A Beautiful Experience

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I decided to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, more accurately) after one night in the chat. I ended up chatting to a guy who shall remain anonymous but with whom I really clicked with, we were chatting to gone 3am and neither of us wanted it to end.

Anyway, we ended talking about real life experiences and he in particular had a slight obsession with well endowed men (not for his pleasure personally, but hearing about female experiences), which I found strange as personally I don’t have a great preference for well endowed men, I most definitely am one of those ‘it’s the motion of the ocean’ women.

So, why does that lead me to this point. Well, I promised him I’d document my experience with a very well endowed man I had the pleasure of knowing as best as I can, keeping to the facts, but trying to make it fun and hopefully erotic to read as well.

So, onto the story.


I’m 19, and work as an accounts clerk for a nationwide firm, it’s not an amazing job, but the people I work with are fairly nice, the work isn’t too challenging and I get paid enough to enjoy myself at the weekend. The company has lots of small offices covering the whole of the country. All the staff talk to each other fairly regularly, and as usually happens, it’s always the same people on the phone every time. I chatted to loads of people, being the office dogsbody as it were.

Occasionally the company would have a company meeting to give people a chance to meet staff from other offices and all done under the pretext of presenting the companies performance over the last year, plans for the coming year and handing out awards. Not all staff attend each year, in fact it works on rotation and this particular year it was my turn to go. It was being held in Blackpool and to be honest, I was quite looking forward to evening and day out there as I’d never been before.

I didn’t drive at the time, so needed to go by train, I duly booked my tickets but decided to leave late the next day to give me a chance to look around and do some sight seeing, the meeting was being held on a Friday night and I would be arriving a couple of hours before. All this should leave me the whole of Saturday free to visit the city.

The journey was uneventful and I even enjoyed the food from the buffet car!

I arrived about 6pm, with the meeting due to commence at 7pm, there was to be a buffet provided at the end of the presentation so I figured I didn’t need to go and grab something to eat before. I got my key and headed to my room. I opened the door and was immediately underwhelmed, I had a tiny little box room and the window had a flattering view of the hotel next door, i.e. it was a big red brick wall!

I had some time to kill, so I ran myself a bath and had a look at myself in the mirror, I’m 5’1″ and a UK size 8, so fairly petite, I had some curves, but I had small breasts and my hips were slight. I then slipped into the hot bath and had a nice long soak before getting out and preparing myself, first my hair, then makeup and then finally clothes. I’d taken a suit, if only because I had no idea what everyone else would be wearing and it’s better to be safe I figured. I wore a rather boring but presentable navy skirt suit with a white blouse.

After a quick shot of perfume I headed downstairs and discoverd a sign with directions to the meeting, a room called the Gloucester Suite. Once inside there was row upon row of seats in front of a projection screen. Over half of the seats were already occupied so I headed towards the nearest free one on the back row. It was an end seat, with a late 40’s guy sat in the one next to it, in a rather drab grey suit, in fact my first impression was of a ‘nice guy’.

I sat myself down and prayed that nobody would talk to me, after all, I knew nobody and would rather this all goes by as easily and quickly as possible. But then I had a habit of being unlucky, and wouldn’t you know, the guy next to me starts talking to me. He’s pleasant enough I guess as I’d expected. The more I chatted to him, the more I came to the conclusion that he is in fact rather handsome, although certainly not what I’d normally go for. He had really nice blue eyes, and his hair was greying fairly heavily, although he wasn’t receding at all. He was of a medium build, with very little of the typical beer belly I always expect to see on middle aged men.

Then, surprising myself, I start to enjoy his conversation, he did in fact possess a fairly canlı bahis sparkling wit and indeed his voice was rather seductive, he had a voice like velvet. After a few minutes of our conversation it became apparent to us that we’d spoke on the phone, and quite a lot too, but he was nothing like I imagined…I always figured he was a younger guy, maybe late 20’s. I started to wonder how handsome he had actually been back in his 20’s

At that point, the speakers boomed into life as someone started talking into the microphone at the front of the room. What happened next was 90 minutes of droll, boring and monotonous as far as I was concerned. I managed to stay awake through it at least, but was eager for it to be over.

When the presentation finished and after a brief round of undeserved applause everybody got up and started to head over to the food. Well, most did, my new found friend asked if I’d join him at the bar for a drink and something nicer.


It seemed a better idea than digging into the buffet to be honest, so I said yes. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would I want to go and have a drink with some old guy, but at the time he seemed nice, I was enjoying his company and it was great to have someone to talk to who I at least was a passing acquaintance of.

So we grabbed an empty table and he offered a drink, a large dry white wine I said although what I really wanted was a sweet cider, but I was trying to blend in a little and to be honest at this point I was feeling a little outside of my comfort zone.

We then proceeded to have several drinks and some rather nice bar snacks. I was thoroughly enjoying his company and by this point I was getting more than a little enamored with him, he was indeed a rather sexy man all said and done. I glanced at his hand several times and there was no suggestion of a wedding ring, and the wine, food and fun conversation were all combining to make me feel more than a little eager for more. I had been single for several months and desperately missed the intimacy of having a boyfriend, but I was also rather careful normally not to get myself a reputation. But here I was, miles away from home and effectively anonymous.

So, when he asked if I wanted to come up to get something to take to his room, I just automatically said yes.

So, I stood smiling from ear to ear and waited for him to return…which he quickly did with a bottle and two glasses, and then sure enough we headed to the lift and his room.

We went up the third floor and down the hall to his room. He used his key and let us in and I discovered his room was a lot nicer than mine, he had a decent view out of his window and his room was even a touch bigger than mine. I made a note to complain about my room when I got back!

I went and sat on the edge of the bed while he put the wine and glasses down on the table and poured us both glasses, he started to take his jacket off and looked over at me with a “can I?” look on his face. I nodded, smiled and waited for my drink. He took his jacket off and came over to the bed and sat next to me, he handed me my glass and I had a nice long drink of it, it was very nice and I could feel the alcohol warming me. He then took the glass off me and placed it on the table

He placed both glasses down and then reached over to me, placed one hand on the side of my face and kissed me, a long slow kiss, so passionate. My heart was pounding at this point, I was so incredibly turned on, I felt like I’d been wined and dined and had had a wonderful night so far and I wanted more. So I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissing him back, long deep kisses, our mouths open and kissed with a sense of urgency, raw and passionate.

I was loving it, he was such an accomplished kisser, easily the best I’d ever had by that time. I started to get carried away on the lust and passion and started to undo his shirt, but he stopped me and instead started to remove my jacket…it easily slid off and he threw it aside, the next thing I know is his hands are untucking my blouse and undoing the buttons. It was all moving so fast, but felt so right, I wanted this more than anything at that moment.

I felt his warm hand on my belly, then his hand moved up and swept up to cup my right breast….which felt divine. He had largish hands and he held my breast almost entirely in his hand…and the sensation of my nipple rubbing against the palm of his hand was arousing me even more.

He bahis siteleri sensed my excitement and moved with a little more urgency, removing his hand to undo my remaining buttons and then pull it off me. I then excitedly waited for him to remove my bra, but no, instead he pushes me back on the bed and slides his arms around my back, unclipping my skirt and sliding the zip down.

My heart is pounding so much at this point I think it’s going to explode, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever done, I’d never felt so turned on before.

I can feel him tugging, so I lift up in the air a little and he slides my skirt down and off…it’s then that I realise how vulnerable I feel, I’m lying on an effective strangers bed in nothing but my underwear and painfully aware of how obvious my arousal must be, I know I’m wet, I have been since we arrived in his room. My panties must be showing that to him, does he like that I wonder, does it turn him on?

Then he’s talking to me, telling me how great I look, how sexy my body is, he’s running his hands up my legs, onto my belly and then they slide behind my back, he finds the clasp and lifts my bra off. I close my eyes and enjoy how he’s making me feel, his hands cup my breasts…then slide down my belly…then, oh, that feels so good…his fingers trail ever so gently over the fabric of my panties, I tremble as I feel his touch against my lips…

Then I feel the unmistakable heat of his breath against me…he’s kissing my knees, then my thighs…then, my body seems to explode as I feel his mouth kissing me there, it feels good, but muted somehow…of course, I still have my panties on. I so want to feel his lips on my body, on my pussy, I want to feel amazing, lick me, nibble me, make me come. Please.

I voice my desire, “Please, take them off”, I ask and sure enough without stopping what he’s doing, he grabs the sides and slowly pulls them down.

I feel more and more of the heat of his breath as he pulls my panties down…I’m now almost naked and as soon as he’s pulled them down to my thighs he starts to lick and nibble at me, he’s an expert, it feels so good, so nice, so sensual. I lift my knees up and open my legs to allow him to get at me a little easier. He flicks his tongue over my clit, then up and down my labia, making me tingle and making me want him more and more.

It doesn’t take long before I can feel the inevitable happening, a warm glow building from within me, getting stronger and then like waves crashing over rocks I cry out as an incredible orgasm washes over me, I’m shaking, quivering, moaning loudly as the pleasure overtakes me.

After what seems like an age, I open my eyes and look up and see Mark standing there, with a huge smile on his face. He says nothing, but I watch him take his shirt off, then undo his belt and trousers and let them fall to the ground.

He bends down to kick off his shoes and socks and then stands there with just his boxers on.

It’s then that I realise something is different about him. It’s not his body, but it’s in fairly good shape considering his age, no, it’s the bulge in his boxers, but it’s not like ones I’ve seen before. There is more there, even through the loose material I can tell that. How much more? I need to know, I want to see.

He slides his boxers down and then my smile disappears for a moment as I realise what I’m looking at. He’s only semi erect and already he’s bigger than any boyfriends I’ve ever had.

His boxers fall to the floor and he kicks them away, then he grabs his member, his manhood, his cock in one hand, pulls the foreskin back revealing a beautiful purple head and slowly starts to pump it.

And it grows.

I lay there still feeling a little fuzzy from my orgasm and the wine, almost trance like and watch him slowly stroke this cock of his, it gaining in length and girth. A part of me is slightly fearful, but I’m also overcome with a desire to have it, it’s so beautiful, so big.

He then stopped stroking and I could see why, he didn’t need to anymore. I was lying there staring at what can only be described as a titan amongst penises. It was huge, even now I’d struggle to put a number to it’s size, but it looked twice as big as anything I’d had before, it was maybe 10 inches in length. Hanging below this totem was two balls, they hung very low, they looked heavy and were very hairy.

Still smiling in that seductive way he came closer to me, grabbed my knees bahis şirketleri and pulled me down the bed so my bottom was right on the edge, he pulled my legs apart a little and then moved into position between my legs. His cock was pointing straight up, like a phallic tower pointing to the sky, he then used his hand to push his cock down towards me, it was so hard I could see it straining to pop back up, then I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt his head at my entrance.

My pussy wanted him, it wanted him more than any other man I’d ever had. I wanted that inside me, all of it.

I was very wet, and still feeling very sensitive from my orgasm just a short while before. He held it at my entrance for a moment, teasing me, I wanted to cry out that I wanted him, but I didn’t need to.

He pushed…oh god, it felt like nothing else on earth.

It felt like I was being split in two.

He just kept pushing, I could feel myself fighting against him, tightening around him to try and stop him entering me, I needed to relax…it was hurting now.

Relax, that’s all I needed to do.

I let out one deep moan and relaxed…and felt him slide suddenly into me…who knows how much, but it felt like I was being impaled on a baseball bat.

Once he’d finished pushing I instinctively moved my hand down to feel him inside me…and to my shock there was enough outside of me still to wrap my hand around. Oh no, it’s not over yet, I thought it was all in me.

As if sensing my thoughts, he said “don’t worry, trust me” in his usual velvety way and I instantly felt as ease.

Then he started to build up a rhythm, and despite the size of it I was starting to enjoy how it was making me feel. He’d pull almost out and then push back in and kept doing it, same rhythm, over and over. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of it.

Then a thought hit me, he had no condom on!!! Oh crap, shit, it’s too late now anyway, and to be honest, my lust was going out of control…I wanted him to come inside me, I wanted to feel it, I didn’t want anything stopping me enjoying every sensation I could.

This feels too good, too amazing, I’d heard all the horror stories from my friends about big guys, but this was heaven, he was being considerate and kind, and it felt amazing inside me. I felt full, I felt womanly. I didn’t realise it could feel like this. I never wanted to experience anything else every again in my life, I wanted him, or more accurately his cock every single day if it was going to feel like this.

So intense….more and more so each passing minute.

He was like a train, he never changed rhythm, and he seemed to go forever. Every time I opened my eyes, he’d smile at me and push a little harder and a little quicker.

It was happening again, this time it was more intense, it was building from deeper within me, ….I approached the edge again, really quickly this time, and just a few strokes later I felt my whole body explode as an orgasm surged through me, my pussy clenched down hard onto him…

I reached down as it was happening, to touch myself and I felt his body slam against my hand…he was all inside me! he pulled away and i moved my hand away, he slammed against me again…that’s when i felt his body crash against mine, he really was all inside me…all of that huge penis…this was the most amazing feeling ever.

Why hadn’t he come yet? We’d been going for so long now, I’ve no idea how long but half an hour maybe, I’d never known any man take this long before…not that I was complaining, I’d never experienced this much pleasure before either.

As if reading my thoughts, he asked “I want to come inside you.” and I looked at him.

“I want you too, please come for me”, I replied.

Then he closed his own eyes, lifted his head to the ceiling and just fucked me with abandon, thrusting harder and harder…faster and faster, I felt every thrust deep inside me.

A few strokes later he let out a huge grunt, pushed fully into me and came….his face contorted in what looked like pain. His cum was hot, there was unmistakable flood of heat inside me.

He looked at me again, pulled out and shot a second final long stream of white come, landing on my breasts and belly.

It felt good to be free of him as my body returned to normal, but almost immediately I was missing him inside me.

He lifted me up and without a word put his cock to my mouth, it was obvious what he wanted. It was slippy, covered in sticky white juices, some his and some mine. I took him in my mouth and slowly sucked him, licking and swallowing everything.

We had a lot more fun that night…that was only the start.


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