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Note to Reader: Due to the nature of the story, I have to put it in the Lesbian Sex category, but for those of you looking for actual all out lesbian sex, this isn’t it. While the women come very, very close, I would consider this more of an extremely heavy exhibitionist/voyeur story. Just wanted to warn the purists out there…


Katie was so looking forward to Molly’s visit that by the time eight o’clock actually came around, she would have been physically drained if it weren’t for the energizing sexual tension coursing through her. She had no idea what to expect. On one hand, she knew Molly was happily married, and from previous conversations had learned Molly was and always had been a heterosexual.

On the other hand, Katie had kissed and groped and even halfway undressed Molly earlier today, and not only did Molly seem untroubled by it, she even went so far as to suddenly accept the invitation to come over that she had basically rejected just moments before that had all gone down.

Katie went back and forth trying to decide what Molly was really up to. When she had kissed Molly, she was so into it that she didn’t realize until later that Molly wasn’t really kissing her back. And when Katie put her hand to Molly’s breast, the nipple was very hard, but it was also only forty-some degrees out, so she wasn’t necessarily turned on. But the clue that gave Katie the most hope was the whole reason for the two getting together…

It had all started earlier in the afternoon. Katie was trying to fulfill a fantasy of hers to get her own nude image on camera. But taking pictures of herself was neither as thrilling as she’d hoped, nor as easy. The pictures were quite uninspired. So she caught Molly the mail carrier just in time to ask for advice. Despite Molly being a married, middle-aged woman and Katie was only 22 and still lived with her parents, the two had formed a causal type of bond. Over the past few years, Katie had confided in the neighborhood mail carrier with things she couldn’t tell her parents, or things her friends weren’t experienced enough to help her with. Most of their talk involved sex, and it was Molly that had finally helped Katie break out of her shell and finally go explore.

It was also Molly who had the honor of being the first woman Katie had ever felt attracted to.

Katie never intended on hitting on or making a move on her friend, but when she stood in her doorway wearing only a robe and asked Molly for advice about taking nude pictures, that all changed. In a series of unfortunate events, the robe ended up sailing on the wind, Katie ended up running in panic to hide her nude body from the world to see, and Molly ended up with Katie’s tongue in her mouth and her breasts exposed when her attempt to help the poor girl was wildly misunderstood.

Before the robe had come off, Molly had declined Katie’s request to help her take nude pictures of herself. But in the aftermath, not only did Molly change her mind about helping, she even offered to bring pictures of herself to use as examples!

Certainly tonight was going to be more than a couple friends talking about flash, focus, and film, Katie thought. And hoped.

When the doorbell rang, Katie had to remind herself to stay calm. Despite what she wanted to happen, she had to be prepared for a tame night, not only so she wouldn’t be disappointed if nothing happened, but so she wouldn’t make Molly uncomfortable. Though Katie was new to the bisexual life, she had managed to get her share of women, and there would always be more. She had to respect Molly’s orientation and desires, whatever they were.

Sticking to this promise to herself, Katie didn’t offer Molly anything other than water to drink after she let her in and took her coat. Liquor, even if it was just offered and not taken, might raise Molly’s suspicions. And if Katie had any for herself, it might cloud her mind and make her too bold.

The women went to Katie’s bedroom, which was large, with a queen-sized bed, a massive oak desk, a full entertainment center, small couch, recliner, and its own bathroom. It was no wonder Katie still lived at home. Her room was almost as big as many one bedroom apartments in the city.

“It used to be two small bedrooms,” Katie said, seeing the surprise on Molly’s face. “And a den.”

“Very nice,” Molly said. They chatted a little, but the tension in the room was obvious. Even Katie, who could normally recover in this situation, felt captivated by Molly’s beautiful eyes, which were usually hidden behind sunglasses.

There was dead silence for a few seconds, and then, getting to the point, Molly said, “That your computer?” It was more of a statement than a question–obviously it was her computer.

“Yeah,” Katie said, and she moved over to it, following Molly’s lead.

“Well, how about you show me one of your pictures, just so I can get a sense of what you’re talking about.”

Katie might have been excited to hear this woman ask to see a nude picture casino oyna of her, but the reality of the situation didn’t let the thought get carried away. She sat at the desk and pulled up one of the pictures she had taken earlier in the day. This particular one showed her naked from mid-thigh up to her eyes. Her forehead was cut off. Even after the debacle this afternoon, she was unexpectedly self-conscious about showing a nude picture of herself to a woman like Molly, who was so physically gifted, but it was also making her squirm in her chair with delight.

Molly was the kind of woman who got better with age. She had a full, curvy body but was not fat. Her ass was bigger than it used to be, but it had a perfect shape and lift. Her breasts hung a little lower than when she’d been younger, but they were even more appealing now, because they were soft, full, and natural and yet still so close to faultless.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Molly laughed nervously. “I didn’t mean you had to show me one of those. You can show me one of you with your clothes on.”

Now Katie was really embarrassed, not to mention disappointed. That was not the kind of response she was hoping for, even with a picture as bad as this one was. And if Molly wasn’t expecting to see nude pictures, then she might not have brought any of her own.

“Um…I, uh, didn’t really take any with my clothes on.”

Molly sensed Katie’s humiliation. “Don’t worry. That’s okay. Nothing I haven’t seen before, right?” And now Molly was the embarrassed one, because she felt like she was saying all the wrong things. “I didn’t mean that. You have a remarkable body. Really. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a body like that before. Everything is so…right.”

Katie didn’t believe her, but she blushed anyway. “Yeah, sure.” Katie wasn’t ashamed of her body, but it was still intimidating to be judged by someone so beautiful, and whose opinion she totally respected.

“No, really,” Molly continued. “I never looked that good when I was your age.”

Katie smiled, raised an eyebrow, then glanced at Molly’s significant bust. “Please.”

“I’m serious. I always had good boobs, but my butt has always been a headache. When I was really thin, I had no ass. When I put on weight, I finally had an ass, but no shape to it. What you see here,” and she pointed to her behind “is about as good as it has ever really been.”

Katie took the opportunity to check out Molly’s ass, which, despite what the woman was saying was a n awfully mouth-watering hunk of meat. “I think it’s pretty damn nice.”

Molly laughed. “Well, thank you. But really, if we’d grown up together, you would have been the friend who got all the boys. I think you’re beautiful.”

Hearing that word shouldn’t have effected Katie as much as it did, considering the situation, but she couldn’t help but shiver with excitement at the very, ultra-slim possibility it exposed. Molly seemed to notice Katie’s response, and was quick to move past.

“But you’re right,” Molly said, looking back toward the picture. “The shot doesn’t really show that. I mean, obviously the framing is off, and it looks kind of flat because of the flash or whatever.”

Katie eventually put her concentration back on the picture, too. “Yeah. I set the camera on the TV, and I wasn’t really sure where to stand to be in it all the way…”

“And that’s another thing,” Molly continued. “Your facial expression looks like you’re a young woman worrying about where to stand for a picture. You don’t look relaxed or like you’re having any fun.”

Katie nodded, disappointed at how quickly this conversation had turned sterile. She knew going into this that nothing was going to happen and she wouldn’t try to change that, but she didn’t realize how much of her mind and body was hoping against those realities. She was desperate to redirect things, despite her promise not to try and make things sexual.

“What about your pictures?” she asked. “Can I see how yours turned out?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Molly said. “I didn’t bring the pictures. I don’t know that they would’ve helped anyway, because like I told you earlier, I had this guy take them. I wasn’t doing it alone.”

Katie was confused. While Molly had explained she had some great nude pictures of her that were taken by a guy, she also had said she’d taken good naked pictures of herself before. If that was true, why didn’t Molly just bring the ones she’d shot herself? Maybe Molly was too shy to show her own pictures–it made sense considering how she’d reacted seeing the nude image of Katie on the computer, but Katie didn’t think so. More likely was that Molly had guessed Katie was bi because of today’s events, and though she still came tonight in an attempt to help her friend, now she smelled a setup and was trying to find a way out.

“Besides,” Molly continued. “It’ll be more helpful if I direct you and show you what to do.”

‘On the other hand…’ Katie thought as her heart suddenly pounded with excitement again.

Molly canlı casino took Katie’s digital camera from the desk and directed her to go to the middle of the room and strike a pose. It was at this point that Katie decided to break her promise and do what she could to seduce Molly. She didn’t even really think it was possible, but at least attempting it would be exciting, and as long as she wasn’t too obvious about it, she could still retain Molly as a friend. To start things off, Katie took off her top as she made her way to the spot Molly had suggested she stand. It being November, she was wearing a long-sleeve shirt with a tank-top below it, so removing the long-sleeve garment for the picture didn’t make her intentions at all obvious.

What did become obvious was the great body Molly was talking about when she complimented Katie earlier. The bulky long-sleeve shirt hid Katie’s form a little, but the tight, orange tank top presented it. She was thin but not bony, and tight all over but not muscle bound. Her B-cup breasts stood high and jutted outward proudly without the help of a bra. Somehow her body radiated an energy that was matched by her bright blue eyes and her colorfully dyed hair, which included maroon, navy blue, and dark purple highlights in the dusty brunette strands.

Katie stood there, feeling her incredibly long nipples beginning to harden, and she hoped they wouldn’t become her Achilles Heel by communicating her intensions. To try and conceal them, she struck a slightly bent over pose, offering the camera a good look at her cleavage through the neck of her top. To enhance the cleavage and make her breasts look fuller, she also squeezed them together with the sides of her arms. Then she watched for Molly’s reaction.

“That’s good,” she said, watching, though not through the camera. Her response seemed genuine, though not particularly emotional. “I’m going to play with the lights a little, okay? Just stay like that.”

Katie nodded, her body froze as Molly went around the room, first turning off the harsh overhead ceiling light and then going around turning on and adjusting a couple lamps. She frequently looked back at Katie to see what effect her lighting changes were having. Since Katie was holding her position, she didn’t see but did hear Molly even open her closet, sift through her clothes, and seconds later the room glowed in a deep shade of red. Katie looked to see what was going on, and saw that Molly had placed something on one of the lamps to get this effect. But what really shocked Katie was that the garment she had chosen was a piece from Katie’s lingerie collection–a sheer, red negligee.

After a couple minutes, when she was satisfied, Molly began to actually take photos. Even this was taking time, though, and Katie was growing restless.

“How do I look?” she asked, specifically choosing to say “I” rather than “they” and referring to the pictures.

“Good,” Molly said unenthusiastically. “I mean you look great, but it’s hard to get good lighting when your clothes are absorbing all the light.”

Something about the way Molly’s voice put emphasis on a few of her words was curious, Katie thought, and she instantly picked up on it. Her nipples began to tingle and grow again as she considered whether she was right or not. Katie decided to go for it and reply how she thought and hoped Molly wanted her to.

“Should I take something off?”

Molly looked at her with a serious expression, as if concentrating real hard. “Yeah. You’ve got a bra on, right? Maybe just take off your shirt so I can see the light on your skin.”

Katie had to fight to keep herself composed. This was looking more and more like her informal photo-shoot was becoming a game. Molly had tried to cover her intentions by assuming out loud that Katie wore a bra even though it was obvious she wasn’t. Molly, Katie thought, was setting herself up to be surprised.

“And you can do another pose,” Molly continued, turning her attention to the lamps again. “I’ve got enough shots of you like that.”

Katie raised her arms and began to slip off her shirt, freeing her breasts and her long, fully erect nipples that strained to grow harder. Molly still hadn’t seen, as she was still playing with a lamp, and so Katie had time to throw away the shirt and strike her next pose. She crossed her arms over her breasts, using her forearms to hold them high and tucking in her shoulders and her biceps to push them together. Though her nipples were hidden, the top of her breasts swelled out greatly, looking fat and heavy. Below, she arched her back, presenting her flat tummy.

As she waited for Molly’s attention, Katie suddenly realized what the older woman had done here. When she had changed the lighting in the room for the pictures, she had made the room dim, bathing it in crimson, setting an undeniably arousing mood. When confronted with the fact that she did not bring her own pictures, it was Molly’s idea that Katie pose for her so she could snap kaçak casino some photos. Katie wasn’t the one doing the seducing tonight. Molly was.

And just like that, the throbbing that had been only in her heart and her nipples was now between Katie’s legs.

Molly looked back to her, taking in the view but not letting herself appear shocked or in any way effected. This confirmed what Katie suspected, because if Molly had really though Katie had been wearing a bra, it was clear she wasn’t now, and yet she’d said nothing.

Molly took pictures, and standing half-naked before her, Katie tried not to tremble too much.

“That’s good,” Molly said. “Really good. Pout your lips and wet them a little.”

A shock zipped up Katie’s spine as she heard, then obeyed the order, letting her tongue moisten her lips.

“Okay,” Molly said, not taking her eye from behind the camera. “I think the lighting is pretty good. I might make some adjustments here there, but I think you should just go with it. Start doing some more poses.”

Katie was more than ready to take her arms down and present her chest to Molly, but Molly was one step ahead of her, and suddenly she was behind Katie, taking pictures of her naked back. Katie thought it would be too bold this soon into the game to turn and flash the camera, so she went with it, dropping her arms from her breasts, but allowing Molly and the camera to continue in ignorance of it.

Katie thrust her hips to the side and slightly twisted, giving Molly a chance to see her torso tighten, as well as a peak of the side of a breast. She put her hands in her hair and raised them as Molly snapped away. Then Katie unbuttoned her jeans, but only unzipped them halfway. She turned to face Molly, showing her this, but hiding her breasts again as she grabbed each one with a hand. Molly moved in close to take pictures of Katie’s midriff and the tease of the undone jeans, and Katie thrust her taut tummy out to meet her.

Then Molly tilted the camera up, doing low angle shots from Katie’s waist, showing the young woman holding a breast tightly in each hand while looking seductively down between them to the camera. As Katie looked down and wondered what to do next, she saw something red waded up in Molly’s hand. Before she could even guess what it was, Molly was offering it to her, holding it up against Katie’s chest. Katie recognized it as a pair of her own silk panties, and she tentatively took them, careful not reveal her breasts yet. Sensing what Molly wanted by the way she handed them to her, Katie removed her hands from her chest and used only one hand to hold the silk panties over them. The panties were small, and so was her hand, so not nearly as much of her breasts were concealed. In fact, spreading her fingers apart, she could only barely hide both nipples and areola completely behind the material, but she knew this was exactly what Molly wanted as the older woman snapped more pictures.

“Yeah,” Molly said, her voice catching in her throat a little. “Just like that.”

Katie put her other hand down and just barely put her fingers into Molly’s blonde hair. When Molly didn’t back away, Katie pushed her fingers further, until she was softly touching her cheek, which was soft and warm. Katie looked down at Molly, not at the camera this time but through the camera and at Molly directly, her eyes sending millions of messages that all said the same thing. In this deep state of focus, Katie unconsciously let up on the panties she held to her chest just enough to let them slip off one of her breasts. Her long, hard nipple was revealed, and she heard Molly give out a light gasp before she immediately snapped a picture.

“How’s that,” Katie asked in a throaty voice she hadn’t even planned on using.

Molly seemed afraid to move the camera from her face, though she pushed her cheek faintly against Katie’s hand. “Katie, I…”

Katie cut her off by letting the panties drop completely, her breasts now free and finally with an audience to marvel at them. The panties dropped onto the camera, but Molly moved her face to look up Katie with her own eyes, staring at the succulent mounds of pert flesh and breathing heavily. Molly started to move her lips, wanting to say something, but not able to produce a sound.

Katie saw her struggling and put a finger to Molly’s quivering lips. Katie smiled. “Take my picture.”

Molly did as told, snapping pictures, but no longer looking through the camera to do it. She watched Katie on her own, guessing that the camera was in the right place for the shot, but not really caring because she was entranced by the moment, and only did this to keep what little restraint she still had. She stood up, stepped away from Katie, and took more shots of Katie’s half-nude form.

Katie posed her body in different ways, moving her arms, twisting her body, and turning her head this way and that. She approached Molly, pushed her breasts together with her arms and thrust them right up to the camera so that any shot it did get would be too close to be in focus. Molly clicked the camera, but she stared hungrily at the flesh before her, and in one of the few times of her life, she still couldn’t find a word to say.

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