At Home with Mum in ’63 Ch. 03

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This is Part Three and the final part of my story of how I came to be sharing my mum’s bed, making love to her and generally having a fantastic few years of incest. Please read Parts One and Two first for best results…


At the start of our sexual life together, I was too young and naive to appreciate the pleasure of going down on a woman and it was a pity that it took so long for me to get round to sucking her down below. Her pussy would lubricate very freely when she became aroused and she had a lovely proud clitoris which would become erect and hard and stick out just like a small cock — I loved to take it in my mouth. It made it very easy to find, to rub, lick or suck and to bring her to orgasm — she’d have several in a row before she was satiated. And she was seldom happy with just any orgasm — they had to be really intense orgasms that would leave her shaking and covered in sweat. Regrettably, dad was back from his house-hunting just as I was getting into oral sex and as mum liked to be undressed and hated to have a quick bit of loving, that that aspect of our love-life remained a rare treat. But there was plenty more to enjoy!

When my dad was home, it was his habit early on a Sunday morning, to drive to the local shop to get the paper and then take the dogs for a gentle but fairly lengthy walk — and then my mother and I would have usually a couple of hours or so to ourselves. I’d wait in bed, playing gently with my already erect penis and if Barry was at school then almost as soon as dad had driven away I’d be into my mum’s bedroom waving my erection before me. Usually, as soon as my mum saw it she’d push back the bedclothes to reveal her hand working away at her pussy — she knew what was coming and she too would be ready for a fuck.

“Hello darling,” she’d open with, “Quick off the mark today, aren’t we? Coming to make me happy, are you!”

“Definitely, mum — definitely going to be doing some coming!” I might say, “Couldn’t wait!”

This was one occasion when we had enough time to enjoy some oral sex and if she was in the mood to be seduced by my tongue then she’s often sit up and hang her legs over the side of the bed.

“Lick me, lover — lick me — make me cum!” she’d say, spreading her legs and, in all probability, spreading her lips with her fingers to reveal her already sloppy pussy.

“Dad been at you already?” I might ask if she was really wet.

“Last night — we had a quickie, the usual Saturday night effort, but it wasn’t really enough,” mum would say, “that’s why I’m ready for you now. So stop talking and come here, darling!”

I’d sink to my knees by the bed and move closer to her. Soon I’d be able to smell that lovely womanly scent that only a hot, wet, excited pussy gives off — a scent that travels directly from the nose to the cock! I’d move in and bend down, to firstly kiss and caress her lovely belly and then to move down, in small kisses, to her inner thighs — making her shudder and shiver with excited tension. And eventually I’d reach her pussy…..

What I loved to do firstly and best of all was to use my fingers; to run them, feather-light, over her curly pubes. Mum would drag in huge shuddery breaths as I teased her and her mound would hump up against my fingers — which I’d quickly lift out of reach. Then I’d do it again — or perhaps lower my head and blow on her pubes or on her lips…..usually with the same kind of result. But teasing is best in small quantities and soon I’d lower my lips, stick out my tongue and slide it completely up the length of her slit, ending at her clitoris. There I’d use my lips instead, to suck in the flesh of her lips…..and then to engulf her clit itself…..making her gasp and groan as the sensations drove her quickly towards her first orgasm.

“Ooooooh lover — do that again! Suck it again! Yeah — like that — like that! Ooooooh,” the last being a shuddery cry of delight.

Using my lips, teeth and tip of my tongue, I’d continue my assault on her clit and it wouldn’t be all that long before a sensory overload disrupted her mind!

“Is that good, mum,” I’d probably say, as I stopped — just to tease her again, “shall I keep going?”

“Don’t you dare stop now — oh no — oh, oooooh, ooooooooh — yessssssss!” she’d cry as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth once more.

After she had orgasmed once or twice more, I’d move upwards to take her breasts in my hands and her nipples in my mouth until she had orgasmed at least once more and now, if not ages before, she was ripe and ready for a fuck.

And my cock would be ready too — positively straining at the leash, dripping with precum and throbbing with urgent desire.

“Come to me, lover,” she’d say, lifting her, by now totally sloppy, pussy up towards my straining cock, “come here and love me!”

Usually our first fuck was quick and urgent…..fulfilment quickly just in case we’d have our time cut short. We never really knew if dad might just return home earlier than we expected, so we’d go at it like rabbits!

“Coming, mum, here casino oyna I come,” I’d say, as I leaned my body closer and closer to her. My erection would be at just the right height for her welcoming hole as she hung her hips over the edge of the bed and, with her exuberant fluids and my precum, there’d be little friction as my cock slid slowly but smoothly deep inside her.

We’d both let out a long low moaning sigh as my cock slid home — the delight was totally mutual.

“Come on then, fill me,” mum would say, “Fill my hole with your cock! Keep it hard — get it deep — I love that! Oh god, you’re going to make me cum already!”

Mum wouldn’t be the only one about to cum! The sexual tension we’d built up already would soon overtake us both and I’d start to move my cock in mum’s hole faster and harder.

“Oh yes, that’s good,” she’d say, “Oh yes — nearly there — nearly there!”

“Yeah mum — ooooooh yeah — cum when you’re ready,” I’d say as I thrust my penis into her, “I’ll be with you! Nearly there! I’ll be cumming too!”

Faster and harder I’d thrust; the bed bouncing mum back at me as I entered her each time and then we were there — together!

“Cumming, mum, cumming,” I’d say, feeling everything tightening up inside, “Can’t stop!”

“Yes — yes — yes — cum for me — cum in me — I’m with you!” mum would cry, “Keep going, harder — yessssss — that’s it…..I’m there….I’m cumming! Oh darling — I’m cumming.”

“Uuuuuugh! Aaaaagh! Ooooooooh — yeahhhhhh!” I’d exclaim, as everything inside me unloaded, as if I’d been a champagne cork!

And she’d fling her arms around me and kiss me with open mouth and flashing tongue — and I knew we’d reached the pinnacle of our early morning session. What we’d enjoyed was a release of our sexual tensions. Whatever followed would be simply because we both loved sex!

So, sometimes, just that quick fuck was enough for us — it was energetic if brief — satisfying if basic……but sometimes we wanted more.

Mum always tried to be careful not to leave too much evidence. Hah — we shouldn’t have left any evidence, but it was hardly avoidable that we didn’t leave some wet patches of some kind. Hence her preference for fucking at the edge of the bed — whatever was left would be on her side only — more easily explainable, and less often seen. If mum had left a damp patch in the middle of the bed and dad had seen it, she could cast it off as the result of her playing with herself — or leftovers from the night before. If, on the other hand, there had been fresh sperm as well — or a really soaked bed, mum might have had troubles in finding a plausible excuse!

But, that was an aside — we were, first and foremost, together to fuck — and to fulfil our sexual appetites and so, as I said, mum might well demand more.

We’d clean up a bit first — and now that I’d ‘discovered’ oral sex, I always enjoyed going down on mum to clean her pussy of as much of our slippery mixture as I could….while still leaving her moist and ready to fuck again!

Needless to say, my cleansing attention to her pussy, her hole — and of course her clit, would bring her back to the boil.

“One more time, darling?” she’d say.

“No problem, mum — loads of ammo left!” I might say.

“Good — oooooh, that’s so good, darling. Let me have you again, sweetheart. But make this one more gentle,” she’d say, “Come and love me. Fill me again but love me!”

Remaining at the side of the bed, I’d lean back over her, letting my body collapse gently on top of hers. Her lovely breasts, so firm and well-rounded, would flatten beneath my chest as we’d kiss and caress each other.

For a short while, we’d just enjoy being as close together as lovers can be before the action at one end of our bodies reawakened parts of the other ends!

“You’re getting hard again, I can feel him,” mum would say as my cock rose and began to push at her body.

“You want more, do you?” I’d ask teasingly, and mum would hum a reply or nod her head happily.

“Yes, lover — yes — I told you already — come and love me. I want your cock again!”

“Open up then, mum,” I’d say, “Use your fingers — open your pussy for me!”

Her hands would move down between us and I’d feel her pulling her lips apart to let my cock enter her more readily.

I’d know that her pussy, although cleaned by my tongue, would still be wet, willing and able to accommodate my cock, so I’d lift up, grasp my penis, point him in the right direction — and slide him home.

A mutually uttered groan heralded my second penetration of my mum’s sweet vagina on this, another Sunday morning, when anyone with any sense was having a lazy lie-in!

“Ooooooooh yesssss, darling. Ooooooh, that feels so good! Push him all the way in….ooooh yesssss — that’s it!”

Mum was happy!

My penis would now be embedded as deeply as I could push him inside my mother — and there I held him, just soaking in her hot vaginal liquids and enjoying the simple feeling of having my cock inside canlı casino a cunt.

Dreamy feelings! A unique feeling of pleasure as her slippery hole surrounded and gripped my throbbing penis. We’d both cum — this would now be a sensory fuck, almost for our minds as much as for our bodies…..

I’d move my penis slowly, slowly, in and out….. Somehow, when you have a wank, the feelings just fit your hand. But now, buried inside my mum as I moved, it felt as if my whole cock was being wanked — from top to bottom, all at the same time!

Mum was concentrating. “Feel me squeezing you!” she might say, “Feel my pussy working! Is that good?”

It was always good……

“Yeah mum, so good! Oooooh — felt that — felt like you were sucking me!” I might say.

“My pussy’s sucking you!” she’d most likely say, because it never took her long to cum again, “I’m making love to your cock — I love your cock! Ohhhhhh — Ohhhhhh — it’s making me cum….it’s making me cummmmmmm — oooooh yesssss — I’m there again — I’m there!”

And she’d be off on another orgasmic roller-coaster ride as I continued to slide my erection in and out of her soaking hole. I’d be in no rush to cum again. I’d had my morning cum and that would have taken the edge off my appetite but I knew that I’d be able to cum again inside the few minutes, or longer that we’d have before dad’s car tyres scrunched on the gravel drive…..and mum had this knack of holding me just off cumming, it seemed!

With my penis now totally bathed in her latest outpouring of sexy liquids, I could slide him up and down, in and out, almost without friction — almost effortlessly and for a short while, that’s what I’d do…..just move back and forward — in and out — allowing what little friction there was to slowly raise our temperature.

But eventually things would heat up to melt-down and we’d be off again!

“Chris, darling,” she’d start, saying the words slowly as if to emphasise her gradual build-up, “I’m getting there again….you’re going to make me cum again.”

“Oooooh yes, mum — love you to cum!” I’d say, “I’ll be with you this time.”

Slowly we’d continue to fuck, our bodies pushing and separating, pushing and separating, my penis still sliding deep inside my mother’s hole.

All the time I could feel her vagina grasping at me — squeezing my cock to extract its goodness, as I continued my slow fucking.

“You getting there?” I’d ask again.

“Coming nicely…..coming up well,” she might say, “You cumming too?”

“I’ll be there, promise,” I’d say, increasing my activity.

Faster fucking…..faster thrusts…..more movement to press him against her G spot…..more urgency.

I was panting now.

“Getting there mum,” I’d say, “You with me?”

“Yeah — yeah — doing fine,” she’d grunt as my thrusts brought her to orgasm again, “Almost! Almost — yesssss — I’m there — I’m there! Ooooooooh yeah — cumming, cumming!”

And her clutching, squeezing, loving vagina would so wonderfully stimulate me that in moments, I’d be with her!

“Yeah mum — that’s it — cumming too! Fucking filling you……uuuuugh — yeah — oooooh!” I’d cry as my sperm once again filled to overflowing her delightfully tight but accommodating vagina.

And mum would go off in another orgasmic blast — fireworks inside her once again!

And then she could relax. We’d had a fuck followed by a somewhat more leisurely round of love-making, which really was a bonus. Dad might have returned early….but he usually didn’t!

As I said, our Sunday morning fuck would be swift and energetic but it would be very satisfying for both of us. Once we’d both cum to our contentment, I’d retire to my room again — usually for a languid wank, while my mother would clean herself up and then head downstairs to get breakfast ready for those who wanted it.

We both became very guilty of encouraging our relationship. Fair enough, mum and I loved each other anyway — bosom buddies, one might say, but now we were each other’s sex toy too!

Whenever I was horny — that means always — if I brought my erection to mum’s notice then she’d probably make use of it!

And she was just about as bad, as her pussy seemed to be constantly in need of attention too, not that I was complaining!

That occasion when I was revising, springs to mind. I’d been working hard but somehow, instead of learning about double-entry bookkeeping, I’d be thinking about single entry pussy management…..which would have only one outcome.

I got up from my desk and began to wander through the house to find mum. Mum could be anywhere — cleaning, washing, sunning or gardening, but I knew I’d find her somewhere.

And there she was — bent over at the sideboard as she tidied up our bottles of booze. (No — we’re not alcoholics — but a nice glass of something always works wonders….)

Quietly I crept up behind her, noting that her spread-apart legs were, as usual, bare…..meaning that she only wore knickers under her skirt — if even kaçak casino that!

Quickly and smoothly I slid my hand up — palm upwards and in one fell move, I cupped her cunt!

Yeah — I admit it — I made her jump and it wasn’t fair….but it felt lovely as I held her! The fur of her pussy was flattened against my fingers while the palm of my hand squashed her nether lips — and they felt moist already!

“Bloody hell!” she exclaimed, standing upright almost instantly, “what the hell are you doing?”

“Hah,” I said into her ear, “no knickers I see?”

She tried to turn round but my hand held her pussy where it was and I began to move my fingers around, downwards from her little forest and into her crevice, wherein lay her clit. A quick stroke and she stiffened briefly before relaxing completely.

I stood behind her; my hand still in place, as she leaned back to rest her body on mine. She twisted her head around and we kissed, gently at first and then more passionately.

“Oooooh! You feeling horny again?” asked mum, squirming slowly as I moved my hand and fingers around.

“What do you think?” I replied, chuckling quietly, “Any chance you can get me off?”

“That would be easy!” she said, “A quick rub and that’ll do you, won’t it? Want me to get him out?”

She turned, making me leave her pussy for now, and sank to her knees. Wearing just shorts and a t-shirt made cock extraction quite easy and it was only moments before she had me in her mouth.

“Oooooh mum, I need that — that’s lovely! Oh yes — let me slide inside, mum — oooooooh — that’s what I wanted!” I said.

Mum’s reply was muffled and I didn’t hear it….but she was still sucking me…..

Her lips and tongue were doing their usual oral jerk-off of my penis — sucking hard at times, smoothing my cock, squeezing it, sliding her tongue around my crown and up and down my shaft — and it was working well!

“Won’t be long, mum,” I said, feeling my orgasm gather momentum. “Please don’t stop!”

Mum pulled my cock from her mouth.

“What was that?” she asked, teasing me!

“Oh mum — put him back — suck him…..I’m nearly there!” I cried as I tried to thrust my cock back into her mouth.

But for once, mum didn’t want me in her mouth — or up her.

“Cum on my tits,” she said, lifting her sweater off over her head.

And there before me were her magnificent breasts! Not huge but bare — more than big enough for a good handful — and tipped with the most wonderful brown nipples.

“Cum on me!” said mum again as she now started to rub my cock for me.

And she was a damn good wanker… took no time at all before I was there!

“Yeah mum — oh my gooo…..yes — oooooooh! Cumming! Aaaaaaaagh! Aaaaaaaagh!” and my spunk jumped in rapid but copious squirts from my balls, up into my cock and out of it, to land, splashing, across the top of her breasts and down into her cleavage. So much again — thick, white and viscous — it slowly spread and slithered as gravity pulled it down her breasts.

Mum released her hold from my penis and looked down. Then she looked up at me.

“That was a good load, wasn’t it?” she said, “Been saving it?”

“Only since last night,” I said, “You just make me cum a lot!”

“Too right,” said mum, “Nice though!”

And she began gathering up the blobs and smears of sperm, transferring each one to her mouth before standing up.

“Mmmmmm — tasty,” she said, as she finished off cleaning my cum from her breasts, “Come and kiss me.”

Our mouths met and out tongues entwined and mum pushed quite a bit of my cum into my mouth. Together we enjoyed the fruits of my loins — tasty, smooth and nicely sweet…..probably from the apples I’d been using instead of biscuits, as I studied.

And the tables were turned on another occasion….

Again I was studying — a regrettable side effect of trying to learn to earn a living — bent over my desk.

Mum came to me, wearing her dressing gown and even without checking for dampness, I just knew that she was in need of my cock! It was a Wednesday, so I knew that dad would have been busy for a few days — probably too busy to give mum the fuck she needed…..

“Hello darling,” she said, “Haven’t seen much of you today.”

“Bloody revision,” I said, “Pain in the balls!”

“Ooooooh, is it!” she said, “Can I make them feel better?”

I knew now that I was needed — either my tongue or my cock and my cock was the most likely target!

“You can suck me better if you like!” I said, unzipping my shorts, and letting them fall to my ankles.

Mum was down on her knees in moments. She opened her mouth and simply allowed my cock to slide and slide inside her, until she’d met my pubes!

“Oooooh fuck, mum, that felt good!” I said as she withdrew my cock, “Suck me off!”

She kissed my crown.

“Oooooh no, darling — I need you inside me this time! You’re going to cum inside me!” she said, as she shrugged off her dressing gown. Beneath it she was naked — as naked as the day she was born — and I stepped back and absorbed the wondrous view. What lovely breasts; what a super waistline — and what magnificent hips….all atop a long and slender pair of film-star legs.

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