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Skin Shallow

Friday, July 21st, 2017, 12:42 p.m.

Jamie Himmelfarb was not a truly happy person.

Here she sat at an outdoor table belonging to Perx, Juniper’s premier coffee shop, like so many other workday lunch breaks. She liked to rotate her orders, mixing and matching blends with pastries, such as a roll, fritter or bear claw. The Wi-Fi was top-notch, so along each time attended her personal best friend, the Asus laptop. The loyal electronic companion was always there when Jamie needed it. It never failed in entertaining her. It was always cooperative as long as it got its digital beauty sleep at night. It was seldom disagreeable or dishonest, and it did not get upset or envious when Jamie resumed activity on her work computer.

Her lunch break was a full hour, decent time to order a cup of roast, do some blogging, sort files or surf web waves. At home with the most free time, she put the Asus to more involved uses like streaming movies and playing questing games. Her job paid the rent and put food in the kitchen. And not counting her trusty laptop as a roommate, she lived alone. Dwelling in solitude was not the source of her unhappiness in and of itself, though it was a related element.

Jamie was single, and now going on 33, quite weary of it. Being bisexual, it stood to reason her chance of meeting people should be maximized. But here into play came her biggest hang-up. A hindrance to her self-confidence, which could turn romantic partners off. It was again brought to her attention as someone passed by. She looked up reflexively, to see her reflection in the glass panes.

Ugh…yeah, there I am. God, why do I have to be so unattractive? Why can’t I be pretty like other girls?

Indeed, Jamie had a low self-image when it came to her face. She felt she was unsightly. She thought her eyes naturally looked sad and standoffish—with the “help” of her arching brows—her lips and skin too pale, and her nose too pronounced. She supposed her body was okay, and was actually fond of her light brunette hair, which she considered her finest feature. And so she let it just grow. And drape her face just lightly enough so she could see. Although there are some things I kinda wish I couldn’t see.

She also rather wished the Asus’ screen wasn’t reflective. While she guessed the hair over her eyes thing was kind of cute, in its way, confidence in her looks was far too little to be congruent with mental health. Her eyes and reality were too truthful to play tricks on her. She was not what most would perceive as “classically beautiful.” She would not be accepted into a traditional modeling agency, and not just because she was only 5’5″. Unfortunately, there was little she could do that she hadn’t already tried. The deceptively named concealer didn’t help, and Jamie was terrified of plastic surgery. Besides, she wanted someone who’d appreciate her for her mind and sweet nature, as well as what was on the outside…or, instead of.

It wasn’t as if she’d never had a date, kiss or sex before. But with one main individual person? Leading to an actual relationship? That was a different story. Potential mates just didn’t like her “like that,” as they phrased it. Nor seemed they to have any problem telling her to her face. Jamie’s childhood was pretty run-of-the-mill: a quadrilateral family unit including a kid brother one year her junior, a decent academic performance, a typical adolescence. All that was missing was experience points in the field of dating. Looking back, it likely didn’t help that she called it “experience points.” She was a bit of a roleplay nerd, which influenced the way she thought and spoke. She didn’t know if this trait hindered her as a courtable lass. But maintained her face was a bigger hurdle.

She’d checked out a handful of dating sites, but only one struck her promising enough to join. It was adorned with one of the few pictures of herself she felt was okay. She raked in her share of hits, but resulting in nary a single connection. She visited some profiles and sent out a few messages, but to an equal lack of avail. It was awful. She’d never felt so rejected in her life. Eventually, she just stopped checking. Now her dating profile just floated in cyberspace, collecting digital dust.

She finished her lunch. She shut the Asus and began to slip it into its case when something caught her eye. A pair of shadows passed. Jamie looked up to see a young blonde with sunglasses walking her dog with a harness. She stopped by a neighboring table, where sat a single individual with naught but a book. Her dog stopped, sniffed and sat, indicating there was a person here.

“…Excuse me,” she reached, patting the air. “Could you please help me find the restroom?”

It took Jamie a moment to realize exactly what was happening. But to her surprise, as she watched, the table’s sole occupant threw one glance up, waited a moment, then wordlessly rose from the table and quietly departed, leaving the woman and her dog standing stationary. Jamie’s brows furrowed in empathetic concern. casino siteleri This apparently impaired woman needed to relieve herself, and someone completely able-bodied wouldn’t help her. How crappy, thought Jamie. She checked the time, and calculated she’d still a healthy portion of lunch hour left. She encased the Asus, stood herself, and approached.

“Uh, hi. Hi there,” she addressed, lightly tapping her arm. The blonde turned in her direction. The end of her dog’s harness was fastened around one wrist. Her other hand grasped a collapsible cane, which Jamie ironically hadn’t seen before. She continued.

“I have to go to the restroom too. I’ll take you.”

“Oh—thank you,” said the blind blonde, already sounding relieved. She waved her harness-fastened wrist. “My best buddy boy Buster here can do and sniff out a lot, but he can’t locate a ladies’ room. And I don’t hear him growling at you, so you must be nice.”

Jamie chuckled. “No problem. This way.” She began leading her by the arm. “My name’s Jamie, by the way. Jamie Himmelfarb.”

Her visually challenged acquaintance nodded. “Carinne Fineman. Pleased to meet you, Jamie.”

So Jamie kept hold of Carinne’s arm, and the three of them maneuvered through the semi-crowded Perx interior. Animals weren’t normally allowed in businesses like this, but guide dogs for the blind were the lone exception. So Carinne didn’t have to leave Buster behind. Jamie did not know blind people took their dogs into the public restroom, but supposed it stood to logic. She watched with amusement as Buster’s tail wagged under the stall divider. Perhaps fortunate no other women were occupying.

“I’m, uh…” Jamie chuckled. “I’m inclined to say I’ve never tinkled with a dog in the room before.”

“I know, right?” replied Carinne, one toilet adjacent. “And he’s the only boy allowed in the girls’ room.”

“Hee hee…but sometimes when I was alone at home I’d leave the door cracked, and our dalmatian Tops poked his little nose in.”

A snicker. “Tops?”

“Well, our first thought was Spot. But that’s so common. We wanted his name to be a little unique. So then we realized, ‘Spot’ spelled backwards is a word too: Tops. And it fit; he was the best.”


“Yeah…he’s in doggie heaven now.”

“Aw, I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool. After him we got a precious little Yorkie. We convinced ourselves Tops would’ve wanted us to carry on our canine legacy. Remember what George Carlin said: ‘Life…is a series of dogs.'”

“D-E-lightful. I see you are a lady and a scholar, as well as a canine lover.”

Jamie was grateful for the stall divider, so Carinne couldn’t see her slightly blush. Then…oh yeah. “That’s me!” she affirmed.

“Fantastic. I could never be friends with someone who hated dogs. Someone who could take ’em or leave ’em, eh, I’d feel the same way; I could take or leave them. So a Yorkie, huh?”

“Yep. We named her Peppermint Patty.”

“Ha! Classic. D’you get another one called Marcie and try to get ’em to mate?”

Another laugh. “Um, no…that we did not.”

“Sorry,” Carinne called. “I’m a lesbian. That’s…kinda just the weird way my mind works.”

“No kidding.”

“Nope. Blind lesbian. There’s a combo for ya. Gay and visually impaired, since the day I was born. Life—and love—’re already tough enough when you’re sighted and straight. Try putting yourself in my shoes.”

“Or mine. Love’s not so nice to me either. My ‘shoes’ are really ug—…”

Jamie suddenly hushed herself up. It occurred at the last syllable that disclosing this could be a mistake. Even if Carinne was blind. The girl’d just told her she was gay. She could be a potential romantic connection. And she was beautiful, though Jamie could make no assessment of her eyes behind the sunglasses. But Jamie still didn’t really know her at all. If Carinne knew she considered herself an ugly duckling, even if only an opinion, it could still carry influence in the back of her mind. If Jamie decided she wished to court Carinne, and Carinne knew this about her…well, she’d just let this be her little secret for now.

“Really what?”

“…S-small. They’re…small.”

“Oh, I see. Well, size doesn’t usually matter much to lesbians. Some of ’em do like big…’shoes.’ I like all shapes and sizes.”

“Interesting. I’m actually fifty percent straight and fifty percent lesbian. Or, bisexual, in other…word.”

“Get outta here! Can I have your phone number??” Carinne laughed. Jamie did not laugh.


Carinne’s laughter abruptly cut off. “Y—…rea—…Jamie, I-I was kidding…kinda.”

“But I was not. I know eagerness can be a turn-off, but believe it or not, even as a bisexual, it’s really tough for me to meet people. If you give me your number, I’ll call you right now.”

Carinne became excited. “O-okay! 507-555-9928.”

Jamie located her phone and dialed. Sure enough, one stall over, a ringtone piped out.

“Oh! Pardon me; I’m getting a call!” Carinne flirted. Beep. “Hello?”

Her stall neighbor canlı casino stifled a laugh, playing along. “Hi, is this Carinne?”

“It is. Who’s calling, please?”

“It’s Jamie. Jamie Himmelfarb. You remember, we met at Perx?”

“Oh right, of course! You took me to the bathroom.”

Chuckle. “Right! Right. So…how’s it goin’?”

“Good! Thanks for asking.”

“Not at all! So, hey, listen…I was wondering if you had plans the night of the…oh, say, Friday the 21st?”

“…Isn’t that tonight?”

“Is it?…Well, look at that, it is! …So whaddaya say?”

Carinne giggled. “Well, um…actually, I’m having dinner with my family tonight. But I’m free all day tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow it is! I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. We can do something after that. So…tell me about your family?”

“Hm, well, let’s see: my Mom’s a dermatologist, my Dad’s a courtroom clerk, and I have a big brother who’s an architect, and a little sister who’s a dental student. None of whom’re blind. Or gay.”

“Heh! Okay, my turn. Well, your Dad may’ve actually met my Mom, turns out; she’s a lawyer. My father’s always kinda been a stay-at-home Dad, although he’s going out and working for the census now and then, since my brother and I moved out. Oh yeah, I have a kid brother. He travels around and sells stuff. Wish I could do that. The traveling, I mean.”

“Neat! Wow, gosh, this is so cool. It’s super-hard for me to meet girls. But then, my social interactions’re pretty awkward in general. People don’t really care at all that I’m gay, but when they realize I’m blind, they usually respond in one of three ways. They either get uncomfortable, or they go way overboard on the sympathy…or they take advantage of me.”

“Oh, yeah. Or think it’s okay to disregard you. Like that jerk outside who got up and left when you asked where the bathroom was.”

“Eh…it’s okay. You get used to being shunned or ignored after a while.”

“But, but…that’s terrible. It’s wrong to treat someone like that just ’cause they’re disabled or different.”

“Thank you, Jamie. It means a lot that you feel that way. I really have developed a thick skin about it, but it doesn’t make me any less grateful. Knowing people like you are always gonna be around makes my heart smile.”

Jamie suddenly felt so touched, something welled in her own heart. Meeting and getting acquainted with this girl alone had made her day somewhat extraordinary, having barely known her fifteen minutes. Her phone buzzed. She looked at the display.

“Oh, shoot.” Click.

“Wh—hey!” said Carinne. “Did you just hang up on me?”

“Yeah, sorry. My battery’s getting low.”

“Well, how rude!” They shared a laugh. Jamie too noted the time. She’d better be getting back to work. They finished up, washed, and she escorted Carinne and Buster back outside.

“Well, I gotta run back to my office, but I’m so glad I met you, Carinne,” she told her, kissing her hand. “I’ll call you tonight, cool?”

“Way cool. I’ll keep my ears peeled.”

“Can I pet Buster?”

“Go for it. But, obligatory disclaimer: if he thinks you’re gonna attack me, he’ll attack you.”

“Oh, I’d definitely never do that.” Jamie crouched to scratch Buster behind his ears and stroke his fur. “I’m a lover, not a fighter. Right, fella?…You like me, don’t’cha? ‘Course ya do! Who’s a sweet boy??”

The charmed Carinne chuckled. “A’right, we better bounce, and let you do the same. C’mon, Buster!”

They parted. Jamie kept her feet on the ground, holding herself back from happily skipping about like a six-year-old.

She suddenly found herself in a great mood.


…And Sex Can Be Too, If You’re Kinky

Friday, July 21st, 2017, 10:01 p.m.

“Okay, awesome, I’ll see you then!…No no, that’s okay, my phone has GPS. I shouldn’t have any problem…a’right, sweet! I’m looking forward to it, you cute thing you!” Click.

Jamie quickly hung up and giggled to herself, relishing having gotten the last word. Though she’d said and meant it, she was unsure their fledgling acquaintanceship was ready for aggro flirting and coquetry. She didn’t want to come on too strong—if that particular ship had not already sailed. But at the same time, damn it, she was excited! In the course of half a day, she’d scored a date with a gorgeous girl who seemed kind, charming, and to like her. And it was the very next day. And for once in her dating life, lack of confidence in her looks would not play a factor. It felt great. Why hadn’t she hit upon the idea to court a blind individual years ago?

She wanted to wait till moderately late to call. Not too late, of course, but to give Carinne enough time to dine with her clan and get home. Speaking of Carinne’s home, she suggested Jamie visit after her appointment, and they could decide what they wanted to do. Jamie gladly and promptly acquiesced. She was so jazzed and pumped, she wondered how in the world she’d get to sleep tonight.

After hanging up, she discarded kaçak casino her clothing, and adjourned naked to her apartment’s window door, which led to the balcony. The summer eve air was balmy and beautiful. Feeling naughty and adventurous, Jamie slipped out to let the pleasant atmosphere and temperature caress her nude body. The smooth concrete felt cool and forgiving on her bare soles. She smiled, closed her eyes and inhaled deep through her nostrils. She propped her elbows on the railing, letting her proud exposed tits rest on the same. Letting the other senses take over, she inhaled the sweet scent of night blossoms. She listened to the crickets and trees rustling in the subtle breeze. A whistling wind snuck between her legs, tickling her pussy and taint. She chortled with a shiver. Oooh…that felt good.

She thought about Carinne. The girl seemed to charm her effortlessly. It was remarkable how cheerful and upbeat she was in her impaired state. Then again, she’d been blind her entire life, and so it was just the status quo in her world. Being a sighted creature her whole life, Jamie couldn’t imagine having this power taken away. But supposed she could try.

All lights were off. Putting herself in Carinne’s aforementioned “shoes,” Jamie returned in, slid the screen shut, crossed back to her bedroom, found her sleep mask and slipped it on. She was well acquainted with her apartment, having lived in it for six years. Just the same, she placed her hands out, took her first careful steps toward the door and egressed. The hall led to all else the domicile offered. Jamie felt about and pawed the wall on her way. She had no cane, so she’d have to rely on caution and her fumbling hands.

There’s my little laundry area…there’s one of my pictures—ooh! Don’t knock it down, Jame. There’s the light switch…there’s my bookshelf…here comes the couch on the other side. We’re in the living room now…

She used the couch as a guide to maneuver. In due, semi-aimless course, she found the front door and closet, the coffee and end tables, the TV, additional chairs, and ended up back at the window door. She followed along the far wall into the dining room, reached the corner, and turned again, this time approaching the kitchen. This was actually kind of interesting and fun. Especially as Jamie paused in her tracks, still blindfolded, pretended her paws belonged to someone else, and groped herself with them.

Gasp. “Ooh!” she reacted, feeling her breasts plump in her palms. “Why…Carinne!” she rasped. “How naughty of you!”

Affecting a voice that sounded more like Carinne’s, Jamie answered herself.

“I am naughty,” she affirmed, giving her tits a squeeze on the word “am.” Still “as” Carinne, she challenged with the following query.

“What’re you gonna do about it?…Spank me?”

Suddenly a good little skosh randy, Jamie decided to pretend Carinne was teasing her further. She unhanded one tit, reached down, and gave her pussy a little finger diddle. She jumped, in almost legitimate surprise.

“He-ey!” she laughed. “That’s mine! I didn’t say you could have it!”

“I’m aware,” she answered “as” Carinne. And with “that,” she grabbed herself. In the cunt. Extra rough.

“OHHHHH!…” came the result. That was unexpected. Not the abrupt, roguish auto-grope, but just what an impact it carried. Jamie instantly went wet. Wow, this girl turned her on more than she’d realized—combined with her own dirty, smutty mind. If the truth be told, deep inside, she was a kinky little devil. While she’d admit it to no one, she kept a private digital folder on her private hard drive, to flavor her private happy time. Not of porn, per se—while porn was amusing entertainment, it did little for her sexually—but images of random people she found online, which she found hot and could see herself jilling off to. Both male and female, depending on what she was in the mood for that day. Everyday folks, stock photo models, obscure/semi-celebrities…if the image turned her on at all, she downloaded it, cropped it as desired, and stuck it in the folder as part of her masturbatory slide show. She had a pretty healthy, hungry libido and sex drive, though maybe it felt this way because she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had sex.

The next step in indulging this naughty amorous activity was to come up with a mini-“scenario” of sorts to put the person in, either with herself or someone else. Jamie had a great imagination, so this was no problem. But she couldn’t help wishing she could play a few of these things out for real. Base and depraved, maybe. But she wouldn’t be using this folder tonight.

She couldn’t let go of her pussy. Well, to be technical, she really really didn’t want to. So she returned to the hallway, feeling with her other hand to guide her back to bed. She kept the mask on because she’d now immersed herself in Carinne’s “world,” as it were, and enjoyed the blind fantasization. Once back in her room, she felt for and located the desk chair, over the back of which was draped a towel. She was quite the little flirt and little squirt, so she tossed the comforter aside, replaced it with the towel—which took a little while with only one hand—turned around, sat in, laid down, adjusted her position till just right…and went crazy on herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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