Fever Pitch

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The hallway was silent as Abby stepped off the elevator. Normally the air between the elevator doors and her apartment was thick with the constant thump of Jess’s music seeping through the walls and causing all that was glass to shudder. Abby took a deep relieved breath and smile to herself. Plump sensuous lips caused a small dimple to flash momentarily on her cheek. Home alone then, she thought to herself, fantastic!

Unlocking her door Abby stepped through and paused, as always, to take in the light pouring through the full length windows of the open plan loft. Jess might not be the most considerate of flatmates ever but the woman sure knew how to put a room together. Colour drew the eye to various photos and clusters of furniture spread throughout the open space, and Abby was once again counting her lucky stars for finding the ad on the notice board. Dropping her book bag on the marble kitchen counter as she walked past, Abby mused how best to spend her quiet time. Jess was hardly intrusive and even her loud music blaring out for hours on end, barely bothered. It was Jess herself who was a problem for her new flatmate, for reasons that surprised her. Jess was cocky and sharp witted, with a humour as dry as any desert. She was unapologetically argumentative and opinionated, all the classic behaviours that normally set Abby’s teeth on edge. Instead she found herself watching her flatmate a little too closely, and thinking of her a little too much. Jess’s morning ritual of breakfast in her sleepwear, which unfortunately appeared to be a pair of boy shorts and a form fitting vest had Abby walking on egg shells and staring in fascination at the tiling behind the kettle each morning. It might have been a few years since the last time she was crushing on or involved with a woman, but Abby knew herself well enough to know that if she was not careful about Jess she might find herself in deep water once again. The opportunity to let her guard down while at home was a welcome relief, and Abby decided to make the best of if, for as long as it lasted.

She started off down the passage toward her room, slipping out of her jumper as she walked. Visions for a full to over flowing bubble bath and some quality alone time dealing with her current level of sexual frustration loomed large, and Abby shook her head at her current predicament. On the up side Jess was proving perfect fantasy fodder, but on the down side Abby had to speak to her day in and day out knowing that they would always remain a fantasy. And had fallen trap already to the embarrassment of giving her imagination free roam, over Jess’s curves and dips, swells and taunt muscles only to “come back to earth” to find the subject of her thoughts watching her with those intriguingly mysterious eyes. If anything she was going to have to learn how to not blush in this flat, at the very least.

As she turned the handle of her door Abby headed noise coming from the room a little further down the hall. It sounded like someone crying out, but Jess must be out seeing as the stereo was still off. Abby left her door ajar and walked slowly towards Jess’s room. There had been some break-ins in the building lately but the girls had not been to worried as the elevator didn’t travel freely all the way to their floor. All Abby needed was to interrupt a thief casino oyna mid heist! There was another noise emitted from Jess’s room, this time sounding more like a throaty moan, and Abby felt heat flash through her body at the thought of what she might actually be about to interrupt. Thus far Jess had never brought a guy home, or at least not while Abby was there. But Abby had skipped the last class of her day so Jess might not actually expect her for a full two hours. Pressing her back against the wall next to the slightly ajar door Abby fought with her conscience of being a peeping tom versus her raging curiosity. A conflict that was brought to a speedy conclusion by the sound of breaking glass. Without thought to her own safety Abby rushed through the door and stopped short at the sight before her. No clumsy thief or an irate Jess interrupted in the midst of a noisy sex act. Just Jess herself, sprawled across her bed, in the normal incredibly small boy shorts and this time a rather small tee, which was riding high on her torso, offering a hint of the bare swell of her breast. One hand still lay on the bedside table where the now shattered glass must have been standing. Water and broken glass lay at the side of the bed, and Abby navigated these carefully as she approached the bed.

Jess’s breathing was laboured and her sleep restless. A slight sheen of sweat coated her face and body, and the sheets lay in a twisted mess between her legs. As Abby stood next to the bed, undecided at what to do, Jess whimpered again in her sleep. Thinking she was having a nightmare of sorts, Abby reached out a hand to her cheek hoping to gently wake the sleeping goddess. Though Jess turned into her hand with a soft sigh, she didn’t stir more than that and Abby was shocked at how incredibly hot she felt. The woman was literally burning up with fever. A quick glance at the bedside table confirmed illness. Abby picked up one of the pill canisters and read the label. Pain medication for an inner ear infection. No wonder Jess was both home, and asleep at this time in the afternoon.

Abby quickly rose and went into the en suite bathroom where she wet a wash-cloth and took in back to the bed. Without really thinking of the propriety of he actions she began bathing the cool cloth over Jess’s heated skin. Soon even the wet cloth felt warm to the touch and Abby went to wet it once more with cool water. When she returned Jess had turned her face away, so Abby set about running the cloth over her slender neck and exposed collarbone. Jess let out a moan that sounded close to a hum of contentment and Abby tried to not picture running her tongue over the supine woman, in place of the cloth. Running the cool cloth along the tender skin of her inner arm brought a rash of goose bumps to her skin, which Abby trailed with her eyes to the now hard nipples showing under the material of the tee. Dropping her eyes to her exposed abdomen Abby set about gently bathing the taunt flesh, paying extra attention to the hollow dip Jess had between her abs. Abby knew the woman was ripped but this was a surprise. Running the cloth up, Abby wished she could drop it completely and rather run her wanton fingertips along the underside of Jess’s full breasts.

Absorbed as she was in her administrations it took Abby a while to notice that Jess’s breathing canlı casino had sped up even more. Tearing her eyes off the smooth exposed skin she was tenderly cooling and lusting over Abby raised her eyes to Jess’s face. And fell dead still as she found herself caught in Jess’s gold-flecked, green gaze. Jess watched her intently, with those clear unblinking eyes, that always set Abby’s skin tingling. With a pounding heart and feeling very foolish for being caught practically eye fucking her flatmate Abby started to rise, wanting very much to flee the apartment, never to return. As she started to withdraw her hand that still clenched the now almost bone dry cloth, Jess’s hand shot out to grip her wrist. For what felt like an eternity, but could be no more than a few seconds the two women started at each other, and Abby felt the flush travelling up her cheeks. Without a word Jess drew Abby’s hand back down to her body. Abby started at her own hand for the length of two heart beats before she slowly began dragging the cloth over the pale underside of her breasts once more. Jess sighed softly and released her grip on Abby’s wrist, only to tug at her tee and expose her breasts fully for Abby’s treatment.

Abby swallowed audibly, bringing a soft chuckle for Jess.

“Lets both stop pretending we don’t wan this, shall we? Does that make it easier for you?” Jess’s voice was husky with sleep and lust and Abby had to fight back a moan. As long as she had hoped to hear these words from Jess, she had never thought it possible.

Opening her mouth to shoot back some witty replace, Abby found herself stumped. Instead she bent her body down and gently closed her lips over Jess’s hard nipple. Jess’s back immediately arched into her touch and with a moan she buried her hand in Abby’s dark hair, securing her there. Abby pulled her body further onto the bed as she gently nibbled and licked Jess’s sensitive nipples. Settling her jean clad legs between Jess’s she set about properly adoring this body that was being offered to her. Running her tongue over all the dips and swells Jess had to offer, she was lost in the taste for her skin, mingled with the faint lingering salt of her sweat. So hot, her skin was so hot.

Jess allowed her flatmate free reign for a few moments before pulling her away from her belly and up to her waiting lips. Their kiss was a fevered and hot as Jess had been feeling moments earlier, and both woman moaned their appreciation. Sliding her hands down Abby’s back she griped the hem of her top and began trying to pull it off. Abby quickly settled matter by raising up and removing it herself, followed swiftly by her bra, then removed Jess’s tee. Jess tried to pull her back down for a searing kiss but Abby quickly scooted away.


She climbed off the bed and quickly kicked off her shoes and out of her jeans and socks, careful of the glass, before she clambered back to Jess. The feel of their bare skin was intoxicating and both women ran their hands frantically over their surprise lover. Abby pinned Jess beneath her and griped her wrists to her sides. Having her captive allowed her to trail lips and teeth freely down her neck and collarbone, pausing to lather her tongue into the dip there, feeling Jess’s frantic heart beat beneath her lips. Forgetting her need for control kaçak casino she released Jess’s hands in order to use hers to caress every inch of skin available to her. Jess, elated to have free movement once again cupped Abby’s full beasts and thumbed her nipples into even harder buds. Abby swiftly trailed wet kissed down Jess’s gut, pausing only to swirl her tongue briefly into Jess’s navel, causing her to suck in a breath and clench her muscles involuntarily. With a smug smile Abby seat up and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of those damn little shorts that had been taunting her for weeks. Quickly she dragged them down Jess’s incredibly long legs, contemplating for a moment kisses her way back up them, inch by tortuously slow inch. Before finally burying her tongue deep in Jess’s already drenched cunt. One look at Jess who was pushing herself up towards her in impatient lust scrapped that idea. Hopefully she would get that opportunity later.

Jess no sooner brought herself upright, before she collapsed back on the pillows. Tossing the underwear aside Abby quickly brought herself face to face with Jess, concerned that she had pushed her companion too much, in her fragile state.

“Are you OK?”

Jess opened her eyes, nodding slowly.

“Yeah, just dizzy for a sec.”

“Do you want to stop, I mean you’re sick…”

“Don’t you dare.” Jess’s voice left no room for argument and she sealed the end of the conversation with a greedy kiss, that left no doubt in Abby’s mind that she was up for the challenge.

“I’ll be gentle on you.” Abby murmured when she finally broke away again.

“No. No, please,” Jess begged in an anguished voice, “fuck me, har..”

The remainder of her request was lost in a throaty moan as Abby buried three fingers deep inside her moist haven, and immediately flexed and spread them, filling Jess as much as possible. Jess pulled her legs up, allowing Abby in as deep as possible, and she took the invitation to heart, sliding her fingers in and out with near brutal force. Jess’s increasing moans worked their own magic on Abby. How she had longed to hear these sounds from this woman, and now was going to finger fuck her until no sound was possible. Jess frantically drew Abby’s nipple into her mouth and sucked her with a seemingly insatiable hunger. As Jess’s moans and gasps became peppered with incomprehensible begging that left no doubt in Abby’s mind how close the other woman was to orgasm, Abby brought her free hand down and dragged her thumb over and around Jess’s engorged clit. Abby felt the first wave travel Jess’s body as her walls clamped down on her talented fingers, holding her captive as she drank in the sight of this glorious woman, in rapture. Jess creased breathing as her orgasm hit, and she arched bow tight off the bed, as tremor after tremor rocked her body. Abby ceased rubbing her sensitive clit and began to drop soothing kissed up Jess’s body as the other woman wound down.

Once she finally collapsed back on the bed in the spent aftermath of bliss Abby gently removed her finger and brought them up to her lips. As sweet as nectar, no doubt. Jess slowly turned her head towards her, as if moving through thick molasses.

“Well,” she gasped, still short of breath, “that’s one way to break a fever.”

Abby grinned at her pulled her close.

“Yes, but now you must rest. We can pick this up again, once you have recharged?’

Jess’s reply was to throw a leg over Abby, pinning her close before she fell back into an exhausted sleep.

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