A Night Away Pt. 01-03

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Part 1 – Arrival

She been in the car for an hour waiting for the traffic to move, and that was after an hour on the road at speed, driving fast had increased her heart beat, along with the thought of what was to come.

When she’d seen the traffic slowing she knew that even though she had put aside three hours to relax from the journey, take a bath, put on her make up, and get specially dressed she was going to have to be a little quicker now.

She was to meet him in the bar of the hotel as agreed, – it was her fantasy to pretend he was a stranger, – That they would spend time alone in the bar seeing who had an interest in them – perhaps teasing a little by chatting to anyone who caught their eye, – before they met as strangers, as thought it was impulsive, something new, – a relationship that still had its sparks that kept things glowing the rest of the time.

She sat in the car and felt the sun beating down, felt a little perspiration on her brow and realised just how hot it was there in the sun, the blowers in the car were running at full strength, but still she could feel it, was it the sun, or the thought of later that had her all hot!

How inconsiderate she thought, for someone to have an accident on a day like today when she had plans, plans that made her heart race.

She leant back in her seat and took in the warmth flowing through her, she imagined the scenes later tonight and realised her eyes were shut for a moment. She eased her hand into her lap and pulled her skirt a little way up to catch the breeze from the blowers, that teased her even more she needed something, anything, she eased her skirt a little further upwards. She parted her legs just a little to allow some cooling air between them, her knickers were instantly cooled and she knew it was due to the wetness of her thong, she squeezed her thighs together a little, it made the excitement grow inside her, she eased her fingers further up her thigh to her thong, her wetness had spread around the whole of the lace of her knickers. . She pushed two fingers against the front of her thong and could feel the outline of her lips, they were swollen and would be open if it weren’t for the confines, she rubbed upwards to see if she could feel her clit, there it was, engorged, and just a little playing would take her over the edge.

Oh how she hated this feeling and no opportunity to do anything about it.

She heard a moan and realised it was herself and the thoughts of the evening ahead, it shocked her back to reality again,

She sat up a little, knowing in her own mind the dirtiest of thoughts had to be saved till later, and that no one around her had a clue what was running through her mind. Not the boy racer next to her on the left listening to his music a little too loud. Not the truck in front, Not the couple in the car behind. Nor, the family in the car to her right.

She still felt a little embarrassed by her thoughts and actions and checked no one had noticed, she gradually glanced around, and was greeted by a questioning smile from the mother sat in the car on the right. She let the devil in her get the better of her and gave her a cheeky smile back, the mother looked at her husband and back at her and smiled the smile of a woman inspired.

She could see the traffic ahead start to move and knew that she would be on her way soon, – only about a half hours journey left, but it had taken an hour out of her preparation time. As she started the car and put it in gear she took a glance across at the mother, she could see she had her hand across in the lap of her husband and a smile on her husbands face.

The car moved off and the traffic gained speed, she smiled to herself and the effect of her little bit of discrete ‘exhibitionism’, the effect it had on others. Once she got round the accident the journey only seemed to take a short while but that was due to the speed and the cooling air trying to distract her thoughts, she concentrated on driving

As she got to the hotel she pulled the car to the front door, a greeting hand opened the door for her and it was only as she climbed out she realised she had not pulled her skirt back down, as she stood she straightened her skirt with a natural wiggle the kind that happens when you flatten a skirts creases, not the sexy kind, but that kind of wiggle doesn’t go un noticed – that’s the kind that’s teases without knowing – not put on, just a natural movement that catches the eye.

She walked into the plush reception of the hotel and was greeted by a pleasant smile from a girl about her age. She gave her details and her mind started to wonder as the receptionist entered them on the computer, – I wonder if he is here already.

Part 2 – The Bath.

The porter opened the door to her room, and he offered her inside – she walked into her room, a little larger than most hotel rooms, but not a suite, a large bed in front with clean soft sheets she noticed, she loved the feel of slipping canlı bahis into fresh sheets, but that was for later. The bathroom was sumptuous and a huge bath big enough for two she thought, and so many soft towels.

The porter placed her bags at the bottom of the bed, he moved to the balcony door and opened it, walked onto the balcony to check everything was in place there, stepped back in side and observed the room to ensure everything was correct.

“Will there be anything else madam”

“No everything seems fine, thank you”

She went for her purse in her overnight bag and teased a little by bending at the waist, keeping her legs straight.

He noticed! He noticed every time! Wondered why women changed in hotels. The number of times that girls would answer the door to him in a robe, or do that little more revealing action, that little tease, that their normally straight laced character would never allow, or was it just his imagination, surely not all the time.

She tipped him ” Thank you for your help” her hand stayed holding the note just a little too long, she smiled, He slowly turned, did a double take he was going to say something, but simply replied with a smile and “Your more than welcome” and he left, she was in a flirty mood, she hadn’t lost her touch, good, that was the whole idea of tonight!

She looked at her watch 5.30; she wanted to be ready for seven.

She wandered into the bathroom – she had time to lazily get ready for tonight. She turned the water on, it was hot and immediately started to fill the room with steam, she left the bathroom and wondered over to the door to the balcony, she opened it and noticed the gentle hum of far off cars, and the picture that lay before her. The room was the last one on the floor and the balcony at the end of the building, virtually a 180 degree view of open fields and country side, a small village off to the left, but other than that, fields, hills and a wood.

A memory flashed before her of a time in the summer last year, a picnic in a wood, long grass, afternoon sun, and a pleasurable time as dusk came and the light started fading, eating foods not to nourish but to pleasure upon. He’d always managed to find the right place, bring the right food, say the right things and mean them, set the mood, and get her turned on, almost as though no effort had been put in, she appreciated his efforts to keep things adventurous in a loving way. As dusk fell they had kissed, enjoyed a little wine and watched the sun. If it had been a movie they would have showed in silhouette, the orange sun behind them both between the trees, as they put their wine glasses down and their lips enjoyed each other. And as the sun went down, the removal of their clothes and the slow love they had made out doors, it was as though the sun had disappeared to avoid the embarrassment of watching their lovemaking.

She snapped back to the present and remembered her bath, she ran to the bathroom, it had filled and resembled a steam room more than anything, she turned the water off, wiped the condensation from the mirror and looked, she could see the slight smile on her face lingering from the memory, she knew tonight would be another of those memories to treasure.

He’d rung her last weekend and just gave her the hotel name and asked her to clear her diary for the weekend, and to be there for seven, he’d see her in the bar as strangers!

She looked at herself in the mirror again, smiled a broader smile and went back into the room she removed her jacket and placed it at the end of the bed, she closed the curtains to the balcony, and then realised there was no one to see her and reopened them, it gave her freedom as though she could step out into that countryside at any time, she pulled her blouse from her skirt and undid the buttons down the front, the breeze from the window cooled her a little, not enough though, she undid the button on her skirt and lowered the zip. Slid the skirt down over her figure and placed it with her jacket. Even though she was about to take them off she adjusted and flattened the waistline of her thong, walked to the open window and let the cold breeze blow over her for just a moment. As she stood with her arm against the frame in the doorway the gentle breeze blew around her feet, her calves, her thighs, gentle blowing her blouse away from her body, around her waist, around her breasts, her shoulders, and arms and around her neck. She took just a moment to enjoy the sensation of standing in the doorway, enjoying the gentlest of breezes and the freedom of very little clothing, she closed her eyes and put her head back, the sun wasn’t on her it was hidden by the balcony above, but to look at her you would have swore she was trying to absorb some rays of sunshine.

She heard a noise to the left of her and realised someone was just being shown the room next door. She heard the door to the balcony open and footsteps on the balcony – the porter, she kept her eyes bahis siteleri closed and thought what the hell I’ve worn less on a beach, the footsteps stopped, she was enjoying that someone was admiring her dressed like that, enjoying the breeze.

He looked across the low separator between balconies and couldn’t decide if she was naked under that blouse, she must realise I’m here, he remembered the lingering hand on the tip she had paid him, perhaps he should have said something then, perhaps…….

She heard him step back inside and felt herself breath again, that little moment of being watched while relaxing brought her mind back to the car earlier, she wondered if the family beside her had reached its destination and whether she had inspired anything!

She pulled herself away from the gentle breeze and back to the here and now. With the thought of what she may have inspired putting a smile on her face, she removed her blouse as she approached the bed and placed it beside her other clothes, efficiently removed her bra as she walked towards the bathroom and took her thong off as she stepped into it, closed the door behind her to keep the steam in there. She stepped into the bath and stood there slowly lowering herself into the hot water. Felt the water climbing her skin as she lowered her frame into it.

She took a minute to just soak, feel the warmth all around her, move her legs and arms freely around in the extra space she had compared with home, gently moving the water. She placed her hands on her stomach, and closed her eyes, she had time!

She raised her hand to her breast and smoothed the skin on the underside, she could fully understand how men go wild to feel a woman’s breasts, the softness of the skin, the curve from the rib too the nipple, so even, the weight and softness so inviting to a hand or a tongue, the sensitivity of having a tongue graze the skin heightened by it approaching the nipple, she dragged her finger under the water along that line wishing it were a tongue, with the water it almost felt like it was. As her finger reached her darker skin around her nipple she moved across away from it, teasing herself as a lover would do, she knew her body, it was too soon to touch her nipple she needed teasing a little before she got that sensation, her finger moved across under her other breast and this time snaked from side to side towards her nipple, she circled the dark skin and resisted the urge to touch it, she crossed her arms to feel hands on each breast, she squeezed them a little as though she were supporting their weight in her hands, oh that’s good she thought to herself, she knew how to be gentle, but stimulate without squeezing too much. She continued to mould them in her hands, she knew her nipples were growing, she could feel the heat from the water around them. She touched her nipples, they were ready for her attention now.

She squeezed them a little at first to increase their sensitivity, they got harder, twisting a little, pulling a little they were sensitive, she felt a warmness flow through her body from her breasts to her stomach and back, and continued, the warmth shot back and forth. She moved her hands out to play with each breast with the hand from that side of her body, it felt like she was exposing more of herself that way, she liked that this bath didn’t limit her like at home, it had the room to move about more, she continued brushing her palms across her nipples, then the flat of her fingers spread open rasping across them making them vibrate with the back and forth motion. The warm sensation had now started moving beyond her stomach, shooting back and forth to her pussy.

She opened her eyes and saw that involuntarily her legs had spread open, there she laid in the bath getting carried away, even though there was no one to see her she felt gloriously exposed to anyone that could.

She had slipped down the bath a little she pulled herself up a little so she could watch her fingers, she continued the idea that they were his tongue, slid her right hand down to her stomach as her left continued teasing her left nipple, it was time to put some real warmth into the feelings in her pussy.

Her right hand moved over her stomach and down, below her navel she would normally have felt her small extremely trimmed public area but tonight was a special night time for something different, when she had taken her shower this morning she had shaved herself completely. She had noticed as she got into the bath that the softer skin was a little more sensitive to the heat of the bath water when she had climbed in, but to her touch it was ten times better, more sensitive, ruder, she felt naughty doing it that morning and wondered what his reaction would be. Would it shock or turn him on, it did make her feel younger for some reason, she didn’t know it that was good or bad, but the sensation, the sensitivity was so much better like this.

Her hand slid downwards without obstruction, till it bahis şirketleri found the first fold of her hood, it stood so proud of her pussy, it felt more aroused than ever, she looked down to see it more engorged than before, or was that just because she could see it better, whichever, it was throbbing a little, her first touch on her clit made her body tense, made her back arch away from the bath, her breasts rose out of the water a little and showed how erect her nipples were, it turned her on more to see her nipples and look between them to her clit beyond being gently teased by her fingers. The kind of view every guy likes to see, and there she had it, and it turned her on, – the curve of her breast only broken by her nipple leading down over her flat stomach, beyond her navel and to her erect clit, being gently massaged round and round slowly by her fingers. She could understand why it would turn a guy on. hell, a guy or a girl, she could feel it herself.

She continued the circular motion on her clit and felt the pressure rising inside her, she changed her action to an up and down, slow movement sliding up and down her lips, and back to her clit, she could feel her lips had opened, she knew she was horny as hell, and tonight she would be able to get full satisfaction, she wondered whether to stop before she went too far and stay in a state of permanent arousal all night, or to continue and give herself the orgasm she was craving. She changed hands and actions she began a side-to-side movement across her clit, it was no good she had gone to far and needed to finish this.

She slid a finger inside herself and manipulated her g spot with it, resting her thumb on her clit she squeezed the two together heightening her pleasure, god this was going be one hell of an orgasm. She continued the side to side movement on both her g spot and her clit and it was nearly there, the pleasure had built quite quickly to where she was but soon it would explode, her clit and pussy lips so smooth from her shaving was so much more sensitive, she tortured herself by removing her fingers from her pussy and very gently rubbed the very outer edges of her lips. They were sensitive though, so smooth, so much more awareness of what her fingers were doing, it was too much to resist. She pushed two fingers back inside herself and started sliding them in and out her hips were moving to meet each thrust, her head back over the edge of the bath, legs bent and wide apart, it was here, it was about to happen, she loved that warm feeling that ran through her, emanating from her pussy to the outer reaches of her body, her fingers, her toes her head, her shoulders, her knees, her stomach and then shooting back toward her pussy and multiplying all the way, till it reached her pussy twice as powerful and warm and allowed her the release of her orgasm, taking away all the energy from her limbs, but making her legs spasm and shudder as it arrived, she tensed a couple of times then, she came.

Normally the water would dilute her come, but she could feel the difference in texture of her own fluids, this time the orgasm had been the best for some time, the anticipation of this evening was driving her on, but her body was limp, drained of all its energy in the force of her orgasm, the only parts moving now were her fingers gently circling inside her pussy, she removed them and lay moulded to the shape of the bath, breathing heavy, as the water slowly stopped making waves up and down it.

She lay, almost comatose except for her breathing – it was taking a little time to get over that orgasm. Gradually, she calmed, lay gently and started sweeping the water across her stomach as though it was going to cool her. But that was just a comfort thing she was still too aroused for that. She realised time had passed as she had pleasured herself, and that she must snap out of the post orgasmic state she was in, and get ready she gently pulled herself up to sit in the bath.

She washed herself with the cream bath she had brought with her and even still, as she washed parts, she knew she was still in a state of arousal, her breasts longed for more attention when she washed them, the back of her knees sent little shivers through her, her shoulders ached but only for the attentions of someone so she could enjoy it with, without out expending the energy to rub them herself. Her pussy was still sensitive and she quickly washed her tingling clit to prevent giving it more arousal or she would be in here all night.

She rinsed herself and stood allowing the water to drip of her, back into the bath, her skin still crawled with sensitivity, and it felt like each drip was a finger being slid down her body, she took one of the fluffy towels and wrapped it around her to stop the ‘fingers’ turning her on. She stepped out of the bath and sat on the edge, her whole body feeling heavy from the intense excitement she had just experienced and dried herself lazily.

Part 3 – Pre – Preparation

She dragged herself off the bath and needed to get out of the steamy atmosphere, she wrapped the towel around her and took another for her hair, as she opened the bathroom door she felt the slightly cooler air bring her round a little.

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