Are These Things Planned Somehow? Ch. 02

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Firstly, thank you all again for the support for my stories. It’s a real lift to get feedback.

Thanks also to my editor, OntarioBob, his input is greatly appreciated but don’t tell him, he might get idea’s above his station! (He understands my humour also.)

Enjoy this second part, I’m trying to develop more characters to carry on the series. As ever, all participants in the story are over 18, this being a work of fiction.

Please read Part 1…


Returning from that short holiday with my sister, emotionally, my life was, somewhat, turned upside down. I hadn’t planned, even thought of us being sexual before. The events that transpired, still playing over constantly in my mind, were wrong yet felt so right.

We hadn’t spoke, my sister and I, but there were, how should I put it, some explicit text messages exchanged between us now. Sarah, being playful, teasing, sent me a photo of her naked body, still covered in water droplets having just got out of the shower. ‘A reminder of what you witnessed’ she wrote under it!

I didn’t expect there to be any communication between us, after what had transpired. I was somewhat nervous with my first text reply the day after, still having doubts, but Sarah, this new Sarah, blossomed, irresistible to me now, seem to have access to my sexual soul, if that exists?

Even more interesting was that I’d agreed and arranged to go and see my mother and father the first Friday back, stay for the weekend. I was nervous, really nervous, as to what we would tell them, especially my mother, she has that ability to see right through us normally. But then I reasoned, just tell them that we did stuff we always did. The visit to the special beach the short drive away, walking along the shoreline, having lunch at the harbour. It would be fine, wouldn’t it?

As these days go, this seemed like the longest Friday ever. Certainly, it was the longest Friday I could ever remember. I was managing to work, but I don’t know how. I was operating on autopilot, in a semi-daze. Some of it a sex induced, thinking of Sarah, what we did, her body, the stimulation we gave each other.

I had, as near as I could figure, a woman who seemed to want me badly. Wanted to make love, to be made love to. Or were we fucking? Fucking and sucking. Kissing, fondling, she sucking my cock, me sucking her wonderfully pert breasts. She was a beautiful woman in my eyes now, even in her late teens, any man’s dream in reality. And the strangest part, the most confusing, bewildering, somehow mysteriously erotic part, she is my sister.

I don’t profess to know why it’s happened. Why me, why now? The truth is, the fact still stands, I don’t really care. That’s right, I don’t care. A man who has a beautiful, erotic female. Willing, capable of making me a sexually charged male like no other. All I really know is, it’s the best, the hottest sexual experiences I’ve ever had to date.

There was still the matter, would it happen again? Would Sarah be willing to have sex again? If she was, I wanted it be me, that’s what matters most, it made me chuckle to myself that she had chosen me in the first place. Were the texts she was sending just letting me down gently though?

Then, there was the realisation of other potential girlfriends! What if I had a choice between the two of them? I smiled, thinking of this wonderful dilemma and musing about it.

My sister Sarah. Young, stronger emotionally than I imagined, horny as hell when you flick the right switches. Beautiful body, wonderful firm young breasts, like they were made to fit in my hands just so. I pondered, would she probably do anything I asked her to do? Even more perhaps, surprise me with her own sexual kinks. She was, after all, entering a potent sexual stage of her young life, and I wanted to explore it with her, be explored back for that matter. Every hole, every inch of her flesh was a hot spot to me. I’d already wondered if she’d let me fuck her anytime I wanted as well! I shook those thoughts away, trying to get some work done. I busied myself with something.

Inevitably, my thoughts drifted to our rendezvous tonight, thoughts of our mum. A classic, beautiful woman to many, still young at heart, incredibly fit, with the most toned, sexy, long legs I’ve ever seen on a woman of any age, not that I ever told her, but most of my friends had pointed it out over the years. She had entered that stage of her life where she was overpoweringly a MILF in all my friend’s eyes.

There has always been passion in my mother, which is something I think of differently now, especially after the event with my sister. Her inexorable desire is an incredible turn on in itself I now realise. She has always loved and been loved by my father, probably even made love to passionately over the years. Now I think of the times, when in my early teens, I heard her cry out in their room, not through pain, but passion. I also realise that her body cries out for it, she is probably powerless to deny herself when casino siteleri turned on. She, too, would probably do anything to smother the passionate fire within.

The afternoon dragged on and on, like the last hour a lecture did when we were at college. Soon though, the end was in sight, it seemed to take forever. But as 5:00pm approached, I became giddy, with excitement and apprehension.

“On a promise with a hot date?” one of my colleagues asked, noticing the dreamy look on my face.

“No, nothing like that, family gathering later” I sighed. “I’m just glad the week is over, and I can finally relax.

“Amen to that,” she said.

Well, if only she knew the relaxing I was imagining!

My phone rang, breaking that thought, I knew the number, a familiar voice on the line.

“Hi, mum,” I said. “I’ll be coming over soon.”

“Sorry darling but your Aunt Val is sick,” she lamented, sadness in her voice “and I’ve got to go there to take care of her. Dad’s going to drive me over. Can you rustle up something to eat for Sarah and you, or get take away perhaps?”

Aunt Val is mum’s younger sister, just 40 years old and also in pretty good shape like mum, it must be the gene pool. In their late teens, I’m led to believe, their beauty drew stares from strangers of all ages wherever they went. I like Val a lot. She loves to laugh, play little tricks on people and was more like an older sister to Sarah and me when we were growing up. I knew she had been having marital difficulties recently, wondered if it was this had anything to do with her sudden illness. But I didn’t want to pry.

“Don’t worry, mum.” I reassured her. “We’ll find something. I hope Aunt Val starts feeling better soon.”

“Thanks, Alex. we’ll probably be home late, so don’t wait up.” Then she whispered low into the phone. “But don’t forget, sometime this weekend I want to know what went on during your holiday with Sarah. I so missed being there this year and she came back very happy.”

I knew my mum. She meant it, but why whisper it? It did, however, mean I’d potentially have the evening alone with Sarah. Perfect, but got me thinking was there planning behind this!

When I got to my parent’s house, letting myself in, dropping my small suitcase in my old bedroom, my sister was obviously not home. Just as I pondered it a text message come up on my phone.

‘Some of the girls invited me to a pool and pizza party, couldn’t really so ‘no’. Sorry Bro. I’ll be home later – WAIT FOR ME XX.’

I replied ‘have fun, see you later sis xx’. Alone and abandoned. What’s a man to do? I raided the freezer, heated up some frozen Taco’s, washed them down with a couple of cool beers. Life’s not so bad I thought as I relaxed on the sofa.

Time ticked by, it was about 9:00pm. I was half watching a football game on TV when Sarah came home. I heard her put her gear down, her heels clicking as she walked into the room.

She stood before me, a vision in a light blue bikini. The top was so sheer I could make out her pert nipples beneath the material. Her firm breasts, just barely contained within. The bottom of the bikini covered her delicious pussy adequately, she twirled slightly, showing it was a thong design, her shapely ass exposed. With her taught stomach, smooth thighs, flared hips, it was heavenly to see.

“Sarah!” I was in awe. “When did you get that bikini? I’ve never seen you wear anything like it!”

“My work friends talked me into it,” she replied, a little self-consciously. “It’s great for getting a tan in, everyone is wearing them. Do… do you like it?”

I playfully took my time studying her form… dragging it out a bit “I think it’s fantastic, I love it on you, you look just, well, sexy, gorgeous even!”

Her face brightened, like the sun just illuminated it. I was always genuine with compliments, especially when they are true.

“I so love that about you, making feel great!” she blurted out excitedly, thrilled that I liked how she looked. She bent down to give me a kiss, my lips met hers, that tingle sensation returning, warming me, her long hair falling down, surrounding my head.

She took my face in her hands, kissed with real feeling, sliding her tongue inside my somewhat anxious lips, exploring inside my mouth. It felt good to finally have contact with her again. Our tongues found each other, joining in a playful dance. After a minute, or was it two, I couldn’t resist anymore and reached up, found her breasts, cupping them with my palms, my thumbs and forefingers encircled her nipples, teasing them as I knew she liked. Within moments, her nipples were straining against the sheer fabric, her breathing showing signs of arousal, her body relaxing at my touches, it felt so natural.

Reaching around the back of the thong, I rubbed my hands on her firm, round ass, marvelling at its toned smooth texture. A little greasy from a tanning lotion I guessed, my hands explored around it, squeezing it firmly every now and then, bringing canlı casino a low moan from her throat. A few of my fingers rubbed in her ass crack, stopping just shy of her anus, kiss deepening. Sarah was trembling slightly.

Without warning she broke our kiss, abruptly stood up.

“Wait a minute” she said quickly. “I’ve been working all day, then swimming andsunbathing, I feel grimy really. I’m going upstairs to shower it off. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

A few minutes to my sister, as I learned on our holiday, can be quite some time, but I nodded reluctantly, she went upstairs. I heard the shower running. Five long minutes passed, heard it stop, the sound of bath water running after. I remembered, Sarah loved to soak in a bath. This might take a while, I couldn’t wait, having had my fire stoked by her.

Pouring two glasses of wine in the kitchen, I went upstairs, walked towards the bathroom.

Peering inside, I paused, my eyes captivated by her.

The bathtub/Jacuzzi, a large oval shape, large enough for at least two, at a push three people. Sunken into an ornate tile pedestal, several feet of tiling around each side, the builder having placed candle holders around it. My parents, especially my mum, like their home just so, it oozed quality, somewhere to luxuriate in, relax.

Sarah had her head leaning out of the tub, her long wet hair, back off her face. The water wasn’t filled too high, her breasts breaking the surface, an inviting sight, as was one shapely leg. My groin tightened, tingled at the vision.

Shaking my head clear, I continued into my old bedroom, quickly undressed, leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor. I grabbed the glasses, casually as I could manage, walked into the bathroom, naked, smiling.

“I hoped you’d come up,” chuckling at me, opening her eyes, drinking in my naked form, my erection already firming at the sight of her. “Put those glasses down and come on in.”

Glasses placed on the tile near her head, I climbed in slowly, sliding in behind her, the water hot, steam making my skin tingle. She scooted forward, giving me room, she sat in between my legs, I wasted no time in my actions.

With my back comfortably settled against the angled end of the tub, Sarah nestled between my legs, her upper torso leaning on my chest, I reached around, caressed her wet, slippery breasts. They’d taken a shine from the water, glossing them, soft to the touch. She reached her arm around my neck, moved her head back, kissed me longingly. My cock responded, started to grow more, reaching its fullness.

Lips pushed harder together, kiss deepening, tongues probing each other’s mouths again. Kiss broken, we both needed air, I squeezed her wet nipples harder, pulling them out a little. She whispered into my ear, “they’ve missed your touch,” a sultry tone in her hushed voice.

She moved upwards, her legs atop mine, my cock now jutting up between her legs. She reached down, encompassed it with her tiny, soft hand, leaving more than half my shaft exposed. Stroking up and down, slowly, sending shivers of delight through me, heart rate increasing with her hand speed.

I positioned her hand, making the tip of my cock slide against her slit, teasing her opening, tickling her clit every up stroke. Her breathing laboured, pussy lips swelling, her lust increasing. Cock real hard, steel like, slippery as it rubbed up then down her clit on each pass. Her moaning increased, hot air escaping through open lips, tickling my neck.

Water adds buoyancy. It seemed so easy to lift Sarah up, spin her around to face me. My hands under her ass cheeks, lowering her, slowly impaling her on my meaty shaft. Her arms wrapped around me as I lifted her up and down, my cock finding the tip of her cervix. Not being able to resist, I sucked each nipple into my mouth in turn, my tongue swirling around the nipple.

“Oh god, YES,” she exhaled. “You make me feel things… I never would have believed. Your cock, does… to me… deep inside that… make me… feel wild.”

Enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy, squeezing my cock, but my legs were numbing slightly, the position slightly awkward. Lifting her off my cock, I took her hand, had her stand at the edge of the tub, leaning her back against the wall.


The drive home with my husband was mostly a silent one, I was glad to be walking into our house. My sister Val wasn’t physically ill, but the problems with her marriage had taken their toll. Now going through a messy separation, she was fearful of the single life once again, having devoted her life to raising the family. I calmed her down, as only a sister can, promised to go back tomorrow if she needed, we could speak further about things. I was hoping to get home in time to have quality time with my son and daughter if possible. I was positively buzzing with the thought of seeing them both, even though Sarah lives with us she’s always out and about. After dropping me off, I sent my husband off to get us kaçak casino some pizzas from the local Italian. It’s always better when you collect and I knew he’d have a sneaky beer or two whilst waiting for them to be prepared. Being with Val and I must have been a slight trauma for him, it would give him some quiet time after the working week.

Entering the hallway, rather quietly I suppose, I heard unusual noises and voices coming from what I thought was the bathroom upstairs. The children were not in the lounge or kitchen where I expected them to be. I quietly made my way up the stairs, moved over to the bathroom door and looked in the crack of the door. What I saw made me inhale deeply, cover my mouth with my hand and shiver.

My daughter, was standing in the bathtub, leaning against the wall. My son was kneeling behind her. His hands, spreading her ass cheeks and he had his tongue inside, licking her and my God what an ass she has. I never really noticed how beautiful it was, how grown up she was now. Sarah was struggling to stand upright, her legs shaking and bending. She was breathing heavily, moaning and encouraging him.

“That’s it, lick my asshole, stick your tongue in just like… ohhhh… ohhhh yes, just there… like that.” Although I couldn’t see clearly, it looked like she was rubbing her pussy with her other hand.

I backed away from the door, just for a moment. Was I dreaming, I didn’t really believe my eyes, too much to take in and the shock, was it a shock? It was, undeniably, one of the hottest things I’d ever witnessed, but between these two people, my children! I couldn’t help myself, like a moth to a flame, I was drawn back to that crack in the door.

Sarah had turned around and was standing up, holding onto her breasts. When had she developed such a breath-taking body? She was truly beautiful, but then a mother would say that. Her breasts were so perfectly formed, gorgeous beyond words, I envied her. A body, lithe and supple, with curves in all the right places. I drank in her wet body, admiring it, envying it more. Then thinking of my sister all those years ago. Val has a body just like Sarah’s, just perfect, though she works hard to keep it that way.

Sarah parted her legs slowly, just enough to allow Alex’s tongue to lick her clean shaved pussy. The lips engorged, wet from the bath and her own secretions. His hands, holding her rounded ass, pulling her pussy into his mouth. Her eyes closed tight, clearly a willing participant in this sexual act. The low moans signalling that he was hitting the right spots.

“Oh please,” I hear her say, “Lick deeper… yes, right there. My clit… your mouth… ooohhh… OOOHHHH… so incredible Alex!”

I backed away from the door again, slumped to the floor. What should I do? My entire body was flooded with sensations and emotions. I involuntarily stroked my hands over my breasts, my nipples sending shock waves of desire all over my body. I felt my pussy moisten, dampening the folds. It begged to be touched, even placing just a finger on it nearly set me off on a dizzying ride. I heard the water splash, couldn’t stop myself from looking again. Another deep gasp escaped my lips, oh my God.

Sarah was on all fours in the bathtub. Alex was supporting himself with his hands on the edge of the tub, his arm and shoulder muscles clearly visible. In a squatting position he was pumping his cock slowly in and out of her welcoming pussy. In and out, he shoved his hard, beautiful cock inside my baby. I could see it come almost all the way out, then slam back in, accompanied by a heavy moan of pleasure from Sarah. Her breasts were swinging back and forth, and her tongue licked her lips feverishly. “Harder” Sarah egged him on. It was getting more erotic by the minute. My juices were just flowing now, my panties dampening with my warm liquid. I wanted to go in, stop them. Or did I want this to happen, my talk with Sarah before the holiday flooded my head. I knew she was conflicted, I told her to talk to Alex, did she take it I meant for her to have sex with him?

It took all my willpower as I slumped back against the wall again, had to avert my eyes. This time, however, my head made a bumping sound louder than I expected.

Adrenalin kicked in and I got up, quickly slithered back down the stairs. Moved rapidly to the front door, this time I made more noise when I faked entering the house.


“What was that, Sis?” I said, pulling my cock out of her warm pussy. “Did you hear that noise?”

“The only noise I heard was your cock squishing in then out of my pussy, mixed with my moans, which I hope you’ll start again right now!”

“No, wait,” I persisted. “I heard a noise, maybe someone’s home. You’d better look quick.”

Concern at my persistence, Sarah got out of the tub, wrapped a terry-cloth robe around herself. I heard her go downstairs, followed by voices. Mum was definitely home, Shit!

I jumped out of the tub, grabbed a towel, sprinted to my old bedroom leaving watery footprints in my wake. Inside, quickly drying, picking up my boxer shorts, sliding them back on. I was pretty sure we’d be just fine. I was nearly about to cum back in the tub, but that feeling took second place for the moment.

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