Aunty Tick Tock Ch. 02

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Tick tock tick tock…

Aunty led the way down the darkened corridor her confident stride leading them to the laundry room where Tenzing could get a fresh pair of pyjamas. Tenzing, beside himself with horniness was rapidly coming to terms with the unexpected turn of events. He was well aware of the reputation of Aunty that she was beyond reproach and a dedicated mother, wife and teacher. However, she had clearly become flustered after brushing against his cock and now she was marching along in front of his still very erect cock. Slowing down so he could stare at the swaying buttocks and shapely legs his hand rested on his erection squeezing gently. Tenzing was well aware that he was blessed in the size of his cock. Shared accommodation with hundreds of boys did not allow for privacy and comparisons were constantly made between the naked boys in the showers. Never having been exposed to a female he was unaware as yet of the power of his cock but he was quickly realising that if Aunty was flustered it must be because of his size. Tenzing was resolved to make the most of any tid bits that she cared to throw his way. Yearning to stretch her tight cunt… and maybe even more!

As Aunty strode down the corridor her head was in a tizzy filled with images of the extremely large penis she had seen outlined in Tenzing’s pyjamas. Her fingers strained to recall the feel of the broad stiff penis that she had inadvertently brushed against, eventually clutching and feeling the strong appendage with increasing intensity. Even her breasts, she loved her breasts, so sensitive, so firm and beautiful with large puffy nipples and an aureole which blistered with tiny bumps when she was turned on as she was now, had surged with blood and sensations when Tenzing had rubbed along them. Her vagina was leaking secretions freely into her sexy G string, despite her staid outward appearances Aunty believed that her inner wear should always be sexy and daring. Her brain was in over-drive striving to come to terms with the mixed emotions of being incredibly turned on but wishing to maintain her position of authority. She wanted to see it, suck it and feel her pussy stretched and stuffed without compromising her reputation.

She slowed imperceptively reducing the space between them and suddenly stopped, feeling Tenzing bump into her and inwardly groaned as his erection stubbed into her butt. She momentarily pressed back to get a better feel reaching out for the keys at the same time and reluctantly moved ahead towards the laundry door. Her cheeks were now flushed and she gritted her teeth with frustration. Entering the room she resorted to put a stop to this nonsense and revert to being the strict schoolmarm. Not without casino siteleri regret but she had to stop behaving like a horny teenager.

“Tenzing, hurry up and get changed. I have wasted enough time already and have much to do.”

Tenzing hurried to his locker and retrieved a fresh pair of pyjamas assuming that his evening’s entertainment had come to a close judging by the curtness of Auntie’s tone.

“Well. Hurry up and get changed.” She barked.

“I will turn around so you can change here quickly and put the used pair in the basket.”

Aunty unobtrusively positioned herself facing the wall with a mirror and held her breath as he yanked off his bottoms and inhaled deeply as his youthful penis sprung up pointing straight out and quivering as it rebounded against the elastic. Tenzing was aware that she could see him in the mirror and decided to slow down his actions and give her a show. He reached down getting a firm grip at the base of his cock and pulled the tight foreskin back all the way so his bell end stretched fully and expanded further into a large mushroom head stretching long and firm. With his other hand he flapped the pyjamas and lifted his left leg to place into the bottoms when he stumbled purposely so he gently fell over reaching over to support himself against the locker his cock still exposed. Seeing this Aunty swivelled round and rushed over to help him get back on his feet.

“You clumsy fool.” She chided as she reached out to steady him and pulled him back on to his feet. Kneeling down, keeping her eyes on his erection all the while, she took hold of his pyjamas and helped him to get his legs into them. He placed his hand on her head to balance with his flagpole waving in front of him, virtually on her face. She proceeded to pull up the pyjamas staring with unbelieving eyes at the meaty pole which seemed to beckon her wordlessly.

“You are so helpless, making me change you like you were a baby.” She scolded. Standing up and pulling the pyjamas up to his thighs finally coming to a stop when her path was obstructed.

“What is this thing of yours doing?” She grasped his penis firmly.

“I cannot believe that you have an erection in front of me! How dare you?” she glared angrily squeezing and waving the tight bar aggressively. He sheepishly leaned back enjoying the feel of her strong hands manipulating his cock.

“I’m sorry Aunty. I cannot help it. It has a mind of its own.”

“Well you had better learn to control it or it will get you into trouble.” She pulled up his pyjama’s the final inches flattening his penis against his navel with a few thick inches visible above the elasticated waist. Aunty kept her hand pressed against the canlı casino penis loving the feel against her palm.

“You cannot go back to the dorm with this thing all erect and excited. You must make it flaccid and quickly. “

“What should I do, Aunty? It is excited because you have felt it.” He responded seeking an opening.

“Stop telling lies! The only reason I touched this monster was to help you”. She retorted bringing her hand on to the exposed head and squeezing hard. Tenzing gasped at the intense pleasure her actions caused.

“How are you going to make this calm down? I am in a hurry.”

“I don’t know, Aunty. I could wan…um! masturbate but it will take too long”.

“Humph!! Too long…It is too long. So come on, go to the corner like the naughty boy you are and do what you have to.”

Tenzing shuffled to the corner Aunty had indicated and proudly starting to stroke his erection with a gentle grip and an easy motion. Groaning in pleasure he wanked continuously for a few minutes then cast his eyes in Auntie’s direction. She was watching his actions and as soon as he looked up she scolded him.

“Why are you taking so long? I told you to hurry up. Put some energy into it.”

“Aunty! It will take too long. I am excited but am also scared.” Groaned Tenzing, wishing she would help him.

“I am afraid that your disobedience has earned you a spanking. Come here.” She commanded seating herself on a bench. Tenzing rushed over to her scared by the edge to her voice.

“Lie down on my lap. I’m going to have to give you a proper slapping.” She grabbed his hand, turned him sideways and pulled him on her lap so his hairless, muscular butt faced her with his penis pressed into her lap. Aunty raised her right hand and brought it down with a loud slap. Tenzing who was still gripping his cock felt a surge of pleasure stretch past his prostrate and along his balls as they rubbed against her soft thighs. He wanked his cock slowly causing his clenched fingers to rub along the top of Auntie’s thighs and along the top of her mons venires. The motion set her juices flowing as she raised her palm up to SLAP hard closer to his balls which lurched as the shock and pleasure and pain caused them to retract and expand. He groaned as the tremors shivered through him and speeded up the motion on his cock which was starting to throb. He flinched as the striking arm raised and moaned as his buttocks clenched with the sharp contact. Pleasurable ripples flowed all along his groin forcing his wanking hand to grip tight and accelerate. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP,SLAP… TREMOR , VIBRATION, SENSATION…The slaps rained down incessantly bringing him slowly and surely closer to ejaculation. kaçak casino He loved every moment and felt the blood rushing to his head.

Aunty could feel his erection getting stiffer and knew he was going to burst soon even as she felt her own clit gorging with blood as every thwack sent vibrations through the rubbing fingers. Raising the tempo, slaps now rained quickly bringing him closer and closer to cumming. He was yanked on his feet with his cock in full thrust which now found Auntie’s boobies as a welcome friction spot for his bursting cock. Aunty had yanked him up and ensured that the side of her boobs offered a target for his now furious, red erection held in a vice grip and thrusting energetically along her boobs, Frissons of pleasure rocketed into her temples as her nipples enflamed and tightened into pin points at the rough thrusting sensations built up in intensity.

“What are you doing?” Aunty yelled softly, bringing that famous edge to her voice, even as she felt herself convulse in pleasure as Tenzing’s mighty cock buried in her right boob, erupted in gigantic flows of spunk that powered into her clad bosom sodding her dress and lacy bra.

“Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhh!.” Groaned Tenzing as he felt his face and head filling with blood at the intense pleasure as his spunk ejected out torrents of fresh, frothy cum pulsing out with diminishing intensity and frequency until he was brought down to earth with her sharp, unexpected question.

“I’m sorry! Aunty” He stuttered.

“You! Stupid boy!” She yelled.

“Now you really are in trouble. You will be expelled. I cannot believe your behaviour. Attacking me and thrusting your filthy, large, thick penis into my poor sensitive breasts. You should be put in prison, you brute.” Aunty threatened. Tenzing felt all the blood flow to his feet as the consequences of her words sunk in.

“I’m so ssooorry! It was not my fault.” Pleaded Tenzing now seriously worried. Hiding a smirk Aunty thought that all the years of meting out similar rants had prepared her for this moment perfectly. I have got him by the balls…or rather that very strong, long, fat penis which I want now more than ever after seeing how long for and how much stimulation it took to make him erupt and with such intensity. I will have him, she promised.

“Go to your bed…now…and report to me here tomorrow evening at the same time.” She spat out.

“And!! If you tell anyone about what happened this evening I will be obliged to tell your parents, expel you and make sure you never use that terrible, wicked, tool of yours ever again.”

“Yes, Mam. I will go to bed and report here at this time tomorrow.” He repeated, fear in his voice. This hadn’t been the ending he had envisaged. Not the fuck or suck he yearned for, not the passionate embrace he’d hoped but rather these terrible threats. His young mind filled with dread.


“Not talk about tonight”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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