Face of an Angel

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I loaded up the old truck with the tent, sleeping bags, and packed up extra food just incase I wanted to stay longer. Locked up the house and I ran for the truck before the phone rang again. I seemed like it was driving for hours until I saw the old path dad used to drive up when we where kids. I almost missed the turn because of the coverage that had grown through the years. The path was only big enough for one vehicle to go down and after all the years it was hard to get the old truck though.

Placing this backpack on seems heavier now then at home. The walk to the clearing seemed just as beautiful as the first time I was here. After setting up the tent the getting the camping site set up I need to collect wood for the fire pit I made. The sun was setting and I was getting hungry. I was able to collect enough wood to start the fire for dinner but not enough for the cool evening. Walking back into the woods the light from the mood seemed to fade into the top of the trees, and the darkness made it harder to collect twigs. Heading back to the camp, my foot must have taken a wrong step because the next thing I remember falling and rolling down a hill, hitting twigs and tree branches along the way. It seemed like I was rolling and falling down this slope forever, until I came to blunt stop. Looking up at the top trees, I had to laugh to myself a grown women falling down and still holding on to the twigs she has collect.

After I few minutes I reanalyzed it was the laughter that was bring tears to my eyes but my leg was hurting. I looked down to see my pant leg was torn and seeing my own blood socking up my pant leg to a bright red. My head was throbbing, and I knew I must have hit it hard on the fall down. I knew I could not climb back up the hill with this leg but I needed to get back to the campsite. It seemed like I was stumbling with the woods for hours, I was hurt, hungry and tried. As I sat on a log to look around and find my bearings, I noticed a small light shining thought the trees. I pulled myself up slowly and headed to the light. As I came to the clearing of this campsite I knew it was not mine, I saw two women enjoying the light of the campfire. I tried to let them know of my presents but I was unable to say a word, the pain seem to throb through my head, I saw them standing up and staring at me but both of them seem to be so blurry and all I remember after that was seeing the ground greet me.

Waking up I was looking into the face of an angel or what I thought was my guardian angel. The most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, with sandy brown long hair.

“Hello sleepy head”

“You had us worried here”

“How long have I been here?’

“A couple of hours”

“I need to get back to my campsite’

As I tried to lift my head up things started to spin out of control, my leg seem to send signals to my brain to take it easy and rest. I felt a hand on the back of my head and one gently pulling my back down to rest my head on a the pillow. I had to open my eyes one more time to look at this angel before falling asleep, but…..

My eyes seem to be trying to focus what was in front of me. I could see the sky above me faded by a mesh above me. I pulled myself up remember how the last time the world seem to start spin. Everything seems to fall into place as I heard voice coming from outside the tent opening. I wanted so bad to see the angel that saved me last night. I tried to stand but lost my balance and fell to the ground. As I looked up my, angel was smiling down at me with a smile on her face and one hand on her hip. She was wearing a thin white tee shirt and blue jeans that seem to fit like a glove. The sun seem casino oyna to shine behind her and I was able to see the out line shadow of her body. She must have felt my eyes moving across her body.

She reached out her hand as I reached for her open hand she guided me to my feet and we walked out of the tent into sun. The sun felt so warn on my face but not as warn as the feel of her touch. I would have walked for hours if she asked me too. She led me to a log to rest my back on as she took the bandage off my leg.

“There now see, this is not looking as bad as I thought”

Looking down at my leg she was right, it was scratched up and sore, but the bleeding had stopped. All I wanted was to tell her thank you for helping me and get back to my campsite and lay down. I was so hungry she must have read my mind because she was handing me some fruit, and a cup of coffee.

Watching her move around and cleaning as if she was cleaning the house, I could not take my eyes off her. She walked over to me and kneeled down placing her hand on my thigh. I could feel my pulse start racing as she slide her hand higher, I was sure she could hear my heart pounding. Her eyes seemed to lock into mine; she leaned in so slowly until I felt the touch of her lips touching mine. My head started to spin as it had last night, my leg seem to send signals to my brain, but this time I promised my self I was not going to pass out from the pain, but this time enjoying anything this angel had in mind for me. Her kiss started so soft and slow, as if she was afraid, she would hurt me. Within seconds my body started to shiver wanting more of her, she must have felt my body move to her kiss, her kiss became more intense and I could no longer feel any pain in my leg, only thing that was hurting was the ache I felt inside of this mystery lady that seem to be for filling my inter needs. Suddenly she pulled back and looked at me, as if to tell me it was my turn to make the next move. I placed my hands around her hips and pulled her body into mine. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen. I place my lips into hers and she responded with moving her hips to rhythm of our kiss.

I hand slid up and down her sides as if they where meant for me to touch. My hands where shaking as I stared to gently nibbled on her earlobe between my teeth, nibbling until I heard her gasp for a breath I continued working my way down her neck. As my eyes saw, her shapely breasts moving to the deep breathe movements within her. I need to feel and touch this beautiful lady, She must have felt the need and hunger I felt inside for her, she reached down and lifted her tee shift over her head. Her breasts where so round and firm, as she leaded into my chest I could feel her breasts pushing into mine, her nipples rubbing against the fabric of my t-shirt. I touched her silky smooth skin as my tongue teased her nipples, as her head fall back and she was now closing her eyes rocking to the movement of my tongue.

“Having fun, are we?”

I was a startled by the sound of a low sexy female voice. My head snapped up to look into the brown eyes of the lady that stood before me. As my heart raced for the thought of being caught with this beautiful lady in my arms I tried to speak but before I could say a word She jumped up and put her arms around this ladies Neck and starting kiss her.

“Hey baby, I thought you would never get here in time to join us for lunch”

“And what is for desert or did I miss that too?’

I felt like I was had just been a mouse caught in a trap. I had forgotten that when I walked into this camp there where two people here. I must have had a look of extreme confusion on my face because canlı casino … came over and said

“Hi am Ellen and I can already see you have meet Kelly. So it won’t be necessary for me to introduce my lovely wife’

Wife OH MY GOD! I was making love to someone wife. As Ellen walked toward me I knew I was in no shape to fight back with whatever this lady was going to throw at me, so I stood up as best as I could and thinking of how I was going to apologize to the 2 ladies that had welcomed me into their camp. Ellen stepped toward me and griped my arm as I lost my balance.

“Please no need to stand, let’s get you back down so you do not do any more damage to that leg of yours”

The rest of the day was spent talking, eating, and laughing. There was a stream a couple feet form their campsite, which allowed then to catch fish for dinner. As the day light faded to hands of the moon light, we had a couple of beers and as fire was dying a sense of fear started to flood over me when I realized there was only one tent and three women. I stood up to say thank you and tell them it was time for me to leave, my next thought accrued to me I did not even know where my campsite was. Just then, they started planning the sleeping arrangements. I was going sleep next Kelly, and Ellen would sleep on the other side. They explained to me if one of then did not hear me in the middle of the night, maybe the other one would. Made since I guess, I was not able to move by myself yet. Besides Ellen said she was a hard sleeper and she does not hear too much once she was asleep. Ellen put the fire out and we retired for the evening.

I was waked during the night by the soft touch of a hand. At first, I thought it was by mistake but she hand keep squeezing mine so firm but gentle, she was moving closer with each stroke of her hand. I could feel her breath on my face as she gently pulled my face to hers. Her kiss tasted so sweet and was so intense my mind was racing and my body was shaking as if it was overwhelmed with something that I had never encountered before. I gasped as her slide her hand over my breasts she started to tease my nipples with her fingers, until I groaned and thought I would explode. I rolled over to my side to face the lady that had awaken theses emotions inside of me. I learned over to kiss her with the passion she had stirred inside of me. She pulled me with her kiss until I was lying on top of her. To my surprise, she looked at me with lust-filled eyes. I could not help myself. I kissed her passionately. Her body seemed to move with each movement of my kiss. I was driving myself insane with the feel of this erotic woman yet knowing was forbidden for me, while her partner was lying beside us made it more exciting.

The feel of her hands running up and down my back made a shudder ripple through me that ached for more. I found myself sliding down her chest until my mouth was just inches away from her nipple, she arched her back as if to make sure I would not miss any part of her. As my tongue brushed against the tip of her nipples, you could barely hear her voice softly asking for more, while her body was moving more with each touch my tongue. She slid her hands down to my ass, and my clit started to stir with each touch of her hand. I started to kiss her stomach, while running my hands down her sides until they reached on her thighs, but not without grazing my fingers along the way until I reached her sweet spot. Her sweet smell was more then I could handle, I need to taste her sweet juices. I glazed the tip of my tongue across her clit as she made a soft groan and raised her hips this time asking for more. I worked my tongue in a slow circular motion, kaçak casino listening to the soft groans with each flick of my tongue. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Ellen had joined us and her and Kelley where kissing while Ellen was toying with her nipples. Ellen moved behind me and her erect nipples raked my back. She pressed her hot clit against my ass as she reached around to play with my nipples while my tongue was kissing her wife. Kelley was teasing her nipples between her fingers with the rhythm of my tongue.

You could hear her heavy breathing as she whispered, “Fuck me with your sweet tongue.”

She tangled her hands in my hair and she was pushing my head deeper into her with each stroke my tongue. As my tongue entered into her, her body started to shiver while her fingers dug deeper into my hair. Ellen had slide down my back and slipped her face between my legs. As her tongue started to touch my clit, I started to become a bit nervous about the whole thing, or maybe I was imagining it, wanting it so bad that my fantasy was taking me over. But my tongue was enjoying the taste of Kelley’s sweet juices to really notice how much my body was enjoying the feel of two women making love to me. Kelly’s sweet voice whispered, “make me cum, I want to cum for you” At the moment I felt Ellen enter my pussy, and everything I seem to be holding back exploded in side me. Ellen was fuckingme with slow easy stokes, until Kelly started moving around and moaning more and more. Ellen stoking became harder and faster, as if to dare me too me to make her wife cum. Ellen ran her finger nail down my back, making me ach my back until she could slide her hands around my nibbles. Just at the moment, my world seems to explode, Kelly was now screaming as I ran my tongue faster and harder on her clit. She was pulling my head deeper in to her with every flick of my tongue. Ellen was fucking me so hard it made every fiber in my body yelling, as I if I could no longer stand it. Kelly’s orgasm seems to last as long as mine, but to taste her, made me want more, but the pain in my head and leg seem to be winning at this moment. As we lay down on bed Kelly and Ellen both lying on each side of my chest, as I raped my arms around them. They kissed each other good night,


‘Yes dear’

“I love you”

“I love you more sweet heart, you get some sleep”

After hearing that all that seemed to fill my head was the though of making love to them one more time.

As I woke up to the morning sun, I realized I was the one in the tent, which was fine with me, I got replay the night before in my head. At that moment, I heard a truck pull up in the campsite. Pushing myself up and pulling my cloths on I walked out of the tent and realized the truck I heard was mine. Ellen explained she followed my tracks of where I had fallen down the hill and she packed up my tent and brought it too the campsite. I was never so thrilled so my old truck, when I realized I would never see my new friend again. As Kelly drove my truck and Ellen drove theirs, we came to a small town hospital. We said our goodbyes and tears seem to run down my face. I was trying to explain it’s was the pain in leg was hurting, and to meet great friends that help me, but Kelly assured me her leg did not hurt.

Worked was so demanding the next couple of months, I knew I needed to get away even if it was for a couple of days. I loaded up the old truck with the tent, sleeping bags, and packed up extra food just incase I wanted to stay longer. Locked up the house and tried to run for the truck before the phone rang again, but this time I was too late. I told deep breath thinking, work surly could do without me for a couple of days.


“I am not sure if you remember us, but this is Kelly and Ellen and we where wondering if you would mind going camping with us this weekend?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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