A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story

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A fat black old woman story: seven steps is a short way for rewarding.

I want to share my story because I did not expect at my age to find a (young) lover and experience such delight in it (may it last forever!).

The first step: “Well, I accepted my new job in New York and he didn’t want give up his to move with me, so I’ve ended our relationship.” With this words a younger friend of my announced me that she ended her relationship with a fine young white man. They are both 32 years old and in the eyes of a 63 years old black woman like me, unacceptable to end a relationship for such a reason; I am old fashion by this.

“If you love him enough you could stay here with your job and be happy with him?” I said.

She responded. “No man can stand in the way of my carrier. I have made my decision and by the end of the week, I’m gone. A new place, a new job, and a whole new life for me.”

I answered: “Just leave such a wonderful man for that? That’s not fair and not nice from you and I think you’re very selfish!”

“Well, you may have him. Comfort him if you want to. I’ve notified you two get well along together! Didn’t you know I’ve noticed if he’s passing you, he likes to grab you by your ass and you let him?” She laughed: “Maybe he like being comfort by an fat black old woman like you!”

I was shocked and did not understand why she had to be so rude. I kept quiet for a while. Then I got angry: “I think you better leave now!”

And she went, leaving me shocked. I knew I was a fat black old woman, widowed for 14 years now. My late husband was always fond of me, in those days I had half the largeness I was now and I remembered he could not take his eyes off me in all those years we are together. Yes, I did have a big ass and my breast has always been large. But my husband liked them and searched me several times a week to make love to me. But, I think as compensation of lack missing him, I began eating more and more. And now I admit, 14 years later, I am fat. I do not use the scale anymore but I think I am near 290 lbs now. Even my ass and my breast grow in the same proportions. I do not mind, I have learned to live with it.

During the days, the words of the former friend (I don’t think we’re friends anymore) kept my mind busy. Somehow, I was fond of this friendly, nice white man. He sure was good looking, blue eyes, we black women fond of, a nice bush of blond hair, and a nice slender body shape. We made a lot of jokes together and I have notified sometimes, when he was greeting me, his kiss on my cheek lasted longer then required. Also sometimes the way he looked at me, maybe because of my fat ass, my big belly, or my large breast?

I’ve also notified that, when he was passing me, he always lightly stroked my ass, as if I didn’t notice; I let him because it’s a pleasant feeling and didn’t want his (ex) girlfriend to know he did. But she did as I now discovered.

But her words kept me occupied. I may be 63 with a fat black old body but I have got feelings too. I miss the touches, the lovemaking, and what it does to me. I sure like to comfort him and I needed some overdue comfort too!

And only those words of her loosen those feeling with me! What if… No! It is too silly to think off! But….. if the greeting, the touch on my ass, the looking at me?? I felt a pleasant shiver by the tough of it running over my body; I have got that special feeling in my belly and felt a light tingle beneath it. What if he feels really attracted to a fat black old woman like me? Should I give it a try??

That night I had a very pleasant dream about the young white man and me. But next morning, standing naked in the bathroom in front of the mirror, I rejected the thought. Fat, fat, fat; rolls of fat I saw in the mirror, a big massive black belly, and an enormous black ass, worth a mention for the Guinness Book of records. And I was certain; if this young white man saw my gray pubic hair, he would run away. I did not shave my pussy since my husband died because I saw no need for it.

So, the first thing I did was shaving it. I sat myself down on the floor in front of a mirror for I could not see my own pussy because of my large boobies and my fat belly. I took my time, first with a scissor clipping most of my gray pubic hair as possible, then spreading my legs as wide apart as I could get and began to lathering my pussy with shaving soap. Fortunately, I had a razor blade in provision.

Carefully I began to shave my pussy, one hand holding the raiser, the other one of my pussy lips. An hour later, after taking a shower, I looked with joy at my new born pussy. It felt magnificent as bald as it was! Feelings of lovemaking came over me. More then ever I wanted this young white man.

For the rest, I couldn’t make better of other parts of my fat black old body; maybe he like my boobs, men do have some fetish for them and I have a pair, which always attracted men’s eyes. And, maybe he like my new born pussy. Now bald, you could canlı bahis see that my pussy had fat puss lips, I think, as they should be, not a pair of flabby little skin, I’m proud of mine!

The words of that woman and the possibility of lovemaking with this white young man did not leave hold of my mind. But my what.. if’s kept bothering me.

A few days later I thought: “Why don’t I give it a try? There is nothing to loose except that if I try perhaps he will never want to see me again. I have to make a plan.”

I knew him that well that a carefully approach was required. And, if I did well, he would not notify; I knew my sub tile womanly tricks, he is going to ask for it himself if I played it well or else I can deny if he accuse me of seducing him. I knew what to do! First, I had to call this young white man.

And so I did; I knew I had to be very patient with him. He had just digesting the lost of his relationship. And I was right, the voice of this young white man sounded depressed and it was a short call. Not that he was impolite, no; he just was not in the mood for talking.

But I am a persistent person; I called him every two days at evening and our conversations became more relaxed. He got used to it. Then I thought it was time for me to wait if he would miss my calls if I did not call him. The second evening after my last call (I used to call around eight) I waited; a half hour passed by, three quarters, and then…………. the phone rang. Although I wanted to, I did not hurry to pick up the phone but when I finally did it was the young white man! Step one did ring a bell!

The second step: Now I had to come near to him! I have read in the papers the yearly Pasar Malan was coming. Pasar Malan is a kind of Indonesian marketplace where they sell Indonesian goods and delicious food (and I’m fond of it!). I knew he likes of that kind of event and I arranged for us to go for next Sunday.

I have considered how I should handle this. Shall I call him and tell him about it or should I kept silent and surprise him. It kept my mind busy for a couple of days. At last, I had decided not to tell him. I made my preparation; I bought a new set of clothes and some other woman stuff and painted my hair black (I was rather gray at that moment).

That Sunday morning I have to stand up early fixed my self to look as sharp as a fat black old woman could be and stepped in my car. On my way to his home my what…if’s again entered my mind. What if he wasn’t at home? What if he was at home and had a new girlfriend, I did not know of, with him? What if he will not let me in and send me home again?

Well, all I had to do is set through and wait what would happen. At a half past eight in the morning exact, I rang at his doorbell. It took a while but fortunately, I saw a sleepy head looking from his bedroom window.

“What you’re doing here at this time? Is something the matter?” he said, “It’s just half past eight!”

I responded, “I’m here to get you out of bed and come with me to the Pasar Malan”.

“I’m not sure I’m in the mood to go there!” he replied.

“Well”, I answered, “I haven’t got up early and get here to be send home again. So open up the door and let me in!”

The young white man shook his head, and after a while, he opened the door. He let me in. I gave him a hug and said: “Well, if you get a shower and get nicely dressed, in the meantime I’m going to fix you a proper breakfast. So off you go!”

Letting him standing in the hallway, I went strait to the kitchen; I knew my way. Looking in the kitchen cabinets, I soon provided what I needed to make a delicious breakfast. I did set the table for the meal and waited. Soon he appeared with nice fresh clothes and I saw his eyes greedily look at the table.

“Sit down and enjoy your breakfast”, I invited him.

Without a word, he sat down at the table and enjoyed the best breakfast he had in weeks; I was certain as I saw him eat! I sat beside him encouraging him to eat all I made, pouring in coffee when his cup was empty.

“So, feeling better now?” I asked him after he finishing the breakfast, “I’m so sorry for you you’re alone now; I’ve told your girlfriend she’s stupid and she’s a bitch treating you like this and all you’re done for her. But, maybe you are better off without her and believe me, one day you feel lucky it went this way. So, we are going to make this a fine day! Ready to go?”

I saw that the young white man wanted to protest but I took his arm and leaded him to the front door.

After all be became a very pleasant day, he bought me a sarong of a nice sea green color mixed wit light yellow and gold edgeways. When I tried it on, I looked in the mirror and thought I looked a bit like a big African queen.

I showed him and asked: “How do I look? Don’t you think I’m much more oversized then I’m already??”

“Oh, no!!” he answered: “I think you look gorgeous in it!”

“Bingo!” I thought, “It’s going in the right bahis siteleri way!”

In another stand, I saw a nice shirt of batik fabric, black with nice brass pattern; I also found black trousers to combine and I bought them for him. We eat some very tasty Indonesian food; it was a very successful day. You cannot image the glorious feeling I had when I drove home. Step two was a buy!

The third step: Two weeks later, I took him to another event. The young white man seemed to like my presence, I kept indulge him with tasty meals and many laughs. Within a few weeks I visited him every Sunday at home or he visit me at my home; still just in a decent, friendly way.

I have notified when we went out, many people looked at us. I admit that it has seldom seen a fat black old woman like me with a white young man. To let them know to mind their own business, I often grabbed his hand as we were a couple and I notified that he did not felt unpleasant with it and sometimes he grabbed my hand himself.

His touching, as he used to do, came back. Again, when he was passing me, he started again stroking my ass and of course, I did as if I did not notify.

Once we are visiting a parade, I saw three old women looking at us and I notified that the three had a forceful conversation about the white young man and me. I almost could guess what they were talking. Also, my companion notified.

I whispered to him: “I think those three old ladies are talking about us”.

He replied: “Yes, I believe either”.

Letting no opportunity fly, I whispered in his ear: “Don’t scare up, but please play along with me!”

I wrapped my arms around his waist, gave him a kiss; not a regular kiss but one on his mouth, and held it this way.

The young man held loose and whispered: “That’s not convincing these old ladies enough, we can do better” en tongued me deeply and long, just in the middle of the crowd!

I was surprised but also pleased because it felt very tasty. It gave me such an intense feeling that I got melting away and became weak in my knees. Bingo again!! It was over 14 years ago that I was kissed so deeply and I enjoyed it until the last second when the young white man let loose of me.

It must be silly because I guess I stood still almost a minute with my eyes closed after glowing. When I opened my eyes again I saw from the corner of my eye the three old ladies shaking their heads and they forceful talking walked away.

The young white man smiled at me and said: “So, do they have something to think off!! I hope you didn’t mind and thank you for playing along!”

Quietly we followed our way; I sure did have something to think; kissing this young white man felt very pleasant. Now and then, when some people were staring at us when we were out, we repeat this game. Step three did play very well!!

The fourth step: I began to notify some sexual interest from the young white man in me. I observed him carefully as I notified he was watching me more and more. I saw a sudden desire when he looked at my breasts. And, when the moments were available I used my sub tile womanly tricks to flame this desire of his.

And the weather was in my hand; we left the winter behind us, spring was bursting out and the temperature was almost like summer. I have changed my winter clothing into springtime clothing and wear skirts of thin fabric blouses, mostly white or yellow ones. I wore bra’s that only covered a quarter of my massive big black boobs knowing they shine through the blouses, catching the eyes of the young white man.

And it did! It seemed he was looking more at my boobs then he looked at my eyes when he spoke to me.

I remembered one Sunday we had to take a small elevator and we were standing very close together because it was crowded in there. As I felt his body against mine, I began slowly to twist with my body in a way it was hardly notified. Was it imagination or did I felt a light bump pricking against my belly? I looked at the young white man and the blush on his face told me enough! And… it did raise my eagerness too, I had got that special feeling below my belly and also my nipples got hardened!!

Stepping out of the elevator I thought: “Fine, we have to go down later!” Regrettably enough it was not that crowded so I could not repeat this. But no matter, other chances would come. As the young man decently kiss me on the cheek when I had to go home or he did, I permitted myself to take the step of a deep mouth to mouth kiss as leave-taking.

I was confident enough he would not reject it. So I did and my desire grew when he greedy kissed me back. Again I felt a hard on in his pants pressing against my belly! And I felt proud that such a fat black old woman like me could cause such reaction by a young white man! Step four was breathtaking as I could say!!

The fifth step: After almost 3-month circumstances (I’m very patient) has brought it that far it was time to take real action. I was aware bahis şirketleri that I brought this young white man in such stage that his lust was heated enough for me to get some fulfillment in the end. He was ready for it and I was more then willing in an extensive body check.

To be honest, during those three-month my senses increased my longing for lovemaking with this young white man more and more. Maybe it is not decent for a fat black old woman of 63 to say, but with 14 years lack of lovemaking, my mind was in a regularly horny mood for this young white man, knowing rewarding lie to the very near future!

I have decided that it would be the next weekend for deliverance, as well for me as for this white young man.

That Friday evening I called him and said: “I have something nice to visit for us tomorrow. We have to leave very early, if you like to come overnight here it would be convenient when we have to leave in the morning; it’s a surprise were we will go. I’ll fix you a decent meal and we make it a pleasant evening, okay?”

I do not have to say there was not any visiting planned tomorrow by me. This weekend was going to be a weekend, as I desire for long time now; and my desire was lovemaking as many times a young white man of 32 could handle!

I had made my preparations; I prepared the spare room; I cleaned my bedroom and refreshed my bed sheets. I sprayed some lavender spray in it and made some preparation for some woman stuff needed for the moment to come. I prepared a splendid diner and when all was done, I went to the bathroom and shaved my fat black pussy as bald as a billiard ball; scrubbed my entire body clean and oiled it with a smell of musk. I also painted my hair black again. After that, I walked to the clothing cabinet and picked the sarong the young man bought for me at the Pasar Malan. After clothing, I looked at the mirror and was contented.

I was nervous, I admit, but who would not if a fat black old woman of 63 would receive the big premium after all the effort she made to get this young white man as far that he would make love to me! All my senses were telling me I was going for gold!

I was so busy making preparations the doorbell rang in no time and I hurried to the front door. There he stood, my prospective lover for the night. Only he did not know yet.

I let him in and, after closing the door, he kissed me; a deep tongue made my flame inside to an extremely hot heater. He stepped backwards and looking at me, he said: “You look fantastic with those clothes, you really look gorgeous!”

I noticed a look of desire flickering in his eyes. Well, as we black woman do not blush, but if I could, I would be dark red at that moment. I knew that nothing would be wrong tonight and that gave me a bit of rest inside.

There was just one small problem, how would I organize with this young white man to get what I wanted. A bit easeful now I gave him a drink and ask him to open a bottle of wine for diner. I have selected white wine because I did not want my prospective lover to be sleepy; oh no; I wanted him in maximum power condition.

I also spiced diner a bit to get the flame burning for a long time. At was an excellent diner; I was more relaxed now and made a few laughs with him. If possible and the opportunity were there, I touched him, on his hand, his shoulder.

I grabbed my photo album with all kinds of photos when I was young (and a lot more slender) and showed it to him. While he was watching it, I stood behind his chair and now and then I bended forwards to show something and telling about the photo. Of course, it was not to avoid that my massive boobs pressed against his neck and shoulder; as told, I know to do my thing.

Around ten o’clock I have decided it was time for action. I still did not knew how I should handle it to get what I really now desired. I gaped and said: “I’m going to take a shower and go to sleep. The spare room is ready, don’t make it late because I will wake you at six!”

I hoped by this remark that he would follow me and made some action to make it happen. Before I noticed he replied: “May I watch you??”

On the spur of the moment I saw his face turned deeply red and he stuttered: “I’…m, I’..m, I’m sorry, I’ve shouldn’t said that; I’m embarrassed, and I’m embarrassing you too…….. It’s better I go home now.”

It surprised me and there was stillness for a while.

My mind was assaulted with thoughts: “My, my, I didn’t think of that! He want to see me undress, he want to see my naked body. He really wants it! How easy!!”

I felt cheers and joy inside. Then I saw he was standing up to leave and quickly I replied, “Oh no, no! Please stay. I’m just surprised by it. Mmmmmmh, I don’t know. I’ve never thought you would ask me something like this.”

I paused and then continued: “But off course, you’re a young man with, mmmhh, healthy, man feelings, shall I call it this way?”

The face of the young white man turned red more and more, and he stammered: “I’m sorry, it wasn’t ment to say!”

I felt compassion for this white, young man but I could not resist stirring the tension a bit and teasing a little too; I am a bit of a teaser now and then.

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