis siteleri He was driving me crazy! Being a good little wifey, I’ve never strayed, but God only knows this man could have changed all that.. One little touch, one word, I would have been his, right there, right then! He asked me ‘another change of outfits?’ I said, yes, he said “formal or informal? You know you can wear “anything” you want, or take off as much as you want.” With that I headed back to the dressing room.

My mind was racing, wondering how far I should go with this. As I took a few minutes break to think this through, a few sips of water… I leaned back and shut my eyes, my hand coming to rest back in my lap…This always seems where my trouble starts…This time I’m so wet, I slide my finger in and out of my pussy. Slow strokes. Building to a mind-blowing orgasm. Little moans, mewing softly I cum so hard, thinking about that “damn man”!

My last change was a black lace and satin bustier and black thong or black sheer nightie.. Hmmm choices, choices!!! I decided on the black sheer nightie and thong panties.. Let me just say, that before I went into change he had given me a red satin sheet, I looked at him puzzled, he smiled and said in case you want to be photographed in “less”. I think he had me pegged!

I cleaned myself up, (not like I could go out there with my pussy dripping in ‘girl cum’), lol! Freshened my makeup as best as I could since I had this glow about me, you know the one, girls, right after you cum hard, your skin is flushed pink, your eyes have a little dazed look… LOL… Dressed now I wrap the red sheet loosely around me, only covering as much as I felt I needed to. After all there were other photographers and employees wondering through occasionally.

When I got there, obviously he had an inkling of what was to come.. He had up a very erotic set for me; lights pretty much dimmed with candles lit, red & white rose petals scattered on a black velvet throw… He started with a few ‘warm up’ pics, just telling me to smile, turn this way, turn that way. Then he came to me to adjust the sheet, I realized I was grasping it tightly, he laughed and said I wont bite, well maybe just a little, making me smile and relax a little.. He said we’ll only take this as far as your comfortable with, (God, if he only knew)…

As I relaxed, I let him slide the sheet down and opened it a bit. He smiled big and said nice choice, his body was close to mine, matter of fact I think when he brushed against me a few times, I could feel his hard cock.. I wanted to reach out and squeeze it sooo bad, I could taste it, I think he knew it to, he was just enjoying the tease he was doing! One time while close I could hear him breathing in my scent, he groaned softly saying you smell so good! Now it was flashing through canlı bahis siteleri my head, “is he smelling my perfume or my sex”? Damn I shouldn’t have done that I thought! But he had me so worked up there wasn’t a choice.

He had me lay in a few different position, in amongst the rose petals and candles, the camera was clicking away, I felt like I was watching this unfold, only it was me moving to his orders. Some of the positions I don’t think they normally have you do, but then this photo shoot was anything but normal! He had me drop the sheet entirely.. You know the kind, on my hands and knees, kind of with my ass in the air, with my head cocked a little looking up at him.

I heard him ‘groan’ over that one, and I couldn’t help but glance to his crotch, MMMM he was so hard, and I could see it throbbing, when he noticed me looking, he quickly excused himself. When he came back he blushed a little saying he had taken so many pics he had to grab another camera, so he could download the others. Smiling, I thought sure, looks like the teaser is being teased now!

While in that position, a couple had come in to with their rather large Bulldog. I guess the wife was having pics taken of her and the dog. I don’t even want to know how that went. I’m just glad I was gone by the time they started their photo shoot…In any case, the dog got loose from the guy, came flying through where we were doing out photos. There I was on hands and knees eye to eye with this huge dog. My photographer was screaming for someone to come get this ‘damn dog’! The owner/husband came flying in; gasped, tried to cover his eyes as best he could from looking at me, but enough so that he could find the dog. But he just stood there, one hand over his eyes, but looking through the middle two, holding the dog by the collar with the other one.

I’m looking at him, he’s looking at me, finally the photographer says, now that you have your beast, is there something else we can help you with? He just kind of looked dazed, and said “uhhhhh, I guess not.” But he continued standing there, you see the nightie was sheer lace, as was the thong panties. All reality, there probably was even a need to have it on, because it left nothing to the imagination! Finally, the photographer said ‘excuse us, but this is a private shoot’…then he understood and left. We laughed so hard after he left, God that could have been disastrous!!!

Next he had me stretch out on my side, my knees drawn up, one a little farther then the other, very provocative he said.. I was taking his word for. I was running on sensory overload…He took a few with me on my tummy, my breasts pretty much uncovered by now, him on his tummy also, he had a real nice view…camera clicking away…Shortly after that we were through. He told me I could get dressed and he’d meet me out front, then he turned like an after thought and said unless there’s something else you want me to do for you MMM magic words…..

Thanks for reading and hoping you take the time to rate it, if you enjoyed it…Till next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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